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how to put together an outfit 101

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instagram ➭ http://instagram.com/best.dressed subscribe for weekly vids ➭ http://bit.ly/bestdressedfam OUTFIT INFO LINKED BELOW ⇩⇩⇩ shop my thrift finds ➭ https://www.bestdressedstore.com/ welcome to outfit styling 101. your TA will be handing out your syllabus shortly. topics covered on your final include tips for styling patterns, mixing colors and textures, and dressing up a basic outfit. ① BASIC AF sweater: urban outfitters (sold out, similar: http://bit.ly/2OhZf7m) jeans: re/done (http://bit.ly/2zjZxQR) belt: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2Cc7ZF9) boots: nasty gal (sold out, similar: http://bit.ly/2yKPhSb, http://bit.ly/2EnnlJE) scrunchie: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2EWhVWa) earrings: en route (https://bit.ly/2Rs0RZg, use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off) ② STYLING A PLAID SKIRT tan sweater: everlane (https://bit.ly/2ESz2b9, more affordable: http://bit.ly/2CWAoPU) plaid skirt: urban outfitters (https://bit.ly/2yxHgPP) jacket: thrifted (similar: http://bit.ly/2zjDcTy) socks: amazon (https://amzn.to/2A5PGzY) boots: nasty gal (sold out, similar: http://bit.ly/2yKPhSb, http://bit.ly/2EnnlJE) earrings: en route (https://bit.ly/2Rs0RZg, use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off) ③ PLAYING WITH COLOR dress: urban outfitters (on sale! http://bit.ly/2Rt92Vg) blouse: thrifted corduroy heels: topshop (https://bit.ly/2CVmm0L) over the knee boots: zara (https://go.zara/2EWGrXl, more affordable: http://bit.ly/2RciL2j) earrings: en route (https://bit.ly/2Rs0RZg, use code BESTDRESSED for 20% off) ④ PUNK ROCK PANTS plaid pants: urban outfitters (https://bit.ly/2RtvAVR) top: forever 21 (similar: http://bit.ly/2DjiYOl, http://bit.ly/2QbCcIh) leather jacket: asos (similar: https://bit.ly/2AFFwGc, http://bit.ly/2AFD2Yx) earrings: mejuri (https://bit.ly/2xlr6M3) dr martens vintage 1460s (http://bit.ly/2SihDeP, or a slightly cheaper option: http://bit.ly/2EWHYg3) ⑤ OVERSIZED BLAZER blazer: zara (http://bit.ly/2CSr2nY) leopard turtleneck: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2SCvNHF) skirt: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2Pvp0Bb) belt: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2Cc7ZF9) earrings: mejuri (https://bit.ly/2xlr6M3) socks: amazon (https://amzn.to/2A5PGzY) boots: nasty gal (sold out, similar: http://bit.ly/2yKPhSb, http://bit.ly/2EnnlJE) F A Q what’s your name? ashley what’s your instagram? @best.dressed how old are you? 20 how tall are you? 5'5" what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese what equipment do you use to film? ➭ camera: https://amzn.to/2Nb0W1z ➭ lens: https://amzn.to/2JiSrz7 ➭ vlog camera: http://amzn.to/2DfL4cZ ➭ voiceover mic: http://amzn.to/2msu7Bo ➭ on camera mic: https://amzn.to/2QHfZBU ➭ editing: final cut pro FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission of sales made via the link.
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Text Comments (3270)
Leslie (5 hours ago)
This is really cute but my thighs and but are waaaay bigger, it’s super hard to find proper pants/pair of jeans. This high waist pants style is just impossible for my shape, it makes my butt look super long and fat and low, it’s like a ballon stuck in both legs, no no no.
passion x fashion (6 hours ago)
Slushy1027 (16 hours ago)
Who else thought their phone was ringing when hers was?
Beambaapol (20 hours ago)
first rule, be cute.
Sabota me (23 hours ago)
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Sabota me (23 hours ago)
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Alexa Lockwood (1 day ago)
I legit have none of these. I failed.
Gisselle Gomez (1 day ago)
omg i cant stop laughing you have the best personality ever
Kelly Ward (1 day ago)
Me: Loves watching Ashley do amazing fashion shit Also me: Only wears T-shirt’s and black leggings
Nabil M'SILTI (1 day ago)
Where can I get a bra like yours ?:))
Maria& Grace (2 days ago)
you are literally my fab youtuber evr !!!
