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How to ACTUALLY get free/cheap stuff from Amazon

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You'd be surprised at how much free and cheap stuff you can get on Amazon while helping small businesses. Electronics, kitchen, makeup, and other products are easily accessible if you know where to look. In this video, I share one resource I use to get products. Sign up here: https://lkme.cc/nND/oQZ7PbW5L Read the article version here: https://thegeekskills.com/get-free-cheap-stuff-amazon-vipon-discount-codes-promo-code/ My Camera Gear: Canon G7x: http://amzn.to/2we4tr6 Zoom H1: http://amzn.to/2fWq8gL http://www.thegeekskills.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thegeekskills https://twitter.com/thegeekskills https://www.instagram.com/thegeekskills/ About This Video: In this video Brian H from GeekSkills shares how he gets free and discounted gear from Amazon. If you're looking for ways to grow your YouTube channel or just get free stuff, then check out this video!
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Geek Skills (1 month ago)
Read the article version here: https://www.thegeekskills.com/get-free-cheap-stuff-amazon-vipon-discount-codes-promo-code/
Shinobi Ninja (1 month ago)
Red Cannon (1 month ago)
doesn't sell a fallout 4 pip boy edition Xbox one
Red Cannon (1 month ago)
I meant on vipon no pip boy of fallout 4 code...
Rudo ndalaz (2 months ago)
Are clothes found
Frank Green (4 months ago)
any one want free products on amazon contact me
cacahuète Ha (4 months ago)
Hello everyone, you can find very cheap items on www.dealsgo.com, available for many countries.
Jonathan Urrutia (5 months ago)
Awesome man!
Nitro Charge (5 months ago)
You look like zach king and rice gum together
bio (13 days ago)
+Icy Endia ikr
Icy Endia (13 days ago)
Geek Skills (20 days ago)
+bio Thanks for clarifying!
bio (20 days ago)
+Geek Skills Zach king is a viner that went to youtube Ricegum is a hype beast that bullies people
Geek Skills (1 month ago)
Nitro Charge who dat?
Wendy Monslow (7 months ago)
Completely fake. Amazon does not allow this on their site any longer. You cannot receive anything free for leaving a review. It isa against Amazon policy and you can be banned from Amazon if caught. BEWARE!!
Geek Skills (7 months ago)
I don’t know how else to explain this to you. Vipon doesn’t require that you leave reviews. They produce a limited number of discount codes to buyers in order to increase engagement and traffic for businesses. Go ahead and buy a ton of products without leaving any reviews. Vipon won’t kick you off. Iono what else to say to you...
Wendy Monslow (7 months ago)
To clarify your statement about being within Amazon's terms, you obviously do not understand that although buyers are not offered free merchandise for a review; they are still offering discounts in exchange for a review. Maybe I will have to someday test just how many discount after discount offers I am able to snag without leaving any reviews, before I am shut out by Vipon for not contributing my input. On second thought, not worth my time because I already know the outcome of that test. Apparently you are going to continue to defend your lies. We could drag this back and forth forever, but I now am done with you because I no longer wish to waste any more of my valuable time on you. I do not have to explain or defend myself to you I managed to get my message across and I am sure I even scored a few points from unsuspecting victims. You, on the otherhand, will have to continue to conjour alternative no meaning reasons why you are able to get to sleep every night and not be struck by the darkness that lays inside your soul. I would rather be broke than compromise my own and so many others well being, than to continually tell one lie after another. Each lie has to be covered up with another lie until eventually, you have told so many lies you begin to forget who you told which lie to......That is why people like you that promote by any means and leave out the human factor of proper business ethics, just to make a buck, fortunately are not in business very long, and that is a proven fact. The unfortunate side of that is there is always another scum to take their place. I believe I will stick to Amazon prices because then I will always be welcomed on the site. I have an Ebay store and sell all of my merchadise to everyone for the same price. If I want my product noticed, I simply have a sale that is offered to everyone that purchases that item on sale. Then I can freely beg anyone and everyone to leave a possitive review any time I feel like it because I offer the same discount to all. I have been selling on Ebay for almost 2 years, have never ever received a negative product or personal review from anyone. And guess what? Outstanding customer service skills, satisfaction guaranteed quality, never comprimizing your core business ethics for any reason, and treating each and every customer as if they had just given me a million dollar order, no matter how much they spent, will generate the best quality of product traffic that is repeated traffic, again and again and again. Now that is the true key to success! https://www.ebay.com/str/fludderbyes
Geek Skills (7 months ago)
...apparently you didn’t understand the explanation. As I said in the video, it’s true that Amazon won’t let you receive free product in exchange for a review. What VIpon does is it provides discounted and/or free product primarily to increase traffic on their products, raising them in Amazon search results. You’re allowed to leave a review, but it’s not required. Vipon operates fully within Amazon’s terms since they’re not offering product in exchange for a review. I encourage people to leave reviews in this video even though it’s not required because it helps Vipon get better deals for customers. However, again, I emphasized that YOU’RE NOT REQUIRED to leave a review since that would be in violation of Amazon’s terms. Lastly, in order to get the discount you need to register and the site provides you with a coupon code. Once you apply the code at checkout you’ll see the discount applied. It’s pretty simple...
