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HOW TO PUT ON A WIG! | For Beginners

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Hi Draguns! This is how I apply & wear my wigs to look real and growing out of my head! Wigs are amazing to switch it up, but no one wants to look like they're wearing a wig. Thanks to my longtime hairstylist @PhilonHair for helping me share these tips & tricks with you. I'll be posting a bunch more WIG VIDEOS if y'all like this one :) xo Dragun. Phil's IG: @PhilonHair PRODUCTS: -Full Lace Human Hair Wig 30" Inches -Got2b Glued Hair Gel -Blow Dryer -Curling Wand SONG: Garlyn-Be Your Girl ------ IG: @ Nikita_Dragun SNAP: MamaDragun TWITTER: @ Nikita_Dragun EMAIL: [email protected] ------- MORPHE BRUSHES DISCOUNT OMG OMG OMG! use code "DRAGUN" at checkout to get money off almost anything on the morphe website and instore!!! https://www.morphebrushes.com --------- LASHES TO DIE FOR: Nubounsom Lashes "DRAGON LI" 20% Discount Link: http://www.nubounsom.com?rfsn=129858.... nubounsom.com/nycdragun --------- MY SKIN SECRET! Spin For Perfect Skin Brush 70% off making it only $30 wait what... vpwow.com/dragun ---------
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Text Comments (1736)
Makena Mayberry (6 days ago)
I just bought a wig from amazon and was looking for a good video to show me how to put one on and what I'll need in order to make it look more natural. I am COMPLETELY inexperienced and am not very good at styling. Is it too weird to walk into a hair stylist salon and have them help me put it on for the first time???
alexiss zielinski (12 days ago)
Where can I purchase her wigs?
Michelle Chan uwu (17 days ago)
I have long hair and idk how to put it is hard
Madison Hopkins (22 days ago)
Wow this is fantastic!!!
Julie Sprik (24 days ago)
I would love to see a really pale pink wig.
Maysee V. (24 days ago)
I'm planning to wear a wig for my birthday and this video was helpful!!! Thanks so much but really wish I had help like Phil too lol
Nepz Babe (26 days ago)
Where you buy this wig?
Child Star (1 month ago)
its the voice that gives her away
KpopBae 95 (1 month ago)
I have short hair I never can let it grow past my neck. I'm thinking about wearing a wig to get myself to see the beauty in long hair. I've had boy cut hair for 10 years now. I'm 23. What kind of wigs should I look into or how to tell if it's the right type for me ?
nikka 2cute (1 month ago)
Red and black
AN GE LA (1 month ago)
That guy so amazing
Piggie Mochi Audios (1 month ago)
I have the same wig and I’m wearing for a cosplay right now
crystal soh (1 month ago)
Lets see how it looks for synthetic ones
Laura A (1 month ago)
Damn this Asian is ugly there is hope for me then
Sarah Matarese (1 month ago)
I find myself rewatching this video because the hair is so beautiful
my life (1 month ago)
this was so helpful thanxs
Tiffany Martin (1 month ago)
where is the best place to buy a wig at i have thin hair and want to buy one but want to make sure i buy one that i can style and curl
Liana Soares (1 month ago)
I didn’t know it took SO MUCH work just to put on a wig. 😒 I love wigs & I have 1 but it’s not real hair. ❤️😒 I want to get 1 with good quality like the 1 in this video. 📹
Joy Y. Z. (1 month ago)
Nikita, are you a boy? Just judging by your voice..
Andre Benpoppin (1 month ago)
Joy Y. Z. Who’s going to tell her?
Odalys Briseno (2 months ago)
*weave snatched*
Maria Salvador (2 months ago)
Hi!! I would like to know where you buy your wigs
Daga Luv (2 months ago)
Your eyebrows..... gurl.....
Chrissy Taina (2 months ago)
Great video it’s so hard for me to apply alone
Mister Person (2 months ago)
I searched up how to put on a wig and I’m was so glad your vid was the first!!!
Blvck Barb (2 months ago)
He’s so pretty 🥰
Deathly Hallows (2 months ago)
Are you a drag queen?
Tera Marcum (2 months ago)
Burgandy ombré, lavender, the silver pony
Tera Marcum (2 months ago)
Gorgeous 😍😍💕💕
LEIGH OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
Pam Yang (3 months ago)
Did she mention what brand these wigs were? Would love to know!
Kristen O (3 months ago)
1:25 what mix is this teedra song called?!? I cannot remember 😭
Kristen O (3 months ago)
Lmao nvm I found, but this is still one of my favorite wigs on you!!💕
courtney fleming (3 months ago)
I have a synthetic wig that's tats are driving me crazy, any advice?
m 007 (3 months ago)
wooow...... literally awesome !!! 4:37 it looked funny but 5:13 wow... he really is a hair god !!! love the pink curly finish.....
Caroline Low (3 months ago)
Omg 😍😍I need dt guy 😁
starry night (3 months ago)
Is this a man?
Krisanna Marie (3 months ago)
Yes if I could afford full lace human hair wigs with bleached knots would be amazing but they are so damn pricey for the nice kind per unit. I have found Zurutuza Sis has decent quality for the price
wtf is my life (3 months ago)
Im a cosplay queeeeen 😂 ( not a queen i fucking suck at it 😭)
quinticia boo (3 months ago)
At 5:18 I felt Phil was starring in my soul. 😂😭
Emma Vanasse (3 months ago)
Hi I love you so so much I just wish that I could be as brave and you are and were to tell my parents that I bisexual but I’m really scared
tpamel (3 months ago)
Phil needs to do these love & hip hop hollywood wigs
Sherri Baker (4 months ago)
I need my own stylist to help me with wigs but I cant afford it :(
britney tears (4 months ago)
Tardy to the party, but baby blue, a mint green or a yellow is what I needs ta seeee! So so lovely, both of you❤
Jay Ceester Deester (4 months ago)
Looks real! Nice job!
