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today's video is all about the easy camera + lens combo that everyone can start out with! this affordable combination is perfect for fashion/ personal style bloggers, amateur photographers, youtubers, and more! it makes your street style pictures crisp with a beautiful blurry background. MY IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d2jYU1qleU BLOGGER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS + TRICKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwlpjzrYc90 http://www.jessicawhitaker.co http://instagram.com/jessicawhitaker/ I JUST MADE A FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/jessicawhitaker.co/ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------ IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHY LIFE HACKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d2jYU1qleU SECOND SHOOTERS IN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY https://youtu.be/l5SiPr0JblQ 7 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY IN PHOTOGRAPHY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puv_ZYg1aUc WHAT'S IN MY CAMERA BAG SUMMER 2016 https://youtu.be/iVS4Qd_4dq0 HOW I EDIT MY IPHONE PICTURES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MoX1sdbCag BLOGGER PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS + TRICKS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwlpjzrYc90 HOW TO FIND + CONTACT MODELS https://youtu.be/jO8um_Tr91M HOW TO PLAN YOUR FIRST PHOTO SHOOT http://bit.ly/29w6tip WHAT TO WEAR: WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER http://bit.ly/29nup9v HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH MEN: JACK http://bit.ly/298zK2H MY FAVORITE CAMERA BAGS + BACKPACKS http://bit.ly/293CQ8H JUNE PHOTOGRAPHY Q&A http://bit.ly/1WYbW4C NATURAL LIGHT BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOSHOOT http://bit.ly/1UQ0fqs WHAT TO WEAR IN PORTRAITS http://bit.ly/1UbdLaL HOW I EDIT MY PICTURES http://bit.ly/1Z92XeD WORKING WITH MALE MODELS http://bit.ly/1XVFr6v MAY PHOTOGRAPHY Q&A http://bit.ly/1XdZ7lb FASHION + PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY http://bit.ly/1scaO0D HOW TO SET UP A PHOTOSHOOT WORKING WITH VENDORS + MODELS http://bit.ly/1SJaqzb WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY + BUSINESS Q&A W/ JENNY YARM http://bit.ly/23llomu 10 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY + NATURAL LIGHTING TIPS// http://bit.ly/1R1K2xm 50mm OUTDOOR PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOSHOOT// http://bit.ly/1QWmmh6 WHAT'S IN MY CAMERA BAG// http://bit.ly/1Vb1eWf ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------------------------- STALK OR TALK Instagram -- http://instagram.com/jessicawhitaker Twitter -- https://twitter.com/jessicaleigh206 Tumblr -- http://worldwarwhitaker.tumblr.com Pinterest -- http://www.pinterest.com/jessicawhitaker Snapchat -- jesswhitwells http://www.jessicawhitaker.co http://www.jessicawhitaker.co http://www.jessicawhitaker.co
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Text Comments (71)
Alexa Claire (4 months ago)
Here 2 years later haha... would you still say this is the best camera for beginner bloggers just wanting more captivating IG pictures & YouTube videos? Thanks!
Irfan Uddin (5 months ago)
Sedona5602 (8 months ago)
Canon is horrible the equipment fails. Never will buy canon again I had the t4i
Jessica Whitaker (8 months ago)
Arnold Gia (9 months ago)
Do you have any lighting suggestion for in front of the computer vlogs?
How can you actually advise anyone when you are NOT a Fashion Photographer (judging by looking at your portfolio) on this article..? Youtube is full of time wasters really..!!!
