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Something STRANGE Is Happening In America! You'll Never Guess What It Is!!!!!

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Something VERY WEIRD Is Going On!!!!! On the morning of Wed., September 27th, 2017, mysterious metal towers in downtown New York began to pop up at local tunnels, and soon enough they’ll appear at bridges too. Situated at the entrances of New York City's Queens Midtown and Brooklyn Battery, these metal towers have already sparked major warning alerts. Especially when Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) officials claim to know little about the towers — even though over $100 million has been funded into such secrecy projects. Interestingly enough, the MTA was founded by none other than Nelson Rockefeller, back in 1965. And, to make matters worse, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota claims that “the base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.” That means the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also has a hand in this… Not to mention how these towers could also include high-tech capabilities, including facial recognition — all for the purposes of what CBS calls: “anti-terror technology.” Another major event to note is the 45-foot statue of a naked woman that could be coming to the National Mall for an extended stay. Organizers of the Catharsis on the Mall event are trying to raise funds to transport the R-Evolution sculpture from San Francisco to Washington D.C. in time for this year’s event, scheduled for mid-November. So far, organizers say they have received approval from the National Park Service to have the structure on the grounds of the National Mall. It would stand next to the Washington Monument and face the White House. “R-Evolution is Deja Solis, a woman standing in her strength and power … expressing her humanity; how she feels when she is safe, when she can just be,” organizers said in a description of the sculpture on their fundraising page. They claim that the statue is meant to challenge the viewer to de-objectify women and inspire people to take action to end violence against women, and is looking to raise $90,000 to cover the transportation costs… The sculpture would remain in place for over 4 months, until spring 2017. But The Question STILL Remains… What Are They REALLY Getting Ready For?!?! THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR DECORATION! PLEASE SEEK YAHUAH AND HIS TRUE SON YAHUSHA — BECAUSE IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME!!! ALSO SEE — MORE Artwork In America, Featuring JUDGMENT?! https://youtu.be/SKcUboaCn3Q LEARN MORE! Metal Towers New York CBS: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/09/27/mysterious-metal-towers/ SN: https://sputniknews.com/us/201709291057795358-new-york-city-metal-towers-mystery/ 45-Foot Woman Statue, Washington DC NBC: http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Meet-the-45-Foot-Woman-Set-to-Stand-on-the-National-Mall-448321253.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_DCBrand USA Today: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2017/09/29/heres-why-45-ft-tall-nude-sculpture-coming-national-mall/718238001/# Washington News: https://wtop.com/dc/2017/09/45-foot-tall-nude-woman-stand-next-washington-monument/ Catharsis On The Mall (About): https://www.catharsisonthemall.com/who-are-we/ Spying, Mind Control Tactics Intellistreets: https://intellistreets.com/ Intellistreets (Catalog 2017): https://intellistreets.com/Intellistreets%20Catalog.pdf Utility Camo: http://utilitycamo.com/ NSA (EFF): https://www.eff.org/nsa-spying Wikileaks (WP): https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/03/07/why-the-cia-is-using-your-tvs-smartphones-and-cars-for-spying/?utm_term=.57a847190130 NSA Spying (EVPN): https://www.expressvpn.com/internet-privacy/guides/nsa-spying/ Equifax Hack: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/equifax-hack-hits-credit-histories-of-up-to-143-million-americans/2017/09/07/a4ae6f82-941a-11e7-b9bc-b2f7903bab0d_story.html?utm_term=.7aa44bfe042f Scientific American (Cell Phone Towers): https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/mind-control-by-cell/# Project MKULTRA (Behavioral Modification, Mind Control, CIA): http://www.nytimes.com/packages/pdf/national/13inmate_ProjectMKULTRA.pdf
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Text Comments (1492)
Cruz Tlatenchi (28 days ago)
Lucifer the suppreme
John Surratt (1 month ago)
I'll bet they can zap you dead
John Surratt (1 month ago)
FBI is the terrorist in most casses
Prudencio . Morales (2 months ago)
Naked woman statue facing the phallic symbol. Haha ! Might as well put two huge cement 🐴 balls at the bottom of the Washington Monument. 😄
Lillian Williams (2 months ago)
They've been put in strategic places in Philly, Pa. for years.
