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Groundhog Day For A Black Man

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When a black man lives the same day over and over again, he tries changing his behavior to survive a police interaction. Writer/Director: Cynthia Kao Cas (in order of appearance)t: Eric: Burl Moseley Officer 1: Ryan Stanger Female Officer: Celia Finkelstein Officer 2: Matt Cordova Officer 3: Marshall Givens DP: Cooper James Sound: Ed Spangler Editors: Cynthia Kao and Ryan Anthony Martin Special Thanks: Colton Dunn Londale Theus Jr. Ronnie Adrian Kimi Brown Dave Theune
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Text Comments (6893)
Purple (12 hours ago)
So over dramatic
FurryEskimo (20 hours ago)
I'm.. deeply conflicted over this.. I laughed, it's about a serious issue, it made me care about a serious issue, so that's all great! But is this racist? It feels racist.. It's trying to fight Real, Serious racism, but.. not all whites or cops are racist..
leying (1 day ago)
Too bad if you're a black man, you are MUCH MUCH more likely to be killed by one of your "Brotha" than a police officer.
slimking28 (1 day ago)
Do you have a fire arm? 😠 It’s in the glove compartment!😀 Can I se it?😒 Sure!🙂 Nooo! Fool!!😂 Blam!
cx45830 (2 days ago)
Is it ok to laugh at humour this dark?
troll gawd (2 days ago)
This is awesome.
Trap Kiyohime (3 days ago)
Re:zero in a nutshell XD
Ashton Rodman (3 days ago)
https://www.statista.com/statistics/585152/people-shot-to-death-by-us-police-by-race/ just gonna leave this here
Im Gone (4 days ago)
Most of this is partially true..
dwyth (4 days ago)
Im white. If not a last scene i'd give a like ;p It was funny ;p but last scene was racist xd
dwyth (8 hours ago)
+DiIseDabber well, the whole film is like "white kill black" and is like "only black can be friend of black", i dont mind first part but the 2nd is like "lol, no", maybe its not racist, simply "bad"
DiIseDabber (9 hours ago)
dwyth How was it racist?
Caden Dugger (4 days ago)
Any time anybody tries to bring attention to a contentious issue, you always see fucking idiots immediately dismiss it any way they can. They may say "this is exaggerated!" or "what about this (unrelated topic)". They may be technically correct, and they may not even be opposed to the message that is being spread; but the fact of the matter is that they immediately do everything in their power to undo that message by turning everyone's attention away from it. Just because something is satire does not mean that you can immediately disregard its message because it isn't up to your particular standard of accurate representation. Good satire should make people think about the issue at hand, which this video definitely does. However, some people are so *determined* to be offended that they flat out refuse to think about it by disregarding it entirely. Change will never occur if people continue to be ignorant.
TheVenator (4 days ago)
Now this is comedy
Iosif Dzhugashvili (4 days ago)
When people try to be political but its neither true or funny
Jason Stevens (5 days ago)
Camden Murphy (5 days ago)
too bad this doesnt actually happen
Zachery Everheart (5 days ago)
Honestly this could be a comedy movie, I loved it.
Phillipos Haile (5 days ago)
That was great.
Gregory Clark (5 days ago)
9.3K T_D people were here
Weightlifted (5 days ago)
White people are so racist they will do anything to be able to kill a black man. I love the message, it really brings us all together as humans.
Harshit K (5 days ago)
peoples history of the united states by howard zinn on the night stand, an outstanding book.
AutoDead (5 days ago)
Just like happy death day the movie Waking up back in your bed after dying A birthday
Lucas Alvarado (6 days ago)
What kind of bullshit is this
Celestial Dreams (6 days ago)
I'm black but.... DO YOU GOT A FIREARM???!?!?!!??! IM SO SORRY
Celestial Dreams (6 days ago)
....aweee that's sad but hilarious...
SSaul (7 days ago)
Just fucking kill them
Jeremiah Harrington (7 days ago)
Wow, it’s almost like he’s trying to say that every black man goes through this scenar—oh wait, they don’t
blockmasterscott (7 days ago)
I just saw hi playing the Tin Man in a rap battle called Dorothy vs Alice. He actually did really good lol,.
Mitchell V (7 days ago)
A more realistic approach would be if he kept getting shot by other blacks. That's FAR more likely than the police shooting him.
tearson (8 days ago)
...why do we let people fuel this.
Aleksa Joksimovic (8 days ago)
The white guilt kinda kicks in...
Maxamillian Steele (9 days ago)
Damn. Powerful. Got me
Alex Lee (9 days ago)
It’s exaggerated but it’s actually funny as hell
Carlos Lopez (9 days ago)
You got a A.P.B out on grilled cheese. Lmao.
dbaer7 (9 days ago)
Well he should have not been pulled.
Caleb Knight (9 days ago)
The doubtfire reference had me crying
Angel Amezquita (10 days ago)
Those cops are so racis
LastingCold (10 days ago)
Eric Garcia (10 days ago)
Wow. How do you make this so funny and so sad at the same time. Amazing skit
jakef620 (11 days ago)
I was expecting the ending to be him hearing the siren and running. I think that would've been a much more powerful statement, but this ending works too and is less sad, more hopeful.
Sir Goldalot (11 days ago)
Yes all police are racists... you’re really fighting the good fight
Poncho Boss (11 days ago)
Stereotype is stupid but overall very funny and well produced
olehoncho (11 days ago)
I'm a simple man, but I recognize the back of a copy of The Book of Mormon when someone is holding it.
Ru New (11 days ago)
I've groundhog day this video I've seen it several times and I'm still laughing.
