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Rush - Tom Sawyer

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Amazon: http://bit.ly/Rush2112SDE_Web Music video by Rush performing Tom Sawyer. (C) 1981 The Island Def Jam Music Group and Anthem Entertainment
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reza aditya (2 hours ago)
what a good time they've been spent .. nice villa . Cool studio and jamming while it snow outside
staffie king 92 (5 hours ago)
2018 near 19 and still so underrated... what a band. Much love x
Suzanne Lancaster (12 hours ago)
The best Canadian Trio ever to date along with Triumph! (Also YES)... Rush is just in a whole different league by themselves~🙏👍😍 I bought this album #MovingPictures at around age 14? 2nd concert I ever attended in Seattle Washington at the old Seattle Center Coliseum ~ 1980
Jp Pickering (21 hours ago)
The Gods of Rock. Powertrio. All applicable. These guys are the fucking BEST.
Loud Visions (22 hours ago)
This is such a banger!
Vanderox (1 day ago)
Rip le studio
I need someone make a movie from Rush, i need to hear they songs in everywhere.
Comatose (1 day ago)
"Back in the day" this was what the cool kids listen to. Always amazes me when I look at lists of what was good back then and how very wrong they are. This here was more than good music. There will never be a band like Rush again. Take the time to break this down and you will shocked at the complexity this band played at. All 3 were in the top 10 top 5 of their role in the band. They made music like no others. The kind of music you had to break out the dictionary to understand all of it. If you're new to Rush I suggest you check out the album Moving Pictures the whole album is good. Rush is one of them bands you never hear other bands do their songs as cover tunes. The music is just to complex to reproduce by any one other than Rush itself. If you play at all I challenge you to try and learn some of these songs. You will quickly find it's next to impossible to match anyone in the group on any instrument. Oh ya and if you think "well I could do the keyboard part" Keep in mind Geddy Lee also played the bass and was main vocals all at the same time. 3 different rhythms, 3 different parts all at the same time. They did this live, there was no over tracking with prerecorded parts added in latter. It was all in realtime and they played it flawlessly.
Jason Malenfant (1 day ago)
Did you find the Eraserhead poster?
waterfowlmark (2 days ago)
rush has been kickin ass with killer songs for some 44 years and i've been jammin to some of the best that music has to offer. but tom sawyer has to be the worst song to every hit the airways.
Paul Cook (2 days ago)
can i say great
rompoculoK (2 days ago)
meh. MSI remake is better
Captain Deadeye (2 days ago)
Rush. Making all musicians feel like shitty pieces of garbage in comparison since 1974.
drumtwo4seven (15 hours ago)
Said by a narrow minded NON MUSICIAN. rush was damn good but basic say compared to chick corea fusion... BASIC
Basson de Villiers (3 days ago)
looks like casey neistat
Luke Nielsen (3 days ago)
My dad raised me right
Nicolas 1234 (3 days ago)
Algum Br tbm curte? ;-;
Jonatas Eduardo (3 days ago)
2:34 D A M N B R O
Davide95 (3 days ago)
"Pretty cool book, huh?"
Dave Ulmer (4 days ago)
Place stamp here!
it aint easy being cheasy
Ettore Reventon (4 days ago)
It's cool how Geddy Lee plays the bass guitar and the keyboard while using the pedals and delivering an excellent singing ability in the same song and almost AT THE SAME TIME. What a monster
larry pezze (4 days ago)
+Ettore Reventon no argument with that ettore.
Ettore Reventon (4 days ago)
yeah but for example in live versions he plays at least two of the things above at the same time
larry pezze (4 days ago)
ummmmm no. you're looking at several different tracks of the same song.
Bruce Kirk (4 days ago)
Paulinho Espíndola (4 days ago)
god bless geddy
Funk Vader (5 days ago)
100 stars for the 'Eraserhead' poster
Giles Nyne (5 days ago)
(|°°® out of --'";
Iqbal Afiq/Jake (5 days ago)
Who is here from Little Evil which is on Netflix
Johannes Buekkler (5 days ago)
Geil ! ... Dachte früher immer, der Sänger/ Keyboarder wäre 'ne Frau, von der Stimme und dem Aussehen her passt's hier jedenfalls :D Auch egal, ein absolutes Kultstück der Musikgeschichte !!!
