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Planet Ocean [UK]- the film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand & Michael Pitiot

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PLANET OCEAN: 1 FILM - 1 APP: ACT NOW! DOWNLOAD the FREE app Planet Ocean: - on iOS: http://bit.ly/PlanetOceanAppIOS - on Android: http://bit.ly/PlanetOceanAppAndroid "Planet Ocean" is an international documentary directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot. It has won "Best Cinematography Award, Blue Ocean Festival", "Audience Award, UK Green Film Festival" and "Monterey Bay Film Festival".
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Text Comments (1926)
Ladi Singh (1 month ago)
Make universal law to stop human breeding for next 5 year then study the impact for future planning
Lia Johnson (1 month ago)
WOW .. This is the best BEDTIME STORY ever
Brian Oden (1 month ago)
Great propoganda! I am 52 years old and have seen documentaries like this since a was a child. It's all the same message. Man is bad.
Lionking Mohamed (2 months ago)
Allah is greatest created Heavens and Earth in 6 days Every living thing is dependent on him And his Mercy outweighs his Anger I am your slave Allah Amin
Firoj Vohra (3 months ago)
Firoj vohra
Juma Abdalah (3 months ago)
Mungu tusaidie Aminaaa
Kasun Dilhara (3 months ago)
great one
cute world (3 months ago)
Great effort.. wonderful documentary.....
cute world (3 months ago)
Why humans are so selfish.....
Dave Ridlespriger 2 (3 months ago)
Your trying to control ever aspect of my life and I'm a control ever aspect of your DEATH
Keith Benard (3 months ago)
Beautiful wake up call! We can't treat our home like this. In a few short centuries we won't have a home any more.
Nathalie Closse-Tilmant (3 months ago)
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晁瑞光 (3 months ago)
大潭藻礁甚至已經獲得知名的海洋保育組織【Mission Blue】審核通過成為全球【希望熱點】(Hope Spots) Taiwan ....But the government wants to destroy it.
satsukiandmae Moon (4 months ago)
The third person intro is very off putting.
YJ Park (4 months ago)
Evolution? Foop~ It’s nonsense!
daniel Kochan (4 months ago)
can we finally see the truth about our world and take of what we have as life how life is formed ,,,stop polluting our oceans .... please
Bruce Allmighty (4 months ago)
Over 90% of the PLASTIC in the oceans comes from Asia, India South America & Africa!! Europe and North America have great Sewage treatment & Recycling that takes out 95% of the waste plastic! Put the blame where it belongs please!!!!!
mad honeybee (4 months ago)
it has taken us less than 300 years to put this incredible world at risk of utter destruction. Why it is time to stop it. We know this is true. The Greed of Mankind is outta control. We can do this the right way, it just is not a CHEAP way. These industrialists that have created these corporate monsters, need to divert their efforts. otherwise, all the money they make now will not matter, there will be nowhere to spend said money.
sarah tizuka (4 months ago)
This is how you learn biology is not trying to make students eat many textbooks with useless and uninteresting things
Alexander Lotfi (4 months ago)
Those who dislike this documentary of the Earth reality, are basically some stupid haters who are mostly got corrupted by some man made religions. How can deny the reality of uses only .01% of their brains?
Norfolk250 (4 months ago)
The writers (of the narrative) got OHHHHHH-so many things wrong. My OCD is in overdrive and overlapping to such a point I’ve had to turn the sound off. I doubt I’ll watch the rest. - pity that.
Jimania Nortonified (4 months ago)
Just a matter of time. It may be decades, centuries, or millennia. We are part of nature and nature allowed us to evolve. Nature is gonna fix us good. She does not tolerate excess. We will top off as a population cause of resource depletion or get hit with a virus that no doctor can cure just like nature does with the plankton blooms.
sathish kumar Kancharla (4 months ago)
At present only human is the enemy enter the world...