Jessica Whitaker (9 months ago)
boy i am also talking about bloggers but ok
Jessica Whitaker (9 months ago)
Liv L (11 months ago)
I am loving your videos recently. I've had the Canon T3i for a while and I am thinking of purchasing the canon 50mm lens. For now, I have the 18-55mm lens but I'd like to upgrade. I guess I am already on the right track :)
are these still your recommendations for new bloggers in 2018?? xx
Life Like Zoe (1 year ago)
I have a canon rebel t4i and I LOVE it. I did end up buying a much more expensive tripod because all the plastic ones I owned kept breaking and I like using my tripod to take portate oriented self-photos.
lazy laiah (1 year ago)
I absolutely love your channel as a (female) beginner photographer you really help and inspire me 😊♥️♥️
MsKaylaFierce0909 (1 year ago)
OMG I've been looking for you and this video for months!!!! I swear your a God sent. I've been wanting to start a blog for months and had no clue on where to begin looking for equipment. *instantly subscribed* ❤
Sahony Natasha (2 years ago)
what are your favorite presets? can you do a tutorial of those ? :) thanks.
FaycesandStack (2 years ago)
Very helpful thank you 💗
Cecilia G (2 years ago)
Hey! Love all your suggestions! i am a beginner fashion blogger. i wanted to know your opinion about Canon - EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm IS STM Lens?? Do you recommend for great photos??
Grace Jicha (2 years ago)
I have the t3i and 50mm 1.8 :) Glad to know I made a good choice for my investments!!
Sumayyah (2 years ago)
do you suggest the t3i over the t6 or t6i?? Thanks!
Marie-Christine Noel (2 years ago)
Hi Jessica what tripod do you recommend for professional shooting?
Sydney Currin (2 years ago)
Please tell me if you'd recommend the Canon T6i because I'm really wanting to get that camera as my first camera ever.?? I don't wanna make the wrong choice
Sara Fuentes (1 year ago)
what about the canon t6 ?
Almaaz Salie (2 years ago)
Sydney Currin yes! t6i is way better than t3i! 😄😃
Sarah Kozak (2 years ago)
hahah, I also put my cards in my phone case!!
Chris Johns (2 years ago)
i was waiting for a review and examples of the camera and pics but all i get is talk talk talk tallllk blah blah blaaaaaaaaaah :/
IAMCRYS (2 years ago)
Whats the difference between a rebel t5 and the t3i ?
Matthew Rare-din (2 years ago)
canon t6i/ sigma 17-50 2.8 🔥🔥🔥
High Vibrational Hasna' (7 months ago)
Matthew Rare-din What is the difference between that and the lens that she mentioned?
Matthew Rare-din (2 years ago)
plus good lighting lol
LEXPIX (2 years ago)
Nicely done. Keep up the good work.
Imakeulolx3 (2 years ago)
This was very helpful. thank you!
s j (2 years ago)
Do these tips work if your looking to get into portrait photography?
get it juli (2 years ago)
Hey Jessica! Just found you and got super excited when you said you're from Seattle :) Me too! Lynnwood whaaat lol keep up your good work!
Adriane B (2 years ago)
technology is amazing lol i giggle when u say that 😀. ..also love ur hat, i need one! and I really like ur "less me more we" banner thingy 😉 👍
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
hehe thank you!!!
Teevee (2 years ago)
How do you get other people to take pictures for you using your camera? How would you direct them?
Sofia Samos (2 years ago)
I suggest putting the camera in auto, and just guide them through holding down the button until it focuses. Definitely don't let them shoot manually.
C (2 years ago)
OMG how did i not know your channel 0-0 Loved it!!! subscribed :-)
Zooney L (2 years ago)
I can only find lightroom as a monthly subscription. How can i buy the actual software like before?
VanillaBlondie15 (2 years ago)
Zooney L Not anymore. Most of Adobe's programs are only subscriptions.
Joshua Caudell (2 years ago)
Hello Jessica, I have a Nikon D3200 with the Nikkor 18-200mm DX zoom lens and a Nikkor 35mm f 1.8 DX prime lens. I am thinking about getting the Nikkor 50mm f 1.8 or f 1.4 AF G for portraits. What would you recommend?
McKenlee Griffiths (2 years ago)
is this camera and lens combination good for beginner/pro photographers too?
