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How to Pray in Tongues

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On this edition of Spirit Church, David Diga Hernandez helps you to break through 4 common obstacles to flowing in the gift of Speaking in Tongues. Become part of the Spirit Church family today: http://www.davidhernandezministries.com/join-spirit-church/ __________ Partner with David here: http://www.davidhernandezministries.com/partner/ Make a one-time donation: http://www.davidhernandezministries.com/donate/ __________ Purchase your copy of "Carriers of the Glory" here: http://www.davidhernandezministries.com/product/newrelease/ __________ Upcoming Events: http://www.davidhernandezministries.com/events/
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Encounter TV (1 year ago)
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+Thecla Bewah I bet u would...
Thecla Bewah (11 days ago)
I will help out
Ana Mic (1 month ago)
+Victor Francis have someone speak in tounges on ur dick....
King James (1 month ago)
Baby I wish I could speak
Lethargy (1 day ago)
When I speak in tongues it sounds like Arabic or Kazakh but i myself i'm African.... when you speak in tongues it feels like something is burning inside of you like a fire igniting and the words just flow freely like you don't have to sit and think about what to say it just comes out :)
Jesse Tate (3 days ago)
Last Sunday got baptized in the Holy Spirit was hours later in the shower with worship music on started to speak in a few of sentences in tongues. But I felt Holy Spirit told me fast cause I got pride ego looking crazy or afraid of getting kicked out of the house I’m living in. More of pride overthinking ego fear sounding crazy
Kosta Koutsouvelis (3 days ago)
Thank you so much! I developed them! God is really above all of us, He is our Shepard and King. I thank Him from the bottom of my Heart that He has sent people like you - who can help us be one step closer to Him! ♥
Gente Admik (5 days ago)
Very balanced teaching. God bless you!
Katie Carroll (6 days ago)
I spoke in tongues at church yesterday, but was confused on how to continue doing it. I have been over thinking it so much. I did receive it again with the help of the Holy Spirit and this video.
Jesse Tate (6 days ago)
I able to pray in a few sentences in tongues
Melanie Fulton (9 days ago)
What if my tongues don't sound like others??
King Mufasa (12 days ago)
Sorry, your Kundalini Spirit wanting money can stay where he is. Keep your evil spirit for yourself! I pray in JESUS name NO ONE EVER GETS YOUR EVIL SPIRIT LISTENING TO YOU!!!
Selma N Iifo (13 days ago)
Thank you very much for this video. It help me to understand that it's the Holy Spirit helping me, praying for me. Woow!, its amazing and wonderful to pray in tongues.
Jei97 Jei (13 days ago)
tnq pastor l feel gods presence as you prayed tnq jesus amen
Sylvester Birchem (14 days ago)
Nobody can learn to pray in tongues. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
Olivia F (16 days ago)
I received it!!! Hallelujah!!!!
The Messenger (16 days ago)
You are blessed and highly anointed. I pray God moves through you with you and for you to do that of his will. I bless you through Jesus name Amen.
The Salt (17 days ago)
TO GOD BE THE GLORY! THIS WORKED FOR ME! I’m typing this with shaky hands my spirit is so joyful there is a warmth in my heart I can feel even now. I was just making sounds at first. And I noticed I wasn’t letting my mind submit - still trying to rationalize. Then I focused on Jesus’ face. I started imagining his actual face. Then I focused on his love, while my eyes were closed in my imagination I saw this force and presence coming at me from him, then those mumbles I forgot I was even speaking turned into tounges. I started speaking tounges with tears down my face. I know this is the Holy Spirit, my heart is joyful so joyful so joyful. God is real. The Holy Spirit is real. I never thought I could do it but I did and it was REAL. Thank you God.