Sabota me (2 days ago)
Evaa101 (3 days ago)
I feel like the yellow corduroy dress would be SOO cute with a long sleeve black and white striped shirt and then like plain white sneakers
Caitlin Cole (3 days ago)
Don’t worry sis I break the zipper on every dress 👌🏻
yeerrppt neerrppt (3 days ago)
ur talking soothes my thoughts at 3 am and ilysm for that
Sasha Morgan (3 days ago)
4:09 we saw the panties :") luv u
Grim Doll (4 days ago)
The fact I don't have a sweater or jeans-
Georgie Jowett (4 days ago)
Love love love this
Hey, first of all: i love ur youtube vids and u are awesome! second: u should have pinterest! to post ootd's or stuff life that (tips and more) third: where do you generally buy ur clothes? which are the best places? hi from argentina :)
Mr Worldwide Pitbull (4 days ago)
How to be good at making outfits: Watch Ashley’s videos.
Emma Gryte (4 days ago)
Could you do some videos like this for those of us who don't live in LA and have to look professional for work?
O k a y o k a y (4 days ago)
Emma Gryte that’s not really her thing
E. W. (4 days ago)
At what temperature/time of the year do you wear an outfit with a mini skirt, bare legs, a sweater and a leater coat???
Eliška H (5 days ago)
Me: wow I will wear this everywhere Me: *realizes these outfits are breaking every single dress code in the book* Me: for a minute let's pretend the dress code never existed in the first place...
Anne-Mirthe Nies (5 days ago)
me: *is 5ft11 * oh yes this is a great idea
Roast BEEF (5 days ago)
I am amazed. It's SHOOKENING
Roast BEEF (5 days ago)
(puts her hair back and sees how overwhelming her outfit is) ... (puts some of her hair at front and sees that her outfit isn't overwhelming anymore) GASP what sorcery is this?
Michal Grimblat (5 days ago)
thank you for this video you helped me a lot! I got a lot of inspiration from you' you are amazing and so funny!! xoxo
Rosemary Zhang (5 days ago)
Lol 3.36 👀
Peromedicenindia (5 days ago)
https://youtu.be/Ju88tQDraLE 80s outfits
Reni Romíce (6 days ago)
Step 1. Actually have clothes
uwu (6 days ago)
i cant find straight leg jeans and i live in france, it's frustrating. like if i find some, they're either super expensive or unable to reach me lol. or maybe i'm bad at searching what i want
AN (6 days ago)
new sub! i feel like i kinda have the same style/style tips as yours, but the different if i dont have enough budget lmao. youre so pretty and seems so nice n out going + the style def could go along with mine especially tucking everything everytime also your boots i love it so much been searching that kind of tight boots here in my country still couldnt find one lol!<3
Belle LIU (7 days ago)
You are so cute😍💓
1 2 (7 days ago)
Do....When...ummm........do you ever run out of clothes???I think you have a Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh;hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggge!! Closet( just saying )
Kyla Jones (7 days ago)
where r the plad pants from
Frankie Roberts (9 days ago)
“It’s hard being so famous!” 😂😂 yes 👏🏻 ash 👏🏻 ley!!
Nyla Wang (9 days ago)
Shelby Shea (9 days ago)
Shelby Shea (9 days ago)
I love your type of editing style and Haley Pham’s type of editing style
Chloe Patten (9 days ago)
I just need clothes other than t shirts and sweatpants...
Isabelle Kruijt (9 days ago)
i hate how much i love heals, i feel like they go really well with those comfy outfits but my ankles are not letting me look decent :/
Nurul Alam (9 days ago)
"you should have a sweater, hopefully" How did I already mess up
Sara Grace (10 days ago)
I was so proud of myself when you showed the first outfit and i literally had worn the same thing today. I feel fashion forward
Mr Bowlinger (10 days ago)
As someone who is new to the fashion scene, this video is really helpful. I’m very much a “hide in jeans and a baggy band sweater” person and I’m tired of that but I didn’t know how to dress otherwise. Thanks for making this video!!! Ps: I wish I was on my YouTube account, not this one, but whatever. Lol
Mynthx연리 (10 days ago)
I want dem heels 😂
lily (10 days ago)
i want to go shopping with you omg
noredlion (10 days ago)
Her personalityyyy >>>>> I need friends with this sense of humor and energy
Shadowpurr (10 days ago)
Thank you for describing the colours, it really helps me because I don't see colour very well
samackaymakeup (10 days ago)
You are literally a female version of Jessie Eisenberg and I’m living for it
samackaymakeup (10 days ago)
Ur so cute
Xo Tiramisu (10 days ago)
Noor Taiyeba (11 days ago)
in . love with . your personality
Petra Lol (12 days ago)
i guess i have to lose weight because damn, i'd look like a potato in those outfits (╯︵╰,)
it's eva (12 days ago)
I love youuuu
LittleBlackStarify (13 days ago)
5:39 hold on is she implying that she got fatter? bitch is so thin she is almost non-existent get outta heeerree (in the best possible way, i mean i wish i looked like that)
leopatrv (13 days ago)
I love your whole vibe
Tutta Tutta (13 days ago)
"good for winter" hello have you ever experienced winter cuz damn i will NEVER wear a dress when it´s 13- celcius fucking omgogmogmogmog
marco carangui (13 days ago)
EW nasty ugl6
green legend (13 days ago)
I loveeeeeee these dude❤💗💯🐸🐢🐍
Mave Bae (14 days ago)
😂I feel bad for the yellow dress😂
katherine (14 days ago)
You remind me of an artist, but I'm not sure if that artist is from Korea or the Philippines...
