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How to TRAVEL DUBAI on a BUDGET - Enjoy Luxury CHEAP

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This is how to travel Dubai Cheap! Even though Dubai is known as a city of luxury, I will share travel tips in this guide to make this an affordable visit to UAE. Try Videoblocks: https://www.videoblocks.com/LostLeBlanc Thanks to them for making today's video possible and awesome! From the Gold Souk, to the desert safari, you can experience Dubai on a budget. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/lostleblanc Facebook Lost LeBlanc Twitter Lost LeBlanc Get Travel Tips and Advice on Running a Social Media Business - Come Behind the Scenes and Join my Community https://www.patreon.com/lostleblanc All Music Music Used in this Video comes from HERE: https://goo.gl/fF1Q5N (Copyright Free Music) Learn How I edit ALL my Travel Videos - (Exclusive Course Link) http://lostleblanc.com/how-to-edit-a-travel-video/ #LostLeBlanc #Dubai #CheapTravel
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Lost LeBlanc (14 days ago)
Firstly, I must apologize for the delay. Yesterday I set my video live and after one hour I came back to see that it had ZERO views. Long story short, the video got claimed by an MCN and blocked globally. Luckily a friend at YouTube helped me sort it over his weekend and I'm grateful to him that it was only delayed by a day. My apologies and see you guys NEXT SATURDAY for the Most Luxurious of Dubai :) Let's get Lost!
Melanie Armada Mengoy (2 days ago)
Sir which camera u are using
BITSTR3AM3R (6 days ago)
We gotta get this dude on there.
Melvin Alex (7 days ago)
+BITSTR3AM3R I don't think so.
FearM (1 hour ago)
13:07 where did you buy that crewneck from??
Ahmad Soliman (2 hours ago)
Jbr is definitely the best it’s beautiful
TheShotGun Op (4 hours ago)
I've lived in dubai for 11 Years and its actually not that expensive as people say.
Sasa khudari (5 hours ago)
I've lived here for like 8 years I knew this was SUS when I read the title
Khalifa Pandeli (5 hours ago)
Bro I live in Dubai hahaha
Wafai Khatib (6 hours ago)
i live in dubai you went to my dads shop and dubai is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive
Sjav Sgscb (6 hours ago)
Come to sharjah Rolla.
Rim Oo (7 hours ago)
Fatma Poter (13 hours ago)
I recommend going to the global village but its only open from November to march. Its personally one of my favorite places in dubai and its super affordable.
Ciara Walsh (15 hours ago)
There's so much more to see outside of Dubai and Abu Dhabi https://wanderingwalsh.com/2018/10/20/5-weekend-getaways-in-the-uae/
PCTravelDine (20 hours ago)
Thanks for another great vlog. We are a small travel channel and you've given us so much inspiration to help our channel grow. Keep up the great work!
Sherena Al Mutawa (22 hours ago)
in Dubai there is not budget 10 dhs is for a bottle of water ahah (i live there)
Im Crossing (1 day ago)
U can't survive 10$ in Dubai are u dumb
rsannie1 (1 day ago)
Is your girlfriend wearing Mahanadi
Come to Oman 🇴🇲.. It's 1 hr away from Dubai.. You won't regret it. Like if you have visited Oman before.
Hege Bjelland (1 day ago)
A friend (now 27 y old) lived in Dubai as a kid (Family moved around because of the fathers work), he says it's like an other country now ;) I was in Dubai in when I was 17 y  old, so 11 years ago, it was amazing back then too ^_^ Got gold on the dessert in Burj al Arab back then :D
The slimey Slimer (1 day ago)
I live in Abudhabi , and here’s a fact , Dubai isn’t expensive, but if u don’t have limits on spending money itill be expensive and yeah , if ur asking what’s Abudhabi, it’s near to Dubai and we go to Dubai every weekend it’s like a hr and 15 mins road trip.
Bryanclyde Licay (1 day ago)
Lol noob
Sami Sami (1 day ago)
I live there
I've been here for 12 years. Of course, it will be cheaper because of the humid season maybe that's between May to September where the weather will be around 39-50 degress celsius. But a lot of the outdoor part of the establishments will be closed so you will be missing those kind of events and places. Best time to visit is between November to April where the weather is cooler but it will be more expensive and crowded. You can go to this official Dubai Tourism website: https://www.visitdubai.com/en
T Smoove (1 day ago)
going tom Dubai in the morning, cant wait
Unkown guy1234 (2 days ago)
I live in dubai and i keep seeing you going to places i already went to and it gives me lots of memories
Unkown guy1234 (2 days ago)
I live in UAE Abu Dhabi I go to dubai sometimes
Fab_10 (2 days ago)
correction: its pronounced day-ra not daiira
TELETUBBIES v69.69 (2 days ago)
holy fuck I went to that same hotel he went to I was sitting on the chair on the left in the lobby
Naeem Ahmed (2 days ago)
He went near by my school !!!!
lannah Land (2 days ago)
My battery warning turned on exactly when yours died lol
Lauren jackson (2 days ago)
these posts like this is inspiring
Glenn Kennedy (2 days ago)
I’m back from Dubai like 3 weeks now and it’s not as expensive as people say honestly! , btw if you take the metro to Dubai mall there’s a section as you walk in which sells all tickets for Burj Khalifa and can get prices there , saves some queuing time also 😁
Minato Namikaze (1 hour ago)
+Saika Begum no the metro is in Dubai only.
