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Sweet Potato Starch: Thick Vs. Thin ☯️ The Best Yet! (See Description)

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Golden Buffalo Sweet Potato Starch This is the best brand I have tasted so far! I purchased both 16oz (1 lb) bags at an asian grocery store for 1.59. *Disclaimer: As you can see the at the bottom of both bags the ingredients are labled tapioca starch. However, in my opinion they did not taste like tapioca starch at all. Maybe its a combination. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Thick: It has a earthy taste and you taste a hint of sweet potato. The texture is gritty, crunchy and yet still powdery. Thin: It’s like biting into a cloud ☁️! The texture is so fluffy and silky. It also has a hint of sweetness like the taste of a marshmallow. They are both the perfect balance. I enjoy mixing them together, to get the blend of both textures. Thanks for watching, until next time...
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LaNyecia Powell (5 months ago)
Get Out Of Your Way (6 months ago)
I would put salt on them, and eat the whole bag in a day.
Makeupn Sparkle (6 months ago)
The thick one is sooo good with toasted coconut chips

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