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Stormy ocean waves scene looking down from cliff - rough sea - HD 1080P

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Enjoy this short stormy ocean waves scene looking down from a cliff. The sea was very churned up that day and quite mesmerizing to watch as the waves surge in and crash against the cliff below. I filmed this at sunset so there is a lovely soft glow on the water at times. I love how turbulent the water is and the interesting perspective the viewing angle provides. I filmed this after an hour long video in another direction and thought I should film below where I was sitting just for fun. Sorry it's not longer... just had a few minutes left on the card, but think it's nice enough as it is. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did filming it. Consider subscribing to Peaceful Scenes if you want to be notified when I upload new nature scenes. I also welcome comments and please do recommend my videos to your friends and family if you think they might like them too! :) Thanks so much for your support if you have already! If you would like to contribute financially to my project, you can do so by visiting Peaceful Scenes' Patreon page: http://patreon.com/peacefulscenes Alternatively, there is a Paypal donate button on my channel banner and about page. All contributions will be used for equipment upgrades and travel/filming expenses. Thanks for your support, in whatever form it may be. Jonathan :) © Copyright - All rights reserved.
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Text Comments (16)
WiLD (26 days ago)
Is this public domain?
Peaceful Scenes (26 days ago)
Hi Wild. No it's not public domain. Yes my name is Jonathan and filmed by myself on location. All rights reserved.
WiLD (26 days ago)
Also, is the creators name Jonathan?
Tanu Dubey (2 months ago)
Emma Bidwell (3 years ago)
I agree, I love watching big beautiful strong waves and the music from them, i also love small waves too, I find waves very relaxing, I often do deep breathing while being beside the sea and water
Jules VanDerMeer (3 years ago)
hahaha omg! YOU are brilliant! I think I'm gonna be a groupy of your work.. Amazinggggg! "Talented YOU!!"..You must be an empath,as you feel what others need! Very gifted! Thank you dong all this, then sharing with the world! Way to give back!
Jules VanDerMeer (3 years ago)
Aww where there's a will, there's.."away" Thank you Jon, very kind you are!!
Peaceful Scenes (3 years ago)
+Jules VanDerMeer wow, my first groupie :) Very glad you're enjoying my channel and thanks for the very kind (slightly exaggerated lol) comment.   I really love this project and I'm thrilled so many other people appreciate what I'm doing as well so will keep growing it. Just wish I had more time to get out and film. Jon
Nerdprodigy. (4 years ago)
This is beautiful. Good work
Peaceful Scenes (4 years ago)
+Nerdprodigy. Thanks! :)
charliesbutterfly (4 years ago)
You have captured some of the most exquisite crashes I have ever seen! One of my favorite past times Is to watch the massive waves crash in to rocks and make the most majestic sound that de-stresses your whole day. Thank you for what you do! AWESOME!!
Peaceful Scenes (4 years ago)
+charlieseable Thanks for your kind comment! Glad you're enjoying my videos. I'll be sharing many more in the future. :) I feel the same about the ocean and large waves... nature's energy in motion. LOVE IT!
Pipstar (4 years ago)
that actually looks really cool from the cliff, the white foam is awesome!!!
Peaceful Scenes (4 years ago)
+Pipstar Thanks. :) I also like this one. I like it's simplicity and abstract quality.
Samadhijunkie (4 years ago)
Waves rock! ;-)
Peaceful Scenes (4 years ago)
+Samadhijunkie :) Yep... wave watching is a pastime I would recommend to anyone. Only advice I would give though is to be very careful about where you sit. I've watched ocean scenes long enough to know that the sea can be very unpredictable. If you're in a very safe high spot though, then wave watching is the most relaxing and meditative thing I can think of.

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