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The Best MMORPGs For Casual Players - Top 5 MMOs

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In this video Vress shares his top 5 MMORPGs for casual players. This MMO list is aimed at players who want to jump into a game and enjoy the story, occasionally grouping up with other players to tackle a more challenging quest or dungeon. The MMORPGs listed do not feature a particularly steep learning curve, at least not to reach a comfortable level for solo and casual group content. That’s not to say that they don’t offer hardcore raiding if you want it - World of Warcraft is on the list afterall! Featured MMORPGs (links provided for games I’ve created an overview video for): Black Desert Online - https://youtu.be/hER9QHDvz90 Star Wars: The Old Republic World of Warcraft - https://youtu.be/pYrEH4vt2RM Elder Scrolls Online - https://youtu.be/sXJYFzdvUxQ Guild Wars 2 - https://youtu.be/kRBFZAo8Pjo ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please consider supporting my channel by liking the video and subscribing for more content. If you want to be extra awesome and support me on Patreon then you can find my page here (literally just set it up!): https://www.patreon.com/vressgames Find me on social: Twitter - https://twitter.com/vressgames Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vressgames/ I’m starting to post all of my video in blog form at: http://vressgames.com/ I also stream sometimes: https://www.twitch.tv/vressgames Music by Sebastian Forslund: https://goo.gl/SWrL3p
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Text Comments (1176)
Mr.IDGAF (1 day ago)
I’m a hardcore video game player. Anyone play Drakensang?
Majid Ferdos (1 day ago)
I want to play an MMORPG just to max out and be teleported to it.
V Silva (5 days ago)
Black desert casual? Kkkkk no sense! Hours and hours spent, grinding/lifeskilling, cash shopping, for a rng moment that you lose every fucking silver you made in the past 6 months! You basically lose your life playing that shit game and even that, a year later, you're still weak af. "But i just said casual player can enjoy"... If you go for that logic, every game can be enjoyed if played only for the roleplay, not to be competitive.
Janny Jin (8 days ago)
misleading title
crazy man (9 days ago)
ESO is super fun I got it when it was only $10 and I was surprised on the amount of contender in it for only 10
brady robertson (12 days ago)
Casual players and mmo’s don’t mix. Something like gta.. tf2.. hearthstone.. overwatch.. dark souls.. etc etc. are casual friendly.
Victor Fabrício (9 days ago)
>dark souls >casual this is why there is always games journalists crying for easy mode
Dielock123 (15 days ago)
bdo for casuals, insta dislike , ty
Kim Barnato (16 days ago)
Hi I think you might like to check out or review a game called wizard101, it is an awesome game and I love it. You may be interested in it. 😁😀
Stonework Megapup (20 days ago)
I also enjoy Neverwinter Online as a casual player (PvE only).
Havalina Chiel (24 days ago)
One more special thing about dragons . " I actually got the feeling it might just land upon my - * stomp* " Just saying . :)
Havalina Chiel (24 days ago)
I ´ m all ok with SWTOR being on this list , and everything you ´ve mentioned is quite plausible , not much to add . Perhaps not the graphics any longer - but the storylines are quite outstanding . Want to get your own ship in order to visit other well reknown planets . Positive ( imagine you can even spend some time on your own ship , have a look at cards and convertsate with your sidekick , it has some sort of Star Wars feel , sure ) - Yet , the footage shown in your list is taken from the newer title , I don ´t know what name it actually has . SWTOR doesn ´t come up with such polished graphics ... but still it is worth to be mentioned , as it was one of the most expensive games published ever ( heard about that ? ^^ )
KBOC (1 month ago)
Drakensang online is in my opinion a very underrated mmorpg game, it's really not that hard to learn the mechanics and you don't have 1 million popups saying buy this or buy that, for me it's the best game for casual players.
LILape (1 month ago)
Bro your the best that's all I'm saying
Fookemon (1 month ago)
i read "Casual" then i saw "black desert online" LOL
Thanos V (1 month ago)
for casual players... shows world of warcraft XD
Thanos V (1 month ago)
@Kus plastu i can agree, cant wait for vanilla servers
Kus plastu (1 month ago)
@Thanos V Vanilla and maybe bc was made all about leveling.. If u wanted level 60, u had to play about 250+ hours.. New expansions are about end game, so its easy to level up, u can kill 3 or 4 mobs at the same time, even on level one.. :) (Sorry for that broken english..)
