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Cheap Polygel imitation product review & tutorial

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Cheap Polygel imitation product review and extensions tutorial. The cheapest Polygel I've ever seen in my life. The tube is worth $2 on the web and comes straight from China. Will the product actually work? Let's find out! Have you ever tried cheap Polygel similar products? Did you like any? Please share your thoughts in the comments. ♡♡Thank you for watching my video Don't forget to subscribe so you won't miss my new tutorials & secrets - https://www.youtube.com/nailcou?sub_confirmation=1 ♡Products mentioned in the video: Roniki Acryl gel - https://roniki.en.alibaba.com/product/60717784579-805482333/RONIKI_New_Arrival_60ml_30ml_Packed_in_Tube_Nail_Polish_UV_Acryl_Poly_Gel_Nails.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.prewdfa4cf.1.67bf1056KE8tPh Clear forms - http://www.nail-revolution.com/shop/954-954.html ♡My online classes - http://nsiacademy.com/courses ♡Check out more videos: Best Nail Art tools for beginners - https://youtu.be/Ht90-DpMH_c Polygel review and tutorial - https://youtu.be/W0e_Mv8iFgI 7 things every beginner nail technician should know - https://youtu.be/2gaxLvA6YLk How to become the nail technician? https://youtu.be/HYO3fdhx8F0 How to take better nail pictures on your phone? https://youtu.be/HAB_91nTpBk Interview with Fred Slack, founder of NSI company, inventor of acrylic nails - https://youtu.be/KEL-j1LHEQ4 Let’s keep in touch Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nailcou/ https://www.instagram.com/nsiacademy Facebook http://facebook.com/NailTrainingCenter/ Periscope: Nailcouture Snapchat: Nailcou Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/aluksha/ _______________________________________ Подпишитесь на мой русский канал, чтобы не пропустить новые мастер-классы, обзоры и влоги! http://bit.ly/29LBHSQ ________________________________________
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Text Comments (472)
Donald Trumps skin tone 😂😂
BellASMR Asmr (1 month ago)
Donald trump skin tone haha lol 😂
A-Line Dance Videos (1 month ago)
Any experience with Venalisa Polygel?
Nailcou (29 days ago)
Not yet :)
Sincerely Kandyy (1 month ago)
It mite b MMA 🤷🏽‍♀️
Kim Correa (2 months ago)
Do you have to have a primer
Nailcou (2 months ago)
Yes, some products require primers
EUNICE MOLINA (3 months ago)
There is a brush made special for gel. You don’t use acrylic brush😏
ALY JACKS (3 months ago)
Ok, unnecessary to make a crack on our president when you are just doing a not brain nail video, not brain surgery!
ALY JACKS (3 months ago)
Sofia Laraki (3 months ago)
Personally I didn’t liked it too long to cure and not strong as the original one
Adorably Deplorable (3 months ago)
I think you’re right about how it’s made.
Adorably Deplorable (3 months ago)
Hey now...lay off my President.
Natalie D (3 months ago)
I think maybe the 180 grit was too harsh...
Dear Anastasia, A few things: 1. I hope you aren’t getting upset by the harsh comments if the people who haven’t even bothered to listen properly what you are saying regarding the brush of choice or the use of the file or claiming that you should do your research when you clearly state that you couldn’t find any regarding this brand :) 2. I enjoy all your videos, especially the polygel ones because I find the concept interesting. I ordered a few weeks ago from Venalisa, they are a brand in China, very good feedbacks, you can find their store on Aliexpress. Shippin takes a while but the price is affordable. I never wore any nails extensions, i have soft thin nails prone to breakage, I’d love to add a bit more strength to them. I don’t like my nails longer than my fingers, I am looking forward to this experience. 3. I really really love how you are so careful cu sculpt the nails so that you minimize filing afterwards. 4. Don’t pay attention to the snowflakes getting so insulted that you compared the orange tint in the polygel with Trump’s skin tone. It is on the orange side, it’s weird and that is the truth. :)) 4. Can you do more polygel videos? :)) 5. Again, your skills as a nail tech and artist are amazing. 6. I admire your English and pronunciation. A reminder to those who get so shocked that you have a Russian accent: I’d very much love to hear your Russian skills! :) 7. A bit off topic, but do you have any tutorial on how to use an e-file on yourself? Any tips for the non dominant hand? Thanks for a very clear and informative video!
