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25 BIZARRE Facts About Cartoon Characters

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You’ll be blown away by these bizarre facts about cartoon characters. These cartoon character facts have been gathered just for you and will have you turning on your TV to catch an episode. If you’ve ever been a fan of cartoon network or cartoon characters in general, you’ll be surprised by these bizarre facts. Get ready to learn every secret there is with these 25 bizarre facts about cartoon characters! Cartoon characters speak for all of us with their funny brand of entertainment and you won’t believe some of these bizarre secrets of your favorite cartoon characters. If you’re a fan of The Simpsons or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Cartoon Network you’ll be amazed to know the behind the scenes decisions that make these shows tick. Think you know everything about Rocko’s Modern Life? You don’t know the origins of Heffer Wolfe until you watch this list! Think Chuckie from Rugrats sounds familiar? You’ll have to watch this list to figure out why! Grab your cereal and pull on your Saturday jammies and check out these bizarre facts about cartoon characters. Leave us a comment below letting us know which cartoon is your favorite! Full List, Photo Credits, and Sources: https://list25.com/25-bizarre-facts-about-cartoon-characters SUBSCRIBE - http://bit.ly/2uwq6BJ Follow us on: List25 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/list25 List25 Instagram: https://instagram.com/list25/ List25 Twitter - https://twitter.com/list25 List25 Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/list25/ See more Top 25 lists on our website: http://list25.com In this list, Mike brings you the 25 best cartoon character facts - from a secret cartoon conspiracy to funny coincidences. Did you know that Thundercats led to just under a hundred children being named Cheetara in the 80s? Or that Gary and Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants are actually related? Did you know that our favorite classic cartoon (Donald Duck of course) was used as anti-Nazi propaganda during World War II? If you have a place in your heart for cartoon characters, this is the list for you. Find out more bizarre facts about cartoon characters like GI Joe, Doug, Batman, Transformers, Muppet Babies, Rainbow Bright, Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh, Animaniacs, and more when you watch this amazing list! If you enjoyed our video, you’ll enjoy these List25 videos as well: 25 Banned Cartoons You Won’t Believe Were Made - https://youtu.be/tfxnTAQ9pgU 25 Crazy Cartoon Conspiracy Theories Some Believe to Be True - https://youtu.be/hYnpidexufM Music: Girimeo Polka by United States Marine Band
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Text Comments (295)
Mama Aimée (17 days ago)
My husband's name is Tommy and his best friend (before his friend died) was named Chuck
Francis Ramp (21 days ago)
A bunch of "B list" characters that are only known by the audience of their FANS. What about some trivia from H.O.F.ers ? Bugs, Roadrunner, Mr. Leghorn, Speed Racer, Mr. Yabba Dabba Dooo ? ? ? The Grinch ? ? ?
Larry Grebler (1 month ago)
Can't believe you didn't list the fact that popeye and his whole gang were real people.
Beth Di Bartolomeo (2 months ago)
#BringbackSkeeter Also, having watched a couple of Looney Tunes compilations recently, and having seen The Gruesome Twosome in the collection, I can definitely see the resemblence with Stimpy.
Wicked Widget (2 months ago)
my favorite cartoon growing up and still to this day is Scooby Doo. my favorite character from the cartoon was shaggy and fun fact. his voice was done by Casey Kasem. the theme song was sung by Sony Bono I know I butchered his last name RIP Sony...
Danae Lum (3 months ago)
This is one of my favorite postings! Love cartoons!!
Sherry Desmarais (4 months ago)
I don’t know that I would call these bizarre facts. Interesting maybe, if you are a child of the 80s and 90s, but not bizarre.
brainbombify (4 months ago)
How Could You Forget Scrappy-Doo
rgnestle (4 months ago)
Peter LOR-ee. :)
Ann todd (4 months ago)
Betty boop is my fav. And a little known fact is she was originally created to help kick start the feminist movement.
thenodfather (4 months ago)
Nancy Cartwright had a book: "My Life As A 10 Year Old Boy". Funny how Johnny Bravo was fought for by women as he seemed mysoginistic, as far as would be gone in a cartoon context. Disney was said to be a Massive Nazi sympathiser.
Pamela Mays (4 months ago)
Bugs Bunny. There's an urban legend that Mel Blanc was allergic to the carrots he munched on while recording for Bugs Bunny cartoons. Mel Blanc repeatedly stated that he was not allergic to the orange vegetable. He did, however, spit out chewed carrots into a bucket in between takes.
