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Only $187 for a round trip to Japan?

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So it's time to go to Japan! And yes it's true! It really is that cheap, but at what cost? This is a vlog, not a full featured SerpentZA video (you can tell the difference by the minidisc intro, VHS intro for full features) The Japan videos from 2016: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnomKWGvsVJ2-GAdauOZ2wFRxDpPL5uS6 Support Sasha and I on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/serpentza Join me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/winstoninchina Twitter: @serpentza Instagram: serpent_za My other channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/advchina
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grimreefer (5 months ago)
That was the most soulless and pallid ‘stay awesome’ I’ve ever heard
grimreefer (5 months ago)
I love how Sasha welcomes us to another video
M R (5 months ago)
The only downside is the other passengers will be screaming smoking horking and spitting for the duration of the flight ;)
Charles Martin (6 months ago)
How tall are you? Did you have problems with knee room on the bus and taxi in Japan?
Wow, you still have a Minidisc! There is no way any millennial watching this has any idea what it is, lol.
milcoll73 (7 months ago)
2:08 youre never in too big of a hurry to STAY AWESOME!!!
krishna kishor bhat (8 months ago)
The use of mini disc for vlogs is a great move. BTW fan of your VHS intro. Stay Awesome!
MWcrazyhorse (8 months ago)
swag yolo (9 months ago)
:D Dear Winston, Seeing your smile in the thumbnail is great
Cristian Uroz (9 months ago)
Not bad, I got $170 for round trip to Osaka from Taipei. Quite easy to get those deals from Taiwan as they really love to travel to Japan (same applies to japanese loving to travel to Taiwan)
God (9 months ago)
Minidisk, VHS, you're Techmoan now?
gstar9 (9 months ago)
flying in suit?
serpentza (9 months ago)
Scott Sullivan (9 months ago)
Poor Japan, the Chinese are a menace to neighboring Asian countries. Rude, selfish people with lots of money. All entry from China should have a $5000 fee.
Khaffit (9 months ago)
Love the girl at 2:07 :D
TheUserInTheRoom (8 months ago)
Khaffit Me too.
uscbruin213 (9 months ago)
HK Express is quite cheap and decent compared to American budget airlines
C Rook (9 months ago)
C Rook (9 months ago)
Conspiracy!! Stay Awesome! I'm back baby!
serpentza (9 months ago)
YouTube hates me
Bezzle Bedeviled (9 months ago)
Oh, you sneaky click-bait artist -- ya got me! ($187 from *Hong Kong* to Japan. Man, you had EVERYBODY going....)
El Bearsidente (9 months ago)
I wouldn't call that legroom. Then again, I'm 6'8", so this is an issue for me.
srfive3 (9 months ago)
Was that a connecting flight from Hong Kong to Pu Dong before Japan?
CHINA LIFE ! (9 months ago)
Who cares ! You are just a poor laowai ,we can pay first class tickets .
Sky Chan (9 months ago)
Hong Kong people are Cantonese lovers but English haters.
jamie shelley (9 months ago)
I spent 3k for three weeks, in 2015 for a study trip. Great moments and it really opened my eyes to a few things. Sadly that to work in Japan I had to really dedicate myself to the language and my programming proffesion. Something I couldn't do then. But maybe one day. I'll certainly look at your Japan blogs to compare with China later!
A K (9 months ago)
You guys should move to Japan.
Yes, This is Tig (9 months ago)
2:08 lmaooooo she knows whats up
aeroAdvocate (9 months ago)
I prefer to check in at the train station in HK.
Monika (9 months ago)
No way that's it's not allowed to bring your own food and drink on plane?! That's ridiculous!!!! I understand them not providing it for free but come on how can they stop you bringing your own?!
Andreas Wallberg (9 months ago)
I am very nosy about you. Can make like a small video about you and your lovley wife and since you live in china do you speak chinese or English when you are at home?
Sailing Channel Marinus (9 months ago)
Cool video keep them coming
Sky duster (9 months ago)
I guess he had to find sanctuary in Japan for awhile since the Chinese nationalist is plotting to assassinate him in his previous video. Hopefully by the time he return to China it has already calm down
George Clooney (9 months ago)
been there done this Japanese people are too honest/cultured for the miserable Chinese, yes Chinese are tight arses,cannot  understand  them
Quick Look n Teardown (9 months ago)
Enjoy your trip! I like the mini vlogs
Bird Bird Bird (9 months ago)
how come you don't get recognized in hk airport ? ...... at least by the secret agents
Fidan Durmishaj (9 months ago)
Love your videos sir! Greetings from NYC
Shane Hastings (9 months ago)
Love these 'mini-disc' vlogs :)
Uberhood (9 months ago)
Just as an idea to bring a little bit more variation to your intros: how about using stationary video/audio equipment such as a video recorder, reel to reel, record player, tape deck etc. for your fully featured blogs and using portable video/audio equipment such as the mini disc player, cassette walkman, tape camcorder etc. for your vlogs? Anyway I'm looking forward to your videos from Japan! Your channel is getting better and better.