Nik Gop (4 months ago)
Evolution is a religion and i'm not a believer!
rubeena k (4 months ago)
Who is the crieater.. ?. no doubt.. Only allah..
JAY DEL ROSARIO (4 months ago)
JAY DEL ROSARIO (4 months ago)
JAY DEL ROSARIO (4 months ago)
sammy legaspi (4 months ago)
sammy legaspi (4 months ago)
sammy legaspi (4 months ago)
sammy legaspi (4 months ago)
sammy legaspi (4 months ago)
The fucking tech museum at San Jose California
Edwin Ortiz (4 months ago)
Go watch one strange rock whole season on that if you want your mind blown 🤯
Bernardo Provenzanno (4 months ago)
just passn thru
Stephan Vanhoek (4 months ago)
Wow that is such blatent bs propoganda..cool with the sound off and your music though
Pedro Cercas (4 months ago)
We must stop fishing for the industries of agro fishing, like the sardine in the coastline of chilli. Stop fishing spécies that we know they are at the base of the chain food.
Michael Reina (4 months ago)
Every person on this planet needs to watch this. The women narrating is incredible. The footage is intense. And the information in sobering. If this didn't touch you then you care for nothing but yourself. Look at the dead birds towards the end. Next time you throw plastic any place but a garbage bag, just picture them. I am far from a bleeding heart but my heart goes out to this planet we "are" destroying!
Perfectionseeker1967 (4 months ago)
1:04:00 - 1:04:14 Consequences... Stagnant Ocean = disease, death, and another mass extinction event layer to be left in the crust of the Earth.
C Y (4 months ago)
Does anyone feel really sad watching this film feeling a sense of failure and doom?
Martin Goodef' (4 months ago)
Turn off the spooky voice and just look the video
Peter Hillcamp (4 months ago)
Amazing look at us we know so little we miss reason and there is the most special reason for all of this not religion not wars not greed and the rest of our human ways pure reason for this mess we look at every day ourselves
Mike Ryan (4 months ago)
Beautifully done and like a portrait by a master that moves you and makes you look and think, wonder...look to the future and make you want to find a way to correct our destroying needs while also understanding that population is only going to keep growing. Our planet is finite...tiny and precious. Great cotastrophy has occurred in the not so distant past. We need to get beyond greed and differences that devide use in multiple ways and move beyond those poor excuses. It would be nice if we really could out and explore space, time, dimension's and keep Earth as a jewel....living and as our home forever. Just my thoughts.
Prince Solomon (4 months ago)
26:41 haha that poor blue fish is hiding so bravely among all those sharks... the "Oh shit! how did i get here!" look on its face... i hope that little fellow made it out of there!
Prince Solomon (4 months ago)
What a beautiful and insightful documentary!!! Mankind has come far and we evolve and mature as a species, slowly but steadily... i have hope for our future, because our future goes hand in hand with Earth's future!
tommy edwards (4 months ago)
marjomarjo Sobrera (4 months ago)
NAKOH!!!!!!!ramdam kita earth 🌎 ....nahihirapan kana.:(😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😮😮😮😮
Randi Pomeroy (4 months ago)
a maervelous vieww
CURANDOTE (4 months ago)
CURANDOTE (4 months ago)
Ocean was the earthly Biosphere. La particular qui nois unisse a Travers Les multiverse du Cosmo, ,
maseda rahman (4 months ago)
If anything invisible is fake then blessing,mothers love,pains are too fake.then what remain believable???flesh,blood,bone,what if these doesn't get oxygen which also is invisible,.u guys are not accused of saying such words but these are only misleading books written by evildoer.then whom should believe people like us.??come on.even scientists couldn't either give life yet, on which behalf people pointing fingers on our theories.La ilaha illalah(there is no God but Allah) Even these deep earth creatures also praise Allah always as other creatures out of it .please give logic rather than denying with respect because every religious scripture teach to respect other's religion.