Landon M (5 days ago)
When you're 16 and listening to rush
Malloy F**k u (5 days ago)
Música fodástica!!!! Lembro do remake ruim do Rob Zombie (halloween) !..!,
Stanton (6 days ago)
Rush is one of the greatest bands in the entire history of the human race.
Theodore Russell (6 days ago)
Exelent !!
Peter Stamerra (7 days ago)
*snorts Cheeto dust* yES. THERE IS NO BETTER FUCKING DRUMMER THAN NEIL PEART! *smashes hand through glass* It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy...
Jimmy Bocanegra (7 days ago)
I put Getty up there with Prince as far as musical genius and rush up there with the doors Zeppelin Beatles gnr solid band
Coy Leigh (7 days ago)
Coy Leigh (7 days ago)
kaz steinkreis (8 days ago)
What you say about his company is what you say about society.
purplegurl79 (8 days ago)
Geddy Lee, like myself, a keyboardist, bassist and vocalist. If you know how, it is not hard to do.
Pheus France (8 days ago)
Mais pourquoi dire que Tom se drogue? J'ai pas compris l'image.
... No comment.....
scott d (8 days ago)
Ricky : “Play I Like to Rock.” Alex Lifeson : “ That’s April Wine.” Ricky : “Well then play that Diane Sawyer song.”
D B (9 days ago)
In a world of these vile little creatures called Beibers, some God damn vintage Canadian RUSH redeems my soul.
Timothy Stephenson (9 days ago)
I could listen to this song 10 times in a row and I wouldn't feel like it's getting old. *This song is timeless
Nathan Davies (9 days ago)
*It ain't easy being cheesy*
aircoolbro 21 (9 days ago)
im 13
Scout 805 (9 days ago)
just picked up a 180 gram re-issue Of Moving Pictures! So fuckin good eh? No? Take off u hoser! Rush Rules!
harmony771000 (9 days ago)
Music ok, voice for me ,no!
Miraku Leonheart (10 days ago)
Pretty cool book ...huh?
Brian Stein (10 days ago)
Meil peat og sll time
Pheus France (10 days ago)
Mercie à la serie Goldberg de m'avoir fait connaitre ce son.
Dylan Rombouts (9 days ago)
Vive la France!
T Man (10 days ago)
Listened to these badasses as a kid and ever since! Awesome!
Anthony Sclafani (10 days ago)
I'm just discovering Rush, and this song is an absolute masterpiece
sweet pain (10 days ago)
This is the shit!!!! RUSH rules!!!! One of the best bands I have seen live (multiple times), I was getting down to Moving Pictures when I was only nine years old!!! One of the best!!!!! RUSH forever!!!!!!
Jaime Cornejo (10 days ago)
Aftbobcat 9011 (10 days ago)
I am here from trailer park boys on Netflix they had him on a few Times it is funny
howprofound (10 days ago)
were these guys all stoned or they just look that way? NOT rhetorical please enlighten me 😇
Christian Mondragon (11 days ago)
2007 Halloween gas station scene brought me here.
Zainul Zainul (11 days ago)
Oohh, mean guitar ..mean drummms......
Crashman 1005 (11 days ago)
It ain't easy being cheesy
Jon MacDonald (11 days ago)
Buttrock too the Max!!!!
Pun Gent. (11 days ago)
You Owe Family Guy° credit for the next 100,000 views for mentioning this band and song tonight.
Skullcandy (11 days ago)
*family guy Cheetos guy brought me here
Eduardo TheOG (11 days ago)
phil suriano (11 days ago)
Love rush Neil the master on the drums the best drummer I have ever seen
David Hargreaves (12 days ago)
I used to listen to Rush in the UK when I was a teenager...never really appreciated them...perhaps we had some great music at the time who knows....but like them more today ironically...they remind me of MUSE a lot.......