Joshua Mamac (4 months ago)
Lola Lily Valdez (4 months ago)
I need him in my life ❤❤❤
Heather Kay (4 months ago)
Where do u get your wigs ?! My hairs falling out do to health problems :/ I’m having a crisis
Holly Patricia (4 months ago)
I guess if a man can be a woman, a wig can be a "she".
Maria Esteves (4 months ago)
this only works for thin hair
Jen Kjos (4 months ago)
This is officially my first wig video ❤️ Let the games begin
Lilliana Rvra (4 months ago)
So beautiful!!!!!!!!
Ashley Petersen (5 months ago)
This is really helpful thank you! Just started buying wigs and tried to put one on the other night and it took me probably more than 10 tries before I got it looking ok 😂 will try again!
Ngoc Anh Ha (5 months ago)
more phil!!!!!! on the channel!!!!
Holly Hand (5 months ago)
how do u get the baby hair
The drums were yellow (5 months ago)
Is that for beginners??! let me see a pro one then :-D
Yoco Sorahong (5 months ago)
Nikita sounds so much like a Woman! 😳🙌✨
Jill Plummer (5 months ago)
THANK YOU! I needed this!
Sarah Marissa Maglalang (5 months ago)
Fire af!!😍😍🔥🔥🔥
colourful mind (5 months ago)
How to put on a wig for beginners: Step 1: Get yourself a professional stylist Step 2: Lean back and get yourself some popcorn 🍿 😂😂
Catherine Schneider (5 months ago)
does anyone know where the wig is from?
Megan H (5 months ago)
Disgusting. U need help.
Cynthia B (5 months ago)
Nikita!!! You’re so beautiful!!! I want start wearing wigs! Wear do you get them?
Caitlin Mc Dowell (5 months ago)
I thought that that was your real hair coloured!!!!!!!!!
NEVAEH ROBERTS (5 months ago)
I’m going as Coraline this Halloween and this video has really helped me out thanks 💙
gclmama (5 months ago)
I have a dusty lavender wig
Tyyni (6 months ago)
What wig is this??
Jess!! (6 months ago)
How expensive are your wigs??
Gabrielle Barajas (6 months ago)
What kind of glue do you use ?
Jessica Woodhall (6 months ago)
This was super helpful🖤
Do you HAVE to glue it?
Meka Shant'e (6 months ago)
I think he's putting the bobby pins in the wrong way...
Erika Rivera (6 months ago)
Wow remarkable results
Kymani James (6 months ago)
Wow amazing
Moona l (6 months ago)
U look like a them man girls from Thailand eww
Moona l (6 months ago)
Why u look like a DUDE
Irena Audila (6 months ago)
Is she a ladyboy?
Jenny Tokumei (6 months ago)
A bit of a stupid question maybe, but... if you shaved your head bald, what effect would that have on wearing a wig?
inanimate (6 months ago)
so this... is america?
nina juoel (6 months ago)
does the blow dryer need to be set on cold? what if i put it on warm?
Kinseey Beecck (6 months ago)
Ok but where is the wig from
Luminous stone (6 months ago)
The moths have gotten to his sweater.💡
Tayla Eve (6 months ago)
Light blue
Tayla Eve (6 months ago)
Tayla Eve (6 months ago)
Red !!!
{ Scp-Vixen } (6 months ago)
He got some nice ass lips
Eduvette (6 months ago)
How long do you keep it in before you take it off?
Valencia Britt (6 months ago)
Sensei Tay (7 months ago)
Nikita is the fucking cutest. She’s so adorable. 💕
Marissa Menzes (7 months ago)
Thank you! I can’t wait to put my wig on now! I’ve been insecure because I didn’t want it to obviously look like a wig. I will definitely follow these steps now! You two are so cute and fun to watch!
Minty Love Milo (7 months ago)
Love this! Can you do lights brown? ❤️
Julie Robles (7 months ago)
This video helped me so much, my daughter is only 6 yrs old, she wears a wig due to her chemotherapy treatment. Thank you so much.
ALove Cole (7 months ago)
I would really love it if you could do a ball gown style up do!! Like something a girl would wear to prom!!!
Hunter Marshall (7 months ago)
You do have hair underneath you not bald lls
Awiaaa (7 months ago)
she looks so good with her natural hair though :(
Kaha Smith (7 months ago)
where tf did she get that wig
Donyelle Laforme (7 months ago)
Thanks girl I just bought a wig and didn't know how to put it
Jessica Farmer (7 months ago)
Where is the best place to purchase these wigs...PLEASE PLEASE
Alys Pardeé (7 months ago)
That is Nikita Dragun? I hear so much about her but never came across any of her content 😂
Ariella (7 months ago)
Gurl I ain’t got nobody to do this shit for me , how a bitch suppose to do this by herself 😫
Rem Rem (8 months ago)
I know this might sound stupid (but I'll still ask anyways XD), but how do you remove the wig?
Regan Perry (8 months ago)
😩😩😂this was hilarious !😍😍

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