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Fashionista- Jimmy James Lyrics!

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An awesome, gotta love song by the one, the only, JIMMY JAMES!
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Kristin Moody (1 day ago)
Why do I imagine Jimmy James doing a noblewoman laugh?
Teagan mcClymont (2 days ago)
This song is a mood
Roselyn Jessel Fabian (3 days ago)
Alan Cheung (4 days ago)
I have a question. Why Naomi Campbell such a b**ch?
Puzzlebox 101 (4 days ago)
All I can think about is mettaton
Lulu's World (5 days ago)
1:52 My fave part
SophiaEdits (5 days ago)
Anyone here from wcss
Neka (6 days ago)
Yo it's angels not angles haha and imitation not imatation lol
Geming Camilla (10 days ago)
I came for 1:51 Cuz I looked on a miraculous crack and this song was on it (LOL CHAT NOIR)
Geming Camilla (7 days ago)
That Random Miracle (7 days ago)
Greyすさまじい (10 days ago)
*typical pageant background music*
Megan Zsorey (10 days ago)
only came her from wcss
Josh Hof (11 days ago)
Cherry Blossom (11 days ago)
1:52 geez.. 😂
Hillywood anyone?
that channel i wanted (12 days ago)
everyone is mentioning miraculous, hetalia, and undertale but i'm over here thinking of preston goodplay from camp camp during this entire song
JadeClues (14 days ago)
I came from that one Miraculous Ladybug crack video.
Bears 02 (14 days ago)
You spelt angels wrong
Ramil Sayson (15 days ago)
Fashionista!!! How do you look!!
Adriana Villalobos (17 days ago)
Millie plays roblox (19 days ago)
Anyone here from world cup shooting stars 2008 music
Mikey Gonzales (20 days ago)
nice voice
CommentCop Badge#666 (21 days ago)
Alliyah Barfield (22 days ago)
allen daniel (24 days ago)
Havana haggadah aha
Flamestone R. (24 days ago)
0:25 *gets kicked out * oh ok ;w;
no life jeel (27 days ago)
I came here cause of emo bands on crack
Think Up (28 days ago)
New York: Named after the Duke of York who later became King James II of England. Previously, it was called New Netherland, or, Nieuw Nederland. Milan is a common Slavic male name and less commonly a Roman name. It is used predominately by Czechs, Slovaks and Serbs. Milan I of Serbia: the ruling Prince of Serbia (1868-1882) and later King of Serbia. (1882-1889) . Tokyo was originally known as Edo which means estuary. It was changed to Tokyo in 1868 with the arrival of Emperor Meiji. To: meaning 'east' and kyo : meaning 'capital' It kept in line of East Asian tradition to have the word 'capital' in the name of the capital city. The Royals, of course, dressed differently than the non royals.
aizat zulhaidi (1 month ago)
Mariana Susal (1 month ago)
No one ugly allowed!!
kate bruce (1 month ago)
i love it
pikagirl gamer1 (1 month ago)
"Which one of you would ever dare to go aganst" Me: me and my cute axe in your brains
Zachary Prettyshield (1 month ago)
Man i hate my grandparents there ugly like soooo ugly there mean lolo
Geming Camilla (29 days ago)
I came for 1:51 Cuz I looked on a miraculous crack and this song was on it (LOL CHAT NOIR)
Geming Camilla (1 month ago)
Me too lmao
Pony Vlogs (1 month ago)
Sameeee xD
Alice Cullen theme hahaha
Denisa Denisa (1 month ago)
I love his laughed lol😍😍😍😎😇😋
Gwen King (1 month ago)
Angles in the dark... 😂😂😍
Chloe flow (1 month ago)
No one ugly aloud What if someone called you ugly I'm not ugly nobody else is 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠
Chloe flow chill out, jeez. blame the artist not the person who uploaded the video 😒
Gerard Way song for sure
A mental Hufflepuff (1 month ago)
I guess I'm not allowed.
Sophia Dimont (1 month ago)
We are all fashionistas! Yasss, gurl!
LuckOf Thebeans (1 month ago)
I think of mettaton
Cj David (1 month ago)
Ang ganda po ang kanta ninyo fashionist
ii Syro (1 month ago)
I'm good I can do it ╯﹏╰╭∩╮
Rigo Dom (1 month ago)
This would be a good remix with body beautiful by salt n pepa
MoonDustShine (1 month ago)
Guess I'm not allowed then
I miss GIANNI!!!
Mason Potter (1 month ago)
The part you came for starts at 1:51
Marichat forever (1 month ago)
God ive been looking for this song everywhere.