Maricela Valverde (19 days ago)
I am here to Testify...🎤🙏🏼😇🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 THANK YOU MY BROTHER IN CHRIST FOR SHARING THIS VIDEO! I have been praying to receive this gift. I have been doing communion in the early morning hours, I asked for this gift yesterday morning. My sister began just a couple weeks ago and urged me not to give in asking while in prayer. I watched this video last night... I have been feeling the Holy Spirit welling up inside me and last night it overflowed from me... I began speaking in tongues before this video was over. I also prayed again in tongues this morning... I could feel it and now it's over flowing... When you said try to speak a few words... I did and the Holy Spirit took over from there. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ and may God bless you brother🙏🏼
Jen Yang Estil (19 days ago)
All this time I’ve been fearing about praying in tongues. A fear and doubt that the words I’m saying are just gibberish and that I’m making it all up. I asked for God to give me the gift of tongues and prayed with my hands up out of surrender during the prayer session in this video. And it was indeed a warm feeling, and tears came falling down my eyes while knowing and feeling someone is saying, “Here it is.” With love and gentleness and authority over me. Then I began speaking in tongues. The feeling is incredible and just joyous. And overwhelming that my mouth just utters words and sounds. I believe in faith that THIS is from Him, from the Holy Spirit. And I cast out my fear and over analysis of things. Thank you Lord God for this gift! And for leading me to this video. :’))) Thank you so much for the people who made this video.
jay stevenson (22 days ago)
I did not understand it till you explained almost every point that was holding me back. I now understand the logic and reasoning behind it. You made it clear for me. I NOW speak in tongues!!! Praise God. Thank you David.
Mary Aubour (22 days ago)
I speak in tongues right after God bless you
Gerard Miller (23 days ago)
Yeas I wich you knew what it means to speak in tungs. If you can understand what the meant , its different languages. Not to just bable like no other person can understand. It's different languages.
crystal words (23 days ago)
Be careful = Acts 5: 32 And we are His witnesses to these things, and so also is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey Him.” 1st this Acts 5:32 and then this Luke 11: 9-13. Many "believers" scandalize the other believers with their behavior = 1Corinthians 11:5-6, 1Corinthians 11:14, 1Corinthians 14:33-37, Deuteronomy 22:5, 1Timothy 2: 9-15, 1Timothy 3:11, 1Peter 3:1-7.
crystal words (23 days ago)
Romans 8: 26 = 1Corinthians 14: 2 For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries. <<for no one understands him>> = Satan and all the demons don't understand and they do not like it at all because of this he is fighting the tongue, because = << 4 He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself,>> The Apostle Paul didn't said to the Corinthians that they have Satanic Spirit inside them !! Apostle Paul said = <<23 Therefore if the whole church comes together in one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those who are uninformed or unbelievers, will they not say that you are out of your mind?>> and gave to them instructions (and of course to us all), how they-we must speak with tongues. BUT you all, you judge the others and you say that the believers who speak with unknown tongues have Satanic Spirit inside them. So, now God will take action, no more words from the children of God, their answer to you all is this = 1Samuel 15: 23, Mathew 18: 6, 10, Mark 3: 28-30 If someone wants to receive the Baptizing with the Holy Spirit and speak with tongues = Luke 11: 9-13 also watch good videos = "Gift of Tongues - A Heavenly Language", "PROOF SPEAKING IN TONGUES IS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE BIBLE" As for the rest, they are dead for us = Mathew 8:22, Mathew 15: 14
france Hyppolite (25 days ago)
Thank you for the wonderful lesson. God bless your ministry. Thanks to your wonderful teaching i gained more understanding about praying in tongues and started to practice it and ever since i feel wonderful. For so long I've been waiting on something to happen before i could pray. But now i know better. Amen
Patricia Hernandez (25 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this wonderful message. Blessings
Kelvin Dwyer (1 month ago)
Wonderful teaching!
Deborah Sun (1 month ago)
Do you think we as Christians should pray together in tongues? Or to pray the language everyone can understand? I am in a small group which pray in tongues, some of the ladies like to share their vision afterward. I don't know whether it is the right practice. Please let me know your idea.
Walk with kim (1 month ago)
I'm new to Jesus as of a month ago. I'm saved. I lay hands and people get healed. But, why do my hands tingle every time I pray?
