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A quick replica trench art give away. Two pocket 'Put and Take' games, one with coin dated 1944 and the other dated 1945 to commemorate WWII. If you want to win one of these very collectable items just write 'Trench Art' in the comments - one entry per person. I will post anywhere in the world, no problem. Check out the original trench art video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=brPUZ85Rbbo Check out if Gary has any trench art for sale here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/earlsihtric/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Please do not confuse these items with WWII souvenirs plundered from war graves by modern day grave robbers in Germany, Estonia, Latvia and other countries in Europe. They have been put together from items found by proper detectorists using traditional machinery and tools and are a real tribute to the millions of people who lost their lives in WWI and WWII. Thank for watching and appreciating the videos.
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OLDGOLD1100 (4 years ago)
I found this really interesting, this felllow is producing some lovely things. Thanks for showing.
Pondguru (4 years ago)
+OLDGOLD1100 Yes Gary is a genuinely nice guy who really puts his passion into his creations.Glad you enjoyed the video.
Judy Adkins (4 years ago)
what am awesome game.  I just was introduced today at our apartments to the game what fun.  How may I purchase one?
Pondguru (4 years ago)
If Gary has any for sale it will be found in the link in the video description - click 'show more' to see full video description.
Ron Bedford (4 years ago)
Trench Art - Very nice giveaway. Love to have one.
Alex Hossbach (4 years ago)
Trench Art - I think im late but anyhow, absolutely love your videos and I hope you go really far with this channel!
Danny DeCosa (4 years ago)
Trench art.
Trench Art
Jason Haddad (4 years ago)
Trench art
huckfinnsj (4 years ago)
Another good "trench art" video. I've enjoyed each and every video you've posted regarding metal detecting. Many thanks.
Harrie D (4 years ago)
Nice video over Trench Art and nice prices.
Diggin The Rock (4 years ago)
Trench art - Very cool
Detecting Coins and Co (4 years ago)
Trench Art
Detecting Coins and Co (4 years ago)
Trench Art
Detecting Coins and Co (4 years ago)
Trench Art
xxemoghost Xx (4 years ago)
trench art
Run OR Duel (4 years ago)
Trench art
65fozzyb (4 years ago)
TRENCH ART. These are very cool. Tulsaplltbfndr has one of these and was the first to introduce me to it.
Sui Generis (4 years ago)
Trench Art   A great way to use items from your bag of shame. These look brilliant!!
Michael Henderson (4 years ago)
* (4 years ago)
Trench Art
Lewis Yallop (4 years ago)
trench art
brianher67 (4 years ago)
Trench art :)
BronzeAgeMad (4 years ago)
Trench art
michael coffelt (4 years ago)
Trench Art- Love what he is doing. Keeping history alive. Awesome channel you have here, keep up the good work!  Mike C
Pseudotsuga menziesii (4 years ago)
trench art
Gordon Johns (4 years ago)
Trench art
suggssecurity (4 years ago)
It's great to see the history coming out of the ground, and being made into the trench art is a credit to the memory of our boys! Well done guss & Richard! All best Suggs
hide and seekers (4 years ago)
trench art
Holey Moley (4 years ago)
Trench art!
Holey Moley (4 years ago)
Wow that trench art is so cool with the history of it to, and another great vid I have a deus and had a Celtic gold stater with it I just love the deus!
H Sturdy (4 years ago)
<<<<<<TRENCH ART>>>>>>>>
dulurulez (4 years ago)
Trench Art
xxDgenx125xx (4 years ago)
Trench Art
ArrowXDesign (4 years ago)
Wow, just found your channel a few days ago and have to say its one of the best I've seen on detecting. I couldn't imagine digging a place with such lengthy history. Thanks for the vids!
Meganeura* (4 years ago)
Awesome trench art!!
SuperTR0pical (4 years ago)
Trench art
RP Detector (4 years ago)
Trench Art Great giveaway, and and interesting informative video. Keep up the great work Best Wishes Carl
Juan Bobby (4 years ago)
Trench Art, good luck to all. HH
stamper3 (4 years ago)
Trench art
simonrichardson64 (4 years ago)
TRENCH ART  these look amazing
Jake Hemmings (4 years ago)
Trench Art
diggin deep (4 years ago)
trench art
Trench art... love your videos m8 my latest find was a German Luftwaffen dog tag...I'm in England  
Rick Fearnley (4 years ago)
I need TRENCH ART more than a baby needs milk!! Do u own that fish store?
sean wilson (4 years ago)
Trench Art
paulfreebury (4 years ago)
Trench art
Lexke81 (4 years ago)
Matt Stevens (4 years ago)
Trench art- Good luck to everyone. And brilliant competitions and videos!
John Sellers (4 years ago)
Trench Art! Good luck every one!
John Day (4 years ago)
Trench Art Always enjoy the videos and look forward to the next.
bluecitybluetube (4 years ago)
Trench Art- Thanks Guru
steve w #1 (4 years ago)
Trench Art- So glad you showed snippets of that first video of the trench art my friend.What a special talent at making them, and they are so beautiful. Wonderful history lesson for us all.