@Nailcou Dear Anastasia, I am in your time zone, in Romania (or almost the same time zone, I know Russia doesn't do DST anymore - good for you!!) . Sadly I just missed your live webinar last night, just came in for the last few minutes of QA, but thank god it is on your website and your YT channel! Kind regards, Simona from Bucharest ;)
Nailcou (3 months ago)
Thank you so much Sanziene for all your kind and encouraging words! Yes, I have a Polygel playlist - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaN4dnqeCzc&list=PLd2BRIOtDEfKkYOpHZM_qj-PuyhlD4V19 And planning to do some more videos. Regarding non dominant hand - have this video coming up soon as well as e-file removal with my non - dominant hand on myself :) Where are you from? )
Karen Martinez (4 months ago)
You talk like mami Frost
Vally Forever (4 months ago)
Song at 13:05 is Lana del Rey - born to die (weighty music remix)
Jessica Vincent (5 months ago)
You literally have no clue what you are doing.
Narina Minnaar (5 months ago)
horrible product. this will make a tech stress even more without a drill. great video x
Lock Heart (6 months ago)
Im using that on my nails,i purchase them from the local onlinestore in our country.Its really hard to file but i have no choice i dont know how to avail items from US.
Levon Bagdasarian (6 months ago)
Ай донт фил лайк юзинг дыз браш!!!!
Chica-jinx (6 months ago)
I think you did a beautiful job on the nails. Some of these comments are so unnecessary and insulting. Grow up people, many of you can't even do nails...Smh😔
Kaitlyn Breems (6 months ago)
Cat hair. Story of my life.
Kaitlyn Breems (6 months ago)
Cat hair. Story of my life.
Sara Smith (6 months ago)
So weird, real polygel is so easy to file.
Nailcou (6 months ago)
Yes, exactly! And this one was hard as rock
HOOBA BOOBA (7 months ago)
03:00 that tiny dick
Amanda K (7 months ago)
For being so cheap it makes me wonder what hidden ingredients are used. Not sure I would trust it.
Caribface Sassi (7 months ago)
U should try gelike brand from Aliexpress, its much similar to gelish brand with the same consistency but much cheaper like around $12.
EJ Chippett (7 months ago)
Playing this video on 1.5x makes it sound normally paced 😂 you're welcome
tara devi bhukya (7 months ago)
How to remove this gel after applying
Nailcou (7 months ago)
File off
Vixinaful (7 months ago)
Oh, you're gooooood! I'd say you're evenbetter than Suzie @nailcarereducation and she's DAMN good!
TanteBet (7 months ago)
Its dangerous. It contains mma, and will damage and chemical burn your nails. Also Its forbidden in the us
Nena S. (7 months ago)
You didnt know how to sculpt it properly.That filing was to much.You have to work on your sculpting skils.
Omawumi Adokpaye (8 months ago)
Try Venalisa dear, alot of good reviews and noone complains about how hard it is to file and sculpt.
denise (8 months ago)
It should have came w a slip..... Wow
4jadedthoughts (8 months ago)
I use the gelish,lavender violets & yayoge Poly gel and I don't have those problems that you're having I love the look that it leaves me with I mean I don't have those problems that you are having. With it bein hard to file .maybe U put too much product? Idk I'm no professional.
Nailcou (8 months ago)
Thanks!.I had this problem only with this particular brand, all others are super easy to file
Nicole Gorecká (8 months ago)
I bought polygel set from wish and it’s great, easy to work with it
Merben Flores (8 months ago)
Where can I buy that
Koro GurL (8 months ago)
"...Donald Trump's skin tone..."😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏
Betty Boop (9 months ago)
Like a donald tramp skin tone 😂😂
Renetta Hogan (9 months ago)
You insulted my President so I no longer will watch any of your videos!
Elsa Diabate (9 months ago)
Hi, Can I ask U something, since U have alot of experience from Polygel. I have used polygel for a while and I follow the instructions completely. But now I noticed that my own nail is coming of the nailbed....it is happening to almost all of the nails. It is mostly on the sides, but it´s scary because it feels like the whole nail is going to come off soon. And I get really tender on my nails after I applied the polygel. They hurt for a few days. It's like the polygel is pulling my own nail from the nailbed. Do you have any similar experience? Or ideas what it can be? Thank you!
Vashti Perry (9 months ago)
So great video but I’m going to point out the the bottle says Acryli gel, not poly gel. There are $3 and $4 poly gels on Ali express that are actually poly gels.