Ocean Eyelishhh (12 days ago)
what’s the name
Debbie Doll (14 days ago)
Ali express, here I come 😁
Eliška Žitná (14 days ago)
1. be pretty oh 😷
amberMusic x (15 days ago)
for all the looks you have to be skinny :/
Jennifer Aspden Xx (15 days ago)
i have watched this so many times and it still never fails to make me laugh! your personality is so perfect!
kimberlymg. (16 days ago)
play it in 0.75×
Isabelle McCarthy (16 days ago)
Where’s your clothes rack from?
Corina CornHusk (16 days ago)
Omg that looks so good >looks at closet< this is never gonna work
Emily Colón (17 days ago)
I won best dressed at my school.
Evie Hunt (18 days ago)
and then there’s me sitting on my bed watching this in my ellesse leggings and white shirt
oksana t (18 days ago)
Michaela Eileen (18 days ago)
*how to put together an outfit: step one: have cute and trendy clothes* .... not me
Abiga Nancekive (18 days ago)
I don't has any jeans halp
Reaganne Grumbles (18 days ago)
see here is the tea i can put them together buuuuttt i’m hella poor
Lauren White (18 days ago)
i love that cheetah print outfit, super cute and cool looking!
Anemone Kihl (18 days ago)
you’re hilarious!
Its ya boi Shah Jahan (18 days ago)
I'm fat
Kylee Alanna Marx (19 days ago)
Step 1: have money and be at a stage where you've stopped growing. My mom won't buy me any more clothes because she says I won't stop growing.🙄 Step 2: Don't live in the country where anything but ugly clothes aren't practical because they can get ruined. Step 3: Be able to drive places and have your own job so you can buy your own clothes. Step 4: Fill all the above... which I don't
Um Um (20 days ago)
1. Have clothes.
Kylee Alanna Marx (19 days ago)
Or be able to get them☹
ChillYourCoffee (20 days ago)
Remember me when you become a model ;3
Crafting Livv (20 days ago)
Okay I love how confident ur like can I have some?😂 also all the outfits were super cute!!
Mathilda Taufmann (20 days ago)
Holy shit you look like the high school friend from Eighth Grade 😧
Woofie Does Art (20 days ago)
the third outfit is horrible,i dont like it..
Nipo Bithi (21 days ago)
I think you are wearing that belt wrong.
Maddalena Bettucci (21 days ago)
Man what do I do if I'm tall? Do I jist wear heels anyway? Won't people be scared by me?
Maddalena Bettucci (20 days ago)
+Sadie Wilson thank you for the advice 💛
Sadie Wilson (20 days ago)
Maddalena Bettucci Wear heels you will still look amazing ! Being tall is beautiful and hight is always gorgeous!! Wear those heels and look amaze
Mélotia Raziélony (21 days ago)
4:11,we saw it girl ...
Samira Medusa (22 days ago)
why do you look so good in everything, I literally look like a whale wearing those stuff argh
MidnightFury (22 days ago)
6:00 reversed minion outfit
Rosy Becky (22 days ago)
You should do the worst Outfit video I would totally watch that 😘👍👌
Alyse Krieger (22 days ago)
can you do this with summer/spring theme outfits
Atic Fans (22 days ago)
I have wide headed problems too!
Gabriela Nava (23 days ago)
sis where did you get those black heel boots
DixBrooks (23 days ago)
Where can I find similar jeans to those you first showed with a straight leg? I’ve been in the hunt for good jeans to invest :( I still only have skinny jeans
slime maker (23 days ago)
Where did you get those black boots??
Diweni (23 days ago)
love her energy
Greta579 (23 days ago)
Look at the description Lady’s and gentleman than is what I call commitment
sxd qirls (23 days ago)
Trace Lorace (24 days ago)

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