F33ZZY215 (2 months ago)
Do u kno the locations of these towers??? So i can go and video it and see in person what it really is
They can already see you in your own home why do you think that they made everyone get new TVs they see you and hear you. Oh yeah the whore daughter of Babylon naked woman King Cyrus left the gate wall open for the persians and meads to attack the people through the flood gates of Babylon. Bohemians were the Turks Assyrians the fake German Ashkinazis Get rid of all the lost tubes for the good of all reduce the finger print footprint. Oh I saw a video MK ultra it is definitely real poor people finally got money for what they did to them Canada. Video on YouTube. Wow. Sometimes I can hardly stand or believe it. God help us. Pray without ceading repent know Jesus the word that became flesh the bible and be baptized now. God be with you all. Low I Am with you even unto the ends of the earth. Jesus promised.❤
20/20 (2 months ago)
Everything is Smart or Super. Dialectic mind transference technology. Control with keywords.
Rebecca Singletary (2 months ago)
These Government and Roman's Catholic's need to stop all this foolish and stop trying to hurt people and their families everybody need to get out of Christainity that's why they are doing us the way they do, as long as we under their rules believing in them, that's what they want, the same people's that do won't to take in on what being say, is true, and they still set in their older ancestor's ways being hard headed, that's exactly how they going to be scam for those chip's cause the more the true is coming out, and the Government know it,w and seem like our people are getting that's much more hard head, don't want to wake up, ain't but a fe
Rebecca Singletary (2 months ago)
ain't but a few that are listening, and when you tell them what the YouTube to listening at, first thing they tell you don't believe what you hear, those people just want to be pay, for telling lies, and when they come across something than they texts you, and say I want you to go on youtube and listening at so so, and than when you get all into it and search for yourself and you tell them about it, I wouldn't go no deeper into that, and they be the one telling you about it, if they want to stay in this Christianity what the Catholic's is doing, that's them, when the devil's start going up in these Christianity Churches I don't won't to be settling up in it, and can't get out, that's where judgement will begin in Churches these preacher's think it's a goid thing, but it's not how can you go by a Bible, that was made by the Roman's Catholic's and they don't Honor what they rewritten their self, so all i won't to know, why we serving a man name Jesus that don't exsist, and they don't and they are the one that came up with their on God, I read up on how they snoop on everybody who was trying to warn the people about the truth but the Roman's would found out and go out and hurt them, for spreading the truth that's why we stuck in this danger mess call Christianity, but I'm getting out of it
Kc Tennant (2 months ago)
In Your Face Fraud & Corrupt BAR Associates/Vatican Agents... You Tube Kenneth Tennant
Valerie Howard (2 months ago)
I think it is a siren. You know that piercing siren that stops you dead in your tracks? Wouldn't this be a way to make people passive when they try to rise up?
Caiphas Mahlangu (2 months ago)
I would like more of this Israel flag meaning. They say the is six point star of David. Please expand. Shalum
dark window (2 months ago)
Project blue beams 👿👽👹
Lisa Timbreza (2 months ago)
So why spy on us can't even use our bathroom in our own home with out being watch .. What finding the true disciple of God that lead us to God and Jesus.. To save us all. Since God is the original world order. Just that we all need to let go our own understanding ..God take control. We all would be safer if we all let God control thank you God bless be safe lot's of love Lisa Timbreza
Rajev (3 months ago)
America needs revolution.
Mimi Baldwin (3 months ago)
5G New World Order Tracking System
Christina Roman (3 months ago)
Thank You for Your video!$90,000 for a Statute of a naked female to be erected next to "The Queens Needle"! A Black Egyptian Queen at that! While No Love, Money, Trust Fund, or Any Resources for HenriEtta Lacks Estate nor her Family for The Heinous Atrocities committed against A Beautiful Black Female! She was Crucified, Sacrificed like so many in Hospital Experimentation. Hela Blood Cells are the only reason why all of us are Alive now. The Real Living Blood, The Fountain of Youth,The Holy Grail! John Hopkins, USA, The Pharmaceutical Corps, Militaries, & Many Gvts. around the World, Public & Private Corporations and Investors have Profited off The Cruel & inHumane in-depth Vivo Experiments on her which yielded them their precious & sought after "Fountain of Youth, Holy Grail & $$$$$$$$$$... Hela Cells are The Real Living Blood!!!And not 1/1,000,000,000 of a Penny or any Resources has been paid, granted, given to her Family. It's been almost 70yrs. & Still No Apology, Regrets Compensation. She is still being Kept Hostage, Extorted, Raped, Bred & Exploited by The Same Blood Suckers today! At least her Soul must be Released!! Thus, I wish in my Deepest Soul that immediately, every Entity who have &is Exploiting, Experimenting, Benefiting, Making Money, Profiting, and Feeding off HenriEtta Lacks Flesh & Blood, Experience Loss of Their Minds, Resources, Family and Everything!!! Suffer with Unrelenting Grief, Excruciating Pain, And then Experience a Miserable & Most Violent Death as was inflicted on Her!! Just to hear about this Awful Cruelty done to her is Damaging to my Spirit & Psyche!And, Also I'm tired of All the Evil Acts, Jealousy Unaccountability, Mischievousness, Disrespect, Coveting, Lies, Theft, Rape, & Murder done to 'Black People" in This Nation & in This World! Succubi Parasitical Fiends Be Gone! Be Finished! NoMo!