싸넬 (9 months ago)
Leg killing plane
Bud Yeddi (9 months ago)
The mini disc took me back to the late 90s lol Good stuff as usual Winston :)
Robert Curcio (9 months ago)
There’s only one flight per day from Guangzhou to Tokyo Narita, and it’s this old school ANA 767, but the food was awesome
Manh Quan Nguyen (9 months ago)
what a great deal!
Jaggie McCool (9 months ago)
I got even better deal than you Winston... about 1100HKD return fare HKG-HANEDA... but I stopped flying with HK express... the seats were killing my back... you cannot rest at all
Hamdog (9 months ago)
Enjoy your holiday mate
pizzafrenzyman (9 months ago)
You should try to get an isle seat so that you can stretch your leg out a bit.
Shannon Sutherland (9 months ago)
Japanese evil uncles?😁
life (9 months ago)
im pretty sure those sideburns are illegal in Japan Winston. I will pay for their removal if you go to QB house while your 日本
jwang076 (9 months ago)
I guess there is no TSA precheck in China.
serpentza (9 months ago)
There is
Luke Lewis (9 months ago)
Tutorial: How to sell your kidney in exchange for $1000+ of airfare.
Henri Vettenranta (9 months ago)
As a European, $187 for a sub-4-hour flight doesn't sound particularly cheap.
J G (9 months ago)
Henri Vettenranta As an American, it sounds extremely cheap. So quit your bragging, Eurotrash
Kalin Soden (9 months ago)
Henri Vettenranta >as a European Dude, your continent is a jigsaw of land-bordering mini-states! If I could have a 187 dollar round trip out of New Zealand there would have to be some kind of strings attached. Hahah
saintⓋearth (9 months ago)
The clips are so much more awesomeness in 4K. :)
Solly Hawk (9 months ago)
Your videos are so entertaining, literally the only channel I'm subscribed too, thanks
Across Canada (9 months ago)
That is quick
Beetees (9 months ago)
woah 187$ usd? I ican't get that in canada lol . maybe 800dollars on a non busy day
Quentin Thwaites (9 months ago)
big fan of the vlog's
Mr Raffle (9 months ago)
Stay awesome 😎Ya Enjoy 💦
Laurent (9 months ago)
only $187 to escape your dingdong pingpong chingchong 187 warrant
Norman McKinnon (9 months ago)
Serpentza ... learn to tie a proper Windsor Knot in your necktie. You are tying a half Windsor Knot, which is lop-sided.
J G (9 months ago)
Norman McKinnon Prude
pimpinaintdeadho (9 months ago)
Hey man, great video as always. Love yours and Laowhy's channels. I know you drove across the U.S. but you should come to The South. (Nashville, Atlanta)
futuredeath (9 months ago)
Hey serpenza in Japan at the same time as me :D and I flew in from HKE
SWISSX (9 months ago)
I had an opportunity to fly from Zurich to Mykonos for only 99$ until i found out, the hotels there started by 200$ at night (Airbnb 140$). Lucky me, i did'nt flew. I hope you and Sasha will have better options in Japan. Wish you a nice stay there
Danielle Spargo (9 months ago)
You coming down to Kyuushuu at all?
Guillaume de Chambrier (9 months ago)
Do you work out a lot to stay in shape? Given the hot temperatures in Shenzhen, and I guess also in Japan, mixed with your drinking enthusiasm it must be hard to avoid a beer belly.
J G (9 months ago)
Guillaume de Chambrier the suit hides it
Casey Stoner (9 months ago)
Toke Yooooooooooo!
