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Today we talk about how expensive it is to travel around New Zealand! For a full breakdown of prices and links check out the blog post: http://wp.me/p5G3cw-E4 New Zealand is a backpackers paradise with it’s two main islands packed with adventure, adrenaline sports and stunning sceneries. But with such beauty can come a hefty price tag! For the budget conscious backpacker, New Zealand can seem like a challenging place to make every single dollar stretch, but with the introduction of working holiday visas, more and more travellers are moving their way through the country and saving money as they go! After being in New Zealand for almost a year, I thought I would break down some of the most common expenses you are likely to encounter to help you budget your trip! VISAS: https://visaoptions.immigration.govt.nz/Home/Landing.aspx Supermarkets Countdown: http://shop.countdown.co.nz/ New World: http://www.newworld.co.nz/ Pak n Save: http://www.paknsave.co.nz/ Foursquare: http://www.foursquare.co.nz/ Transportation NakedBus: https://nakedbus.com/home Intercity: http://www.intercity.co.nz/ Kiwi Experience: http://www.kiwiexperience.com/ JetStar NZ: http://www.jetstar.com/nz/en/home Air New Zealand: http://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/ Accommodation Hostels: http://www.hostelworld.com/ Get $30 off your first stay on Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com.au/c/aford34?s=8 --------------------- Important stuff --------------------- Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/psychotraveller DON'T FORGET TO BECOME A LITTLE PSYCHO: http://goo.gl/GnWOIt --------------------- Social media is sexy --------------------- Facebook: http://goo.gl/K0u8pa Twitter: http://goo.gl/FsbWJR Pinterest: http://goo.gl/qgRD4v Instagram: http://goo.gl/abzups SnapChat: PsychoTraveller My blog: http://goo.gl/5zP0dG Business email: psychotraveller22 at gmail dot com --------------------- What I Film My Videos With --------------------- GoPro Hero 4 Silver: http://goo.gl/9AE4Yu Sony A5100: http://goo.gl/Fo1DDY --------------------- Some Sexy Stuff Right Here!! --------------------- Get $10 off GoPro accessories with the code “PsychoTraveller” here: http://www.sandmarc.com/ (Above are affiliate codes/links which mean if you sign up/buy a product, at no extra cost to you, I make a little bit of money to help me maintain my channel and blog!)
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Text Comments (732)
Gaurav Paul (5 hours ago)
Sounds like a good bargin people spend more visiting USA and UK
Morris Anderson (8 days ago)
Actually, cars are cheap if you shop around, an usually you can buy from the tourist /backpackers leaving NZ an heading home,, it's like a car go round car sale's, 😂
avalon success (10 days ago)
Ecocide in New Zealand, government is poisoning nature, waterways and animals with the pesticide 1080. It is highly toxic and forbidden in most countries.
Technophiliac (11 days ago)
NZ is f expensive except for the Budget $2 baked beans can.
Ontario Andrews (20 days ago)
Can you rent a motor scooter?
Rachman Marangga (1 month ago)
Thanks for the good information. I'm planing to go to New Zealand next year. 🙏🙏🙏
Sophia Alexandra (1 month ago)
as someone who used to live in NZ I love this!
Raja Rajab (1 month ago)
Hello everyone here form Africa Uganda 🤝
Tegreey Shutters (1 month ago)
Auckland expensive
mtuckster (1 month ago)
yes please tell us how expensive it is in the Phillipines, heading there next year.... maybe
mtuckster (1 month ago)
if you think the cars are expensive you should see the houses
mtuckster (1 month ago)
Hells Pizza and Burgerfuel are EXCELLENT
LifeAsWeKnowIt (2 months ago)
no idea where you were looking to buy cars Ive bought a car for $600 and there is nothing wrong with and my other car i paid $3000 for also nothing wrong with it.
JRGB Aotearoa (2 months ago)
What a load of rubbish. Where did you get these prices from?
omepeet2006 (2 months ago)
sounds like prices are from the north
Tegreey Shutters (2 months ago)
So expensive in NZ
ElysiumNZ (2 months ago)
Meh, Wicked campers ain’t that bad if you have a sense of humour.
Very informative and funny!🤣
Sunny Pandey (3 months ago)
i am very prepared for this video lol
Code Designs (3 months ago)
We are very expensive... If u live here. But if u come from another country then after conversion it is a lot cheaper.