Ernestina Dennis (1 month ago)
God bless u pastor David I have learnt alot now I can speak in Tongues boldly
Craig Bratcher (1 month ago)
Tongues are a sign not for believers but for unbelievers. Cor 14:22
Craig Bratcher (1 month ago)
Utter chaos envelops churches when people break out in this gibberish. Writhing around like epileptics. The Holy Spirit doesn't cause one to lose control of his faculties and speech. When the apostles spoke in foreign tongues (languages) they never learned they simply revealed the word of God. And they surely were not thrashing around like they were having convulsions.
J.Michael Rager (1 month ago)
The Bible is clear, the Apostle Paul said he wished we all spoke in tongues, but we should desire to prophecy because the one who prophecy’s is greater than he who speaks in tongues! So many people speak in tongues without 2 or at the most 3 to interpret this gift! Act 2:4 was for that one day to preach the gospel of Christ, it’s the least of the gift! There is no need for the Gift, “ only if it edifies the body of Christ!” Or when you are alone in your prayer closet praying in tongues! So many people don’t have a clue of the contex of scriptures! When people are in a gathering or assembly and speaking in tongues is evident and the whole church is doing it, the Bible is clear that if there is no one to interpret it he should remain silent! Period! I was a C.O.G.I.C. Believer and I knew when they taught that you don’t have the Holy Spirit because a person does not speak in tongues is a false and dangerous doctrine to teach. According to the scriptures, Not KJV becomes this Bible is garbage the translation is way off! King James was a Homosexual and was into bestiality and preferred boys over women! This gift of speaking in tongues has been so easily manipulated by the enemy that everyone does it out of context of scripture via the kundalini spirit! Satan runs the churches today and until we the church gets back to basics then the judgment from God will be so great that we won’t know what hit us! It will start with the Pastors first and then down the ladder! The Saints of the church needs to hold the Pastors accountable for not teaching the correct context of the scriptures!
Andra Andrada (1 month ago)
I En (1 month ago)
David Diga! Always edifying me
Andy Vara (1 month ago)
There are no obstacles. God is open to all and speaking In tongues has been misconstrued. Read your Bible and read the Bible in the proper way by understanding the content, context, and time frame. This is crucial the understanding when actually speaking in tongues was a real gift. Speaking languages to be edifying to others not as we are speaking into the wind.
Hemalatha M (1 month ago)
I'm eagerly longing and desiring to pray in tongues to walk with God and to talk with God. Please pray for me brother. I'm Hema from India.
Hemalatha M (1 month ago)
Thank you brother.
Mighty Christian (1 month ago)
what bible translation does he use in this video? anybody know?
Maggy8007 (1 month ago)
I watched the video, tonight February 12th 2019.....I believed.... I started worshiping and The Holy Spirit took control!!!! I Mararet Flowers RECIEVED the overflow!!!!!!!!! You can too!!! Just believe!!!
Sara Croughan (1 month ago)
Yes thank you
borneo chips (1 month ago)
Please pray for me.. My whole family.. My husband my children's.. Amen.. Halleluya
You people know it's just gibberish right?
Mary Suma (1 month ago)
Thanks a ton. Glory to God..I certainly could speak in toungues
Deka Mohamed (1 month ago)
I really want to recieve it Pray for me .
Neyda Nguema (1 month ago)
Thank you 😊I just started speaking in tongues last two weeks immediately I watched the video. Thank you 😊
javed younus (1 month ago)
Praise the Lord !
Littlemisspretty (1 month ago)
i just started crying.....
Skie 143 (1 month ago)
I asked for the gift of tongue before and God gave it to me months after I asked Him to kill the sinful desires that I have. I was on a prayer meeting at that time desperately interceding in prayer for our country until I got no more words to express and the Spirit prays instead of me. God is so sweet <3
Alshayn Heruela (1 month ago)
how to pray in tongues?
Johnson John (1 month ago)
Ask About It (1 month ago)
But will you know what you are saying?
