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Short asian man fights drunk guy in a subway

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Look at him go.
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flipz yt (22 days ago)
The women!!
Joel Lam (22 days ago)
Good Charlie
MaR 1001 (1 month ago)
All of you guys are bastards... fucking little son of bitches... human scum who kick other people in the face while they are lying on the ground and especially all the freaks who are filming. I hope you will lay down there and being helpless one day shame in you guys... and even the comments... humans are disgusting
Michael Lewis (3 months ago)
Someone fucking KO that old witch
Plan B (3 months ago)
asshole xd
Plan B (3 months ago)
bitch xd
V I (3 months ago)
He got whooped by Nick Nack. Fucking midgets.
PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS (3 months ago)
Lmao. The funniest fight I seen for today. Im glad short guy beat the fuck out of that drunk fuck.
David H (4 months ago)
What you mean move ? I kick you assss makafacka lol
陳阿明 (4 months ago)
Chow Chow beats Saint Bernard, especially when Saint Bernard is drunk.
bruce lee (5 months ago)
That big guy is so wake
StarryEyedBanana (5 months ago)
Hasanali Maknojiya (5 months ago)
I impressed short man
CBD Iggy (5 months ago)
he peed on igloo
Zyac Cholly (5 months ago)
as an asian i have to say that s funny
Zyac Cholly same, I’m asian too and I think its funny lmfao 😂
Zyac Cholly (5 months ago)
no hates
Bley Bley (5 months ago)
don't do it charlie hahaha
BigPopsAnt (7 months ago)
That’s my Charlie
Frankie Sum (7 months ago)
White supremacy
Beat that drunk up don’t have no mercy on that mofucka
Draco Malfoy (11 months ago)
I lost it when someone in the back said ”WORLDSTAR" 😂😂😂
eYeKeepsitReal (1 year ago)
holy fuck so that's what it looks like when a 4ft asian guy chokeslams someone through a table.
ZOZ here (1 year ago)
Dylan Watson (1 year ago)
Rizk Marshall (1 year ago)
Ohhhh i got scared at all when he start shittt
John Doe (1 year ago)
That's right. Muslims telling kafirs to walk away!
Edgar Avelar (1 year ago)
Very funny lol.
Karasi UAE (2 years ago)
i wish i was there .. i will put that shorty asian under my foot
PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS (3 months ago)
I would have help him out but I can tell he would smack the shit out of you alone.
Jeffy is cool (6 months ago)
As long as you were there, this asian man that is talking to you right now will beat the shit outta you..
NikeBoxx Frsh (1 year ago)
No u wouldn't
Winter Beeds (1 year ago)
U fucking Arab when Arabs fight u fight with ur sandals and slap each other watch it on YouTube u Arabs are the biggest pussies when it comes to fightinf
Winter Beeds (1 year ago)
U ain't gonna do shit fucking faggot internet warrior
happykin6 (2 years ago)
Is not chinese at all
Korean Peninsula (2 years ago)
Native Eskimos not Asians.
987 Bruh boy (3 years ago)
The dwarf dogeater and his girlfriend taking confidence at the end lmao stupid kunts need to be roasted
K Jones (2 months ago)
So said the pink skin Cheeto dust
Ikscdm Degi (1 year ago)
I'm an asian. I want to agree with you, but you're making it hard for me.
John Ng (1 year ago)
Corleone got beat up by short asian guy before
987 Bruh boy (2 years ago)
@Kawaii Chick ikr brah but the truth needed to be told
Hyungwonho (2 years ago)
That's really racist of u to say dogeater :/ u could've just said Asian end of story.
ItsYourPhamHiep (3 years ago)
world STAR
TheScotchaholic (3 years ago)
Fucking blacks ALWAYS on the wrong side! Why didn't he stop the drunk from harassing the couple? Only after they righteously defend themselves and are justifiably furious?