TheSmokingBurrito (6 months ago)
Scrappy-Doo ???????
Pamela Mays (6 months ago)
Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny only appeared together in one Looney Tunes cartoon, "Corny Concerto". Also, whether or not Sylvester could speak varied depending on who was his owner, Granny or Porky Pig.
Pamela Mays (6 months ago)
Tim Curry. Too scary to voice the Joker, and yet ended up voicing Nigel Thornberry, on a more child friendly cartoon. Pennywise was part of children's Saturday mornings for years on The Kid's Network.
87flee (7 months ago)
The original voice actor for bugs bunny was allergic to carrots
Puddy Kat (7 months ago)
I 💘 all the Warner cartoon characters. Sylvester.. Puddycat.
Michael O. Olunubi-Ojo (7 months ago)
Do a 25 list video of 90's cartoons, and also do a 25 list video about Nicktoons.
TjamVideoMan (7 months ago)
Betty Boop gave me many a pre pube hard-on !!
Squeek Tate (8 months ago)
I kind of expected some south park.
wendy cole (8 months ago)
my favorite cartoon characters are any loony toons,tom and jerry,scooby doo and the smurfs
Filmation77 (8 months ago)
Fyi the name "BART"(simpson)is an anagram for the Word BRAT
Japanese cartoon =anime then what is Korean cartoon called
Drunk Cultural history (8 months ago)
Jonny Quest?
David Henderson (8 months ago)
Whenever I see Donald Duck's face, I think of canned orange juice. Any other old fogies out there?
Missy 13 (8 months ago)
You forgot Scooby Doos cousins Scooby Dum and Scooby Dee.
Chris Deleon (7 months ago)
And scrappy
nowvoyagerNE (8 months ago)
better title: 25 BIZARRE Facts About Cartoon Characters and the Voice Actors Who Play Them
Lisa Monsibais (8 months ago)
Betty Boop is my favorite,they say she was made with Marilyn Monroe in in mind.
Devon Boulden (8 months ago)
Narf. No, no, no, fingerprints.
Joe Shiver (9 months ago)
So Mike what are we going to do today?
Semper Fidelis (9 months ago)
Bugs Bunny has to the all-time best animated character.
That was awesome! I loved learning the inspiration of the artists!
Ryan Ramirez (10 months ago)
Bender from Futurama. Bender Bending Rodriguez. Fry: "How come you can't vote bender, is it cause your a robot?" Bender: "No, convicted felon." 😂
Branon Fontaine (10 months ago)
Tim Curry would've made twice the Joker than that wussy Mark Hammil did, that's for damn sure...
Joshua Taylor (10 months ago)
Exosquad was 1 of my favorite cartoons ever. No a well known cartoon at all. It was just so cool to think of that type of stuff being real. It's getting closer every day
Bip Nop (10 months ago)
Nothing really worth making a video for
elemental fractal (10 months ago)
Johnny Bravo was an pretty good cartoon.
David Stoyanoff (10 months ago)
Fabulous furry freak Brothers
714Sluggo (10 months ago)
OK, first, how is it 'sad' that Magneto wasn't played by some obscure voice actor instead of motherfucking Sir Ian McKellan? Dude. Think first, then speak. Second, his name is not Peter Lore. it's Lorre, like the British word lorry.
The 90's was a confusing time for cartoons 😂😂
Narf 😂
Derek Bootle (11 months ago)
The Winnie the pooh characters are based on mental illnesses:depression, mania, narssism, anxiety, gluttony. Christopher Robin was schizophrenic, he saw anthropomorphic animals and they talked to him.
DeathSerpent (11 months ago)
Tara Strong voices some anime characters. The actress that voices starfire in teen titans also did Nia from gurren lagann. The guy who did the riddler in batman Arkham knight voiced chief from Armored Core V
DeathSerpent (11 months ago)
list25 she mostly voices hot blonde women... and timmy turner
list25 (11 months ago)
She voices a TON of characters lol
Drew Castronovo (11 months ago)
Patrick and Gary must be step-cousins because they are from different animal phyla. Gary is a mollusk and Patrick is in echinoderm
Jeffrey Williams (11 months ago)
The Simpsons was the first adult orientated cartoon show, that was initially commissioned to be aired around the commercial breaks, during The Tracey Ullman Show, 17 December,1989. Critics of the show have often complained that some of the themes are not suitable for children- forgetting this is not Tom & Jerry and nor is it meant for broadcast on the children’s network.
heather turner (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Williams Tom and Jerry wasn't made for kids either neither was the Flintstones
Dee Degon (11 months ago)
Ren and Stimpy, Simpson's, Beavis and Butthead, and Archer.