Thanos V (1 month ago)
@Kus plastu why is that? I havent touched bfa even tho i bought it last year
NZsYkO (1 month ago)
if compared to when WoW was actually good, before cock slapping it to please the casuals... then yes, WoW is for casual players
Kus plastu (1 month ago)
Bfa buddy.. Not wow anymore :)
drukenhobo (1 month ago)
eso you forgot to mention all the popup adds and monetization
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Daniel Tay (1 month ago)
I think any game that requires a subscription isn’t considered casual anymore. Typically, a casual player will not invest as much time and effort into a game so they wouldn’t feel like they are getting their money’s worth from WoW since it is subscription based should they decide that they don’t want to play that game anymore. Great video tho :)
Branes51 (2 days ago)
If you don't want to play anymore, you stop paying. Simple.
Hubba (1 month ago)
Missing Final Fantasy XIV here. Since you can be away from that game a year, then come back play for a month and have the same gear as the people who have played it from launch. Even the producer Said ”it is for casuals” and ”new patch, you play. When you are Done with the patch play something else and come back for the next patch”.
Mythbane (1 month ago)
You left out FORCED PVP at cap in BDO. If I had known that I would never have bought it. If not for the forced pvp I would play BDO.
Nickesponja (1 month ago)
Git gud
hillbilly trollop (1 month ago)
ThisIsAnna (1 month ago)
Hands down gw2 stays the best
kaan hizal (1 month ago)
Gw2 was, is and stays the number 1
Joruku night (1 month ago)
BDO for casual??? Lol xD xD
Absepsem (1 month ago)
when i saw BDO 1st i closed my tab
Absepsem (1 month ago)
@Tyler Bair i seen the post from notification with out opening lul 1/0
Tyler Bair (1 month ago)
Then you reopened it to write this post
Dennis Knudsen (1 month ago)
5 crap games
The best mmo is club penguin
Peter S.Force (1 month ago)
I haven't play wow since 2010 .... i was playing from the start and wad very difficult. Latter I join a hardcore guild and enjoy the game to the fullest full raid hardest difficulties and top arena
Gares (1 month ago)
BDO - pay to win, mmo
nicolas cainzo (1 month ago)
black desert for casual hahahah don't make me laugh
iAmStevey (1 month ago)
A word of advice if you wanna get into ESO, do yourself a favor and get it on PC, console performance(especially if you pvp) is pretty much unplayable alot of the time.
R B (1 month ago)
Dark Souls 1, 2 3 , Bloodborne and Sekiro. Ez
Not Shure (1 month ago)
If WoW had the same graphics as in its traillers, I would have placed a blind eye to the horrid gameplay it has.
Slave Life (1 month ago)
swtor is incredibly fun and has the best stories I've seen in an MMO yet. Don't think of the ftp, it's more like a trial. As the video author says you really have to subscribe to fully enjoy it :-)
caleb beers (1 month ago)
If you play Singleplayer SUBSCRIBE! Weird I know, but the reason for it is due to the EXP boost. IT gives you a perfect EXP boost so that if you're doing each classes story line. You don't need to do much if any at all side quests. It is helpful to avoid the same stories from previous runs. All around I agree with your comment. Plus you can do all storylines in 1 month easy.
Sammy West (1 month ago)
Yeah BDO sucks at pvp. If you turn red, they punish you big time for little reason and no gain. They have it, but why? They just don't encourage pvp or turning red. Its a gear based game which is also annoying.
Nymz (1 month ago)
BDO has nothing casual about it
Bugaj PCMR (1 month ago)
Black fucking desert for casuals hahahaha nice... Clearly you don't know what you are talking about
Paulerd (1 month ago)
did anyone else laugh when he said "at number 5 we have black desert online"
play Null:games (1 month ago)
I wanna play black desert online so bad like it's in my top to play list but I can't in my country and I don't even understand why would they do this and they also found a way to spot vpn so can't play no matter what Blocking countries just doesn't make sense to me why would they deny extra cash and more fans If any of you know a way I can play without a vpn I would be thankfull
Yazdany Light (1 month ago)
WTF Black Desert is a endless grind
Kyle Lambing (1 month ago)
I don't think casual players want to pay a monthly fee... Should have been a list of free games
kevinranders (1 month ago)
Does ESO have a free trial? I couldn't find one and I am not shelling out money until I know if I will like it or not.
felipe L (2 months ago)
casual > black desert and wow. NO, HELL NO
Alex Stardust (2 months ago)
You forgot DCUO wich is great for casual players and Superhero fans ;) The game is good, I played 6 years of Swtor (very good game)and I play Guild Wars 2 which deserves its 1st place indeed :)
Branes51 (2 days ago)
DCUO is fun early on, but to really progress, you need help taking on some of the bosses.