VICKY OLIVAREZ (1 month ago)
Letlet Tubban (1 month ago)
Glory to God it's so nice preaching and I want also receive the gift of God that I can speak and tongues because speak and tongues is the power weapon to rebuked devils through say that I love to worship God.
Dana Abaya (1 month ago)
It is the Holy Spirit's job to give you the gift of tongues or not. NO ONE CAN TEACH SPEAKING IN TONGUES! Every Christians have different spiritual gifts, not everyone can speak tongues. Even Jesus didn't speak tongues. DON'T BE DECEIVED.
dandelion babie (1 month ago)
(EDIT: only 20 minutes later after finishing this video and I'm speaking tongues. God is great.) I crave to speak in tongues and I feel that I have been given the gift but I overthink it and I feel something deep inside that I'm struggling to getout, please pray that I be able to speak the gift of tongues
Akshaya Ammu (1 month ago)
I received thank you lord ,I am really happy .praise the lord ,thank you brother david
Den'z DEN (1 month ago)
I am living all alone in the house for 1 and half years, I am nit afraid and I am felt with love, even I am alone I can feel the happiness and joy in my heart, I always do pray in toungue with all my heart, and in everything I do I always seek God first, when I do pray tears slowly came out from.my eyes tears of joy.I always thanks God in everything through Jesus Christ I am.saved and I have a peace mind and heart through the works of the holy spirit I was able to.pray the correct prayer..thank you for sharing this will add more on my understanding..God bless
Manuela Melton (1 month ago)
Maybe someone will answer this question... I was just spending some time with the Lord, worshipping in the Spirit, praying in tongues. I had an overwhelming desire to whistle...not a song, but like a bird...normally I can't even whistle. But I had to whistle... I couldn't help it! I felt like my lips would fall off if I didn't whistle! What in the world???
Sophiya Bhoire (1 month ago)
Gloria Sanni (1 month ago)
I'm 31 YEARS old, single mother with kids,.
Gloria Sanni (1 month ago)
Please pray for me here in Germany, A SINGLE MOTHER WITH KIDS, seeking for a life partner, A God fearing loving husband, to care for my kids and love me also for eternity in Christ Jesus.
Hema Rajan (1 month ago)
Boakye Augustina (2 months ago)
Honestly speaking, i love this very teaching...u made my day Pastor Pray for me to have it...speaking in tongues
adale dovih (2 months ago)
Very nice preaching. I'm sure many were blessed....
Alan Crook (2 months ago)
HHow to pray in tongues. Drink WHISKY!
Jonathan Underwood (2 months ago)
I became a new creation in Christ 24 years ago. I’ve never spoken in tongues and I’ve always been confused about speaking in tongues and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it ever in real life. I’ve seen a few people that I’m very confident were faking it, but I’ve never seen it and known it was from God. After watching this video, I don’t feel like I’m any closer to understand it. I sincerely ask anyone who is reading this comment to pray for me about this.
Encounter TV (2 months ago)
Hello, My name is Michael Hernandez, I am Davids brother. I pray that the Lord would bring clarity to your heart regarding this topic. Standing with you, Michael Hernandez Head of Partner [email protected]
suzan kyarikunda (2 months ago)
I thank God for I have received the gift of speaking in tongues
Xcel157 (2 months ago)
How do I know if my tongues are genuine.
