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You Should STOP Selling CHEAP Products On Your Shopify Store!

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👉🏻Subscribe 👉🏻https://bit.ly/2JkHk8F Join My "0-100" Accelerator Program ➡️ https://ecomaccelerators.net/enroll - In this video I talk about one of the biggest things that I see holding people back nowadays. I see tons of store owners with nicely designed stores, great ad copy, and good ad creative.. they consistently get sales on the products they test but they are often unable to scale. The reason for this most of the time is that their cost per purchase rises and they can't maintain profitability. That's where selling higher ticket items comes in to play.. I explain why I believe they're better, my results with them, and how to find them. Thanks for watching. - Shopify Free Trial: https://bit.ly/2IBgKsd Join My FREE Facebook Mastermind Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/153035352123823/?fref=nf Follow Me On IG: https://www.instagram.com/jrdn.w/ - How I'm Finding Winning Products: Favorite Product Research Tool (Shop Genius): https://bit.ly/2r3YIIE Easy Way To Follow Trends: https://bit.ly/2r5l9xe -
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Text Comments (23)
Rehan Kolhar (2 months ago)
Up selling videos? On ur channel... Any link
Skl3ros (2 months ago)
how the fuck do you get cpm's of $3
Jordan Welch (2 months ago)
i sold my soul to zuckerburg
Winning With Kris (2 months ago)
Lots of competition, lots of hassle, and lots of volume needed to make a decent profit.
Bauke Veenstra (2 months ago)
I've did well with facebook ads but somehow they blocked my account. After i sent them an appeal they activated my account after 1 day its again deactivated. Its been now 6 times in a row! Theyre making apology for blocking my account each time but its keep getting deactivated someone knows what to do?
Bauke Veenstra (2 months ago)
+KING COMM Allright thanks man i will look into it!
🤗Hey Jordan love your videos. Are you supposed to create a new campaign for LLA? Every new LLA is in a new campaign? I'm so confused. Please help. thank you.
Abdul Aziz Abbas (2 months ago)
nice intro bro! 👍
Gabriel St-Germain (2 months ago)
Awesome video man!
Kyle Y (2 months ago)
Hey Jordan, Do you use pixel tracking apps like trackify? Would you recommend using them or just setting up the pixel manually?
Ortens Finest (2 months ago)
so what are some high ticket products I can sell?
leafy was here (1 month ago)
+KING COMM yo how?
john dough (2 months ago)
Yo, been watching your stuff since almost the beginning. Gotta say you made it just in time. Everything is super hard to get the ball rolling right now. Keep it up my dude! Decided to not go the Ali drop shipping route personally. Too many Brooklyn themed sites either running yoga/spiritual, makeup, or random junk. Not to mention the method of churning and burning through items using Facebook ads is almost too expensive and competitive to do right now. On top of that, the ability to make a profit on the front end is pretty much non-existent anymore. CPM's of $30, $40, $50 for US traffic ... just shoot me now. Decided to go the POD route, might not be much better than ali, but at least material quality should be good and shipping time will be faster lol. Have you done any POD? If so what POD manufacture would you consider the best that has shopify integration. In terms of material quality, Print quality, and shipping times. I have about 150 designs completed. They are not your standard "find a quote on pinterest and throw a clip art graphic with it" designs, so print quality is probably the most important aspect to me. Thanks!
Kwaku Frimpong (2 months ago)
Awesome vid. Can you do a video about the risks of selling electronic products as well as torches?
Dave Ying (2 months ago)
Yes! Well said! Selling cheap products wont be sustainable in the long run. On top of that winning products generally have a high perceived value.
Noah Mincis (2 months ago)
Yeah but dropshipping high ticket items is a whole other game bro.
Caligiuri Smart Ecom (2 months ago)
Pain Amvs Have you split tested that with a regular product page? What app are you using and do you still put things like carousel upsells at the bottom of the landing page?
Jordan Welch (2 months ago)
Noah Mincis yeah definitely a different approach I’m working on a side project rn with prices like that
Noah Mincis (2 months ago)
Jordan Welch I watched the video. I sell products that are $500
Pain Amvs (2 months ago)
Simple fix to this. Target cpa, use a landing page app to increase to subconscious value of the item.
Jordan Welch (2 months ago)
Dropshipping products over $300 can sort of be a different game but in this video I was talking about a certain price point
Download free courses (2 months ago)
L bab a jawad

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