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Subnautica - Today we visit the inactive lava zone and see what the Sea Dragon, and Sea Emperor are truly about. Then we contemplate life's most difficult questions. Subnautica Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ1DrWkyCrWDJIFt-liabMRiXMU3p8hQ7 Game Link: http://unknownworlds.com/subnautica/ Subscribe: https://goo.gl/V6gaNV Follow Me on Twitter: https://goo.gl/dRN9Nc Follow Me on Facebook: http://goo.gl/MWTv5x Don't Follow Me Here: https://goo.gl/XXRJ7Z Outro Music: Alan Walker - Fade (NCS Release) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM7SZ5SBzyY
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Text Comments (394)
Saber Slayers (6 months ago)
Clean shaven oompa
Johan Fisher (1 year ago)
you should cheat a baby sea dragon in your tank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you attack the sea dragon they will act like a ghost and charge through everything
Steve Bartos (1 year ago)
No it looks pretty yummy to me too
Yes I enjoy lava
Wolflord9899 (1 year ago)
Dude alien planet anything is possible lava no damage water fire alien planet your welcome
Potatoman46 (1 year ago)
yummy lava
Hilarious gamer (1 year ago)
I love lava
Unknown Subscriber # (1 year ago)
... I'm so dumb no one has seen this in a year
Unknown Subscriber # (1 year ago)
Btw HOW WANTS MAGIC ༼(∩ ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡ ͡°)༽⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚ Papa Is handing it free 😂
Unknown Subscriber # (1 year ago)
I like to get kinky 😂😂😂
Black Goku Williams (1 year ago)
have his way whith me 😂
paul savage (1 year ago)
If you go to the active lava zone you'll see the sea dragon outside sea emporer inside you'll see what I mean
mŕ bøñęş (1 year ago)
lava dose look delishis
lol oompa, you are not taking damage because your in creative.
Massive Nonce (1 year ago)
Measar no like tat
Ender Gnome (2 years ago)
the reason why he likes the biome is because that's what the depths of his soul looks like
Kevin Cannon (2 years ago)
Kevin Cannon (2 years ago)
Clock Work (2 years ago)
The sea dragon now breathes fire XD or if this is the sea empoer I don't remember
Clock Work (2 years ago)
No wait it's sea dragon
epicdemon 443 (2 years ago)
dragon Ball z? 😰😰😃
Christi Callaway (2 years ago)
I eat lava all the time
Kid Gamer (2 years ago)
+Oompavile DUDE TYPE IN sub aurora AND THEN look behind you >:33333 (it's not Spoopy its awesome)
Willow Shirrill (2 years ago)
Stop bothering mister XD
Willow Shirrill (2 years ago)
"Scappy" another term for scared and happy:)
Pusheen Boss (2 years ago)
"It looks like cookie dough"-Papa oompsie
GDS Zombie (2 years ago)
He can breath lava
yo homie NYAN CAT 952 (2 years ago)
he looks like duke fishoron
MWV(MrWhichVantor) (2 years ago)
Anything shiney or deadly I think would be appitiseing as well
Savish Goat (2 years ago)
10:00 into the video until you relive what you went down there to do
Green Leaf42 (2 years ago)
molten rock
Azrina Abdul Razak (2 years ago)
Azrina Abdul Razak (2 years ago)
STeLTHy-W0LF 74 (2 years ago)
Please show us how you cheated items in survival mode
Charles Doll (2 years ago)
the fuck!
Isaiah Rabalais (2 years ago)
In the lava biome there is a person
Babe Baseball (2 years ago)
oompsi dude its inactive lava not active
plantifire (2 years ago)
the lava biome is under the ship
Lara Cage (2 years ago)
https://soundcloud.com/kamakazi/seadragon hear the Call of the Sea Dragon Leviathan
Lara Cage (2 years ago)
Make light stick
Daniel Guerrero Jr (2 years ago)
no I find lava appetizing too
Daniel Guerrero Jr (2 years ago)
abriella marie (2 years ago)
your better than pewdiepie
Rodolfo Simiao (2 years ago)
That is not real! The Humans can't dive more than 1000meters, their bones would be crushed!
Shade (2 years ago)
Well that is true but, it's an alien planet Earth Science doesn't apply.
Swirly Manager11 (2 years ago)
You dont know what games are umm you never heard of vidiogames
Mason Romero (2 years ago)
people who dont know what games are
caroll alvarado (2 years ago)
Srooy bad tpeying
caroll alvarado (2 years ago)
Becase he is not full dellamet
caroll alvarado (2 years ago)
Yes you are😑😑
Wither Dragon094 (2 years ago)
How do you spawn in items?