Saika Begum (2 hours ago)
Have u actually traveled yourself from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on the metro, because when I went last year they said that the metro doesn’t go as far as there, only travels in Dubai, but yes the buses go, metro is cheap but u have to walk a long way from the station to the actual place u want to go
Minato Namikaze (1 day ago)
+Glenn Kennedy metro is only in Dubai not in other cities if you think of going to Dubai again I suggest going to other cities in that country(UAE) go to AbuDhabi and Liwa around new years you'll have fun again metro is only in the state of Dubai there are 7 states and Dubai is really small compared to the state of Abudhabi or the Emirate of Abudhabi.
Glenn Kennedy (1 day ago)
Minato Namikaze ill say again ... metro... 😂😂
Minato Namikaze (1 day ago)
+Glenn Kennedy I dont want to repeat myself those lexus taxis are for long distances which means other cities not in Dubai outside of Dubai, Dubai is a city not a country there are other cities those taxis are for those other cities.
The I’m (3 days ago)
Haris Awan Vlog (3 days ago)
Awesome Video ❤
polacoac1 (3 days ago)
intro music name???
Azenith Calimpong (4 days ago)
i love this
Milan Hope (4 days ago)
Dubai isn’t expensive at all I grew up in Dubai it’s amazing 😉
Aspire Art Design (4 days ago)
Aspire Art Design (4 days ago)
Mahfuz A (4 days ago)
Damnnn she fine
Mr Tân Saigon (4 days ago)
Hope I can go to Dubai, but not enough money to make it true :( . Thanks for sharing
Juiced Up Gaming (5 days ago)
I live there
Omar albiek (5 days ago)
Hi your channel is great!!
Kimi More (5 days ago)
Dubai was amazing!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6cRf3324Jo&t=17s
coolitz (5 days ago)
Ooohhh Dubai sounds doable on a budget. Cheaper than Japan on peak season.
Kifayat Ullah (5 days ago)
How much money u Spend told
mOvIe tRaVeL iNfO (5 days ago)
0:14 is not a shot from Dubai & its not Dubai Airport
Lauu Ehh (5 days ago)
Awesome video, thank you so much! I also have a question. I will travel with my girlfriend this fall, in dubai, and i’m wandering if i can stay 5 days and enjoy some attractions with $1000? Exclude the hotel. Anyone can help me? Thank you
mona ala (6 days ago)
Thank you 👍👍🙌
The Chad (6 days ago)
I burst out laughing at 4:49 lmao that was golden, but that pick up line at 3:14... aha
continuous HUNGRY (6 days ago)
Being a UAE native I believed I had the privilege of rollblading inside Dubai Mall while telling the security I won't comply to the rules. My rebellious act ended with an epic escape after a Chase.😅
Craig Colean (6 days ago)
Dude, I am in Iraq but love your videos. Wife and I went to the Philippines for four months and did many things you recommended. I have been all over Asia with my Job in the Army and wish I would have seen your videos prior to some of my trips. BTW, your new girl is beautiful. Keep up the great work, videos are awesome!
RickerdTM (6 days ago)
Was there for 10 days. Did go to the Burj khalifa, 3 malls, hotel, everyday food and drinks, went on Safari, boat tour, Palm tour, Ferrari park in Abu Dhabi. All for €1700 . I would never think that Dubai was that kind of 'cheap' . Those were the 10 most beautiful days in my life so far.
Aso Miami (6 days ago)
nahasize (7 days ago)
Hai watsup —00971553775495 Any cheaper affordable travel dubai 💯😎 Starlight tourism. All activities 00971553775495 Nahas
JamieinDubai (7 days ago)
You know - ive lived here and created YouTube videos from here for years.. love your creativity, kinda shady areas but fair play 👍🏼
Ahmad Aldhaheri (7 days ago)
my monthly expenses in Abu Dhabi are 7000 dirhams (1900 dollars) and thats perfect for me
Abood Zouggar (7 days ago)
I’m leaving in Dubai 😂
Abood Zouggar (7 days ago)
Yes Dubai is a great place
Fave Mgd (7 days ago)
I went to Deidra for two weeks and the hotels are very cheap
Vivek Manoj (7 days ago)
Saitama Sins (7 days ago)
Serious question here. Why would any travel to Dubai or any Middle Eastern countries? To see some tall buildings and luxurious cars? In my own opinion, traveling to those countries is a total waste of Money and Time. Just go somewhere else where the beauty of the place is natural. There are like a hundred of places like that in the world. Pretty sure that would be more awesome and cheaper. Just my own opinion though. Feel free to correct me.
WoodyForest101 (7 days ago)
Anyone know the song played at 8:43?? Lit video tho more if this!!