Denis Nadeau (2 months ago)
For BDO players, it really isn't that hard to grind up to 60 by simply leaving your character on training dummies over night. As you progress above 61+...yes, it does get hella slow... It all depends what you want to do in this game, but as a casual player, I strongly recommend this one! Tons of things to do in there...afk horse leveling, afk dummy training(for exp), afk fishing for loot/silver, list goes on... There's so much to do in this game! They literally give you shit for free in there too! Daily exp bonuses! Free silver daily!
Mark Ford (2 months ago)
For me ESO#1 then it would be GW2, BDO, FF14 #2 then #3 WOW for never again will I touch that game!
Nospam Spamisham (2 months ago)
One of the reasons why World of Warcraft dominates so strongly is the entire game is open to casuals, especially end game raiding. Wow segregates the hard core players by offering the same content but at progressively harder levels. You run the same content, progressively harder and gather progressively better gear. This requires cooperation, hence a guild. But just playing said content does not. Just hop on raid finder and soon.....ooomph. The biggest problem with this is old school players love to speed run only they don't have what it takes to be successful. Suddenly, they pull more than they can handle, often with an ominous clank as the door shut behind them with the healer left behind. Bye bye Adderalltankguy. ESO......now ESO is a game that, with a little research, you can make builds so powerful they laugh at all the content, solo. It does not get any more casual than that. Solo most dungeons. This is the primary reason the game failed. That plus it sucked for too long after launch. Successful MMO people play roles, specialize and work together. And you can do that in ESO except a huge chunk of the playerbase has no interest in that. The game focuses too much on casuals and not enough on group synergy. Also, it is a good time to buy this game because of the new expansion. Guild Wars 2 is part of the games that are a bozo nono due to serious sins of the dev staff. Too much to go into let me just share my own experience of leveling up every single class to max with the best gear available for each at the time. Aaaaaannnnndddd, logging in to find my account stripped as well as roughly 40% of the entire playerbase stripped. Yeah, that killed the game. The only worse case I can think of is Aion where for two years they allowed the entire playerbase eventually to consist of bots. When demanded they get rid of them they told us to GTFO so we did.
Branes51 (2 days ago)
Tell me about it. I stopped playing a healer cause I got sick of tanks yelling at me when they ran up ahead and got killed because I couldn't get there fast enough. Idiots.
bill tsounis (2 months ago)
Is there a game with combat like bdo where its not about how fast you click but how well you combo but with a class like striker?I would stick to bdo but im a PvE type player until there isnt anything worth fighting and then switch to PvP.I would prefer it it was free or has a price up to 25€
Nospam Spamisham (2 months ago)
Final fantasy is like that.
pineapplespaceship (2 months ago)
Jinn (2 months ago)
It is funny that people pay monthly sub for WOW, its like playing Warcraft 3 and wanting to pay for it every month. F* the content and the community, the game looks like sh*t by today's standards.
sasa tilinger (2 months ago)
Do you know what casual even means?
Kazeyo (2 months ago)
Black Desert Online for casual players? Are you serious?
Lucas de Andre (2 months ago)
If you’re a Star Trek fan, Star Trek Online is pretty good for casual playing too. I’ve only started working a bit more at it recently, and you can play through the whole storyline casually, which gets more interesting as you go on. And they’re now including newer content, in line with the new ongoing Star Trek: Discovery series, and with other series coming out, there won’t be a shortage of new content any time soon. And it’s free to play. Paying can give you some bonuses, but you don’t need them to play or enjoy the game thoroughly.