Aspen Wolf (2 years ago)
the Sea Dragon loves you
jose acv2 (2 years ago)
Mesa jarjar jida lord
Caleb Little (2 years ago)
papa oompsi your my favorite youtuber i watch you every day <3
AntraKx (2 years ago)
they both look like toys, for the moment they are not cool looking at all
CatGaming 320 (2 years ago)
7:20 I think its obsidian
Michelle Smith (2 years ago)
the sea dragons home is the lost river biome not inactive lava zone
Shade (2 years ago)
no it's the Sea Dragon den in the Black castle in the Active lava zone
Michelle Smith (2 years ago)
the sea dragons home is the lost river biome not inactive lava zone
Caleb Gladiator (2 years ago)
it is metamorphic rock
Kelly Archani (2 years ago)
oompz experimental & do item reef back egg
Gerard Cinquegrano (2 years ago)
your awsome ompvlille
Teo Kracke (2 years ago)
mesa do likey this video
Plasmatic 0 (2 years ago)
Crystal Thornton (2 years ago)
Lava pod racing
Anonymous 8754 (2 years ago)
papa oompsi best name 2016
no your not alone lava is apiticing
conks13 (2 years ago)
Papa! new sub here, love the videos man in the F3 debug console theres a setting for Water Volume, you can uncheck that and you can see clearly like theres no water
SearingBash (2 years ago)
The lava didn't hurt him because he was in creative
SyNeGy Neo (2 years ago)
pls go back to your save in survival! that was my fav sav!! "imma go swim over here now!"
that black rock lava is called obsidian!
Geglyko (2 years ago)
Oompa reply to this and I will give you a giant melon with a little melon on the melon
Rhys Gliddon (2 years ago)
papa oompsi can have his way with me :3
GOW vZeta (2 years ago)
+oompaville I feel like lava is appetising to me to..
irene mcgarry (2 years ago)
im jealuous.
Rhys Gliddon (2 years ago)
+oompaville OMG YOU REPLIED!!! HI
oompaville (2 years ago)
+Rogman Glid lmao ok!
Manapotion (2 years ago)
The emperor is not going to be hostile, since he will probably be held captive by a secret oganisation. You have to save him. i hope it's something like the secret organisation has the sea dragon and you the emperor and you'll battle
Swirly Manager11 (2 years ago)
You mean the precursur
ZBdude149 (2 years ago)
Can you shut the fuck up and get on with it?
Neziah Pizarro (2 years ago)
I never said that to you. ZBdude149 did.
Neziah Pizarro (2 years ago)
+Septiplier Away the fuck did I do?
Neziah Pizarro (2 years ago)
+ZBdude149 and you can't wait 3 miniutes
Neziah Pizarro (2 years ago)
+ZBdude149 and you can't wait 3 miniutes
Ammar Mus (2 years ago)
hahaha lava rock glitch
Kelman Fidelio (2 years ago)
Guys They Added A Cheat Code In Subnautica
Winter Cold (2 years ago)
"haters gonna hate,and just keep swimming just keep on going" papa oompa 2016
TaylorPlayz ! (2 years ago)
I would shuf that shit in my mout iff i didnt know iff it clyld kill me
The Admiral (3 years ago)
Finally I'm not alone XD I have always thought lava looked tasted but idk why XD
Trust The Trash (3 years ago)
No me too
Alcopup (3 years ago)
Alcopup (3 years ago)
im only a young kid and i love swears SHIT
TikTok cringe videos (3 years ago)
The sea dragon doesn't have animation though
vitor cunha (3 years ago)
go fuck yourself
Qsk echo (3 years ago)
Oom you will think there scary there not full scale
will-Ev (3 years ago)
now at this point they share AI scripts and neither can die the script is actually the reapers .... dragon has a death animation but right now they are invincible also that isn't the size they will be much bigger... you can get there through caves in the deep grand Reef , the lost river and through a cave under the Aurora
lucien henderson (3 years ago)
I like to eat lava 2 it looks like liquid candy
silent gamer (3 years ago)
there will be creatures in inactive lava
Ender urban5002 (3 years ago)
no i have the same problem
oompaville (3 years ago)
+Nicholas Gillam-jenkins Oh ok! Haha
Ender urban5002 (3 years ago)
both live in lava biome and bone fieald
ssj Soro (3 years ago)
wait you love to eat lava, do mean ice cream.
oompaville (3 years ago)
+Rico Hamilton Both haha
NCR Veteran Ranger (3 years ago)
The lava castle isn't even a castle, when I first heard about it I was so excited, then I saw it Not impressed by rocks
TheZomBlivion (2 years ago)
+H4XS Gaming they haven't finished its design yet
ShipMasterX010 Elite (3 years ago)
Lava taste good
douweddouwed - (3 years ago)
U kinda look like me, and u have the same humor as me. Ur f*king funny
CRISPY CHICKEN (3 years ago)
theres a lost river biome
MrKnanook (3 years ago)
MrKnanook (3 years ago)
it's ogneous
MrKnanook (3 years ago)
MrKnanook (3 years ago)
I find lava appetising too for some rrason
Mr K (3 years ago)
I heard the Sea Emperor was Passive also
Juniiperu (3 years ago)
You can drink lava. It'd just.. Hurt.
GhostDelta3 (3 years ago)
Does somebody know when they get released?
Ron Armstrong (3 years ago)
play the main game

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