Ron Harvey (2 years ago)
Most pros probably won't be using it. Maybe as a secondary body but it's an excellent bang for your buck camera. I still use mine every now and then and I've had it for 4 years.
kira (2 years ago)
i found someone selling a t3i in my area + the 18-55mm lens, charger, and battery for $250. I was thinking about buying a 50mm f/1.8 or 50mm f/1.4 lens to go with it, is this a good deal to go with for portraits?
Elizabeth Hahn (2 years ago)
as a young photographer this is so cool to see!! love your videos <3
ladylibra858 (2 years ago)
I love you. Let's be friends.
Jason Carreiro (2 years ago)
Hey do you have a video about your design school and what you studied?? :)
Evan @Goner (2 years ago)
ayy my exact body / lens , gonna upgrade all of it soon though bc gonna start expanding :)
Kimberly Sanchez (2 years ago)
Hey Jessica! Great video! I wanted to let you know that those discs that come with your camera when you purchase it bring some great programs like EOS utility that lets you use your laptop as an external monitor! That way you don't have to use a mirror behind your camera!
Libbalee Stevens (2 years ago)
Kimberly Sanchez you can also remote shoot. That's what i did in school.
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
Sarah Stevens (2 years ago)
hi jessica i love your videos! I've had my canon rebel t4i for almost 4 years now, and i feel like I have really improved in photography, so I was wondering what is the next camera you recommend I should get? I know you love the Canon 5D mark ii, do you think thats a good choice for my next camera? :)
Tylah Granum (2 years ago)
Hey Jess My name is Tylah and I really Really want to get into photography but I've been looking into your youtube videos and haven't really found one for like LEGIT beginners like what should your very first camera should be and how to edit your first professional looking photo I really enjoy watching you and the photos you take of people and would love to start photography but I literally have NO experience what's so ever can you plz help or make a video about this situation please, love ya lots 😙
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
hmm i would suggest some basic blog posts on photography! i have a lot of different topic videos for beginners but if those don't help deff try google! :)
Rachel Cooper (2 years ago)
Love your videos!!
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
thank you!
Elishia (2 years ago)
This was super useful and interesting! I always thought that Lightroom would be too expensive so I didn't think to check it out... will do now! Also, I did my first shoot with a model out in Central Park yesterday and it'd be super cool if you could go and check it out on my blog, your feedback would be super appreciated :) www.englishgirlinnewyork.org
Jessica Whitaker (2 years ago)
that is so awesome!
Yliana Morales (2 years ago)
I love your videos Jessica! This video made my day because randomly I have already that camera, lens and tripod and I was like yaaaaaas girl! ❤️👏🏻 can you do a video of recommendations on how to frame in a right way subjects on a photo? Sorry for my bad english I'm do not speak it on a daily basis 😝
Lana Savarese (2 years ago)
i love your channel so much
Kissa Webb (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video. I have a 50mm Nikon. I love the depth of field and the quickness of it. I'd love for you to check out my travel Vlog. Thanks for sharing
Travis Kraft (2 years ago)
Keep 'em cumming.
The somalian shrek (2 years ago)
Travis Kraft. 😂😂😂
The somalian shrek (2 years ago)
Travis Kraft W
sarahrachele (2 years ago)
Can you do a video about how you export your images for web and for printing?
Anna Maria Rinaldi (2 years ago)
You're always so nice, lovelyvand usefull. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
Manohar Thorat (2 years ago)
thinking about to buy sony a7 ( as it is a cheap , affordable & "full frame " camera ) should I go with it ?? or go with other mid level DSLR ? like nikon D5300 or any other suggestions 🤔 I would love to hear you suggestion :)
Dante Corbett (2 years ago)
MAHFUZA SHARMILI (2 years ago)
luv ur photography style!! I wish I could work with u!!
Braidyn Nepine (2 years ago)
thank you. ❤ you are awesome.
Braidyn Nepine (2 years ago)
thank you. ❤ you are awesome.

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