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5 Rules For Traveling On A Serious Budget | The Financial Diet

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Looking for cheap travel tips? Here are the most important rules for being a big-time traveler on a small budget. Everything you need to know about becoming an au pair: https://www.aupairworld.com/en/au_pairs 12 Side hustles you can do from bed!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZygsJAncw0&t=5s Tips for finding cheap airfare: http://www.independenttraveler.com/travel-tips/air-travel/tips-for-finding-cheap-airfare Best home exchange websites: http://sharetraveler.com/best-home-exchange-websites-updated-august-2016/ The Financial Diet blog: http://www.thefinancialdiet.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefinancialdiet Twitter: https://twitter.com/TFDiet Tumblr: http://thefinancialdiet.tumblr.com/
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andthenifellinlove (6 months ago)
This video is great!
Chris Velasco (6 months ago)
I'm actually on a one month vacation to Europe (Spain, France, and Italy) as I type this up with my Wife and infant Southern California and I've found that pre-planning lodging and driving yourself in a rental car is the best way to go. Jamaica, Thailand, Costa Rica, and Panama all by finding inexpensive flights and rental cars, and driving to smaller hotels away from resorts to experience other cultures by pulling over for some Jerk Chicken, ride elephants, hike through cascades, or experience private beaches at sunset. Budget and planning people!
Veni Vidi Amavi (7 months ago)
*God bless this video, it's SO NEEDED. I definitely follow those bloggers who stay in nice hotels, or are simply traveling ALL THE TIME. BUT, I don't follow very many "perfect" travel accounts at all, because I prefer to follow a lot of backpacker/hostel stayers/cheap travel accounts which serve to inspire me and not make me jealous*. life hacked :) *another thing is I try to shift priorities and live minimally, which as cliché as it is, it's SO TRUE*.
Paint It Cerulean (8 months ago)
"taking a picture of your passport on your thigh gap" :'D
Kinga Soto (8 months ago)
me too (10 months ago)
Yada yada yada cut money pie in smaller slices and enjoy more
Jaden Neko (10 months ago)
Mini adventures FTW!
Jean-Daniel (10 months ago)
I spent years dreaming of going to Ireland. It was going to be my dream vacation. And it truly was. And not very expensive because it was a place where the people and the landscapes were the attraction. And I told myself I could get one very nice sweater as a souvenir. The promise of that before I got it and the satisfaction with it once I did means it is the most expensive sweater of my life, but the only souvenir of the whole trip, but one I treasure and prize, and as clothing item goes, a darn good investment.
CoryTheRaven (10 months ago)
The only advice I didn't like was the not being picky about WHERE you're going. Partly it's my personality and partly my income, but I find that I do have to be picky. I don't see the point of travelling somewhere I don't want to go, and I have to be aware that every little escape I do is taking money away from a big trip and pushing it back. For example, this summer my wife and I are going on a couple road trips to take photos for a book I'm working on, which is great but means that our big plan to go to Japan is pushed back another year. We've got to balance out what is really important to us.
NerdyChat (11 months ago)
Food is one of the reasons I travel. So, most of my budget goes there. LOL
joanhelenak (11 months ago)
This was a really great video. We have friends all over and also have room for them to come visit, it's definitely something we should take more advantage of! Great tip with the flowers as a gift, too. Some people can be very hard to shop for and I can't always tell what they would like as a thank you.
olafzijnbuis (11 months ago)
I look for cheap tickets first. Never mind the destination. Recently took a 4.5-hour flight from Weeze in Germany to Eila in Israel for Euro 12.99 To make it a little more interesting I travelled overland to Haifa and returned to the Netherlands for Euro 57 from Tel Aviv. Often it is cheaper to travel a bit overland and fly back from a different destination. Airline figure that you like to spend 1 week in a place, so the return flight is often more expensive. About a year ago I took a flight from the Netherlands to Faro, Portugal. 3.5-hour flight for Euro 5.00 Then overland to Lisbon and returned for Euro 12.99 a week later.
eulamae magalona (1 year ago)
hi!new subscriber here! Im so into earning and budgeting money! finding your channel is such a blessing! thanks for the tips!