Robert Moore (3 months ago)
Something strange has been happening in America since 1913. Yes the world as we know it will end someday. Are we living in the end days? Probably, but so was our grandparents. Is the US government for the people? Uh no, of course not. Are they planning something evil? Absolutely! Can you do anything about it? Yes of course you can. But you won't. You won't because the only real solution is government takeover. But not one, not a single one of you will quit your job, arm yourself to the teeth, get a million others to do the exact same thing. And then takeover our Capitol. Re- establish the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Put the dollar back on the gold standard and abolish the federal reserve and IRS. None of you are willing to do any of those things. But you are willing to get on these platforms and argue over who's right, who's wrong, who's better, who's worse. But nonetheless you're entertained and well distracted. So who has time for a revolution right?
Suzane Greenberg (3 months ago)
The plans include a total which includes nano bio spraying(yes all of us have this disgusting fibers) we need to do the red wine test to see this as shown on youtube. The unimaginable thought this is is a genetic lab made cross domain species that nanowires attached into the an body to make it controllable by frequencies and wavelengths.A full deployment of all the latest research to take us over which must have been very much preplanned in secret.
Veronica Thomas (3 months ago)
They are going to get their one world government but TMH is going to destroy it!!
Shawn Ferguson (3 months ago)
WiFi - world, International, Federal eye🤔
janetta ward (4 months ago)
Radiation towers.
patricia lloyd (4 months ago)
What's Trump doing about it? 🤔
maria610421 (4 months ago)
If they are spying on you wear disguise, its simple if you are a woman dress as a man, how difficult is that.
maria610421 (4 months ago)
Rothschilds and the criminal elite wrote in the New Testiment, that they plan to concrete over the whole of England, and they are concreting over everyblsde of grass, and claim its because of Homeless People when the homes they are building which homeless person could afford it. They are concreting over the country to ensure they starve the Nations to death, i food do not grow out of concrete. Birds droppings do not germate seeds on Concrete. Rain warter have no where to go but flood homes, so what is the criminal elite planning to d they are planning to destrot the UK, via floofing and starvation.
Robert Miller (4 months ago)
This was a year ago, any info on what those towers and what they do?
Wilson Brooks (4 months ago)
this faggit rants alot, he never knows nothing definite he is always in suspicious of everything ...he NEVER EVER has nothing solid, not worth listen
lucky sol (4 months ago)
lucky sol (4 months ago)
lucky sol (4 months ago)
lucky sol (4 months ago)
Paige White (4 months ago)
I absolutely love your videos.🙌🏾 You seem like a good person who TRULY wants to Help ppl. Your EMPHASIS Voice, on the other hand, though 😳?! ..🤦🏾😩 😖
Wtf missed that I’m usually on the free bridges
Barbara Hayes (4 months ago)
What go a round comes a round Trying to put you back into slavery
SH Hood (4 months ago)
5G updates, our phones are not capable. So, you'll need a new one capable with the new G's. Big Brother updating. Utah server downloads for the Alpha boys.
vonshango (4 months ago)
the fact burners can even be considered for any statue in the DC mall is a big clue to bohemian grove occult who rule over the military media hollywood technology banking academy lawyer culture complex.
MAryanb Jacobs (4 months ago)
but there still a lot of dems
Glitterbox Glitterbox (4 months ago)
Just like big brother
Glitterbox Glitterbox (4 months ago)
But why and how the dishwasher? That’s just creepy to me.