H b (4 years ago)
this is one of the funniest videos ive seen on youtube
Equalizer Rule (4 years ago)
That is funny. 
Peter Liakakos (4 years ago)
wow that dragon lady is scarier than the short Asian guy.... at least the Asian guy was just defending himself..... the lady though............... she seems twisted.  damn
SUOMI SUOMINEN (3 years ago)
+Brian Ngo You racist
SUOMI SUOMINEN (3 years ago)
+Brian Ngo Fuck you
Peter Liakakos (3 years ago)
dirty moves are scary hehe! it's one thing to be ko'd in a "fair fight" it's another unsettling thing to be jumped by a coward or group of cowards when you least expect it.  watching this video I am actually mostly pissed at the lady with the dirty cheap shots than anyone else in it. @Harakan21
Harakan21 (3 years ago)
@Peter Liakakos Not really, she comes in at the end when the guy is already be taken down by short guy. Dirty moves nothing scary, cool thing that young brother broke up their dirty tricks.
Project Pems (4 years ago)
Now you know why asians are actually terrifying forces of hatred behind that mask with tiny eyes
Iki Da (4 years ago)
pacquiao!! yes!!
Harold Em (4 years ago)
The black brothers sound funny when they recorded the video. ..
Joshua Manzanares (4 months ago)
There fuckin stupid love seeing get there ass whooped by asians they talk to much
Daniel (4 years ago)
@Harold Em white man is trying the asian man and got knocked out, black man comes to help, while the brown man is recording, we have em all right here lmaoooooooo
Enilehcodram Ramlised (4 years ago)
LMAFO he got his ass kicked and stomp that's one reason you shouldn't mess with those asian in New York
PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS (3 months ago)
Or in any other part of America
Bobbius Shadow (1 year ago)
that wasn't in NY, it was at the Atwater Metro station in Montreal
Little big Gamer (1 year ago)
Enilehcodram Ramlised nah guy was drunk would have been a different story if he wasn’t
herociouz (4 years ago)
Mr. Miyagi is back, bitches
Razib alam (4 years ago)
What food this tiny man ate?I want to eat it.
Razib alam (3 years ago)
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Razib alam (3 years ago)
@mys teri hey i am from bangladesh.here people eat rice too.haha.what is your name?
Razib alam (3 years ago)
@mys teri i know~:) i was just kidding.haha which country you are from?
namaste (4 years ago)
beautiful seoi nage judo throw
James Seo (4 years ago)
Zhi Jiang (8 months ago)
They are not Chinese. More like some South Eastern Asians
impact glory (4 years ago)
Pacquiao lol thought the bitch was going to stop it.. And she went and stopped on his head... Lol dirtbag
Sou Lee (4 years ago)
Racist calling him Charlie. 
Nico Longus (5 months ago)
Sou Lee maybe that’s his real name
Mark Davis (4 years ago)
No mr fodo, no please don't send me away mr fodo... That little man lucking it wasn't someone in their right mind, because I reckon he would of got the meanest ass wiping of his life ...
Beautiful Indigo (4 years ago)
Gai no no no no!!! I love that part lol
GDKD14 (4 years ago)
lol first of all he is drunk he isn't 100% aware of what he is doing and the second everyone can beat someone drunk.
Filipino (4 years ago)
Koying Herlo (5 years ago)
Back it up clumsy gaint
MegaHobo Joe (5 years ago)
i would of beat the asian and the old lady if i walked by that. I hate people ganging like that.
PUNISHER of PINKO PEDOS (3 months ago)
MegaHobo Jow I would of beat the shit out of you since you like talking shit about that
Rishi Rai (7 months ago)
@Winter Beeds He beat you up.
Mr. Hyde (7 months ago)
and what would you do if it was two big black guys beating up the guy? You wouldn't do shit, you pansy bitch.
Winter Beeds (1 year ago)
U ain't gonna do shit white boy
Paul Engelen (4 years ago)
@MegaHobo Joe Indeed hahaha

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