Branden Stewart (1 year ago)
Oh man! Very good stuff. It's hard, because when you're traveling you want to splurge on things. My big rule is that I can always splurge on experiences but not on things
Veronica Rohach (1 year ago)
Here's another cool video about travel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQhXctH5aAs
Denise Ottie (1 year ago)
I've had a travel savings account since I married over 30 years ago. Even when only $50 a month was possible, we ended up with enough money to go on a couple of camping trips or day trips during the summer. Then when children came along, set up a separate savings account to fund summer camp. We never went into debt for vacation or summer camps. Eventually summer camp fund became the ticket fund to get kid home from college during holidays. We are retired and our vacation travel budget is still going strong and keeps us in check. I enjoy your videos.
Holly Carr (1 year ago)
thanks for that you've really helped me reframe travel in my mind :)
Withy Octopus (1 year ago)
1. Start a travel fund. 2. Do a side hustle and put that money towards traveling. 3. Use a home-swapping app or cheap lodging of any kind. Cheap flights with flexibility (time of day, days of week...) 4. Expand your definition of travel: going somewhere different. Get out of your town. Visit friends and family. 5. Set priorities and choose spending opportunities wisely.
Heather Banks (1 year ago)
This is a great idea🤔🇨🇦👍
TheTerribleTurnip (1 year ago)
One thing that scares me about international travel is the language barrier. I'm bilingual so Im only comfortable going to two countries because I know I can communicate with people. Any tips?
knittingarch (1 year ago)
Yup! I live in Boston. My favorite vacation destination? Brooklyn!
D C (1 year ago)
Learn how to buy cheaper airline ticket: https://tinyurl.com/y78gdupk
Mackenzie McGowan (1 year ago)
As someone who works in a hotel, I would advise making friends with somebody who works in a hotel. We have friends and family discounts, which will give you a good $30-$40 off a night- if not more, depending on what type of hotel you're looking for- and you don't have to worry about booking a sketchy looking air bnb. If you decide to travel with your hotel friends, the discount could be even better than that.
Mh. A (1 year ago)
Great tips! Love your realistic view towards everything. Subbed!
Kimberly Ann Dolor (1 year ago)
So true! I've always felt broke when I worked as a nurse in the Philippines. (I'm now based in London.) But I travelled to several places in PH where even my friends with higher income haven't travelled to. I guess I'm just more open-minded when it comes to budget, and I don't buy too many souvenirs that just pile up in my space unused.
hyperbunny (1 year ago)
You're awesome. I stumbled upon your stuff and I'm subscribed now. You give it so real and with humor. And you have great tips without sounding like a know it all. Love it!
Hannah Hinze (1 year ago)
This is so great, thanks a million! I'm living in China right now and I want to explore all over while I'm here. :)
Moussa Sall (1 year ago)
Here to help everybody who wants to travel I book flight tickets domestic and international with 30% discount Travel the world cheaper Text or 📞 call 917-242-8854 Or E-mail : [email protected]
Kelly-Anne Kratz (1 year ago)
"taking a photo of your passport over your thigh gap" - this is the funniest thing i've heard all week! lmao
listojay (1 year ago)
that legs is sexy. you are so hot
alwaysyouramanda (1 year ago)
Omigosh, I'm a 3 hour train ride from LA. I'm doing it!
Luis Orozco (1 year ago)
Wow if you don't pay close attention to what she says you might pass these videos off as another obvious rephrased wikihow but these videos have good information
jananni123456789 (1 year ago)
I think it's true that travelling doesn't have to mean going far away - you can travel locally and have tonnes of fun. Travelling really is to open your mind and experience something new.
SCOTT N. JOHNSON (1 year ago)
Hi TFD Just wanted to say how much I love your channel. You guys are pretty smart women. And I appreciate how much insight the two of you have. I really like you stuff and watch you guys all the time. And want you two to know that you guys rock.