Glitterbox Glitterbox (4 months ago)
She looks like an alien to me though?
bertha yellowfinch (4 months ago)
The security of the American people IS vital. After reading a lot of the postings, I do not understand how the security items translate to religious beliefs. Believe it or not, if the American government were as sinister as many are claiming they are, they'd be out of office in a heartbeat. Maybe I missed something in my overview. I dunno, but it just doesn't make sense how all the belief attachments are hanging on to this security issue.
Sego Ayah (4 months ago)
Also itcouldbe a systemnot TV connected to the same power source even generally used bythepublic?
Deli Cruz (4 months ago)
We need to sign a petition and move forward with the paper process because if America succeed with this tracking no one in the world he said they can blame things on people that you do not want to rise I will be able to control who succeed and will not succeed
Yonnie Taylor (4 months ago)
Keep digging for the truth but realize the creator of the heavens and the earth is in charge of everything and not man! Every knee shall bow every tong shall confess Jesus is Lord Amen
ray med (4 months ago)
Moron we need them wow
Jacqueline walker (5 months ago)
Jay Bledsoe (5 months ago)
So they'll waste their time to spy on us an for what reason though cause it seems like we're fucked either way. They need to spy on people who's already in the system like criminals.
Enlightened Hummingbird (5 months ago)
Predictive programming, indeed! You do realize that the scrolls / bible were written by the "illuminati", right? That was the first predictive programming in history. There are scrolls locked away in the vatican...why? The bible has been changed over time by members of the elite...think king henry VIII...why? The bible has been used as a weapon; to control the masses; create unrest & war amongst us, why? That was the sole purpose of its creation. OF COURSE what's written in it is coming to pass...that was always the plan! And you're buying into all of it. Sad. People need to start thinking for themselves. Enough with the programming, wherever it may come from. Wake up people!!
Dominic Hester (5 months ago)
2019 hello
Romey Black (5 months ago)
the glitches with Verizon....yeah glitches right. good video
AncientofDays1 (5 months ago)
It appears this figure is facing forward. If so, the hands are backwards. Very weird and suspicious indeed!
shawnette W (5 months ago)
This is crazy!
James Oneal (5 months ago)
I'm not understanding as a people we are not stopping these people at all. And we are the ones paying them Tsk a damn shame
Teresa Thompson (5 months ago)
robert schroeder (5 months ago)
Yahuah -yahoo-yaaahooo-ya-who? Sorry Pedro, u have been Decieved !
Chantal Jarry (5 months ago)
Learn to clean your egregores
Chantal Jarry (5 months ago)
The ruling cabal shows you all how wealthy they are and how they don't care about any of you. They created a great matrix that you all worship without arguing it. You follow it all, their religions, laws, greed of control...you think you're smarter than them and can destroy them when the time is right? Think twice and more...they are very smart, this plan of them started thousands of years ago if not more. You need to know you have free will. Why don't you all stop following their controlling system that is enslaving you, make you become poor and making of your life a hell on earth?
Chantal Jarry (5 months ago)
They are getting ready for HR8791
Debbie Lane (5 months ago)
could this be the 5G
Pamela Perry (5 months ago)
Why I'm like hearing stuff around me and I'm not the only one that's here in it it sounded like tonight like I was on a only boat
Oleg Petelevitch (5 months ago)
jet li (5 months ago)
It's idiots like you we should spy on, record your phone calls, and watch your worthless videos because YOU ARE NUTS!
Texas Toothpick (5 months ago)
Ooooh, the lady of liberty is gonna so jealous.
timothy moore (5 months ago)
SlavaStev1 (6 months ago)
The world is too big for anyone to control entirely so it will never work.... it hadn’t worked since the beginning from old Babylon to today’s new Babylon.... that’s Vatican controlled USA... it’s prophesied in the Bible that new Babylon will be destroyed at the end....
The labeless (6 months ago)
why don't someone tear one of those little basterds down and find out what's in it
Void Time (6 months ago)
Sister STFU (6 months ago)
Me looking at thumbnail and then the title: *”dawg wtf IS going on tho? Statue pissing fire?”*
Guillermo Barragan (6 months ago)
Coulda sworn that was freeza
graham Staunton (6 months ago)
I’d say it ‘s disfent CO’s space has god no what CO’s I feel like they are on the way 2here (PlantedEARTH),,or a Maget 🧲shift on planet EARTH,,,🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎love from IRELAND 🇮🇪 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪 nun here in IRELAND (Yeat...!!!!!!!)