Agnes nyawira (2 months ago)
I didnt speak but am gonna keep listening to this message over and over again. I loooove your teachings. From Kenya
Hi, someone who is in my church who confided in me that they were indulging in oral sex with another man then started praying in tongues within 5 mins of telling me this, is of God? I don’t think that the Holy Spirit can dwel in a temple that commits these sins! It sounded no different to anyone else doing the babble thing. Please help explain this? Many thanks
Chris Lowery (2 months ago)
I remember my little boy wanted to speak in tongues so badly but when he prayed for it he would find his self thinking he didn’t want to die. Once I asked him what was on his mind when he prayed, he realized what he was doing, the very next service he spoke in tongues when he prayed with his friends
Daniel camero (2 months ago)
Everytime After attempting to pray in tongues, I start crying. I feel like I’ve accessed a new channel of intimacy with God. 🙏🏽
Paula Greco (2 months ago)
Yes I believe Australia
MaddyFR (2 months ago)
Please pray for me to recieve the spirit. Thank you
Daughter of KING JESUS (2 months ago)
The enemy knows how powerful our prayer language in the Spirit with God is. In fact, Satan usually perverses what God creates. Satanists and witches have their own languages with Satan. We cannot be asleep. Satan would love it if we didnt receive this gift! To receive the gift of the tounges is so powerful; it is a gift from God! Our Father gives good gifts. I recieved the gift of tounges as a young child in my bedroom. Yes, I had to utter myself. I had the lights off and started out worshipping in the secret place. I began to pray in the Spirit, and I felt His sweet presence so strong. I began to practice this after. It's been over twenty years, and I'm so grateful for my prayer language with the Lord. There is no doubt that it is what the Word says it is! I have so many testimonies from praying in the Spirit! Thank you, Lord, for the gift of tounges! We must change and become like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. :) Make us children, Lord!
Patsy Alanis (2 months ago)
Much needed info. God bless you.
Randy Mueller (2 months ago)
Amazing. God has sent men to teach men how to speak in a language and interpret it. Thank goodness. What would the Holy Spirit do other wise without a "spirit church". When peter stood up to address the crowd, alone he spoke. And, they all heard him, because 3,000 were saved. What tongue did he speak that all 8 of the countries standing there heard him in?? Did he speak greek?? Hebrew? and they "heard him in their tongue"? Was it than a "hearing" miracle? Did he speak diverse divers tongues all at once or say what he said, as we can read it in english, multiple times so they all could hear it? You sir, misinterpret the scriptures and mislead saints.
Molly Katherine (2 months ago)
Praise the Lord I can speak in tongues!! Hallelujah!! Thank you for your guidance, Brother David! Oh I’m so happy I could cry!
mimix ltd (2 months ago)
thank you so much , i just received the gift, this is my second time watching this video but the first time nothing happened , i am doing a 21 day fast started 2 januari and i was asking for this gift for so long and it finally happened . i was born and raised as a moslim and got saved a couple of months ago I gave my life to Jesus because He give his life for me I am ready and available to get used by Lord
Christy Wright (2 months ago)
It's becoming more fluid Brother David this is the first time it's ever been so effortless thank you for your teaching and instruction I want to listen to it again praise God!
Joby Devasia (2 months ago)
Hallelujah, Wonderful message. In Christ, Pastor Joby Devasia Holy Spirit Revival Church Muscat
Rosy Bai (2 months ago)
Very beautiful message about holy spirit
Virginia Fernandes (2 months ago)
This video enlightened me and the holy spirit blessed me with the gift of tongues
ScorpionKid991 (2 months ago)
Thank you so much! I love God ahhhh I’m so happy. I did it!
L King (2 months ago)
I too just watched this video, and began to speak for the first time!!!!! Praise God!