HomoAfanusBalleticus (1 year ago)
I think that I am addicted to listening your voice. I put your videos to watch and besides they are useful, it really calms me down...
Goats On The Road (1 year ago)
Awesome budgeting tips - such an aspiring video for anyone wanting to travel.
ryan sanders (1 year ago)
try camping the gear is a little expencive but you dont need alot and in america there are alot of free campsites and here in michigan, all of the state campgrounds cost about 15 dollars
newattnow (1 year ago)
I just discovered you guys. Love your videos!
Janina Perez (1 year ago)
I totally agree. I went to a community bike event on the greyhound, 2 hours away. So much fun and stories, and free beer.Fun!
Rachel o connor (1 year ago)
I fuckin love your vids
totally agree!
Heather Banks (1 year ago)
When traveling it is much cheaper to go to a ,fancy, restaurant for lunch then dinner. You get the same kitchen and decor for half or two thirds the price . Enjoy your Chanel
Celina Wong (1 year ago)
that's what i did for most of the time! Cooked in the airbnnb kitchen for breakfast and dinner :)
Ylanda (1 year ago)
I can't say that I agree that all travel bloggers are paid to travel and stay in hotels, as I'm a blogger and that's far from the truth. In all honesty, it's about shopping around for flights, accommodation, food and so on. And learning how to budget effectively.
Trip Hacks DC (1 year ago)
Hi Chelsea, great video! For saving money on lodging I often suggest trying to travel off-season or around the holidays. People think it's expensive to travel around Thanksgiving or Christmas because airfare is usually expensive, but if you're not flying, hotel rates are often dirt cheap!
Jesse_Jane306 (1 year ago)
FHubs and I are going to NYC for a couple of days in 8 days. We still have to spend some coin, but our activities aren't that much money.
taylorphoe (1 year ago)
All my trips were on a tight budget and I loved them all.. except my trip to USA. Your accomodation is expensive!
AssaultedPeanutt (1 year ago)
LOL "taking a picture of your passport on your thigh gap"
taylorphoe (1 year ago)
Yeah, what thigh gap?
Bente M (1 year ago)
I'm going to the south of france this summer in the high season and i managed to book a flight from amsterdam to nice for really cheap. I used an app called GoEurope, which is great if ur travelling within europe. Thats also in important tip: book preferably 5 months ahead and go with different companies. Im flying for 29€ on the way there (wednesday morning) with transavia and back for 55€ with klm. i found an airbnb for 40€ a night and im going with a friend so its only 20€pppn!!
Nat M (1 year ago)
Bente M thank you for the app suggestion!
Pingkan MK (1 year ago)
The problem is when im back aftr travelling mostly i regret with the amount i spent. Even I dont spent much but still the regret alwys there.
Claire G (1 year ago)
Hostels are a great way to save money whilst travelling especially in the UK and Europe. You can get a bed in a dorm room for about $15-$20 dollars a night. The only downside is sharing a room with 3-15 other people, however, everyone is in a similar situation to you and it is a great opportunity to meet people. It also makes you spent more time in the city as you try to only go back to the room to sleep.
Laura Williams (1 year ago)
Yeah I've had amazing experiences at hostels in Europe. Next Hostel in Lisbon Portugal is by far one of the best I've been too.
Claire G (1 year ago)
They really are fine. Just do research before you go. The Grand Hostel in Berlin has been one of the best I have ever stayed in.
fannymack (1 year ago)
hostels sound scary esp in europe im not trying to get kidnapped 🤔
Claire G (1 year ago)
Sarah Basto I've only ever had one bad experience with a hostel. All the other times they have been great.
Anna Tattersall (2 years ago)
Excellent tips! Excited to visit a friend in Paris soon. I'll be on the hunt for a good deal on a leather purse, but not much shopping beyond that. Except postcards!