North Coast Diggers (4 years ago)
Trench art!!
Chris Henton (4 years ago)
'trench art". Keep up the good videos.
uptowndisco2 (4 years ago)
Trench Art - hello from Fife.
David Percival (4 years ago)
Trench art
Benno Boye (4 years ago)
Trench Art... Nice to see your findings and the Way you bring the old items back to life. Regards from Dk
andy (4 years ago)
Trench Art and i love your videos
TourneySteve (4 years ago)
Trench art - Another good vid, keep 'em coming.
rawjoinery (4 years ago)
Trench art
AZ Kidd (4 years ago)
Trench Art
DSinfinite (4 years ago)
Trench art, love WW1 and WW2 stuff =p Gl+HH
Andrew Harrison (4 years ago)
"Trench Art"....hope you'll post to New Zealand too Richard.......can't have one of those darn Aussies winning this.....we'll never hear the end of it! ;)
justwix (4 years ago)
trench art
MrHelloo5 (4 years ago)
Trench Art and thanks for the great oppertunity!
MrMadscotsman (4 years ago)
Trench Art- I wasn't familiar with it until I watched your original video. Your friend Gary does a great job with them. Thanks for the chance to win such a cool item. Keep up the good work!
Daddy’s House (4 years ago)
Trench Art...good luck everyone Love your videos,Happy Hunting..... :-)
Tom Bunney (4 years ago)
Trench Art cheers
George Szilágyi (4 years ago)
Great vids--congrats!! Trench art......YEAH!!!! GL&HH
Mike Gullick (4 years ago)
Trench Art
GUSS PARKIN (4 years ago)
Thanks Richard for showing my craft I truly love this hobby.The response here is amazing good luck to everyone. I have just listed a few of my latest pieces on ebay if people would like to view. Happy hunting all. Best regards Guss.
Pondguru (4 years ago)
You da man. I'm checking them out now. GL&HH
Shawn Townsend (4 years ago)
Again a great video 
loxley70 (4 years ago)
Trench art
Shawn Townsend (4 years ago)
Trench Art
pucka 1 (4 years ago)
trench art great vid
Nigel Forshaw (4 years ago)
Trench Art,  This would be an awesome prize and aneven awesomer keepsake in memmory of the guys in WW1 & WW2 .
Thomas Ramsey (4 years ago)
Trench art. Love the videos, keep them coming.
Charla74 (4 years ago)
Trench art - quality!
MrDjavlsen (4 years ago)
Trench art
Silver House (4 years ago)
Trench art! Thanks Pondguru you are the best!
Etracing Ohio (4 years ago)
As an avid detectorist I can say I really do appreciate your videos...You capture your audience with your detecting and genuine personality...There are a few guys on youtube that I try to never miss a video from and you are right up at the top of the list...I don't know if its because of the difference in what you find over in Europe but my top 5 are all on your side of the pond...As far a trench art goes those put-n-takes are as neat as it gets..Good luck in your future hunts....
Pondguru (4 years ago)
No worries, man. Glad you like the videos as I just try to make the type of videos I would like to watch myself as I use Youtube as an online memory bank since my memory is shot. The trench art Gary does is really special and he regularly has new items on his ebay page. GL&HH
Janne Hökhålt (4 years ago)
Trench art. Love your vid.
crabstick333 (4 years ago)
Trench art - thanks richard for giving us the chance to win some history. All the matey Charlie
Trench Art - I never win competitions so i doubt ill even have a chance with this one but thanks for the oppertunity Rich!!!
Trench Art - I never win competitions so i doubt ill even have a chance with this one but thanks for the oppertunity Rich!!!
Ian Roughley (4 years ago)
Trench Art Trench Art Trench Art Trench Art Trench Art Trench Art!!!!
stirz89 (4 years ago)
Trench art. What a cool give away
stirz89 (4 years ago)
Trench art. What a cool give away
David Donald (4 years ago)
Trench art - very cool prizes! David
eveny119 (4 years ago)
Trench art...... Last time you posted vid on trench art, I tried getting the train one on ebay but they were all gone.
John Davis (4 years ago)
Hi Pondguru, please accept my entry to win WWII trench art.. The first video was very educational.
dogahog (4 years ago)
Trench Art.......Sweet!
pigjaf (4 years ago)
Cracking Trench Art Gromit :)
Very Cool "Trench Art" items!
Tarheel Diggin' (4 years ago)
Awesome stuff, man. Trench Art!
John the digger (4 years ago)
Trench art
Harvey Scott (4 years ago)
Trench Art...thanks for the videos...much better than the crud that's on tv...Harvey
Luis Batista (4 years ago)
Trench Art !!! 
Neil Cook (4 years ago)
Trench art
Neil Cook (4 years ago)
I love pondguru
kees breugel (4 years ago)
Trench art. Thanks for the giveaway

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