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Playboi Carti, XXXTentacion, Ugly God and Madeintyo's 2017 XXL Freshman Cypher

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Subscribe to XXL → http://bit.ly/subscribe-xxl Watch Playboi Carti, Madeintyo, Ugly God and XXXTentacion go to work in their 2017 XXL Freshman cypher. The 10 rappers in the 2017 XXL Freshman Class are Kamaiyah, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, PnB Rock, Madeintyo, Playboi Carti, Aminé, Kap G, Kyle, Ugly God and 10th Spot winner XXXTentacion. Directed by Travis Satten Produced by Team Satten Beat by Sonny Digital and Mathaius Young See more → http://freshman.xxlmag.com/ Buy the Official XXL 2017 Freshman Class T-Shirt → http://bit.ly/2sMxrwD Go here → http://www.xxlmag.com/ XXL on Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/xxlmag XXL on Twitter → https://twitter.com/XXL XXL on Instagram → https://instagram.com/xxl/
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Text Comments (135421)
Crystal Beach (3 hours ago)
axserwz 09 (5 hours ago)
X gotta come in with his depressing ass😂 and kill the vibe that's our X though #LLJ🕊
Rosalie De Leon (7 hours ago)
Gabrielle Farmer (12 hours ago)
Gabrielle Farmer (12 hours ago)
Gabrielle Farmer (12 hours ago)
When u telling yo mom why u was outside playing on curfew
2:06 what you all came here for
Daisys Suarez (15 hours ago)
FleX Panda (20 hours ago)
Yung gravy would be funny in this
Sitting Sideways (20 hours ago)
Madeintyo... 2017 freshman... nah man, he’s been around.
komsty (21 hours ago)
When you go to chillies and realise they don't even have chilly 2:07
Richard Duarte Jhonatan (21 hours ago)
OneShotDark (21 hours ago)
simmon bustos (22 hours ago)
Iloveyouuuuu X. fxck The Hateeeee !
Charlie Martinez (1 day ago)
I deadass wasn’t a fan much of X but now I am smh sad to see a young legend die
Isaac (1 day ago)
Confused as to how people listen to this stuff
jason carr (1 day ago)
when u get roasted in class and arey one is looking at u and this is all u can say 2.07
jason carr (1 day ago)
when u get roasted in class and arey one is looking at u and this is all u can say @
jason carr (1 day ago)
when u get roasted in class and arey one look at u and this is all u can say @
u. subliminal (1 day ago)
2:07 x
RDGaming !! (1 day ago)
But rip x
RDGaming !! (1 day ago)
X did summon satan
crimson ghost (1 day ago)
X depressing as fuck
Richard Soto (1 day ago)
Kodak: Yo...who tf picked this sorry ass beat DJ: 2:07
Always that one kid in class
no bread (1 day ago)
Worst xxl only good thing was x playboy and thats deadass it
Chyenne Henderson (1 day ago)
Tim Metz shut yo bitch ass up before my crips and they gon kill yo bitch ass
Mc Rugal (1 day ago)
Does anyone write what x says? I want to translate into my Language
Pil yo’s Kttwnn (1 day ago)
all these shallow lines until 2 minutes
Chillin' with TaJai (1 day ago)
1:55 WTF DID HE SAY!?!?!?
Rexy1000 (1 day ago)
2:30 Madeintyo praying he don't get possessed
Rexy1000 (1 day ago)
DJ: Yo X what beat you want? X: Yes
IGfearlbj (1 day ago)
come back to this and carti still got the sauce🥫
2:07 when you get that ass whoopin and you go up to your room to rant
mesi meee (1 day ago)
What type of devil shit was this man on & yes I’m talking about that nigga named X. I’ve never listened to him before I was going to until his verse popped up no thank you.
CHMP_ RiOT (1 day ago)
2:07 Defaults with a minigun be like...
Tordii Larsson (1 day ago)
Xxxtentacion killed it
Tordii Larsson (1 day ago)
The only diamonds he got is the shape diamond
100 subscribers pls (1 day ago)
Ugly god God this shit
YaBoyBumbus (1 day ago)
RIP to X but he fucking bummed everyone out on this
sterling silver (1 day ago)
Beat straight heat
乂icki Xꀤnaj MC5 (1 day ago)
2:07 When you get 0 kills in pubg
Three Jix (1 day ago)
People used to hate this I was the only one tellin these people to listen to the lyrics and the storytelling only now people like it , It's just like murder on my mind
Amor Horne (2 days ago)
senior popo (2 days ago)
X summoning demons out of cartis sock
Damian Mertens (2 days ago)
Axel Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Madentio looks a lil bit lil comethizan
Royal Dede (2 days ago)
X won
Melany Hernandez (2 days ago)
FB I (2 days ago)
X the type of kid to roast your grandma for no reason at all “For fun”
FB I (2 days ago)
Producer:where do you want to record? Everyone:grany basement
William Buady (2 days ago)
Gael Ramayo (2 days ago)
X was singing train food
Orson (2 days ago)
JAH sucks lmao
David Kincade (2 days ago)
These niggas freestyle is horrible. if you close your eyes they all sound the same except for X. He just came in and prayed for them niggas.
