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Megan Man X7 Finale! BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND! - YoVideogames

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Text Comments (74)
Deciduous_Reaper (1 year ago)
what's worse Silver's "Its no use" or Flame Hyneard's "Burn to the ground"
Next (1 year ago)
Deciduous_Reaper $ilver Is music to The ears
Ratoncito X4 (2 years ago)
This game was made by Kitabayashi
FullmetalHagane (2 years ago)
Drew Drew (2 years ago)
Burn to the ground sounds like a linkin park song. Actually i think it is a linkin park song.
Isaiah Bryant (2 years ago)
sean unknown (2 years ago)
at the 11th minute i lost my shit and couldnt stop laughing at this burn it to the ground i mean game
argenis garcia (2 years ago)
Max got burned to the ground.
kurozuna kabuto (2 years ago)
ok people use your brain and change 'BURN' with 'BURD' OK now try now not to laugh (good good ) :)
R-Dub Simpson3 (2 years ago)
Denzelsvoice (2 years ago)
Thanks to you guys I want to play this game again XD
joshua frazier (2 years ago)
How about lets burn this game to the ground.
JoeCoolMaverick (2 years ago)
6:40 ...Okay, look, I know people are upset with Keiji Inafune right now and all, but this is just...kinda sad to watch.
DaSparkRunner (2 years ago)
Burn to the ground! Burn to the ground! Burn! Burn to the ground! Burn to the ground! Burn! Burn! Burn to the ground! Burn! Dead or Alive! Burn! Burn to the ground! Burn! Burn to the BRRRRRRT!
Blue Eagle (2 years ago)
someone please kill me :'(...
SonicAnim (2 years ago)
I didn't quite catch what that flame head was saying. Did he say "Burn to the ground!???"
RollCritFail (2 years ago)
I Would Rate Megaman X7: BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND/10
ChrisRG21 (2 years ago)
xdelta92 (2 years ago)
eh I can't blame the quit seriously who has the balls to do this stage first. Fuck that it always goes at the end even with new game +.
Nick Zotixx (2 years ago)
it's really sad how much mighty #9 disappointed max he was hyped for this game
Shadaloo Vile (2 years ago)
Still a better game than Mighty No.9
Smart1529 (1 month ago)
I disagree but ok
ZerberusKnight (2 years ago)
But what if I wanna burn to the sky?
shinobixa4 (2 years ago)
MN9 deserves a 4 out of 10. X7 deserves a 3 out of 10
kagato0987 (2 years ago)
Best episode - it needs to BURN- BURN- BURN- BURN TO THE GROUND- BURN-
Terrell Hazard (2 years ago)
Can you hear me? BURN TO THE GROUND Can you hear me? BURN TO THE GROUND
shinobixa4 (2 years ago)
I'm glad that I didn't buy this game!
Twisted Gambit (2 years ago)
I thought "burn to the ground" this whole time was a reference to Max looking like Chad Krogger again.
Davethe3rd (2 years ago)
BOSS RAGE: Flame Hyenard?
FitnessNerd (2 years ago)
Drinking game Shot every time you hear "Burn to the ground" you tell me how that goes
João Lucas (1 month ago)
My liver's begging for mercy
Jacob Maitland (2 years ago)
Well tecnicnly he mostly just says burn not burn to the ground but yeah you would kill more people than Freddy cruger
Jacob Maitland (2 years ago)
Well tecnicnly he mostly just says burn not burn to the ground but yeah you would kill more people than Freddy cruger
Jacob Maitland (2 years ago)
Well tecnicnly he mostly just says burn not burn to the ground but yeah you would kill more people than Friday cruger
Harrison Lichtenberg (2 years ago)
I'm sorry, but I can't drink more than 1 shot every 2 seconds.
sephiros9999 (2 years ago)
Keiji Inafune had nothing to do with this game regarding directing or producing, his only involvement was lending advice to the illustrators about creating Axl, and thats it.
Jeedy Jay (2 years ago)
No, see, Mighty Number 9 was bad, so Inafune is responsible for all bad Megaman games.
karnovrpg (2 years ago)
Megan Man? When did he get a sex change?
Mack Clarke (2 years ago)
That's Axl he's another reploid that Capcom wanted to replace X as the main character and that didn't work out at all as you can see with X8's awkward cliffhanger to the series cause of how bad this game was
Don Maramba (2 years ago)
I was actually able to beat this horrible game back when it was released.
TheNawaf258 (2 years ago)
oh my god here comes flame hyenard burn to the ground have fun hahaha
cir8527 (2 years ago)
waiting for you guys to do megaman x6 and x8
DJ Cyclone (2 years ago)
I dont know how my brain didnt commit suicide after beating this boss as a kid lol freakin BURN TO THE GROUND!! The stuff of nightmares
Derek Nino (2 years ago)
A perfect way to end this playthrough and the perfect way to destroy this awful game: BURN! BURN! BURN TO THE GROUND!! BURN TO THE GROUND!!
100%Crispy (2 years ago)
this game is actually better if you run it at 2x speed through an emulator, not good, just better
LeoHightower (2 years ago)
I do not blame you for rage quitting! This game was awful, only good quality about it, is the music, the music is the only good thing about this game!
Moondog McGee (2 years ago)
I enjoyed the part where they burned to the ground.
KelvinBelmont (2 years ago)
Wow I actually got a headache from the constant burn to the ground
SMOSHOO (2 years ago)
hay it's spider
Destroyahweapon (2 years ago)
X8 is a much better game
Brogox (2 years ago)
That "BURN!!" sounds painful at least
ali alsharrah (2 years ago)
I mean to the ground
ali alsharrah (2 years ago)
All i was hearing from this video is burn on the ground
Condor Guren (2 years ago)
Rage Quit, really?
AJR2k (2 years ago)
Sar The Bazaar (2 years ago)
lol finale but couldnt even beat the boss after 3 videos xD, burn to the ground burn to the ground! *scream* burn to the ground burn to the ground *scream* lol thats annoying and hilarious at the sametime xD
Sar The Bazaar (2 years ago)
+LightningZerker ya that boss really looks very difficult to beat if your just starting out, im sure if youve beatin and seen it a few times its cake because you know the pattern
Spoofy (2 years ago)
Waiting for you guys to do an LP of MMX6 at some point.
Derek Nino (2 years ago)
Before that, try geting through Rainy Turtloid while its dark or facing Infinity Mijinon or those stupid donuts in Blaze Heatnix 5 times.
Zero 10.12 (2 years ago)
Imagine Him getting to Gate's Stage, LOL
timmer919hep (2 years ago)
It's better than nothing?
shinobixa4 (2 years ago)
+Jeedy Jay IKR
Jeedy Jay (2 years ago)
KingFossilFER (2 years ago)
i know x7 is bad but they play like ass in mighty9, MM8 and this.
Spoofy (2 years ago)
He really does sound like a mental patient while constantly yelling that out...still funny as hell though.
SJ.Fox (2 years ago)
I have been waiting for this episode!

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