Ray Chang (11 months ago)
I loved a Japanese cartoon called G-Force (Kagaku Ninta-Tai Gatchaman) or sometimes just Gatchaman. The US-branded voiced-over show was called Battle of The Planets. The character Mark was voiced by Kasey Kasem, as my sister pointed out. I didn't even know it was originally Japanese until my Dad pointed that out reading the credits at the end. I also loved another show Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato). The voice actor (Eddie Allen) for the enemy leader (Leader Desslok) had no idea that the show was even being watched/loved. Many years later he attended a reunion of some sort to a nearly teary-eyed bunch of fans. It's amazing how something like that can stay with you for nearly your whole life. Great video, guys!
Dom Sclaf (11 months ago)
Oswald the lucky rabbit. He’s actually Mickey Mouse’s brother
Jon Sant (11 months ago)
Ren and stimpy were the best.
The83rdTrombonist (11 months ago)
Tom and Jerry weren't their original names. Also, originally, the dog was supposed to always be the villain with Tom and Jerry just being each others enemy
Jimmy Graham (11 months ago)
Learn to pronounce Peter Lorre.
Ceasar Langley (11 months ago)
I thought Batman would be on this list. The other characters you mentioned is interesting.
How can people not know that Bart is voiced by a woman? Children in series are always voiced by women. That knowledge is so basic - that's as if you just said "most people don't know that potatoes grow underground"
Liam Reford (11 months ago)
From what I can recall, the reason GI Joe’s death was changed to a coma was due to the reaction of the death of Optimus Prime in the 1986 Transformers movie.
pika23 (11 months ago)
no. 3 was based on the cats who look like abbot and costello...i totally remember that one. heyyyy babbbott!
pika23 (11 months ago)
+list25 how do we suggest a list? like 25 most fascinating things that happen when people were frightened? Like someone kicked in a brick wall or their hair turned white....( my uncle had that happen hand to god...he almost got hit by a train...his car got hit and he got out in time. his hair was jet black, then in a few weeks his hair eventually turned SNOW WHITE! he was like 40.)
list25 (11 months ago)
You can suggest them here or tweet at us (@List25). I will share this suggestion (and any others) with the team!
Katherine Richardson (11 months ago)
I've seen every SpongeBob episode I knew that
Jon Champion (11 months ago)
Thought the magic school bus would be on this lists. Do you know i know a women who is going to be known as Ms. Frizzle. she has red hair too. When she got married her husband was name Frizzle
Jon Champion (11 months ago)
Arther was originally and ant eater. but the felt his nose was too much so they changed it. But there is a book called archers nose.
list25 (11 months ago)
I remember the original Arthur books. Oh man did they look different.
Jon Champion (11 months ago)
The beloved protagonists in the hit Nickelodeon show the Fairy Odd parents Timmy Tuner is voice by a women too she also plays the voice of Dil in the rug-rats.
list25 (11 months ago)
Oh boy, does she do a LOT of voices.
Katherine Richardson (11 months ago)
Jon Champion yeah it's Tara strong again
Evil Monkey (11 months ago)
Peter Lorre... pronounced Peter Lorreee! Here's his IMBD page: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000048/
Undertaker9711 (11 months ago)
Not your best list honestly. These facts werent exactly "bizarre". Oh wow, Bart Simpson and Chuckie Finster were both voiced by women! Everyone knows that. Hell you didn't even mention that Christine Cavanaugh is dead! She was a childhood icon behind the scenes and her death barely made a blip on the evening news. A damn shame if you ask me
Kneon Knight (11 months ago)
Reporter or scientist, either way, Apeil O'Neil was a whore.
