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BTS 5: A Round Trip To Love 双程

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j'aimetout (6 days ago)
Putain, quand je pense que j'ai chialé sur le film ,et eux au tournage s'éclater, ça me remonte le moral 😍😍
Simran Saikia (10 days ago)
Ooo so cute and all the actors are so handsome 🤩🤩🤩
Leomar Bulusan (10 days ago)
Yeahh the best bl movie that i ever watched i wish there is a part 3 of it cheer up if u wish too
fatima salgado (10 days ago)
2:41 i want to be her
Freddie Mercury (11 days ago)
I can’t imagine how embarassed they were 😂
Kim Taehyung (14 days ago)
Quiero 3 parte que final de me quede con depresión 😭😭😭
Alfredo Guerra (22 days ago)
Me encanto esta peli wow de la mejor
KSA HERO (24 days ago)
إذا فيه جزاء 3ليتكم تعرضونه
sweet sweetie (1 month ago)
such a beautiful movie
Tatiana Cènclare (1 month ago)
Dương Phương Hoàng (2 months ago)
the emily (2 months ago)
why don't u make a happy ending BL, huh? why us Fujoshi's should be depressed by seeing the sad ending all the time? 😒
Yislhene Years (2 months ago)
No mames llore mucho con esta pelicula :')
vin am (2 months ago)
Good movie with really bad ending. Ruining my mood all day
Really they're looking soooo cute but specially Xiao Chen looks soooo cute & with adorable smile.
Thanks you like my comment.
يبيل العتيبي (2 months ago)
ياااااربب يتواعدونن صدقق💔💔
My best BL movie so far, still waiting the season 3. So hopeless
Zurako Kotaro (3 months ago)
why "BTS" ?
Jenifer (2 months ago)
Behind the scenes
NS Rajput (3 months ago)
😍😍😍😍😍love you all
Kim Taekook Arab (3 months ago)
*They are so cute like Taekook* 😍💜
Kim Taekook Arab (3 months ago)
+help I can't chose a bias maybe Rapmonster hhh thank you dear , i like your user name
Kim Taekook Arab so many army and I love your profile pic
Kim Taekook Arab (3 months ago)
+Anime Stalker 😂😂😂 *Yaah we are taekook lovers*
Anime Stalker (3 months ago)
Anime Stalker (3 months ago)
Ma profile
JOJO GONZ (3 months ago)
عمي يا كواليس، يا قنادر استرو على رواحكم 😂😂😂😂💦
eyya chim (3 months ago)
Xiao chen's face look like an idol kpop. He is handsome and very cute
BTS ARMY 4EVER (3 months ago)
Are they a couple in real life cause I wish they where
Solaf Jang (4 months ago)
best movie eve have part 3 ?
フォイフォイ (4 months ago)
Rimmy (4 months ago)
Is it just me or the seme kinda remind anyone of Mingyu from SVT and the uke of Renjun from NCT Dream lol? 😅
Jenifer (2 months ago)
I always thought Lu Feng looked similar to Mingyu!
anh van (4 months ago)
Thik Tiểu Tài mặc áo choàng tắm qé a~~~~ quyến rũ vl!
NIKO L. (4 months ago)
Mi foto de perfil lo dice todo :v
Janna Dark (4 months ago)
Deepshikha Dey (5 months ago)
"A Round trip to Love " was , is and willbe more successful and loveable ...i loved the film ...sarang-haeyo sarang❤❤
John Rex Falguera (5 months ago)
They are just so cute together.
Mistake One (5 months ago)
Aoeiu Bpmftd (5 months ago)
Emily (5 months ago)
Вааа мило
Little drinking gourd (6 months ago)
For some reason I’ve always wanted to make out at a pool at night.
Alex Bertun (7 months ago)
I can't stand it. I'm shying away so hard but I want to watch it so bad.
im so sad that its a sad ending this will forever be my favorite bl
Lidija Staņēviča (8 months ago)
Nu malači aktieri korejieši. Es klausos arī jūsu valodu tādēļ lasāt latviski. Baigi smieklīgi bija tagad skatīties kā uznemat filmu.
nueva A.R.M.Y (8 months ago)
La tercera parte porfaaa
nueva A.R.M.Y (8 months ago)
Nuttan Rai (8 months ago)
Damn that girl at the end is lucky.
شتاء دائم (8 months ago)
احسسس انهم من جد يحبوا بعض ؟؟؟
شتاء دائم انابعد
TA KA (8 months ago)
erlene Lorenzo (8 months ago)
It's nice story watch dark blue and moonlight it's so nice too
Rosa Andromeda (8 months ago)
De todas que ví esta es la que me gusto es tan facinante y exitante al mismo tiempo los dos tienen una química única fue tan real dios me encantó el es tan especial 😍😍😍
Regina Mendoza (3 months ago)
Porque todos están diciendo BTS??