Nynke (2 years ago)
If you're planning on going away for longer, consider temporarily relocating (find someone who needs a roommate). For example, if you want to travel Europe, it might be worth it moving to place with a very low cost of living like Serbia or Czech Republic and take intercontinental flights to wherever you wanna go. It's possible to survive on a couple hundred euros per month in Serbia and flights with a low-cost carrier can go for as low as 25 euros. You can also stay in hostels or use couch surfing when moving from place to place so accommodation will be nearly free that way.
Sophia Lane (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh I love the filming setup. It's so bright and inviting.
Sharni (2 years ago)
Hi Chelsea, great tips. The lighting is so nice in this video:)
Stevie Micah Saunders (2 years ago)
Best TFD video to date
Deviney Luchsinger (2 years ago)
Actual helpful tips on travel. You are a god send<3 Can you talk about breaking the paycheck to paycheck cycle? It seems near impossible to get out of practically without sucking all the joy out of life.
Ethan Stan (2 years ago)
If you manage to succeed at all of the above tips, a great way to make cheap travel last even longer is through working on farms, at hostels, and by teaching English through sites like WWOOF, Workaway, or HelpX!
ArtichokeHunter (2 years ago)
Couchsurfing, WWOOFing, and Megabus made it significantly cheaper for me to adventure in Europe for 6 weeks (not including the airfare, which was a sunk cost for me) than to live for a month in my tiny DC-area apartment. I had to pay for a couple nights in hostels, but mostly just buses, food, and the occasional non-free activity. Being unemployed at the time made it easy for me to make the time so that when I was going to be somewhere that's expensive to get to anyway, I could have a crazy adventure for not much more. (For study abroad, it was super-easy because my college allotted $2000 for food and I could easily use that to cover all my expenses and adventures for that semester. I made a profit relative to a normal semester in the US, but of course it was expensive if you think about the fact of being in college.)
Love and London (2 years ago)
It's so true-- I actually recommend unfollowing bloggers and Instagram accounts who are super aspirational, that stay at gorgeous hotels and go to exotic destinations. It can contribute to making your own travel plans disappointing and their form of travel is unrealistic.
Love and London thats why i like Gabriel Traveller a Lot
Sarah Meyers (2 years ago)
Another tip is to make the most out of business trips if you travel for work! Most of my traveling is through work, and I've been to Seattle, Washington DC, Vegas, etc all through work!
BlackWorldTraveler (1 year ago)
Sarah Meyers Heck just work for the airline and travel free all over the world.
MarielIsabel (2 years ago)
Love this! A good reminder about what matters, and how to think about travel. <3 Thank you!!
Nancy Suarez (2 years ago)
Can I be your new cohost?! 😇
Brittany MacDonald (2 years ago)
This video seriously came at the most convenient time for me! Thank you so much for this. Love you guys!
ARTiculations (2 years ago)
I'm doing this right now! in Boston for Nerdcon on a serious budget haha. Used hopper, staying at a pretty affordable Airbnb with a kitchen where I'm cooking most of my meals. I'm going to museums on free nights, seeing some public art during the day, and eating sandwiches in parks for lunches. So far I'm having the time of my life. Hope to see you guys this weekend!
Mikey (1 year ago)
I've been budget travelling for 18months and most of the places I stay the accomodation is free because I signed up to a housesitting service. i cant recommend it highly enough, gone are the days of the couch surfing, its like having a black card for airbnb lol. this is them https://tinyurl.com/y7s87zu5
Janina Perez (1 year ago)
I never heard of HOPPER, until this webvlog. It works
Katrina Eames (2 years ago)
That's awesome! I was in Nerdcon too and I hope you had a great time!
ARTiculations (2 years ago)
Awesome see you there! If you get a chance, swing by "The STEAM Room" on Saturday 11:30-2:00 - we are hosting a art and science workshop!
The Financial Diet (2 years ago)
We are definitely going to be at NerdCon! You should come to the TFD presentation :)). We're doing "How The Financial Diet Does Money" -C
Erin Frisch (2 years ago)
This filming set up is so much nicer to look at!