TF2xScoutxPRO (11 months ago)
How did you forget scrappy doo
phontex (11 months ago)
Here's another fun fact about the Warner sister Dot. The creator of the Warner Brothers actually does not have a daughter and the third sibling was originally going to be a boy similar in design to Wakko's with a somewhat more down to earth personality closer to that of Yakko's. However it was decided that having three male main characters pretty much left out the female demographic as well as would have left a lot of untapped comedy potential. Thus the Warner sister was created instead.
mezipe64 (11 months ago)
I've never been able to find proof of it, but I'm 99% sure that Mr.Bone from Doug was also voiced by Don Knotts
Dominik Ebner (11 months ago)
Interested carpet one division fold cheap actually jury ship
Bobby Slater (11 months ago)
Popeye met Olive Oyl in a house full of women. Hmmmm....
Brandon Ellis (11 months ago)
I just wanna know "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago?"
harley james (11 months ago)
Philip j fry was the best. rip futurama
tag1462 (11 months ago)
Unless I missed it.... The Flintstones?
pika23 (11 months ago)
I knew about Paul winchell...he was also a.famous ventriloquist. I think he did Mortimer snerd. It's not Charlie McCarthy because that's Edgar Bergen. 25 is obvious if you watched reruns of Andy Griffith and. 3's company...edit Jerry Mahoney and knucklehead smiff(not Smith) pop pop used to call me that.
My favorite cartoon character comes from a little known Canadian show called Kevin Spencer, his name is Allen The Magic Goose, the title character's imaginary best friend and trouble-maker. Another character I like from that show is Kevin's dad Percy Spencer's superhero alter ego Drunken Welfare Man. The show's for adults as there's shit-tons of drugs, booze, sex, swearin' and excessive violence, the title character Kevin is a 16 year old chain smokin', alcoholic sociopath and his mum's a drunken whore.
Devious J (11 months ago)
I had a tape of that Donald Duck Propaganda Cartoon. I left it at my school to show them.
Reed Long (11 months ago)
Rocko's modern life wasn't the ONLY nicktoon to be very raunchy and dirty... Hint, hint 😏😏😏😏😏😏
Reed Long (11 months ago)
If you saw #3 u would understand. 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
Misty Frugone (11 months ago)
my fave cartoon character is Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold. With Rose Quartz coming in 2d.
Massimo O'Kissed (11 months ago)
21) Megatron is Meg Griffin's real name.
Yams (11 months ago)
Foghorn Leghorn is definitely my favourite.
Christian Vogt (11 months ago)
no Freakazoid?
Everyone knew #22.
Massimo O'Kissed (11 months ago)
Donald Trump didn't.
Beautiful Women Vlogs (11 months ago)
Hooked on Chronics (11 months ago)
Several means atl least more than 5, I think 7.
DudeMcAwesome (11 months ago)
Female voice actors for adolescent males is not bizarre, its actually extremely common. Yet you figured this was weird enough to mention twice...
Josh The Weirdo (11 months ago)
Cheetarah. 😍
Rex Sexson (11 months ago)
Shut up Bobby Beavis! Dumbass
Rex Sexson (11 months ago)
Rex Sexson (11 months ago)
25. Don Knott's (duh or at least I figured it out back then )
Chris Faulkner (11 months ago)
Duke was supposed to die in GI Joe the movie. The coma scene was added after the backlash over the death of Optimus Prime.
Robert Felton (11 months ago)
Peter Lorre(pronounced lorry)
Somone Random (11 months ago)
speaking of arthur, steven crowder voiced the brain
Amie Thompson (11 months ago)
The voice actors who played Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse were married in real life
Maddysin Leigh (11 months ago)
When 23 came up I was like “I may not know exactly what Mark Hamill looks like but I’m pretty sure that Tim Curry.”
Critical Hitz (11 months ago)
Mr. Bone=Mr. Mackey.
Zarenna Angel (11 months ago)
Mickey Mouse real name is Mortimer Mouse.
darwin ang (11 months ago)
my favorite cartoon character is invisible man, but i can't seem to find him
David M. 13 (11 months ago)
I have a good profile pic don’t you think?
Matthew Bigelow (11 months ago)
When the Simpsons first premiered, those who were born in 1979 were the same age as Bart. Those same people are now the age of Homer.
MaskedWolfDragoness (11 months ago)
Here's an interesting fact: The man who voiced Bugs Bunny was actually allergic to carrots.
Rennis Tora (11 months ago)
Ah man, a Joker voiced by Tim Curry? We need this to happen!
Saber Heart (11 months ago)
That Donald Duck cartoon is pretty good if noone has seen it it's pretty easy to find

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