My guilty pleasure song
Clips With Cali (1 month ago)
coop doop (1 month ago)
No one ugly allowed * clicks exit button *
Klyde’s Gymnastics (1 month ago)
I Request Bad Liar by Selena Gomez
Kyler Kennedy (1 month ago)
This makes me laugh
Just Ari (1 month ago)
Why dose this sound like something out of ruPaul drag race
Aviana (1 month ago)
i came here from instagram cause i saw a tony stark edit...
Rollz kkk (1 month ago)
One word: POLAND.
xoxo kat (1 month ago)
Who else came here from a Miraculous Crack vid? Also who looked up Shon Don Calvin Klein to find the name of this song?😂
What are you wearing Sean John Calvin Donna Karan’s fashion line Valentino YSL Ferragamo and Chanel Holstein Gucci Filga Rucci Dont forget my Pucci Fendi and Armani god is miss Gianni Kenneth Cole Michael Gianni mr Ford i cant afford dog and bcbg looking good is never easy Alexander perkovich Naomi Campbell is such a biscuit Delgada to fit into my my Prada Oscar de la renta Louis Vuitton immataion Of christ beauty is such a price
rahys (1 month ago)
gay music
Kick X Weeb (1 month ago)
le sie (1 month ago)
Spricht hier noch jemand Deutsch?
shistar shook (1 month ago)
1:51 is what I came for.
MSC BVV (2 months ago)
No One Ugly Aloud
Deadsuave (2 months ago)
0:40 it's angels not angles
tugstoffelees *cats* (2 months ago)
Hermione Granger (2 months ago)
Came here from the Hillywood show hunger games
Jadyn Lee (2 months ago)
here from a tony stark fan vid
Locka Almeida ZZ (2 months ago)
Here because Girls United ..
Hernández Adrian (2 months ago)
Gay song !
charlesvonkleine brooker (2 months ago)
I'm straight but this song is so funky
Es una de las canciones mas idiotas pero pegajosas que conozco
Riley (2 months ago)
Lol I heard this from an spn crack and 😂😂👌👌👌
Ivan Choreño (2 months ago)
Best Dong ever! 😚☺️
SavannahLee_96 (2 months ago)
Came here from an old Fall Out Boy vine 😂
ibillisticsheep (2 months ago)
I got chu fam! 1:51
Lola Baillie (2 months ago)
One of my favourite songs!
Johnny b Goode (2 months ago)
If there will be a Devil Wears Prada sequel, they don't need to search for a soundtrack anymore.
Sebastian el prro : c (2 months ago)
Is he gay ?
Miku Love (2 months ago)
I can Imagine Jeffree Star singing this
Asher Lego (2 months ago)
Im here cause im finding songs to vouge to
purplepotato26 (2 months ago)
Abigail Taylor (2 months ago)
1:51 when you learn its who not what
0:39 pause it it's angles
I'm going to break in if I can't get in manually
Fati Strawberry (2 months ago)
Yhyun Ahn (2 months ago)
Omg that is the song in my school when i was grade 1 that is the song when iam modelling im in love because i feel the music and i won the best in modelling and my crush won too with me
Lamacan Vinets (2 months ago)
Girly Gamer (2 months ago)
1:53 We all came for that part I know we did😂I was was watching https://youtu.be/jJddGc35ALc at 1:22😂😂👍🏻
Faith (2 months ago)
I would just like to say I've been imagining Roxy, Jane, and Jake from Homestuck singing this and it is beautiful
Hannah nightshadewolf (2 months ago)
1:51 is what makes this song a meme and we all know it
JungkookIsMyTeaTae (2 months ago)
Taiga Aisaka (2 months ago)
1:51 For people who came from Tokyo Ghoul Shuu Tsukiyama (月山 習).
Adrianna Owens (2 months ago)
I look like I got hit by a bus and then strucked by lightning followed by binge watching anime So normal I guess
AJ Chandra (2 months ago)
*chat noir*
Athalie Adrielle (3 months ago)
Kierstin Rasmussen (3 months ago)
PASTA LA VISTA (3 months ago)
Flavio theme song,i swear
Eris the Chaos Spirit (3 months ago)
You know with the way that guy laughs and says "no one ugly allowed", I could see this being a villain song for some cartoon. Like this guy is just a one off villain who uses fashion shows to suck out peoples souls or something.
Crizie ! (3 months ago)
I came here by a miraculous crack video😂😂😅 from 1:51
Poataobanana (3 months ago)
This is a meme with me and my friends

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