Natasha Ishida (2 years ago)
Keyholder (2 years ago)
Rodox King (2 years ago)
Love this channel
Elena Something (2 years ago)
Great advice!! I'm hoping to travel to Peru so this has inspired me to get a different account and do the first official step: start a travel fund!
dontpaytheboatman (2 years ago)
I'm surprised you didn't mention hostels as an option for cheap lodging. They often will store your stuff for free and have kitchens and storage for you to prepare your own meals to save money eating out all the time.
dontpaytheboatman (1 year ago)
Sarah Basto I've never found that, the ones I've been to, in Europe and the States have always been clean.
Claire G (1 year ago)
Exactly, when I go to London/Europe I always stay in a hostel because you can get a dorm room for as little as $15 a night!
denise rendon (2 years ago)
Thank you very much for this video, I'm a junior in college and I'm trying to travel somewhere in Europe and its my goal to travel at least once before I graduate, this is a good starting point to plan a trip :)
ibesweetp2 (2 years ago)
One time I spent $13,000 on a vacation to Florida, then spent only $1000 on a vacation 2hrs from my house and the one near my house was 10x better.
Rin615 (1 year ago)
shit thats crazy I went to florida cost us £2000~2500 for 3 people including return flights from the UK we were splashing out as well
Andrea Ryan (1 year ago)
I didn't know it was possible to spend that much going to Florida.
Swati Gupta (1 year ago)
ibesweetp2 where do you live
ARTiculations (2 years ago)
I went to Florida once for $800! It's doable. Although - I did stay at my in laws haha.
ibesweetp2 (2 years ago)
I'm going to Sweden this summer, anyone who's been there have any recommendations for stuff to do and things to see? Money isn't an issue with me so all suggestions welcome.
Bente M (1 year ago)
ibesweetp2 you should go to one of the little islands by ferry or something from the port of stockholm. I'm dutch and in europe the books of swedish childrens book writer astrid lidgren are really popular. she writes about a lot of beautiful island and traditions (i believe theres also a really beautiful swedish nature holiday in summer, you should def check that out!) have fun!!
Emma Eager (1 year ago)
Take a cruise to Helsinki (Finland) for a day. It's a two night thing but you get to spend a whole day in Helsinki and they aren't too expensive. Check viking line and silja line for them!
Minami(BeautifulWave) (2 years ago)
Gothenburg is also very beautiful, especially some of the small island communities in its archipelago!
Anni O. (2 years ago)
I can also really recommend the countryside in Sweden. I dunno where you live currently but I love the forests there and the many lakes. Especially the giant stones remaining from the last ice age are really impressive to see scattered around at random like that. You can drive through Sweden for hours and not see a town which for me as a German is really bizarre but so refreshing (guess if you're from the US that's kinda normal though). As for cities Stockholm is really awesome, I agree with the other commenters! What Emilia described is very good, I've also seen the royal palace (I think that was the one??) which was nice. I've also been to Karlshamm and Karlskrona as well as Jönköping (that's by a very giant lake, that was also very cool) and in the forests around there. They are smaller but charming towns (and as a German it was always very cool because most Swedish people in the south actually do speak German a bit as well). Oh god this got far too long but I used to go to Sweden with my parents as a child (in named towns) so I guess I'm just really nostalgic somehow, sorry about that. Have fun there!!
Emilia Selmosson (2 years ago)
Stockholm is the obvious answer. Go to Skansen (a zoo, plus it has small areas that replicate different time periods of Swedish history, which is very cool), the Vasa museum (a preserved ship that was fished out of the sea), visit castles and go shopping in the quaint streets of Old Town. I'd also recommend Uppsala, which is about an hour or two north of Stockholm. It's a lot smaller, but has a lot of history, including Old Uppsala which was a centre for Norse religion.
Lucano Vera (2 years ago)
Great advice!

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