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Ocean Wonders Encountering sea monsters HD 1080p

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anna anna (1 year ago)
przepiękne szkoda że nie moge tam być
Sandra Purvis (3 years ago)
Exhilarating, bold, and captivating!!! Thank you, Nature, underwater photographers, and all who had a part in this ground breaking documentary. A diver myself, Sandy Purvis
Shenron X (3 years ago)
25:6 Pink Broccoli! Kill it With FIRE! No wait! We are in water!
AStoryGood (4 years ago)
I wonder why the Pyjama squid is called a squid when it's actually a cuttlefish.
RICHARD DAMROW (4 years ago)
Okay, he's tough. But what about the hidden camera-person?
Ellie Evans (4 years ago)
22:46-24:14 is the most adorable thing
Shenron X (3 years ago)
+Ellie Evans Are you the sister of Austin Evans, The Tech Geek?
Jim Prorok (5 years ago)
Amazing footage, cephalopods are fascinating, and seem to be very intelligent. Got a kick out of the small octopus with the dark glass bottle, gives new meaning to byob.

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