DouDou 31 (4 months ago)
Oh the ocean he just incorruptible the 🔥
mohamed Fadel (4 months ago)
I am watching this documentary to learn English and its very useful
红线绳boy (4 months ago)
So beautiful!
Maurice Willemsen (4 months ago)
niemand doet er iets aan ,we laten het gewoon gebeuren.over tien jaar is er geen tonijn meer en zitten we met kwallen opgescheept en is het te laat .ik zelf eet geen vis,als je dit gezien hebt heb je toch geen zin meer in vis of wat ook uit zee komt .onze planeet is ziek en niemand doet er iets aan.
This is the deep informative documentary.
Fantastic..! Thank you...
Keeping it Real (4 months ago)
What’s with the narration? Sounds like Alexa or sounds like a weird British girl reading poetry 😂
Ioan Lightoller (4 months ago)
This is a wonderful overview of the ocean and its life-forms. Thanks for posting.
Puran Mukhia (4 months ago)
U are talking nonsense how come there is vapour without water n that not the only one u said there are so many things that dose not make any sense .. Well ur voice make me sleepy 😴 .. Gud nit...
Skipper Sailor (4 months ago)
The voice of narrator sucks / sounds like a computer voice and the story telling is really bad...
C Y (4 months ago)
Nope, I think she is great. I feel the emotions in the voice.
Quadri M.A. (4 months ago)
insitu corrective measures are needed. no fake modelling
David Dy (4 months ago)
I love to watch stuff like this how our lord savior Jesus Christ build the Ocean and earth it’s beautiful blessed be our Lord
MEC4LIFE Smiley (4 months ago)
All made up.
K Parker (4 months ago)
factual inaccuracies and misunderstandings - this film has or i have.
Tito Madrid (4 months ago)
Greed is the destruction of humanity and nature!!!
Connor Murray (5 months ago)
These comments are so damn entertaining
dachao wu (5 months ago)
Chrissy Cronin (5 months ago)
This shit is so wrong.... From the way this cunt pronounces most words or makes up words like ocean prairie..to her total lack of knowledge of said coral or fish
不知名网友 (5 months ago)
All Is One (5 months ago)
What a bunch of BULL SHIT...saying that coral grows a few mm per year https://youtu.be/eH1s9GCqPKo?t=1423 Hell, I had coral growing in my aquarium at eight of an inch per day and I was not a professional aquarist. Obviously a drama filled movie with an agenda.
In a 100 years time, most of this massive marine factories will bu be submerged. Nature will rebalance herself. In 10,000 years time, society may not even exist as we know it. We are consumer junkies.
Artur Alekseev (5 months ago)
Just treat others and environment like you wish to treat yourself....
Marcelo Alves (5 months ago)
I think it depends on each one of us human to recognize the real problem and start changing our habits and puting pressure on politics to adress the situation with real action and policy to stop this absurd! Fantastic documentary. Congratulations. Thank you!!
Squirrel (5 months ago)
down with France!
Rukmini Gaur (5 months ago)
I don't have words to say anything except human beings on the earth are the most evil🐳😔🙁 beings and greatest predator.. oh god day by day the innocent ocean as well as land species dying.. Just because of humans 💰💵💴💶💷, One day everything will b finished ,we have to save our nature and all natural phenomenon otherwise mother nature will finish everything.
倪一晖 (5 months ago)
who else here is tripping
Petter Nilsson (5 months ago)
Beautiful documentary
صريح الكلام (5 months ago)
سبحان الله..والحمدلله..ولااله الاالله..والله واكبر..
Ranu Miah (5 months ago)
Good video
will420ist (5 months ago)
At about the hour mark, I realized that I should have been watching on mute. So, omniscient lady, if the coral made it through the ice age that was caused by carbon from the volcanoes, then why can't it adapt to the changes that it is currently undergoing? Is raising taxes the answer? And whose perspective is the narrator speaking from? Is it the ocean, humans, God? The global warming BS is a total straw man argument. There are no 'deniers.' There are only people who see through that type of arrogance. But before the hour mark, the docu is amazing. BTW I'm a leave no trace camper, I recycle, I combine trips and I generally love the planet and practice the three R's.
