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Keter Deck Box Storage Cube Patio Table 55 Gal | REVIEW

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Keter Outdoor Rattan Style Storage Cube Patio Table 55 Gal Current Price & More Info ►https://amzn.to/2Ppnz37 ==================================================== #keter #keteroutdoor #keterpatiotable Easy to assemble once I made sure the sides were in the correct position. Box assembles with clever snap in place tabs. lid hinges assemble with four screws , seems fairly sturdy. Easy to assemble. After a hard rainfall, the inside of the box was completely dry. Top is flat and can be a seat, but instructions says not to stand on. Haven't sat on much. Lid has a couple of friction snaps to hold shut- a bit stiff at first, but getting easier now. I like them very much. I bought two, one of the boxes holds 2 22x22 cushions, the other 2 cushions 22x25. the other box holds two cushions 18x18 and I inserted a cardboard divider(made from shipping box) to separate so other side of this second box could hold my BBQ accesssories- bag of charcoal, starter, utensils. Worked out great. Total box with contents lighter than expected. Use both as a table , and easy to move around on deck (more flexible than one big box).
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