Anixth (3 days ago)
miss u x ❤️
Kevin Carl Ferrer (3 days ago)
X is praying
sinex (3 days ago)
When you get grounded
X's verse is the only good one
Exotic GHOST (3 days ago)
Damn I never knew 21 was a producer
0 Gemini 0 (3 days ago)
Xxxtentacion summoned scarlxrd here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
domenico farruggio (3 days ago)
X gotta be that weird kid
MushMan (3 days ago)
Rip my homie X we didn’t know each other but got damn do your words stay in my head 🤦🏽‍♂️ thanks for the best frequencies for my ears and for the great hype music to help me Forget about my pass. You really did what you aimed for. Love you bro bro
PuSsY boi (3 days ago)
Sir Cartier and x were inna same room 😣💕
Dreaf Food (3 days ago)
Clickbait (3 days ago)
How are you gonna say "Believe in Jesus" then spell his name wrong...
Crust (3 days ago)
You should shut up no one cares about jesus hes a bitch
Crust (3 days ago)
When the fuck did any religion come into this? And no one cares about jesus hes a bitch
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
When you forget the rest of your rap so you say this to come up with more 0:20
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
When yo mama and daddy take yo phone away from you
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
When you ghetto friend call yo name 2:02
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
Everybody look at 1:45 WHEN yo teacher give u math homework
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
ANd x should have used the beat cus tat junk was bout to sound fire it said yeahhh ayeee he could have did this with a beat and make it match
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
Dude sound like h kidnapping sombody
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
I thought x was mad at them so he was talking to them XD
Gabrielle Farmer (3 days ago)
Xxxtentacion raps better than them but he needed a beat if u ask me
ahmedomran 09gmart (3 days ago)
2:07 when you practice for a fight with your bully (R.I.P X)
Quintavious Hadley (3 days ago)
X so different man
LaQuanda Sanders (3 days ago)
Madeintyo look like Kendrick lamar
Aids Anator (3 days ago)
Rip x and all but he kinda ruined this
Beefy Mcbeeferson (2 days ago)
KeIKeIGoMi Kessessai (3 days ago)
Beefy Mcbeeferson (2 days ago)
Emily Aho (3 days ago)
1:50 look I'mma chicken
Addison cam (3 days ago)
No comment
thats none (3 days ago)
Rip x
Beastman805 Vlogs (3 days ago)
everyone! WHEN X SAYS "I am a murderer,I am a demon who summon the serpent" SAY IT WITH HIM FOR RESPECT
Beastman805 Vlogs (3 days ago)
Yall notice back den x rapped multiple verses from teardrop...dash dope
Bryce Brown (3 days ago)
2:07 when you on silent lunch and youre just thinking
Trea Uchiha (3 days ago)
X wtf 😂😂😂 #StillMyBrudda
Monicao Cervantes (3 days ago)
2:07 when the speaker in class calls your name to the office after stealing someone cookie😂😂
Çreêpy_Łemoń (4 days ago)
x is the worst here nothing rhymes or anything. 🤢
lil mosey (4 days ago)
2:07 when that part always got mention
Vlad Riamzinas (4 days ago)
x part was dead lmao
Metro Boomin (4 days ago)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that you can save up to 15% on car insurance with Geico
charles hall (4 days ago)
Yo they know they're going to be on the freshman cypher for a minute wasn't that playboi carti that went first he sounded like a f****** bumbling kindergartener trying to freestylethat was seriously the saddest should have ever heard I'm 32 years old and white and would destroy him on a freestyle compared to that garbage actually my six-year-old son could probably take him on that weak-ass first he just spit. I mean it said his name I don't know it's whoever the hell went first
Dis Dude (4 days ago)
And if the world ever has an apocalypse I will kill all of you fuckers Fear will be plentiful, death will be bountiful I will spare none of you peasants Fuck your religion, your pastor fucked kids And got sent to a prison in PC I seen the devil, he’s in you and me You need saving to listen to this, see Follow 'em home, cut the right corner so nobody sees you Turn off your phone Leave it at home so nobody can trace you Mask your expressions Appear to be calm, they won't read your intentions As soon as you’re in Let them all know who they’re all in the presence of I am a murderer I am a demon, the son of a serpent What is your faith? What is your worth? Have you felt acknowledgment?
Nathan Howard (4 days ago)
Ethan Howard (4 days ago)
T series sucks (4 days ago)
Rip x😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ayden Price (4 days ago)
Why does c look like he a having the worst time
Ayden Price (3 days ago)
McB (4 days ago)
2:07 when the school shooters walk in, and your hiding but when the shooter is leaving the autistic kid says ‘bye bye’
Joshua Kengin (4 days ago)
That xxx part was fire

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