Paul Hana (3 months ago)
It’s three most expensive country on the whole world 🌎 especially it is only 4 millions population takin out million of them immigrants who r not really counted
Time4aKiss (3 months ago)
This girl is so cute. If every man had a woman like this, there would finally be world peace.
Maria Colls (3 months ago)
I'm a local. Don't eat that bread or pasta, it's rubbish.
omepeet2006 (2 months ago)
And expensive.
JockBaloney (3 months ago)
It sounds EXPENSIVE AS FUCK down there in New Zealand! I don't think that I will be travelling to that 'socialist, PC paradise' any time soon or EVER!
Kay Ellen (1 month ago)
the pays pretty good so makes up for it
Kay Ellen (1 month ago)
its beautiful here, its worth it dude.
Killgroup (3 months ago)
Prices sounds very similar to the UK really when conversion is taken into account. I know this video is two years old, but did you find that was the case?
lumpierwhale93 (3 months ago)
new zealand how is your disease control? im planning on moving and when the world gets depopulated i want to be as least likely to die as i can get.
Jasim Waqat (3 months ago)
Really informative, thanks I’m planing to visit New Zealand, my only interest is hiking, so are those camping sites are close to the hiking sites or not? And which month do you recommend my visit be in according to my interest and the less crowded one?.. Thanks ahead!
Zulficar hamid (4 months ago)
People say Switzerland is expensive but u can always drive to Germany for cheap groceries but that’s not possible in newzealand
Nikolaos Peterson (4 months ago)
Aki ora! Two questions: 1. Are the trolley buses from GO Wellington still running? 2. How much is room hires (rents) in homes or flats cost (there it is per week but round off to monthly of possible)? in Wellington? If too dear as, then how is the mainland (South Island) and Southland insofar as hires (or rentas) for one person? Ta!
Uncle Swag / DEADdem (4 months ago)
Hi, just stopping in. The answer is very. Cheers :)
Ace Gambit (5 months ago)
Hey guys if you're interested in a USA, UK , Spanish passport, drivers license or ID cards for EU countries and some others get in touch so I link you to some cool org.
Sankar Prasad (5 months ago)
NZ is a expensive countru.
Not that expensive
Naman Kumar (6 months ago)
Glad to know there is metric system in New Zealand.
Prime Tempest (6 months ago)
We are very expensive, compared to many other countries
Matthew Knox (6 months ago)
Holy shit your channel is great . Looked in the description and everything was there . I’m from nz and it’s all there . Good job
Michael Jones (6 months ago)
Museums for New Zealand Residents are free entry btw
Anne Shaw (6 months ago)
I can travel around Europe cheaper than NZ. Expensive petrol., car hire accomodation , food
luke oneill (7 months ago)
dont invite the whole world to come over we really dont want outsiders here go aussie instead its way cheaper
Georgia Skittles (7 months ago)
I brought an amazing ford focus here for 2500, definitely don't need to spend a lot
Hannah Grace Hainsworth (7 months ago)
Basically, if you're gonna holiday in NZ, don't go to Queenstown...
omepeet2006 (2 months ago)
Unless you've won the Lotto.
Althea (7 months ago)
Pak n save is more cheaper
omepeet2006 (2 months ago)
It does pay to compare Countdown and Pak'n'Save and look for the bargain of the day. Four Square usually more expensive.
Skyla Vega (8 months ago)
Hellz Pizza is the bomb!!
Hilary Colls (8 months ago)
Please Please do not HITCH HIKE in New Zealand. It is not popular as it is not safe.Kiwi's want you to have a safe holiday and get home in one piece.. world Wide it is safe any more
Azaria Dickson (8 months ago)
It’s actually cheaper than that go to bayfair in Tauranga it’s a cheap mall really good
Te Pokuru Titoko (8 months ago)
Your neighbour is a party drinkers of the sorts of alcohol and I can hear the native birds
Te Pokuru Titoko (8 months ago)
Steve invisible (8 months ago)
Dont are about holiday accomdation!?What is youre on a pension from Australia? What about housing near city on sth Island? s.n/
James (9 months ago)
I envy those who live in New zealand. Your currency is way weaker than the British pound (GBP) or the Euro so really living in the UK or Europe is more expansive than living in New Zealand/Australia? If you look at the currency 20 NZ Dollars= 10 GBP! and even compared to the Euro 20 NZD= 11.8 Euro so if I buy for example a kettle in the UK for 20 GBP it might seem cheap but it's not ( 20GBP= 38 NZ Dollar). But if I buy a kettle from NZ for 20 NZD that's only 10.5GBP. If the delivery to Europe where I live wasn't so expensive from New Zealand ( and most shops don't deliver abroad) I'd buy everything from New Zealand or Australia
Chun Wong (9 months ago)
Nice video
Bianca (9 months ago)
So funny being Australian and hearing her say its so expensive when its actually a bit cheaper than it is here :(
Debbie Crawford (9 months ago)
I can't wait to move to New Zealand <3
Ron Tindale (9 months ago)
Hi, do you know anyone that's enjoyed couch surfing in the countries that you've travelled in?
