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AMKOV WiFi Lens Camera For Smartphones/ Tablets - Sony Style

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AMKOV Sangmax SP-W501 is a lens camera that you can handle framing, image review, configuration and even storage on on your smartphones or tablets with an affordable $104 price tag at http://www.pandawill.com/search/result/?c=&q=SP-W501&utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=U2B&utm_campaign=amkovcam The SP-W501 sports a 14-megapixel CMOS image sensor, f/3.2-6.5, with 5 X optical zoom. Compatible with iOs 6 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher smart devices. Dowload AMK-icam App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icatch.amkicam.app All information is subject to change, please click the link for complete specs and details. Note: We do not handle any order issues here, do contact our customer service directly. More products: http://www.pandawill.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=U2B&utm_campaign=home If you have any opinion about this video, feel free to comment below and we really appreciate that. Subscribe if you enjoy it. Thanks for watching!
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Trung Duc Nguyen (2 years ago)
I have a Sony QX 100, do u think this one is better?
Isidoros Sklivanos (2 years ago)
yes sure best quality, but not aditional lens is frustrating
mahade rony (2 years ago)
Can i use it on my lumia 430?
Keith Ogden (3 years ago)
Not a review ! only an ad!
erg0centric (4 years ago)
"A true killer would have asked about the red button" (0:25) - Zorg, Fifth Element
Alexandru Ghetaru (4 years ago)
Is it too hard for you to keep in mind there is no TF anymore? Ffs it's been 10 years since TF is dead and replaced by microSD!
Alexandru Ghetaru (4 years ago)
I know very well about TF and microSD - I import ADATA for years. TF was up to 512MB if memory serves, above that was microSD. Using TF is just confusing for end-users now.
Panda Will (4 years ago)
The microSD format was originally called T-Flash, and then TransFlash, before being renamed microSD when adopted by the SD Card Association (SDA). Our stuff just get used to TF, please understand ;)  If you're bored and have 15 mins free have a look here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Digital#Micro 
sEryI232 (4 years ago)
What telephone is it? (1:19)
Panda Will (4 years ago)
ZTE Nubia Z5. We don't sell it anymore. 
boracbl11 (4 years ago)
Does it have manual focus and is there any pictures done with focusing?
Panda Will (4 years ago)
Yes it has manual focus features, to control it on the phone. 
Artyom Hov. (4 years ago)
CMOS sensor is really 14MP or interpolation is used? 
Panda Will (4 years ago)
Real 14MP. 
could you make more photos with this lens in different light conditions and share some original size shots?it would be very cool to make the right decision to buy or not to buy this camera amateurs)) 
Panda Will (4 years ago)
+Всеволод Жуковец Here you go Video/ Photo Samples: AMKOV Lens Camera for Smartphones Tablets 
+Panda Will Great! Thanks!  I am very excited about this camera! I hope that the quality of photos and videos will be on top!
Panda Will (4 years ago)
We would try to make more photos/videos in few days. Links will be given when done =)

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