Khawla alsuwaidi (7 days ago)
welcome to dubai :)
W Y (7 days ago)
diera is pronounced day-rah
Andantenna (7 days ago)
A travel video in dubai and you end up eating tim hortons and ice skating for 20$ to kill time? How about you just go to Canada
Cosmic Cyborg (7 days ago)
This dude was legit right next to my house at 2:49
nihal Lloyd (7 days ago)
Sid N (7 days ago)
Dubai is the best!!
COMPOSER4FILMZ (7 days ago)
Bro I super enjoyed your video I lived in Dubai for 6 and half months and I loved it..I tell everyone going to have fun on a budget I did and it was the best time ever nice bro!!!!!!!
ambachu masthi (7 days ago)
Malayali undoo??
The Starks (8 days ago)
Great vid!! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Love youuuu so so so muchhh your videos are incredibleeeee you are really special for mee😚
Wasim Akhtar (8 days ago)
I only clicked for that ass in the thumbnail 🍑
Jaman Bablu (8 days ago)
Traveling, not possible without car, https://bit.ly/2Mkn0pz
First Class (8 days ago)
You do not know how yo save by the way I am living in dubai
Amber Hampton (8 days ago)
! ,,m, Bibb
Alisar Guzlan (8 days ago)
Please come to me in dubai sustainable city
Alisar Guzlan (8 days ago)
I live in dubai
00Raheem00 (8 days ago)
Skip the Burj Khalifa and go to the Gold Frame, much better view!
00Raheem00 (8 days ago)
hahaha i cant believe Savoy Central was mentioned! Its absolutely excellent and have stayed there multiple times. Train is a short walking distance away, experienced staff and amenities. Massive supermarket down the road as well!
Ismail Ali (8 days ago)
I'm from Uttarakhand in India. We are making a mosque. Any Muslims Brothers can donate some money in this account number 3966789039.central bank of India. If you can donate something for mosque when we will make soon this mosque because there is very raining so we want make soon this mosque. We will hope any Muslims Brothers can donate something for mosque. Thanks for the all Muslims committee from Uttarakhand India.
DaRealChanel YT (8 days ago)
I’m travelling with three kids I’m coming with little money as I’ve already spent a lot on hotel and flight how can I visit most of the activities with little cash and a cheap apartment with a kitchen and childcare,
3badi Mass (8 days ago)
14:14 Be carful, no kisses in public 🤓
3badi Mass (8 days ago)
Dubai is occupied by Indians 😃
koka g (8 days ago)
Dream country DUBAI ❤️
Dear Christian, I don´t want to be negative but this is nothing new to people and I think most of your loyal followers are young people who are thirsty to see something exciting and new. I am 58 years old and I have travel all around the world but I am also looking for something new. I have had under my control 26 magazines and we had to to have goals and always fresh minds for something new. It is nothing wrong with having brainstorm meetings with people who are not all in the same age but fresh and love the life of traveling. Luxury is always exciting and not so easy to say no with but you are still a young guy. SRS. Iceland.
Masa Al huraiti (9 days ago)
you should come to kuwaittt
Masa Al huraiti (8 days ago)
it's not far from Dubai about an hour away on a plane and ill tell you the best places
Masa Al huraiti (8 days ago)
Masa Al huraiti (8 days ago)
its really funnn, if you wanna live like a loal
Qaisar Chohan (9 days ago)
nice bro
Ali Han (9 days ago)
I want go with my wife in futare when i marry hh
AMAL B (9 days ago)
Actually..in my experience.. for hotels.. go to KAYAK.ae, i got 3 star room for 2 people in heart of gold soul for just 40 usd..u can get cheaper option in other location.. and for activities.. use groupon.ae site for food,desert safari,scuba diving.. u will get dozens of offers.. use metro for travel instead of taxi.. this sites can cut ur price more than half of it.. 40 usd for desert safari, food, cultural dance..is good option for people who visits dubai
Budakcikeris Cikeris (9 days ago)
Before and after Dubai more awesome
Bhupat Kanabar (9 days ago)
Come to Oman much cheaper
laura sad (9 days ago)
Arish Rizvi (9 days ago)
Dubai is really hard to travel on a budget.. if you are on budget its a good idea skip ot for now
EKA VLOGS (9 days ago)
Wtf! Your filming all these cheap and bad places,, If thats what your doing in dubai, you wasting your money because you havent seen ANYTHING yet. Lift up your budget just a little bit i mean cmon, its cheaper here than London, Paris, Miami, Boston, Tokyo... I do not recommend this tour guide, Dubai is way more than what he showed
RocK BanditA (9 days ago)
The Real Dubai. They constructed one of the most expensive cities in the world but they forgot something... https://youtu.be/-pQdjwliLMA
Khaled Hussain (9 days ago)
Wow nice vlog from India
smack down (9 days ago)
your videos are pleasure to the eye..lit camera quality ...lit editing...lit hyper/time lapses.......keep it up make us dream
I live in Dubai to want any tourist assistance to connect with me on WhatsApp 00971528562030
travis007 (10 days ago)
Oh my, I am just living in the same neighborhood in Mankhool. I could have met you guys!
Jai Jai (10 days ago)
When are you coming back here???? 😍

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