mark lodge (10 months ago)
Traveled new zealand in march this year, it was sooooo cheap.
noleftturnunstoned (10 months ago)
That actually sounds pretty cheap...
Dani L (10 months ago)
Please don't promote freedom camping as an accommodation option. Freedom campers are ruining our country, we fucking hate them here.
Ben Holmes (10 months ago)
Jetstar really they suck
Alp Erol (10 months ago)
im australian. no visa cost for me :D
Well Geo (10 months ago)
I was really disappointed by Pak N Save. I once went through their wine section looking at the specials and the prices on the special tag were the same as the regular price underneath. Unless I missed something... seems pretty shady.
HayzyPlays SCPFYT (10 months ago)
Coming from a new Zealander and aucklander search up Auckland transport if you want to take a bus train or ferry if you are in auckland train comes every 10 minutes 💖
Scameron44 (10 months ago)
Paradise is EXPENSIVE
omepeet2006 (2 months ago)
But it's Paradise.
Virginiah Njue (10 months ago)
Better place to be.need a lovely lady from new zealand
Richard Scanlan (10 months ago)
Newsflash,NZ is expensive for tourists.They get fleeced. Try being a permanent resident here,very hard to make ends meet.
Jeannie (10 months ago)
nice channel
Toni Cameron (11 months ago)
4 square is in most cities/towns not just small towns .-.
Ted Tedster (11 months ago)
Let's summarise this....(from a NZers)....NZ is a RIPOFF COUNTRY with a Huge Wealth Gap......This situation developed in the last say 30 years....Although there is a monopolies commission....if the govt doesn't like their findings,they overturn them!!.There is now considerable corruption at high levels....even the former Prime Minister (English) was caught fiddling his expenses and he remained in his job after being found out.!!!. The Jews now occupy all the key positions in parliament and business circles (the mayor's of Christchurch,Wellington and Auckland are Jews) NZ does have huge mansions in Auckland and 90% are owned by Jews....ALL the real estate agents are owned by Jews. There are about 40,000 homeless NZers. So not only are tourists ripped off but also average NZers.....During the eighties the govt sold off huge amounts of govt owned assets which went straight into the hands of wealthy Jews..... In short.....NZ has amazing scenery.....but the social conditions are anything but amazing....we re sort of a mini America....where powerful Jews have stripped that country of its wealth....Some areas look exactly like a third world country....that is the way NZ is heading.
Joshua Zeregaber (6 months ago)
thats basically like every developed country. Economy is good, but a big wealth gap that keeps growing and slowly destroys the country.
Sean White (11 months ago)
Good practical advice. NZ is a beautiful country, but is isolated and expensive.
LifeAsWeKnowIt (11 months ago)
freedom camping and free camping is not illegal in NZ, however, each district gets to make up their own rules on it so check the rules for the area you are in. Also, the roadside stops along the highways, you can stay in them for 12 hours before anyone can move you along. If they try just tell them you are too tired to keep driving, a police officer can not make your drive if you are tired.
LifeAsWeKnowIt (11 months ago)
wow, the museum use to be free
Allison Cooke (11 months ago)
Great video! love that your intro was short and to the point
angharad owen (1 year ago)
taxis are expensive in nz they have a meter that goes up extremly horrible if they get stuck at a red light the meter keeps going up!!
Chur (1 year ago)
I’m from New Zealand but I was board so I just watch this vid 😂😂
persion break (1 year ago)
Yes New Zealand most expensive country
Madeleine Lock (1 year ago)
yea pizza hut tastes crap so grab the dominios for $5.
Matthew Wallace (4 months ago)
Madeleine Lock Dominos is the king off pizzas
william singe (6 months ago)
Madeleine Lock other way around buddy!!
