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Cashman Magic Eyes Jackpot Handpay two wins on same slot, didn't know I hit a jackpot

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I had no idea this was a handpay, never played this machine much.
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Rico g (1 month ago)
If you had a dragon in the middle the last reel it would've been much more. I remembered the first time I played this game. I didn't know the eyes made the entire reel wild. I thought there was a malfunction . I got $1500.00 for 9 coins.😊 If a straight win comes and there's those eyes on the reel , you get paid twice.
Lexiani Jones (1 year ago)
Hi there I. Would like to play thisgame
djargus (1 year ago)
I can only assume that the three heads made the entire reel wild. Only thing I could think of that would make any sense of the handpay.
djargus (1 year ago)
Makes me wish these newer games with the updated graphics had the same pay scales as the old game. Getting 500.00 a line hit for dragons would be awesome, especially on a game you don't expect many handpays like Mr. Cashman slot machines.
djsher1 (1 year ago)
dragon is the top symbol, it pays 1000x line bet for 4 and 2500x line bet for 5. He was betting 20 per line which means 4 dragons were worth 20000 or $200. There are eight lines on the middle reel and 6 on the top and bottom reels to make 20 lines. The magic eyes are wild for the entire reel. As the dragon was on the middle reel and he got reels 2, 3, and 4 wild he got 4 dragons 8 times. At $200 a line times 8, the pay is over $1,600 when all the other lines are counted. Hope this helps. I did a slot review of this game if you are interested on my page.
djargus (1 year ago)
Or alternatively (like in Invaders from the Planet Moolah) would it be a top symbol hit where the Dragon is just the top symbol along with the other non-matching symbols (the princess and the guy with the hat on reel 5) but all together are essentially the same symbol for all 5 reels?
djargus (1 year ago)
Is the Dragon a single wild symbol and/or a wild multiplier? Because those lines that the dragon starts on are getting the $200.00 per line hits and I don't see any 5 symbols matching for that Dragon.
djsher1 (1 year ago)
they do
Hot4 Teacherz (1 year ago)
I can’t even tell why you won or how you won
Andrew Fisher (1 year ago)
Hot4 Teacherz I couldn’t either at first, but the green thing 😂 is the high paying symbol and every eye symbol makes the whole reel wild
EZ Life Slot Jackpots (1 year ago)
Nice handpay, too bad nothing lined up on reel 5 but it was still awesome!
Andrew Fisher (1 year ago)
EZ LIFE SLOT JACKPOTS I know, I didn’t even know what I looking at 😩 Thanks!
Food For Thought (1 year ago)
I remember mystic eyes...it was taken out of our casino because it was paying out too much!
Andrew Fisher (1 year ago)
Custom Art Channel yes I had to take a drive to the country to find it 😂
Shearlene Fisher (1 year ago)
What a surprise!!!
zee43al catch (1 year ago)
now thats what jackpots is congrats bro that is outstanding 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Andrew Fisher (1 year ago)
zee43al catch thanks bro! And a surprise it was
Dan the Man Slots (1 year ago)
Nice Jackpot!
Andrew Fisher (1 year ago)
Slot Sharks thanks I thought I'd try to play something I'm not familiar with

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