Christoph Rydzewski (7 months ago)
i had to sign a paper for ohio pmha for help one of the papers was domestics against womens rights. im like whats this for im a single father with my 2 children. because my ex was abusing my kids. so please explain why women think only they can be victims. this women cut me and hit me in the head with a hammer. i left after few years and my kids were targeted. i try explaining to the goverment'' on the issue since shes the mother it didnt go no where. had to be actual abuse to the point cps took them out. to much racial and sexiest in the united states. everything here we prop to create small groups on everything. to target things making ourselves look more bias
Rae (7 months ago)
Cell towers
Eric Hood (7 months ago)
Damnit they got you with the hormone laced similac
methead lee (7 months ago)
all this spying they need to find our abducted children!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Smith (7 months ago)
Dont download the Root app. It's a GPS to track you
patchris07 (7 months ago)
Yes something is happening to America. It's falling into Satan's hands and liberalism is leading the parade. Homosexuality is praised, Sin is praised, lying is praised, gluttony is praised, etc etc. Liberals did it to late Rome and they are doing it again. We may be the clay and bronze feet in Daniels interpretation in the Kings dream not Europe.... We shall not cleave. Do we really looked cleaned before or after liberalism sunk it's fangs into our education system? Do we look cleaned when we have naked homosexuals parading around the streets with their dick out in front of children? Or colleges attendees walking around with dildos and cock replicas tied to their book bags? Do we look cleaved as a population while liberalism makes a certain part of our population a victim? We are truly living in the days Noah spoke of. Let me ask you, are you a Christian? You better think long and hard before you answer that. I suggest days and days of self contemplation while in your abode alone with the door locked. Check your browser history, check your heart, mind and body. I'm sadly going to sat 99.999% are truly not Christians. Just because you say it doesn't make it so. "Doing good deeds" is not enough. Sin, repent, repeat, sin, repent repeat, is not being saved. I sin, I repent and i struggle, but do not repeat. God's waiting for you. Now that said, let the whataboutism and hate flow.
Monique Cambero (7 months ago)
Filthy AMERICA IS DONE! America is FINISHED. Modern day daughter of Babylon. I'm getting biblical breakdown under GOCC'S lesson. Clear edification during this end time. Take a look at those brothers and their teachings. You have nothing to lose. BIBLE breakdown according to prophecy. Bless you.
Ashton Jaye (7 months ago)
AWESOME brother!!!! They KNOW multitudes of people are already awake and are awakening “everyday” to THIER LIES and deceptions to hide the existence of God Our creator and the Truth that HE is our creator and that we know Christ is COMING anytime now to snatch his own faithful believers out of this hell on earth....! They know their time is very short and they must quickly usher in the NWO, they call it ‘space’ because that is exactly what they have put between us and our mighty creator........wake up people before it’s too late and you get pulled down with Satan......"COME LORD JESUS””. we are SO ready to go.
did all these happen last 2017? all i know is YAHUAH will be the only one WHO knows When. no need to panick just trust YAHUAH.
just Bfree (8 months ago)
I would recommend people get organized into groups of 5 or 10 families and also connected to five or ten other groups. And each groups has a place in mind to hide out in the wilderness where they have food and supplies stored in secret places. Do not store them all in the same location. Keep the groups organized and in contact but no groups are to tell the other groups or exactly you're hiding places are that way if one gets caught in the future they can't tell the enemy where everyone is. But you all need to be organized by county. And you need to start spreading fruit and vegetable seeds throughout the Wilderness for alternative food in the future. They will use starvation so you willingly go to a detention center and never leave well not with your head. Start now by finding 5 or 10 individuals or families who understand what is going on and have a plan of where to hide and where to stash survival food. Or you can do nothing and laugh at it and be absolutely screwed. Then we will see if you laugh. Get out of the major cities get out of the smaller cities. Work hard and make as much money as you can in the next year so you can buy supplies. So your house simplify get out into nature and don't put your name and address on any church membership or anything where they can track you.
Kathy Davis (8 months ago)
Yahushue is a Jewish name for god
president197961 (8 months ago)
JaQuedia Pye (8 months ago)
This shit was depressing AF!!!! 😞😞😞😞😞😞
Trams Am (9 months ago)
America doesn't need another pagan woman statue.