Brem (1 year ago)
Plenty of decent coffee for $2.50 around NZ if you know where to look. And it's "Hell Pizza" not Hell's. You can buy a decent car for $1000-1500 NZD easy and sell it for the same price. And paperwork is simple for buying cars. Used cars are not any different to most of Europe. $30 and $60 for a domestic flight? Dream on. If you book months in advance maybe, but which backpacker is planning that far ahead?
StarrDreamLab Atl (1 year ago)
Thank you! You are beautiful! Atlanta, GA!
Jay Marsh2 (1 year ago)
it's a $10 donation at the Auckland war museum for non aucklanders 😂😂
더큰집손녀딸 (1 year ago)
What about secondhand car?
bigblue (1 year ago)
Message to all potential freedom campers stop shitting on my country dig a hole ffs no need to shit all over the nice places to stop for the night or in the middle of walking tracks etc dirty fuckers
Shit hawks..
Macayla Parkins (1 year ago)
Hawkes bay has great Bus routes and fairs.
Damon242 (1 year ago)
LOVE hearing the bird in the background
Damon242 (1 year ago)
On the bright side, the currency conversion is very generous:-)
KubaSnipez (1 year ago)
Free camping is illegal in n
BackpackerGuide.NZ (1 year ago)
Nice tips! Love your quirky style! Just a friendly heads up on the freedom camping: most freedom camping areas will require you to have a self-contained vehicle i.e. a camper with a toilet in it. Best to look up where you want to freedom camp before you go parking up randomly. And car rental prices soar in summer - best to travel in shoulder seasons ;)
tracey Wisnewski (1 year ago)
Everything here is so incorrect, everything in New Zealand is way cheaper than ever other expensive dumbass countrys
PARAS RABARI (1 year ago)
For student 'S
Christopher Tan (1 year ago)
Pitching your own tent is the cheapest, if you don't mind the wildlife
ibrahem bakry (1 year ago)
I love new zealanders and wish to have agirl friend from there
Dennis Foster (1 month ago)
+Ted Tedster dito
Ted Tedster (11 months ago)
ibrahem bakry ...well we don't want any more Muslims in our country.
Joe Mckay (1 year ago)
Wow NZ is just expensive and trashy.
Richard Woodd (1 year ago)
A hot pie is the best value food in NZ. Cambodians are the best pie makers. My favourite is steak & kidney, that is a fantastic meal, costs about $3.50 i think. Basic mince pie is about $3. You didn't mention fish and chips, that's also quite good value.
Dino Cheif (1 year ago)
5k for a run about? yeah right.
Sapphire Paaki (1 year ago)
Meh hells is ok. In Auckland, try pakuranga pizza club or Sals 😊
Inge van Rossen (1 year ago)
I disagree with the ''buying a car'' part. 5000 NZD for a decent car? I bought an old mazda 626 for 800 dollars, which only needed 2 new tyres and a normal service. Me and my friend have driven it for 10.000km in 3 months. Eventually sold the car for 1400 dollars. So I even made a profit. There were a lot of cars in between 1000-2000NZD that are great cars, but you gotta bring someone with you that knows something about cars. Yes it was slow and it wasn't great in the corners and it wasn't great on fuel consumption, but hey it was one of my first cars and I still love it today. Wish I could buy it back when I',m back in New Zealand, because I know the new owner.
Jatin Kapadiya (1 year ago)
tooo expensive...
Jaynee Millar (1 year ago)
She complains how how expensive nz is. But clearly she must be going to all the tourist spots. Check out not touristy parts. You get a real feel of the place that's not as expensive. Also. It shouldn't feel expensive since converting money from other countries to NZ dollar gives you more money
Mia B (1 year ago)
Omg I almost had a small heart attack!! Looking through the fruit in supermarkets and 9.99 dollars for a pack of blueberries...probably about £2 in the U.K.!!
Tom Jones (1 year ago)
Was that in Auckland in the middle of winter? Here most of the year its $5.99 which is £3 in the U.K and in the summer we get $3.99 specials
Mad Penguin (1 year ago)
We have to talk about it, but if you ever become single do I get a date shot?!! :D
boldandcourageous 41 (1 year ago)
great video and you started right away you did not waste words . Thanks so informative😃
Widowmaker Overwatch (1 year ago)
Dont go to Auckland if you don't want to spend a million dollars on a mediocre house
Emily Turner (1 year ago)
queenstown is very expensive because of all the people traveling, if you have an activity you want to do and are traveling all of nz do some googling and do it out of queenstown!!
Sky Andropoulos (1 year ago)
You can't get a decent pizza in the U.S. for 5 dollars ANYWHERE!

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