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QX100 Lens Style Camera Gets A Teardown Just In Time For Shipping

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For more info: http://bit.ly/19zVTNX Today the new Sony® QX10 and QX100 Lens-Style cameras hit doorsteps and store shelves. To celebrate, we couldn't help but open up a QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens-style Camera to see how all the parts of a RX100 II camera inside this lens form factor. During the taping, we completely geeked out on the stackable components. It felt like the holidays with one surprise after another. And if you're curious if the camera still worked after it was put back together...it did but you'll have to wait for that video. Stay tuned.
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Izzard (4 years ago)
Does anyone know where the WiFi antenna is?  My QX100 is great but the consistency of the connection to my iPhone is so frustratingly dreadful (even on the updated firmware).  If I move them more than about 30cm apart, the connection usually stalls/freezes or drops entirely. :(  I bought it second-hand, so sending it for repair isn't an option.
Christian Sanden (4 years ago)
Awesome piece of tecnology!!
palov vidaurrof (4 years ago)
Why... whyyyyyy, dont HX, QX series have time lapse function?!?!?!?!
Ivan Akbar (4 years ago)
Nice one Sony! You guys are simply the best!!
Dmytro Zuyenko (4 years ago)
Make it much faster to work with. Magnetic attachment cover to most popular smartphones to attach with just a click. And add to this thing bigger battery, bigger memory card, maybe some speakers and even ability to work as access point, that will hugely unload smartphones. People won't think about it as some bulky, useless and hard to carry device if it has so many possibilities.  And price could be huge because no need to buy new one with every new smartphone. ps: But still the only way to be successful in the future is openness. Good hardware is important but Sony should clear themselves after all bad actions that they did.
Sony (5 years ago)
Thank you for the support, sibyy!
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi there Ert, for availability in Europe, please reach out to your local support team.
Sony (5 years ago)
mathewsmithdotcom (5 years ago)
.... so what do you mean when you said a copper screw maintains "charge balance" ?
Ert Kat (5 years ago)
Is this out in Europe? France?
Razor2048 (5 years ago)
Are there any plans to enable raw capture on the camera?
Ronin1Wolf (5 years ago)
Definitely getting this with my xperia Z1
sibyy (5 years ago)
Though a bit painful to watch, amazing feat of engineering! I like seeing companies innovating like this.
Mahmoud A. Shawish (5 years ago)
Nice one, what is the mobile type appeared in this video?
damon lee (5 years ago)
am getting the qx100 hope gen 2 will have dlsr function :p
Sony (5 years ago)
Hi Michael, the device is compatible with Android/iOS devices running version 3.1 or higher.
Sony (5 years ago)
Hope you get your hands on one soon!
Sony (5 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed it, Saurabh!
Sony (5 years ago)
tomasmg88 (5 years ago)
What a domination with LIKEs =D
masazy2 (5 years ago)
what stack-up is this using for?
Saurabh Ghosh (5 years ago)
Mac2thaPac (5 years ago)
Want this so bad!
Samarth Patel (5 years ago)
make a teardown of xperia z1 too...pls....
Passawit Kaovilai (5 years ago)
opps, thanks
Mark Hsieh (5 years ago)
This man has polished his nails.
LazyScoutJace (5 years ago)
Seriously? 00:48
Passawit Kaovilai (5 years ago)
where's the battery?
Michael Yang (5 years ago)
Is this compatible with the Sony Walkman Z series?
Ashok Singh Chauhan (5 years ago)
-_- Sony i need this.
Chris Jman (5 years ago)
monte carti (5 years ago)
sony i love you

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