Bambie Lashay (9 months ago)
i like the color a lot it doesn't look so donald trump like against my brown skin
Alissa Hailey (9 months ago)
I wanna try these
Pia Olsen (9 months ago)
Hello:) great video!😊 can you please tell me the brand and name of colour on the gel polish you used? I've been looking for a perfect transparent pink for a long time, and this may be what I'm looking for😁
Nailcou (9 months ago)
Thank you! It's Luxio Blush
Maggie Chu (9 months ago)
It looks painful being filed like that 😣😣😣 the outcome is pretty though~
Nikita Goldhawk (9 months ago)
i got a Chinese brand of acrylic and it was actually pretty good but i would only recommend using Chinese products if u wanna learn how to do this stuff without spending alot of money . because they do last and they are petty similar to the real thing just a bit more difficult to work with . but u should really keep an eye out on the products that ur purchasing
Dulce Carbajal (9 months ago)
Imma Goofball (9 months ago)
Ha! Donald Trump hehe
Redhair girl1405 (9 months ago)
I buyed it!!! Its waste of money they fall out in yust 5 seconds like they are glued on your nail and it costed my beautiful natural nails beacause now its looking like Im biting them.DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!!
Sol HEX (9 months ago)
This is not how you normally apply poly gel......
Mina Meredith (9 months ago)
Me the whole time Me: What is going on, why am I here, And don't understand, I only watch Kpop
Sara M (9 months ago)
Exactly the same
AFredster (9 months ago)
“chinese... or cheap products...” ....
Candice Carbone (9 months ago)
0:07 toodey idk why i like how that sounded
Dannie J (9 months ago)
Name of the lana Del Rey remix?
Manda Panda (9 months ago)
Donald trumps skin tone? Not even close. He’s like extra orange but you tried. I think the end result was beautiful even though you probably got carpel tunnel. Does anybody know any good imitation to gelish poly gel? I was hoping this would be a good dupe, but sadly tis was not. Let me know~
Nailcou (9 months ago)
I liked Magnetic Power Gel, Gelike, Angel Pro
Tanya Gorbunova (9 months ago)
You have russion accent
I can’t even laugh, this is so perceptive ;))
Nailcou (9 months ago)
Seriously 🤔
noelia corrales (9 months ago)
Sara Sakhi (9 months ago)
Casandra Lynn (9 months ago)
That beige nude color looked just like a penis when it was coming out 😂🤣 sorry LMFAO yes i couldn't help myself I'm 29 and still too silly 🤣🤣
julissa medina (9 months ago)
What is the background song around 1322
Dianna Turner Luks (9 months ago)
They turned out beautiful.
Sandi Morris (9 months ago)
From watching others it’s my understanding that the base gel is so when you remove it from the nail you’re not taking off the natural nail only product.
Kristian Harris (10 months ago)
Are you Russian? Youbsound exactly like a friend of mine
Nailcou (10 months ago)
Yes :)
Soniya Patel (10 months ago)
What a prize buy in indea
Soniya Patel (10 months ago)
Arylic nail kit prize
dream 51 (10 months ago)
Supposed to be used on duel nails
dream 51 (10 months ago)
Any need for those oversized plastic gloves
pepermintbeby (10 months ago)
Why do you make the nails so narrow is it a preference ?
Elizabeth Hedges (10 months ago)
Link to this product please?
Aamyie Ecker (10 months ago)
The peach one looked like a penis
Aamyie Ecker (10 months ago)
I like the gloves. This looks like a nuclear experiment
Where can buy these gels?
lelechim (10 months ago)
>Donald Trump >Cheap Chinese product PRESIDENT TRUMP WOULD NOT APPROVE
Shea LaRoux (10 months ago)
I recommend Anail. It's very cheap but you should use a drill to finish. Emery board is not hard to use but it gets smoother with a drill.
Nailcou (10 months ago)
Thanks, Shea!
Shea LaRoux (10 months ago)
You will find that there are some polygels that you cannot use an emery board on but the drill works great with those
Christine Black (10 months ago)
I laughed so hard when you said Donald Trump colour 😂😂😂😂😂
crystal Remerez (10 months ago)
IT SAYS ACRYL-GEL ! obviously its going to look like its gel mixed with acrylic powder..
SuzyQ Florida (10 months ago)
I've seen PolyGel used with Dual Forms / Popits ... it's so much easier!
Jennifer Barnea (10 months ago)
Nice review
Pam Miller (11 months ago)
I'm actually interested in finding some of this to try, but haven't found a link where I can order it other than wholesale. I think I could love this. I don't mind hard to file, as I use my efile anyway, and I did see that they have 27 colors! YAY! I'm up for it.
Dubspina (1 year ago)
Hello can you make a video with the shape of the nails that you have in this video?