Jazz Craft (6 months ago)
Ami tambien m encanto !!!!
hasmah hamid (9 months ago)
Imagine vkook like this uwuuu
hasmah hamid (9 months ago)
Are they really gay in real life?
Gia Lopez (9 months ago)
Observo como se divierten firmando una pelicula que me rompio el corazon... Deberian hacer una 3ra parte please...!
We Are One EXO (9 months ago)
Noooooo... I want Chanbaek verse
孤竹雪 (9 months ago)
Channel Boys Love (9 months ago)
I want season 3 😭😭😭😭
Is there a third part of the film?😭😭
exo child (9 months ago)
BTS A.R.M.Y EXO EXO-L they mean Behind The Scene
jhapendra magar (10 months ago)
What is white shirt real name he is so cute n handsome
van nak (1 month ago)
jhapendra magar huang Jing Xiang or Nate huang
Amruta Patil (10 months ago)
I jus luv gtyyyyy ...luv from India
Anna //123//msp (10 months ago)
I ´m chocking
Аля Пак (10 months ago)
Bảo Kỳ Anh Phan (10 months ago)
SS3 please...
Bảo Kỳ Anh Phan (10 months ago)
Caiyu 😍
Ana Beatriz jikooka (10 months ago)
Da até uns coisos
Ten Minyoung (10 months ago)
They are so cute *together* 😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😚😚😚
Jomin Ssi (11 months ago)
How many armys here clicked it becz of bts XD
mood. (11 months ago)
why are they so perfect 😭 but tbh I thought those punishments in the show were too much
방탄소년단태수 (11 months ago)
Đau ruột qá man 😂😂
Yan Hetzel (1 year ago)
07leme (1 year ago)
I wish they had eng sub in it
孤竹雪 (1 year ago)
Shaoran Sakura (1 year ago)
No eng sub *sob
KxxkJxn (1 year ago)
Mensaje subliminal : BTS
Vaness Vane (1 year ago)
Solo vine por lo morbo ☺😏
so cute lol😍😍😍😍
soy yo (1 year ago)
Beautiful ❤❤❤
louca por the sims (1 year ago)
É tão engraçado as gravações..mas a história em si é triste demais 😂😦😦😦 to feliz e puto
Love the BTS (1 year ago)
What a nice movie but fuck ending +_+
NaRis Wu (1 year ago)
I'm in love with this couple😭😭❤😭❤❤❤❤❤
Hades- Sama (1 year ago)
Xiao Chen is mine. And i am a girl not a boy
Zahraa Zahraa (1 year ago)
is they real ?
Zahraa Zahraa thb idk seeing how hot the is irdk
thisgurl lovelylife (1 year ago)
They're all so handsome
Min Suga (1 year ago)
Thouse are not BTS
Min Yoongi’s Eyelashes (10 months ago)
Ayyy menso
TrAsH . . (1 year ago)
Its....not.....bts.....its Behind The Scenes
keith shirogane (1 year ago)
Suga Kun not everything is about your overrated faves
Omem Mibang (1 year ago)
wen vl season 3 come?? M dying to watch it
Tori Totori (1 year ago)
No season 3? 😫 cause the ending was kind of a cliffhanger like there's supposed to be a part3. The helicopter crash came off with unknown number of casualties like there's a possiblity that LuFang might still be alive. I am positive there's a part 3, but then I've read that one of the actor turned the offer down? We dont really know, but hopefully... also, they can't end the part2 like that like whaaat. What happened after? Xiao Chen's family? What will he choose? How about his brother who shot him? No resolution. Also, Lu Fang reminiscing their love's ups and downs before the crash could also possibly be like when a person's death comes, his good memories toll inside his mind. But then, something was off when there's this tinge of hope and possibilities as the way part2 ended. Imma sit back and wait...
Zephyr Zinnia nope, there will not have part.3, those kind of thing has ban in China now.
Nuttan Rai (8 months ago)
Tori Totori I hope they will make it. I mean as you already rambled on, The story in 3 was incomplete and there *HAS TO BE* part 3. Or has it already been out???
Kim Seokjin (1 year ago)
Tori Totori I NEED PART 3
Sonitaru Rizogiri (1 year ago)
Lei Lei (1 year ago)
is there gonna be a season 3?