Britney Sbeards (2 months ago)
I believe 90% or more of every single person claiming to be speaking in tongues is a fake and a Liar!!! https://youtu.be/_sYGs44idvA
Britney Sbeards (2 months ago)
1 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing. 4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." So, I really have to ask you, do you really speak in a special tongue? If you do, do you bring some special revelation to the Church? Do you edify the church or yourself? I have never know a single person in all of my days that truthfully spoke in tongues or truly understood what it means. I believe that the Miracles died with the apostles. Or shortly after. Prove me wrong, and please spare me empty words, or sharp reproaches to my inquiry, because even the Apostles were given reproof. Paul had to correct Peter's actions and call him out on something he was doing he should not have been, he was shying away from the Gentiles and sitting and eating with the Jews exclusively. Paul had reproached him. We are instructed to question and to test teachings and teachers and spirits. The Bereans even questioned one of the Apostles. They questioned everything. So again I will ask you in truth, do you really speak in tongues? And if you do, who do you edify? Yourself or the church. Do you speak to God and not Man? Then you should remain quiet and speak to God yourself. If you speak to Man, how many speak in tongues, two or three? And do you have interpretation, and do the words you speak spread the Gospel? Do they bring revelation? Does your actions attract non believers? Or does it make them think you are crazy? Speak to me in truth and tell me and all of us publicly the answers to these things. Because I do not believe that modern men speak in tongues, because if they do, answer this, would all men be given the same gift, identical to one another? What would that benefit God or Man? Would it bring clarity to the Gospel? Would it spread the Gospel? Or would it bottle up the wisdom of God and contain it in some unknown tongue that only you or an interpreter understands? Would God seek to conceal his message, would the Holy Spirit operate counter to his goal and conceal the word rather than openly and freely express it in many tongues that men could hear and understand as the Apostles did when they spoke in different Human Languages that men could understand? And who do you edify? I don't wish to insult you or even slightly seem to desire reprimand you in even a shadow of a cast thought or supposition. But I do question your authenticity as I question anyone and everyone who claims to be working Miracles or speaking in some tongue that is a supposed gift that was given by the Holy Spirit, because many wolves are dressed in sheep's clothing, many men are charlotans and many men are liars, I don't claim that you are any of these things, but in the spirit of Truth I ask you to reveal yourself and your motives, and to assert the truthfulness of your claims.
Naima Khan (2 months ago)
After your lecture and prayer i have started praying in holy spirit tounge but i have only 2or 3 wotds
monica dunor (2 months ago)
Cheve Cheve (2 months ago)
Guess Im the ONLY Christian who watched this video like "REALLY!!!!!!!!"🙄.... I guess all sinners will watch this when they see the heavens open up just in time to make it in. No matter what life they've lived, relationship with Jesus, prayer life, spiritual power, etc. they have it made. God might as well permanently lock up hell. Nobody will be lost thanks to this miraculous video. This also proves the bible wrong concerning the path to destruction being wide. The comments prove how many REAL Christians there are. I DO believe a language will be on your tongue that God will bring forth BUT through HIM in his timing not via a guy becking you on. Im shocked and disappointed. 😱😱😥😞 (P.S. those about to comment against me, my thoughts STAND!) sad....
Tshepiso BornAgain (2 months ago)
ohhhh Jesus, OH GLORY TO JESUS. I JUST PRAYED IN TONGUES 😭😭😭.... THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD! !!!! WOW, WOW THANK YOU JESUS. All the way from South Africa.
Fatima Kumar (2 months ago)
Amen 🙏
ebony holiday (2 months ago)
God led me right to this video and right afterwards I was determined that I wasn’t leaving his presence without speaking in tongues, and after a while of awkward mumbles I started speaking in tongues, God bless you sir 🙌🏽
Kimberly Unknown (2 months ago)
When he started praying in the end my mouth and hand went on fire and started moving uncontrollably. I’m not sure what this means but I receive this in the name of Jesus
Purity Kamau (2 months ago)
Thank you so much Pastor David always longed for this gift but I never seemed to get it. I can tell you how frustrating it is to feel like God doesn't want you to speak in tongues. After watching this today in my bed, I listened to you and I found breakthrough. Thank you so much. I would really love to be mentored as I am a growing christian. I am from Kenya. Thank you so much for I learn so much from you. With Love, Purity.
Naima Khan (2 months ago)
I was so worried why im not recieving gift of speaking in tounges but now i will remove pride fear and all the things you said and keep on praying
Vis Vis (2 months ago)
How to get Deliverance from holy spirit
Tice Rippy (2 months ago)
April Claire Centina (2 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Craig Jones (2 months ago)
I have been speaking and praying in tongues, but really didn't understand what was happening. Now i know! Thank you for the word.
Prav Een (3 months ago)
I wanted to know which translation did you use in the sermon man of God

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