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Groundhog Day For A Black Man

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When a black man lives the same day over and over again, he tries changing his behavior to survive a police interaction. Writer/Director: Cynthia Kao Cas (in order of appearance)t: Eric: Burl Moseley Officer 1: Ryan Stanger Female Officer: Celia Finkelstein Officer 2: Matt Cordova Officer 3: Marshall Givens DP: Cooper James Sound: Ed Spangler Editors: Cynthia Kao and Ryan Anthony Martin Special Thanks: Colton Dunn Londale Theus Jr. Ronnie Adrian Kimi Brown Dave Theune
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Text Comments (10135)
trent cordell (20 minutes ago)
Not all cops are this way
luggi lu (3 hours ago)
Groundhog day for a black man: When you get into college twice cause of affirmative action. Or when your celebrated as an unarmed national hero multie times cause you've been shot by a cop after trying to take his gun and kill him.
google owns you (1 hour ago)
Nailed it.
Uncle Russell (5 hours ago)
somehow I doubt that but still funny
ᏖᏗ ᏦᏓᏂ (6 hours ago)
It's tragic humor, because while yeah it's hyperbole. It's hyperbole of a really horrific truth. The police are really out of control. A while back I got pulled over because the little light over my license plate went out. The cop got out of his car, used his speaker to order me from his vehicle to get our slowly with my hands up and walk backwards towards him while he stood there with his gun drawn... over a blown light bulb. Anything sudden, like a car backfiring or anything could have spooked him and ended with me shot in the back for something so ridiculous. I'm not even black, so can only imaging how much worse it gets.
꧁Wesley꧂ (21 hours ago)
I was just the 80k like
Nameless (22 hours ago)
Happy death day stole this guy's idea
Daniel Garcia (23 hours ago)
Should have done a Chappelle and dressed like the klan. LOL
bones mcgee (1 day ago)
If course the stereotype of everyone hating blacks not everyone hates black people apparently
canadian monarchist (1 day ago)
moral of the story: thank the lord if your white
roth bard (1 day ago)
This is so inaccurate and cringe.
google owns you (1 hour ago)
+Movies with Mic1 It's getting old. It's breeding hate. It's not a joke anymore. It's a lie.
Movies with Mic1 (5 hours ago)
It's a joke!
roth bard (1 day ago)
This isn't accurate at all. Black people are less likely to be shot by cops than whites. Look at FBI crime statistics.
google owns you (1 hour ago)
+No It's getting old. It's breeding hate. It's not a joke anymore. It's just a lie now.
No (19 hours ago)
It's a satire video.
Baconary (1 day ago)
This is. Untrue
RedSandwich (1 day ago)
this isn't funny nor is it deep
google owns you (1 hour ago)
+Movies with Mic1 It's getting old. It's breeding hate. It's not a joke anymore. It's just a lie now.
Movies with Mic1 (5 hours ago)
C'mon, it was pretty funny
haydenburton (2 days ago)
3:01 Is that a Mrs Doubtfire reference?
Karl Wilson (2 days ago)
groundnog day
guacamole (2 days ago)
That was stupid
Zi Ruini (2 days ago)
AstroAce (2 days ago)
Groundhog Day for Asians: "Where the rice?" "No rice" "fuck"
Shaun Lambert II (2 days ago)
A very sad reality.
Shaun Lambert II (20 hours ago)
+Bad Vibes 4ever Thanks for chiming in with some non-topical information, you bigot.
Hobbs Chambers (21 hours ago)
50 percent of arrests. That doesn't always perfectly represent the rate of actual crime. Anonymous studies show that blacks and whites smoke weed equally, yet blacks make up 90% of arrests. This is because, as depicted on the video, they are much more heavily policed. Of course this isnt the only reason. But the higher crime rates in black communities is just fallout from a history of oppression. The government has done next to nothing to help with these problems. And it is ridiculous to state that the oppression is over when you are here portraying them as a violent and dangerous group of people. This is the definition of white supremacy.
Bad Vibes 4ever (2 days ago)
the sad reality is that black folks be killing each other in rates significally higher than any other race. black ppl make out 13% of the population yet they are responsible for over 50% of the murder.
Sminem (2 days ago)
Despite the vid being funny, that ending was deep...
This is more sad than funny
Michael (3 days ago)
MF Doom almost made it
JupiterLounge (3 days ago)
At the very end a crip pops out "you wearing the wrong colors" (shoots him)
Gavin Longbottom (4 days ago)
Asks for id !what are you reaching for
glitchTF (4 days ago)
Real question is why do black on black and black on white crimes get so little attention in media?