Rey Valdes (2 months ago)
You started off the list wrong. Therefore I am to assume, you do not know your shit. Didn't finish the video after that. gg
Dysis Nysis (2 months ago)
Not sure your 100% spot on with your definition of casual:) The ones here are just theme park grinders, if your looking for a new home, I would recommend Shroud of the Avatar
nicolas baigorria (2 months ago)
Ninguno de esos mmorpg son para casuales
Nanbopally (2 months ago)
GW2 suffers from Main quest - a shit load of useless grind to progress, lose track of importance, pick up story line and forget what was happening, and a lot of nonesense in between
Nanbopally (2 months ago)
ESO lack of story is what turned me off. There is so much schlock between main quests... I had to stop at every village and figure out if I was mimssing important stuff, and every village plays out the same: "Kill X" etc.. youd have to forget a lot of the game and just focus on main quests I guess.
Nicolas Brown (2 months ago)
How is a game free if u have to pay for it
Nega Niga (2 months ago)
Elder scrolla online ? the game that charged you for a horse?
SoloDragons Plays Trove (2 months ago)
World of Warcraft is not for casual players, no way in hell i'm paying that much a month
I recently started a 2d mmorpg using intersect! looking for alpha testers! pm me il get you in the discoord!
Stonework Megapup (20 days ago)
Yeah, it really surprised me that it was included in the list. I thought that the reason why FF14 was excluded was precisely because it is subscription based.
Kre8or333 (2 months ago)
Through this list, I'd say if you're older than 10 and you want a great questing experience, a combat system that takes some skill, engaging pvp, dungeons/"raid" with the graphics of a AAA game. You want to play ESO. -- BDO although it looks amazing. It's way to complicated. Meaning even the minor things are highly grindy, like fishing is a mini game. So you can spend hours getting nothing done. At first the combat seems cool, until you find out that the ai is atrocious. 100s of enemies will literally stand there while you massacre them, there's no challenge. And the story is garbage. -- WoW is outdated AF. The quests are boring and are easily skippable. And the graphics and combat are from the early 2000s. -- Guild wars is almost like a slightly updated WoW. It's for 10 yr olds that aren't looking for much of a skill based game, and graphics from the early 2000s
MarSH (2 months ago)
Erion Robinson (2 months ago)
This guy is absolutely clueless as to what BDO is.
Erion Robinson (2 months ago)
I have enough money to where im no longer effected by the cost of enhancement
Teelöffel (2 months ago)
the new marketplace made me quit bdo.... also the struggle in enhancement xD
Samuel's Challenges (2 months ago)
Which game is this on 0:57 ?
Rick Hammond (2 months ago)
BDO a casual friendly game lulz
TheLoboGarou (2 months ago)
Jajjajajajjajaja BDO for casual player?? Realy? Jajajjaa
Jeremy Broussard (2 months ago)
How about former hardcore mmo players who now prefer casual? Most casual mmo games now just plain suck from a veterans perspective, so it’s hard to find a game to casually play that isn’t crap. Last good game I played was Archeage, although the game producers screwed it to hell.
Hobbit Hobbit (2 months ago)
BDO is not a casual game x=x
Matt Renfro (3 months ago)
BDO is a full time pvp mmo.
Nestani (3 months ago)
I would recommend Dragon Nest/NA if you live in NA, great game
Dexta (3 months ago)
Jarosh (3 months ago)
At minimum 3 out of 5 games on this list aren't casual friendly at all. BDO requires hardcore grind. WoW requires daily grind. GW2 depends on what you wanna achieve. If you wanna raid, then you have to grind.
Khy Maaren (1 month ago)
Out of your 3 I only play GW2. It is very much a casual friendly game. It you wanna raid, you are not looking for casual content, in the first place. Most of the game's content can be done in a laid-back manner, much of it solo, even, especially the story line, which should give you a few hundred hours worth of things to do. And no subscription of any kind.
Quera lg (1 month ago)
Wow needs only a 3 log ins per week mythic chest and 2 times for raid it is casual friendly.. world quests are only important 1 week after you hit 120 your heart gets easy to 45+
Julian Blake (3 months ago)
Black desert should not be in this list. that game is nothing but grinding and pay to win. its just killing the same mob camps over and over.
GoodBoy Uhle (3 months ago)
i want WOW just not bad :(
Falcon FPS Gaming (3 months ago)
Black Desert online is not for all region...Dont know how I can play it from India
Novacry (3 months ago)
Use a VPN or better check out GamezBD. Not aware of any servers in your area tho so I guess you'd have to play on NA
Blaize (3 months ago)
I appreciated your fair and detailed opinions of the games. I played WoW for a long time, but haven't in years. I may check out GW2 or give ESO another try.