Wendy Monslow (7 months ago)
And you don't even have to sit through a boring sales pitch video for this information!
Wendy Monslow (7 months ago)
I did watch the video and I don't think I quite caught your explaination of the "free" feature as you "ACTUALLY" claim in your title. I checked out the site you are directing people to go to, thinking that because you include the word "free" in your title that this site "ACTUALLY" will tell them how to get that "free" stuff you claim they can get. Also, as I mentioned before, if Amazon finds that a seller or a customer has received or given a review in exchange for merchandise, be it free or heavily discounted. they wiill ban you from Amazon. Just because you buy it off of Amazon through another site, does not constitute that Amazon permits the actions. Maybe some of you should click on a discounted product on this site and then click, "view on Amazon". I was "ACTUALLY" not suprised that the discount price offered was not present when I got to the ad on Amazon. The price was "ACTUALLY" full price if bought directly through Amazon. Check it out!
nile njarackal (8 months ago)
Is it available in India?
Johnny Nguyen (6 days ago)
nile njarackal yes
Ervin Mciver (8 months ago)
can you do mine
Tony Nguyen (9 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $4153_real money from this_amazing website>>>>pypmon.win/?shgLN0 Try once.
Cool Guy73155 (10 months ago)
Hey man I like that you want us to get cheaper stuff and I like the video but can you get me 10 ps4 card
Rob Kusel (10 months ago)
You deserve more subs
Geek Skills (10 months ago)
+Rob Kusel thanks!
Shelima Whyte (10 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $2153_real money from this_amazing website>>>>freepplmoney.win/?nMa0lT Try once.
The Sniper (1 year ago)
EmoTi.on.s (2 months ago)
+The Sniper toxic kid get a job when u grow up
The Sniper (10 months ago)
this is abuse lmao
The Sniper (1 year ago)
Geek Skills SHUT up with your stupid shit
Geek Skills (1 year ago)
Those are the current Coming Soon FREE offerings. You can see a timer for when they'll be released. They're also updated everyday and the selection varies so I advise you to check back every so often.
ILOL Z (1 year ago)
Can u get me a ps4
ugalde (3 months ago)
Why everybody wants free stuff🤔, so many lazy people out there.
Geek Skills (11 months ago)
Thanks! I hope they help
Stephen Tbn (11 months ago)
Geek you are so kind. love the vids
ILOL Z (1 year ago)
Ard thxs man hope u get famous
Geek Skills (1 year ago)
Maaaan, I don't even have my own. Tell you what, if I ever rich and YouTube famous I'll hook it up.
DeeTRix GAMMing YT (1 year ago)
Sir I need a jbl headphone I am from INDIA CAN YOU HELP ME
Geek Skills (1 year ago)
If I had some to hand out I would. I don't have any pending for giveaways but I do have an action camera giveaway coming up!
Sam Overall (1 year ago)
The Pheonix Gaming (1 year ago)
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Desma William (1 year ago)
TRY THIS OUT ITS THE REAL DEAL : http://MyWeeklyJob.com/?ref=8493
DA BEAR (1 year ago)
Thanks homie
Geek Skills (1 year ago)
For sure!
Jonathan Choi (1 year ago)
Very informative. Thank you Brian! Not sure why you aren't being viewed more!
Geek Skills (1 year ago)
Appreciate the compliment! It's all good. Substance before marketing, right?

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