Ben (4 days ago)
It's funny and sad all at the same time
arklanbk (4 days ago)
just stay at home fuck
Cole Johnston (4 days ago)
Perpetuating a ridiculous and prejudiced belief. Black people that are dressed like hooligans and are behaving aggressively or suspicious will often be looked at cautiously by police, for good reason, yes. Otherwise, it's the same as with any other race of people.
google owns you (1 hour ago)
+Drew P. Weiner Are you retarded?
Drew P. Weiner (4 days ago)
Are you black?
FatherTime89 (4 days ago)
So when he put on a cop uniform he ends up shooting a black guy.
North Carolina Rebel (4 days ago)
Cops aren’t racist there just dicks that enforce Yankee rule.
ĞÅŘŔĖŇ ! (4 days ago)
"I'm stopping everyone with broad noses"
J C (4 days ago)
isnt he supposed to correct his actions to move on
Błitz (3 days ago)
He tried
NooneFromNowhere (5 days ago)
This happens to me every time. So relatable!
Jacob due (5 days ago)
this is pretty fun to watch xD
Alfred Nobel (5 days ago)
Fuck Americans
Nathan mow (5 days ago)
This is racism.
J (5 days ago)
Black cop should've shot him at the end. weak end to the video. we get the message, finish the joke.
Yup nobody say this is racist cuz blackie got to be the hero in this fine video. God I hope real cops shoot this actor one day. They let a therapist get psychological analyzed but they won’t let a POC be racist now does that seem right to you
Hooman Beans (5 days ago)
Hunt down the Blackman
Isaac Wells (5 days ago)
This is the most racist towards white people video I have ever seen, honesty you should be ashamed of yourself for these stupid stereotypes
Neo (5 days ago)
Equalizer (5 days ago)
this is kinda true
idot (5 days ago)
ha ha, white people are bad
peter scorciolla (5 days ago)
Orange man bad
Dawg Bert (5 days ago)
black ppl do more crimes
Elijah Tobin (5 days ago)
When cops are dicks
Nicholas Jesseman (5 days ago)
I know this is meant to be funny, but it’s also kinda depressing
Gilbert Grape (5 days ago)
Sad that most Blacks see this as true........try this #walkaway
Gilbert Grape (2 days ago)
Then you're dumber than I thought...
Anonym 1 (2 days ago)
+Gilbert Grape I don't know who Jussie is
Gilbert Grape (2 days ago)
You brainwashed fool, have you even noticed do to the body camera it's being proven over and over again that Blacks at the very least embellish but really plain lie about their encounter with the police? You probably believed Jussie didn't you Window licker?
Anonym 1 (2 days ago)
Because it is....
Anibus (5 days ago)
Nope.. But it was pretty damn funny.
Jiggly McSugertits (5 days ago)
Now do one with black on black crime
RANDOM STRANGER (5 days ago)
they always skip that part
Last Call (5 days ago)
This is smart and well done. What, did 13K cops give this thumbs down? Also, great movie!
to0nstyle (5 days ago)
this is fucking stupid
San Ansa (5 days ago)
injustice boycott on the calendar. LOL
Oscar Quinteros (5 days ago)
I genuinely don't get it
DubZeroSP (5 days ago)
This is so anti-cop it ain't even funny
DubZeroSP (3 days ago)
+F ormula how is it anti-life?
F ormula (3 days ago)
this is so anti-life it ain't even funny
DubZeroSP (5 days ago)
+SaitoGray consider suicide, autistic fuck
SaitoGray (5 days ago)
​+DubZeroSP Give me an A Give me a C Give ma an A Give me a B \o/ A.C.A.B \o/
DubZeroSP (5 days ago)
+SaitoGray So the people that uphold law and justice are bastards? Are you even listening to yourself?
Jack Henderson (5 days ago)
Oh man, I sure am glad that I came down to the comment section to read quotes from the thing I literally just watched.
d4rk s1gm (5 days ago)
RighteousWarrior43 (5 days ago)
The Book of Mormon. So funny!
A P (5 days ago)
This might be funny if there was any actual truth to it instead of people just whinging about non existent police racism. *yawn*
blah (5 days ago)
This was Funny, sad but funny.
RANDOM STRANGER (5 days ago)
how is this sad black people are only a minority but they commit a lot of murders. look at Chicago it's a shit hole thanks to the black people
Alex Dawkins (5 days ago)
this was really well made
I. Ghiorghita (6 days ago)
yeah, but someone like me can argue THIS IS RACIST AS FUCK. thanks
DeShawn Michaelson (6 days ago)
this is a lie... according to barack obama, eric holder and loretta lynch
Faggatron (6 days ago)
No wonder black people hate police and white people in America.
Joshua Cao (6 days ago)
this is sad lololo
Zack S (6 days ago)
I get it it's comedy but for real if I did this as a white man doing some comedy poking fun at blacks I would be fucking assaulted maybe killed. But alas I know it's the Democrats and other stupid people's fault. But for real if I did this type of comedy it would be perfectly acceptable 10 years ago WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND?