MrCaliforniaRepublic (11 days ago)
Of course a fake reality skit
burns0100 (11 days ago)
When he was laying in bed at the end I was hoping the police would just bust in. If this was remade today Im sure that'd be included because of recent events.
Jordan Lofthouse (12 days ago)
Just... take a different route?
S W (12 days ago)
Good satire
flame moudle (12 days ago)
It's funny cause its so incorrect
flame moudle (12 days ago)
This is so wrong
Erika Ortega (12 days ago)
This isn’t always true
Aryan Prajapati (11 days ago)
You're right, if it true a police officer would shoot him in his own room for calling in black.
kay jewl (12 days ago)
Cops are evil
Slagle Bagel (13 days ago)
This is absolutely stupid because it’s a sham on the police officers who protect us.
Michael Jordan (13 days ago)
Imagine believing the shit in this clip
TheRealSmiley (13 days ago)
haha get it, because black people no liked by police funny funny
funkybumbum (13 days ago)
Mrs doubtfire
ricard modo (13 days ago)
white men are the devil!!
Rebound443 (13 days ago)
This is fantastic content, you did a really good job making it
David Morris (13 days ago)
Funny video. Not the most accurate though
Article 69 (13 days ago)
Whait why didnt he just stay at home
urban l (14 days ago)
Kokuyous3ki (14 days ago)
At this point, basically what quite a bit of the population thinks when it comes to cops interacting with blacks. You can thank the media for that. As usual.
Isaias Madrid Madrid (14 days ago)
its funny il give it that but not accurate in real life situations.... the video gets a like though
TeamCap1217 (14 days ago)
Cringe exaggeration.
Marvel James (14 days ago)
As funny as this is. It shows the true reality of police these days. Especially in America
JIBLO_ (14 days ago)
I don’t like that this video paints all police officers as racist murderers unless there black. Really not what we want to be teaching our future generations.
Roar Koo (15 days ago)
Fuck da police
00rphb (15 days ago)
That must be sweet because there is no one more privileged than a Negro in America
Chris Walter (15 days ago)
Oh hey look, another black guy that doesn't know his facts so he pulls the race card. Jeee, haven't seen that before, no not another black guy being racist for judging? Wa?
Ferocetis (15 days ago)
Being a citizen of america.
Matthew Negre (15 days ago)
How long was the dude just waiting to tell somebody that? Like, first brother he saw lmao he looked anxious
Jeremy Bazinaw (15 days ago)
The ending was lame
Gabriel Dashan (16 days ago)
this one is a pure racism, book definition
PoltergeistYT (16 days ago)
Who else was waiting for a gunshot at the end?
Rafael Farelo (16 days ago)
Wtf this is completelly annoying me.
Steamed Hams (16 days ago)
this is sad and not funny at all.... Folks, this country is BROKEN.
CheeseyCHV (17 days ago)
Why am I laughing and sad at the same time? Im Not even from the states, I didnt even know about rasim until I discovered the american and a few other imperialistic/colonial cultures. I feel confused...
Jake Campbell (17 days ago)
This is so dumb
Noorullah Hotak (17 days ago)
this is america fucked up country!
Space Tiger (17 days ago)
Kons37 Flyingreapper (17 days ago)
I guess i dont want to be like him just kinda. Or maybe a bit more. Omg i could do so much shit.
Anthony Quintal (18 days ago)
“Get on the ground” While saying that she shoots him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prince Harris (18 days ago)
Not true, but ill take it
Klaas Vaak (18 days ago)
always funny to see this come past, especially because quite some researches found a lower but same bias by black cops
Yello (19 days ago)
-cant relate i live in the uk-
Steven avila (19 days ago)
way to keep yourself inslaved mentally.
Vovical (19 days ago)
it's so accurate it's sad
David James-Cameron (20 days ago)
I get it, i laughed. But statistically 16 unarmed black people got shot in 2016. 16. 80 unarmed white people got shot. The liklihood youre gonna get shot by a racist cop if youre black is legit 1/2.3 million.
TheMike0088 (20 days ago)
this would have been great, if not for the ending. please stop perpetuating an "us vs. them" mentality.
Tom Foolery (20 days ago)
Racist bullshit. U are free to make this shit video playing victim and put it on youtube. Really oppression you dumbass.
lindro (20 days ago)
Then he gets shot by black people during a "drive by"
lindro (20 days ago)
Lol he shot himself as a cop
William The Bastard (21 days ago)
What the fuck
Matthew Vo (22 days ago)
2:49 I’m calling in BLACK today
Xl Remix (22 days ago)
Riderbmx 728 (22 days ago)
This is so rasist
Aleksandar Tonev (22 days ago)
this video is stupid and let me explain why. Firstly, there is no strong argument , for example every white cop shoot the black gay , but still is it going to happen in real life ( no ) ( well maybe in America cuz there everythig is fcked up so that is that ). And seconly, this is the realyty from a black persons eyes. THERE ARE TREE TYPES OF TRUTHS . MY TRUTH , YOUR TRUTH AND THE REALYTY'S TRUTH keep that in mind !!!
wanderlustwarrior (22 days ago)
Rolling stop. Too real. Lost it at grilled cheese.
Brent Fralic (22 days ago)
If black people really have a problem with how they are treated by Authority then they need to look to the left and their right and talk to other black people who are giving them a bad name... the system is not racist. Are there racist people on the planet? Yes there is but the system is definitely not racist. I'm glad I could bring everyone back down to reality again with my comment
NERD LOGIC (23 days ago)
This has so much truth to it
Lefika Ramoatlhodi (23 days ago)
Just stay in bed

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