B R (5 months ago)
BILLIONS spent on SPACE, yet we don't even know what exists on our OWN planet yet!! Only 10% of the Amazon has been examined. BAN fish processing ships! SCRUTINIZE THOROUGHLY Chinese and Japanese fishing fleets. BAN gigantic nets and put a size limit on them. LIMIT time spent out at sea for commercial fishing fleets.
Jackson Collin (5 months ago)
A simply wonderful masterpiece of information shared in a truly intoxicating manner, that leaves one feeling conscience.
Mother nature will get the final say so...showing us who the boss is...we are leasing, on temporary loan...however you wish to phrase it.
Díaz Albert (5 months ago)
I love the ocean 💓🔥
Tom Zeman (5 months ago)
Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolution Evolved End
Vika Frei (6 months ago)
I hope with all my heart that this beautiful planet will destroy us before WE destroy it.
Byron Lee Scott (6 months ago)
Billions of years, always changing. Save the planet? The planet will survive. It's people that are screwed if solutions are not forthcoming.
Andy McCann (6 months ago)
The earth will still be here after the last human is gone, thank heavens. Sad that we had to ruin it for all other life though, it's too late for us to change our greedy ways
Una seria advertencia para la humanidad, ya lo hicimos con muchas especies, extinción es para siempre ¿ la naturaleza nos cobrara factura?¿se quebrarán las cadenas que nos unen? Lo dicen" la naturaleza no soporta excesos. ¡Compartamos ahora! El petróleo y las maneras de consumo y la avaricia serán nuestros enterradores.
Maravilloso documental,mezcla de poesía y pintura en movimiento, un despliegue impresionante de imágenes y reflexiones, y la joya de planeta que disponemos y que está en un serio peligro.Felicitaciones por esta producción excepcional y mil gracias por el regalo
М ф (6 months ago)
Yann Artyus the best👍
М ф (6 months ago)
Very useful information👍
Tim Dunk (6 months ago)
Very moving.
Tarikul Islam (6 months ago)
I am with you
Steyn Van Wyk (6 months ago)
Dream on unbelievers! Stop postulating the untruths and get to grips with the fact that God created everything: including you! Wait and see, you will meet Him at your predestined time in the future!
1woksape (6 months ago)
'All who hate me love death' ... Jesus Christ
felixoscar (6 months ago)
nice pictures , but goes into eco-nutjob mania for the jerkoffs
Christopher Pett (6 months ago)
When the asteroid strikes it will destroy the shadow government and tribal people will survive.
Christopher Pett (6 months ago)
Your solutions are valid but they can not be implemented in the present global government, The ruling shadow government, established by "people" with no allegiance to any sovereign power recognized by the people, will not allow any incursions against their dominion. That is why all major powers spend more than half of tax revenues on war and the rape of the planet.
Christopher Pett (6 months ago)
Consciousness and belief are integral in stewardship of the planet. Intelligence is in all creatures, it is the code of life. The worship of human intelligence over other creatures in which we share this planet is the cause of the tremendous disaster of global civilization and rape of its resources. You have revealed yourself as the snake in the grass.
Christopher Pett (6 months ago)
An economy based on consumption is bound to fail
Christopher Pett (6 months ago)
Humans are not evil. Most people are not greedy. Yet there exists an enigma amongst us that hides in the shadows outside of our government. It rules the planet and threatens all that oppose it. We need to identify this entity and remove it from our world. If we fail to do this, we as a species will not survive.
Dr Renju Raju Varghese (6 months ago)
man is the most insane thats why we survived and has become the top in the food chain...."You need some level of insanity to do great things" right

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