Qubilah Jones (1 year ago)
You are a super trooper. Bless you for continuing to file and shape and work with that product. You are so right about “you get what you pay for”. Cheap products are hardly ever “good”. I couldn’t in good conscious charge my clients for subpar materials.
Pinky Jang (1 year ago)
MissouriGirl 84 (1 year ago)
Well I almost subscribed..that mouth though. Smart YouTubers know better than to do that.
Sammy Jo (1 year ago)
Ok, first of all I would like to say thank you for letting us know where to purchase this product from. So before I’d gone and done one big purchase, I’d asked to try out their sample. They sent me one 15ml base & top coat and a gorgeous 15ml red gel polish and number 25 polygel “of my choosing.” I only had to pay for shipping which was like £11. I had no problem working with the product (I used my normal gel brush like the madam glam) once cure properly this Roniki polygel is hard as HARD! But, I had neither problem filing nor shaping it. The most beautiful thing I’d love about it was the fact that it had a baby-boomer finish. I have no chipping and no breakage. I have had the product on for nearing 3 weeks Saturday 7th July and still no chipping or lifting. Natural nails just growing! So I took it upon myself and tried it on a client and they said they love the stuff and their own nails have grown so much and it’s been two weeks 2day! So she's coming in for a refill etc on Saturday to have the same product again. (I have use the Bluesky on my nails the same time as the Roniki and no lifting or chipping from either products) that is my opinion on this product. I recommend it because I’ve tried it and have no problem; however, everyone else is vary
Sammy Jo (1 year ago)
Hi I have a question to ask, you know when you purchased this product from Alibaba, did you bought it straight from the site??? Because I'd place an order and was told to cancel it because the payment went to another account and the price they have as well as shipping is wrong and was asked by one of the lady who works there via WhatsApp to make purchase through her. Sounds dodgy so I cancelled it and told her no, I just wanted to know if you’d had any problems.
alexa jimenez (1 year ago)
Song remix Lana del Rey what’s the link ?
Donald Trump’s skintone. Hihi.
Kiran Shinde (1 year ago)
It looks fine
Val U (1 year ago)
How many tubes did you order? I followed the link and it says 100 unit minimum order.
Nailcou (1 year ago)
I had mine from Russian distributor, they sell them separately, but it's $30 for one tube
Daisy Broekhof (1 year ago)
What song did you use when u were Filing? :)
Norvella Moore (1 year ago)
Stop it complaining! See nothing wrong with the jail stop it!
Nailcou (1 year ago)
Sorry, I just didn't like it
Hrisi A (1 year ago)
My friend try some cheap products for her nails from beauty shop, some kind of gel polish, and she had so bad rash on the hands so she couldn't apply any product for a months...
Nailcou (1 year ago)
Maleah Shaifer (1 year ago)
@ 3:00 what does it look like tell me plz
JAM- Entertain (1 year ago)
You have to use it with dual tips. It is easier to extend the nail and it has almost the same strength everywhere. So it's easier to file it. Try it out✌️😉
DollfieMew (1 year ago)
I got yichen acrylic from ali and it was super hard like that.
Sammy Jo (1 year ago)
Hi, and quick question. Do you have two YouTube accounts because I've seen this same video in Russian on a different youtuber 🙊
Sammy Jo (1 year ago)
Nailcou oh that's good to know 😊
Nailcou (1 year ago)
Sammy, yes I do, NailCouture is my Russian channel ☺️
Alice Gair (1 year ago)
Is it just me or the last one looked like a dick
Gen Victoria (1 year ago)
Penis spotted in the last swatch 😁
Lisa Janette (10 months ago)
Totally!!!! I saw it too!
Nailcou (1 year ago)
Whaaat? 😄
Momma Coexists (1 year ago)
I Am so extremely serious here learning and then you just made me laugh about the orange man over there. Good one!. Thank you hahahahahaha. & Yes love I did with the gel bought not long ago which I gave away. Forget name but ordered from joom. No matter how much you cure it, the thing never cured and stayed as gum base it will not come off nail but was gummy and disgusting. Will not file at all it was too chewy as a gum base. Disgusting.
NashayMarie 25 (1 year ago)
Omg the way you are explaining this, it comes off negative. Personally that’s how I feel.
Patty A (1 year ago)
Hola muy bonito , usas lámpara led o uv ???? Gracias 😀
Sapphire Blue (1 year ago)
They are prob designed for electric file
Miss Ruiz (1 year ago)
Ugly pinched nails

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