Beatriz Britez (1 year ago)
Gao.😎 Tai Yu 💙💜
Chống Đạn Maknae (1 year ago)
Chống Đạn Maknae lol i was think the same thing
MEU PÃO SUADO (1 year ago)
Jung Iva kdjskskskksks Ah, entendi.
BTS JHOPE (1 year ago)
Behind the Scene Lol just kidding BANGTAN SONEYONDAN
keith shirogane (1 year ago)
Chống Đạn Maknae no
MEU PÃO SUADO (1 year ago)
sarmila sunuwar (1 year ago)
Bestest bl story....heart touchingggg....i m cryingggg all the time....when they suffer....😢😢😢😢....i just hate this type of societyyyy n people who agains the love....n i have seen one of the bestest bl couple....superbbbb chemestryyy....love uuuu bothe of uuuuu....❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘
Demonio (1 year ago)
They are a couple in real life?
hasmah hamid (9 months ago)
Nope. I have chance to be a wife one of them HOHOHOHO
Demonio (1 year ago)
OMG no no noooooooooooo :(
Yumi Chan (1 year ago)
Sadly nope, how I wish they were!! They just seem so well together right? Love how natural they are offscreen and their chemistry in those NG vids of the main story, special interview series, the offscreen mv and shots for A Round Trip to Love's side story where Huang acted as a music producer and Gao as the singer, and the theme songs. But...there's other vids of 'A Round Trip to Love' official live chat where they did live recordings on 2016.10.03, well Gao's reaction in that live was kind of weird, or tbh rather cold towards Huang. There are a few different vids filmed by different staff and one of them was filmed minutes before the live recordings started. It started with the staff catching Huang on screen, he seemed a little off if I have to say (nervous/awkward and such, he's usually very natural with offscreen shots), the staff then asked him something like is Gao here? Huang's reply was that he doesn't know and he's looking for him as well, then he said he wasn't able to see him for days and heard that Gao had amnesia and a personality change. (Like Wut?!) When the live recording started, they asked how many days had it been since their last meeting, Huang replied actually it's been days. Gao replied yeah, been some time. The staff said it felt like Huang's very angry, Huang replied yeah, because I suddenly lost all contact and he had a personality change at that. We finally got to meet yet just now he was hiding and didn't want to see me. (Double Wut?!) I dunno, during the whole recording, Huang was quite initiative and cooperative with the 'special requests' prepared by the staffs, Gao on the other hand felt more like a stranger, no idea if he's just tired or something (Huang did expressed that Gao had lost weight while the staffs were like "Did he?") but it was a huge difference from his personality in the other offscreen/interview vids. A few Chinese viewers expressed the same feeling, but no idea why... I had read somewhere that although this movie was quite a hit but there was quite some dispute over it as well, which was to be expected. The thing is, despite this movie, both of them weren't known to be gay in real life, so...you can think of the rest, then there was this rumour that Gao refused to take part in the 3rd movie. All I'm hoping now is to be able to see news on a 3rd soon to clear all these doubts and hopefully watch them getting back to being the adorable couple, argh!
Makro Dwi (1 year ago)
Beatriz Britez (1 year ago)
este jefe lu feng que daría para que me toque así 😙😙😙
Lavendova (2 years ago)
I'm screaming so hard rn my poor neighbors lol I can see that everyone was laughing including main actors xDD
bruno (2 years ago)
Bl Yaoi (2 years ago)
The uke is so so cute.
SpaRklE PriNcE (2 months ago)
Yeahh he is cosplayer tooo... 😊
Lolo Lol (1 year ago)
Bl Yaoi i know right!!
Trinh Nguyen (2 years ago)
Bl Yaoi You mean Huang Jing Xiang. He is very cute!
127-Carat Army (2 years ago)
0:40 memegyu what are u doing here go back to wonwoo
QUEEN ANIME (4 months ago)
vodkook (9 months ago)
yoon si wong (9 months ago)
Amy Cheong (9 months ago)
bruno (2 years ago)
127-Carat Army (2 years ago)
they're so cute im crying
они смешанные
sehun stan (2 years ago)
Best bl movie i have ever watched
+broken cells Oh! Lol.
+Freena Cold Valcoft Whyyy???
Pelagia Michailidou (7 months ago)
+broken cells well I watch it and it was so nice till the end ....😐
picha chu (11 months ago)
Rayann Greger yeah.. up until now it still hurt me a lot 😭😭😭😭
broken cells (11 months ago)
picha 88 Ik... I can't believe china ban them 😭
vu huong lan (2 years ago)
丶Y (2 years ago)
pam mada (2 years ago)
0:49 ....el momento preciso para tener una camara a mano ......CAMARA CAMARA¡¡¡¡

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