Jonny Texas (3 months ago)
your accent gives me bonerz lol
Keiome Nikke (3 months ago)
Speaking of Skyrim Online.. I still can't believe they didn't see the potential of making Skyrim co-op. Whether it's over LAN or not, people would buy the shit out of it. There was even a mod that aimed to do just that, but it was buggy. :/
Jigov (3 months ago)
Wow is indeed the most casusl game ever created. Wow is the reason for this whole ganre to be so broken today. The casuals and avarage players of Wow and their broken real lifes and heroic pixel lifes....
Vlad Filen (3 months ago)
2019 Note : guild wars 2 still the best casual MMORPG in the market
Vlad Filen (3 months ago)
@C H why?
C H (3 months ago)
I cannot get back into it
Mr.Sylar. Tv (3 months ago)
Played 6 mnts gw2 got 2 legendaries 160 agony finished stories but this game boring ass fuck playing wow now WoW still better 10 times gw2 is dead game
Mephistopheles (3 months ago)
BDO is definitely not for casuals, especially with things like Open PVP and the heavy grind after 58.
The Enigmatic Sociopath (3 months ago)
Mighty Mugetsu believe me, it is.
Ryan Penner (3 months ago)
Old scholl game thats being relaunched. Testers needed http://www.blackaftermath.com/logon.php?refer=Ryan11r
Human-Man (3 months ago)
Need a game like Glory from the Kings Avatar
Shane S. (3 months ago)
missing the best MMO, FFXIV
Jogador News (3 months ago)
why is bdo on 5 and star wars on 4 ?!!! bdo is mutch mor bethe rthen stw
Phillip Lemmon (3 months ago)
You put SWTOR on here but FAIL to Put STO on here as well..... (ironhide's voice) BAD MOJO!
Creep (3 months ago)
World of Warcraft was great in the beggining, it sucks now. Elder Scrolls Online sucked in the beggining, it's great now, it became my favorite MMO. I think Star Wars The Old Republic is pretty meh as an MMO but since it's a BioWare game, it's good for the storyline aspects and that was one of it's main selling points. I can't judge the others as I have no interest in them.
PreparedWoW (3 months ago)
FFXIV is the best for 2019!
SubnoizeSpartan (3 months ago)
No MMO is meant for casuals. Not a single one. Casuals barely play a few hours a week which isn't enough time to get anything real done in ANY mmo no matter how small and easy some might be.
_RaF_BillyTheKid (3 months ago)
All of these games are huge grind fest, i would say the only game i seen that would be perfect for casuals is GW2, i mean you can solo play the whole game and not have to worry about anything huge. WoW is only good if u PvP, the PvE content is to easy and facerolled. and PvP isnt casual friendly. SWTOR, That game is nothing but a grind, Leveling sucks, and unless u RP good luck trying to find anyone to really play with
Harambe (3 months ago)
BDO is not for casuals. and i learned that the hard way lol literally bought the game and quit the next day i mean it looked cool when i was researching it and shit but unless ur planning to spend like 1k hours on it just dont bother lol specially when ur a solo player
Mik Cun (3 months ago)
Don't get eso. I have played religiously for 4 years. It has a lot of broken gameplay and they only fix small amounts and only every 3 months. They are so concerned about providing content that functionality gets tossed by the wayside.
Kendal Scott (3 months ago)
for casual player, are aion, blade and soul, revelation online, dofus
Tulio TutTut (3 months ago)
How the fk Black desert is causual?
Mrkonijntje (3 months ago)
i dont see Oldschool Runescape
Captain Smoke (4 months ago)
I played BDO as my first MMO and i would say i was the most casual Ninja out there lol. I had a lot of fun and put about 400 hours into it (Which is a great bargin for the price to play). The reason i stopped playing was the upgrade system. Grinding to get gear just to put it into the RNG blender and watching hours of grinding go down the drain. I've been thinking about playing again though lol
Aesir Woden (4 months ago)
Excellent content and very professionally and honestly done. TYVM. Aesir~
Bojan Simonovic (4 months ago)
BDO casual? Action game casual?

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