Zack S (6 days ago)
Hmmmm great lesson I learned from this. now imagine if I did this a" proud white man" but did comedy sketches in Blackface. It would be a fucking national crisis
bboyhoyack (6 days ago)
Funny, tho it would use a punchline.
gd129 (6 days ago)
Jussie Smollett likes this
painterQ (6 days ago)
eey, Howard Zinn's book!
No Name (6 days ago)
Respawn wait time is pretty sweet tho
flyingdutchy01 (6 days ago)
kill all cops
drunkenkite (6 days ago)
"I'm calling in black today" Great line.
Jànōsīk Bolokov (6 days ago)
its comedy, not realism
Professor 254 (6 days ago)
Thanks for being prejudiced and generalizing to over 750,000 men and women.
Wolf Haley (5 days ago)
This is exaggerated for comedic effect. Don’t tell me you believe they were trying to make something realistic here?
ben taylor (6 days ago)
Welcome to comedy
Dennis Bautembach (6 days ago)
loved the edge of tomorrow reference!
Tzeff NL (6 days ago)
Best satire in a long time! XD
FunWithFirearms (6 days ago)
It's uh, it's not like that
ender drache (6 days ago)
... Vᴜʟᴋᴀɴ ʟɪᴠᴇs!
This is so funny and so sad ;-;
ethan (6 days ago)
not accurate, but funny
dasBunny (6 days ago)
This is hilarious, even though its so serious
Myles Casey (6 days ago)
You get shot in the head a lot, do you?
slabs (6 days ago)
was he holding a Book of Mormon haha
Valentin Svyatchenko (6 days ago)
orange man bad
christopher patterson (6 days ago)
<3 the Book of Mormon Reference in there
Tamas Mihaly (6 days ago)
Poor black people being harassed by the mean white people.
Tamas Mihaly (6 days ago)
Factually accurate in every sense. If you disagree, you're racist.
Laurence Bell (6 days ago)
Let's all give in to the deep-rooted human urge and judge everyone based on their ethnicity. Great message.
Laurence Bell (6 days ago)
+ben taylor Well, its not really a comedy, it's more of a statement on how dangerous it is for people with black skin to be in a America. In order to laugh, you have to agree that black people are likely to be shot for ridiculous reasons just for being black. This is not the case as nearly every instance of police-on-black murder has invovled a black criminal behaving suspiciously. Also the likelihood of being an innocent black man shot by police is still really really tiny. Black people are not being killed for being black. But that is what you ahve to belive to find this funny.
ben taylor (6 days ago)
+Laurence Bell only if you decide so.
Laurence Bell (6 days ago)
+ben taylor True, but it assumes a political narrative that is not suported by the facts. I.e. it is 'funny' propaganda
ben taylor (6 days ago)
Its a comedy clearly, take a joke
Aleкsei Smirnov (6 days ago)
bull shit
Jack Middleton (6 days ago)
I can't stand the "my life is impossible because I'm black" mentality and I loved this video.
The Outback Tinker (6 days ago)
SMH. virtue signalling crap.
Nehriim (6 days ago)
i know right? how dare someone make a joke about a real societal problem! damn SJWs!
Zanard Bell (6 days ago)
djcfrompt (6 days ago)
That has to be one of the best Robin Williams impressions I've ever seen
Michael Greco (6 days ago)
The Mrs Doubtfire scene hahaha 👌
Frank Jaeger (6 days ago)
This video is pretty funny but the problem with making jokes like this is there are actually people that think this is real and that black people are actually mistreated by cops. There are real people that genuinely believe black people get killed by cops without a good reason.
ben taylor (6 days ago)
They do on occassion. And those occassions are getting more frequent.
Michael Greco (6 days ago)
I'm uh.. stopping everybody with broad noses 😂
Word Unheard (6 days ago)
12k cops have watched this video? What are the odds?
Lord Hobo Of Savior (6 days ago)
+Word Unheard so edit your first comment from cops to happy trigger cops? not my fault you english writting suck ass.
Word Unheard (6 days ago)
+Lord Hobo Of Savior Who said this video was anti-cop? This video is against the trigger happy cops that we see in the news and on YouTube on a daily basis. We pay them to harass and to murder us. It's sickening. Go try to make your argument somewhere else, because you're obviously lost, little boy.
Lord Hobo Of Savior (6 days ago)
The video isn't even an anti-cops so no.
ros1tony (6 days ago)
You must mean showing up to a job, or college with substandard qualities and getting in the front of the line....
The_Matrix (6 days ago)
This is just based on stereotypes that all cops hate black people, only those who do get justice served to them, FACT: white people are more likely to get shot by a police man based on data
ben taylor (6 days ago)
What data? Because every credible source either points to balance or to the exact opposite

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