WARMSTEAM (9 months ago)
The Big Cheese (9 months ago)
You look younger when you smile. Keep the cool vids coming. :)
The Consumer (9 months ago)
What kind of water do people in china drink? Here in america some people drink the tap and others like myself prefer not to and rather go to the water store and get reverse osmosis water
M R (5 months ago)
The Consumer they buy water at the store.
oilhammer04 (9 months ago)
Winston, have you seen Lauren Southern's Documentary on South Africa? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_bDc7FfItk
Andreas (9 months ago)
Not bad, looking forward for the vlogs in Nippon.
hemlock dripps (9 months ago)
187 USD from china to japan? You over paid. It's the same as going to ny to fl. It's a 2/3 hour flight which costs around 50-80 USD
Vladica Jovanovic (9 months ago)
Срећан оков :) Translation in english: Have a nice trip :)
Karloku Sang (9 months ago)
HKG and PVG always have extremely cheap tickets for Japan(KIX/HND).
Arturo Senni (9 months ago)
My brother, why don't you fly business class? The only way I fly nowadays. Used to fly my official commutes on Concorde from Paris, when I worked as a corporate lawyer in the 90's. That was a nice way to travel too, but times change. But I am really surprised you are willing to fly these kinds of cheap flights.
Arturo Senni (9 months ago)
+J G Yes, I sort of deemed it from the way he speaks. Still, made me wonder.
J G (9 months ago)
He’s not rich
Sergio Delgado (9 months ago)
I thought about this too... The guy tries to look all dapper and shit, with his suits and ties, but can't afford flying business class. A bit amusing, if I'm going to be perfectly honest. : D
t md (9 months ago)
Hey Winston, I wanted to ask you. What camera do you use? What are the specs too? I have an old video camera, a JVC GR-D21E which has a 700x digital, 16x optical zoom but needs a very large battery to video a short time. Does your camera have high zoom capabilities?
Anonyme Person (9 months ago)
2:04 Do you laugh when you see people like her in the background while you edit the video? ^^
Ernest Hemingway (9 months ago)
187 STRASSENBANDE 🐊🖕🏻 !!!!
Sachin Tendulkar (9 months ago)
Thanks to China for paying you for the trip.
momentinpassing (9 months ago)
2:06 Suspicious Uncle spotted!
Heno Heno (9 months ago)
so happy whenever i see a new video from you! goshh. you and c-milk. <3
China Expat (9 months ago)
Best Airport I've ever been to
Null Convey (9 months ago)
make a video of you and c-milk only speaking chinese to each other, like a advchina episode
733eel (9 months ago)
awesome! I've saved 48 bucks so far, japan here I come!
Alex Tu (9 months ago)
Which city you are going to visit?
JNC (9 months ago)
Great deal on the airline tickets to Japan. Enjoy Japan and looking forward to your next vlog.
Alex (9 months ago)
The leg room in my HK express flights were actually quite roomy
betzstump (9 months ago)
Leg room tip: Book a seat either right behind a bulkhead, where it's a wall, not seats in front of you, or in an exit row.
ackamoto (9 months ago)
I like your enthusiasm !
Syntax Error (9 months ago)
Hey, hey, he's married, OK?
Rainking 98119 (9 months ago)
Cosplay is for homosexuals and Simps
Rainking 98119 (9 months ago)
I fly RT to Japan from PVG for $125 on JA and RT HKG to NRT for 100 on CX
Weeb_Rat94 (9 months ago)
I really like the new short vlog uploads 😃 they hold me over until the main vids
Luiz camapum junior (9 months ago)
Greetings from United Kingdom !
paopao well (9 months ago)
stay awesome all of you
tallmikb croft (9 months ago)
margaret (9 months ago)
This is a great deal enjoy ! enjoy videos
Edgar Shorcan (9 months ago)
Dude are you selling those awesome stickers of yours? The one that you had on the tape with purple car and you in sunglasses. I would definitely buy!!!
serpentza (9 months ago)
I give them away when I have meetups
Andi Archer (9 months ago)
Have a great time Bud Im looking forward to future blogs keep em coming :D
Iyad Subh (9 months ago)
Have you done a video on how to get a Chinese citizenship?
pwnswoggle (9 months ago)
Awesome! Looking forward to Japan vlogs, I go there every couple of years and it's better every time. Get some retro game hunting in :)
W B (9 months ago)
Another great video as always.
liang zhang (9 months ago)
serpentza (9 months ago)
Lol, too bad for you I’ll be back
Bob Marley (9 months ago)
Why would you move to China if you could move to Japan? The people have SO MUCH MORE class. Night and day difference. From an American point of view, the Japanese are super clean/neat/polite with a great culture. Chinese seem more like laborers.
TeeBee T (9 months ago)
after you return, pls try to visit musical gear stores, in special guitar related products.

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