Jarod Huffaker (12 days ago)
PEART Nation! Peart for president 2020!!!!!
erin rossi (12 days ago)
the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!! fucking love rush
erin rossi (12 days ago)
i kissed geddy lee columbus ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brody Lane (12 days ago)
I always thought it was an old short hair lady singing this lol didn’t expect A bunch of Howard sterns
Exavier Rivas (12 days ago)
Impossilvia Soares (12 days ago)
Masterpiece !
Shimmering Drums (12 days ago)
It doesn't matter what they look like - go by talent! These guys are outstanding! Their lyrics are very deep and philosophical! I love all their songs! Neil, their song writer did a great job! 🎼🎵🎶❤️❤️❤️ And their instrumentation is just yet another awesome layer - they SO Rock!!! 🥁🥁🥁
wounderman281 281 (12 days ago)
The best canadian band their is
lou bc (13 days ago)
Pure Canadian Talent They help put Canadian music industry on an international level Very glad to have met them when I was younger
lou bc (13 days ago)
I used to drink beer with these guys when they were 18 and and just starting out on the downtown Toronto strip I knew back then that they were big They actually bought us a beer I remember it was hot summer and on Young Street around 1968
Mikey_Suze Four (11 days ago)
Yonge Street--That's a cool story @lou bc.
Ade F (13 days ago)
Once upon a time it was called....MUSIC...🎶
David Jeffrey Spetch (13 days ago)
cool ;) and thumbs up
Lanceランス (13 days ago)
*i really didn't want to comment and just enjoy the music, but then i did.*
Vincent Stringfield (13 days ago)
If you like this, go check out www.facebook.com/thenorthernkind. Sure we suck, but man do we love RUSH and good ol rock music.... The way it supposed to be!
RED MOBILE uk (13 days ago)
If that lead singer got laid anything is possible
Matthew Fogarty (13 days ago)
I am not positive but neil peart might not have every cymbal made on that kit,like i said not positive!!lol!!!! maple leaf madmen!!!!!
Aric Snyder (14 days ago)
Look at Peart do his magic.... Yes !!!!!!!!!!! He always says this is his most challenging .. He does it for practice to keep sharp
Holden (14 days ago)
3:11 1980's video wizardry.
Eloy Riquelme (14 days ago)
I love this theme
ELWOOD Wrouble (14 days ago)
The day that I really took appreciation for the drums is the day I heard Neil Peart 🥁
Mordecai 38 (14 days ago)
It ain’t easy being cheesy
dasky17 (15 days ago)
All right, it's Saturday night, I have no date, a two-liter bottle of Shasta and my all-Rush mixtape. Let's rock!
Mega Tron (15 days ago)
Kerry Von Erich Modern day warrior.
Peter Alvin (15 days ago)
They look so young!
Ken man (15 days ago)
Can't even air drum that fast
DETROIT ROCKCITY (15 days ago)
Aaaaaah Geddy on base..such a peacful site, relaxing and mesmerizing. Hmmmm
Dirt DD (15 days ago)
the beginning of this song is def a part of history...well the entire song
Maj Batou (16 days ago)
Rush... soundtrack of my youth, thanks to God
HD_CORE (16 days ago)
Family guy, anyone?
M Morrisseau (17 days ago)
Fuck I love how it starts off
Mi rush escuchando de vida a muerte soy rockero fui melenudo vestia como artista los bailes mis farras mis amigas amigos
kekinator (17 days ago)
Set it to x1.25 speed
Fany Rose (17 days ago)
FIRST RUSH SONG I'VE EVER HEARD. This guys are truly magical! Amazing...
DynamixHD (17 days ago)
I thought the singer was a girl?
Mikey_Suze Four (11 days ago)
LOL Geddy Lee's high falsetto vocals. @DynamixHD
WoodenNickelz (17 days ago)
For those that read Ready Player One - I believe that Holiday was based on Geddy Lee as far as characteristics

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