Tiffany Brown (9 months ago)
Art my Foot. The fake trees
rockymontana1 (1 year ago)
I have been watching the electric company and phone company RE-WIRE my entire neighbor hood.I'll be darned if I don't know what they are doing ,I just wonder how many others know what's happening.I get it and I know if I talk to someone asleep they would say I'm crazy.By the time they wake up to what they are really doing it will be too late.
MoonSunStars4u2 (1 year ago)
Could it be now they will take your guns?
Emma Zvesnik (1 year ago)
And they used to talk against communists and former USSR scaring people till they started hating others nations, after them it was Serbs who were this big monsters... oh don’t forget all those made up terrorists ..... every is such a big problem but look what they are doing to their own people and that’s all good.... they are the monsters and trying to kill millions in in US and billions World wide.... just so they can rule the easier over those who will survive after their big attack on humanity World wide!
Khaleef Merricks (1 year ago)
Come to Philadelphia we just got a few hundred of these thing installed on Broad st that goes from one end of the city to the next....... What are they?
j t (1 year ago)
Get the hell out of N.Y., little green men watching you from within.
Person of Earth (1 year ago)
I traveled from Australia to New York about 7 years ago. Beautiful city! I was very impressed by the black Americans who were very nice to us and extremely helpful.
Zog Darkchilde (1 year ago)
Thee Lynn Chase (1 year ago)
I subscribed before and just found YT had unsubscribed me. Re- subscribed. I received a notification from FB today telling me about their facial recognition!
Brian Graves (1 year ago)
The naked lady statue is great but she needs a bigger ass.
Lawrence Speed (1 year ago)
Its sonic weapon is to keep you in and control riots your mind ache and your ears will bleed !!!!
Am not against security in is totality if this will eradicate shooting at school ok. spending so much without result that is not acceptable.
Jelly Bean (1 year ago)
Sorry wemon I'm confused you do have equal rights it was the goverment that made the wemon not equal and now there are 3 wemon to every man so what's really going on
Jelly Bean (1 year ago)
The people need to take down the towers because people it will be used against us be ready and God bless everyone that's awake and that will awake
Mel Donovan (1 year ago)
They say her PURPLE reign arms are open, and she is nude ready to receive a male phallus...THEY don't say that she was raped. The truth about the living God. She was rape. As Mother Earth is still being raped of her natural resources by wicked self~proclaimed elite! No more raping the divine feminine!! Party over, Oops! Outta time wicked! Your GREAT deception is finished! She didn't welcome evil. They invaded her. The GREATEST sin in the UNIverse. Your whole Ai lot are erased for it!!! All no mercy for NOT one! Ala speed.
throw11rst 2 (1 year ago)
When I'm not checking on the condition of mankind. My phone is turned off and in a drawer !!!!!! Yes your SMART PHONE IS WATCHING YOU WHILE YOU PLAY WITH IT. DAMN IT WAKE UP
throw11rst 2 (1 year ago)
I dunno about y'all but I have got rid of my TV. I only use my smart phone to look and see whats up out there and what the Nations are up to. I do not have facebook and will not !!!!!!!!!!! No snapchats and alllll of that. It is all by Evil design for a reason. This is the time of Evil. And. It wants to win. It wants to fool people. It wants to decieve. It wants to corrupt your souls so badly that you will think Evil is Good and Good is Evil. That's happening all over the world. Just look at it. Evil hates us... Satan wants as many as he can get to damn them so God can't have them. And they put this in front of us. Do we rebuke it? Nooo we are accepting it hour by hour by hour by hour and soon there will be no turning back from it. It will be in control for a short season to just push us into the fold of Damnation. The second death the death of your soul ! Hes coming for it. And You Will Make A Choice. BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU CHOOSE WHOM YOU ACCEPT WHAT YOU ACCEPT. WE ARE IN DEEP CRAP PPL. WAKE UP AND CALL ON CHRIST WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. PRAY PRAY PRAY BECAUSE THE TIME OF THE GREATEST EVIL DECEPTION IS HAPPENING RIGHR NOW RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU !
throw11rst 2 (1 year ago)
If you dont want to be seen taking a dump dont take your smart phone in the bathroom with you !!!!!!! Or dont keep a tv in there. Ya never know Evil may enjoy watching us unclothed... Showering, taking a piss or a dump. Yeah... Its real. They CAN SEE YOU !

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