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What Your Handwriting Says About You

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Text Comments (37749)
Vi Machete (2 days ago)
Sometimes I feel like some of these types of things have traits that anyone can have or idealize having.
Aguiladorada Rivera (2 days ago)
Im connected, rounded, and putting circle over the i
elenacorn_ granger (2 days ago)
anyone who knows me will tell you i am an extrovert and extremely insecure but according to this i’m an introvert and comfortable in my own skin.
Smilex5 (3 days ago)
Im overly self-critical, a procrastinater and a introvert. ;-;
Mine said Imaginative, confident better in my skin
Skyler Blades (5 days ago)
My handwriting can go from looking like a doctor’s to printed depending on my mood lol
xxItzShadowGirlxx (6 days ago)
I have most of the these handwriting traits.
JaconBGRBLX (6 days ago)
I am small handwriting but the things that said in there like shy and others I'm not like that.
Clorox Bleach (7 days ago)
For the t thing, I used to be extremely confident but I’m not anymore but alot of this matches with me from a year or two ago
Wait but my handwriting changes every sentence
Mimi Jenkins (8 days ago)
i genuinely don’t know what my handwriting is because it changes all the time it’s so annoying
stitchesintobbh (8 days ago)
Helen ! (10 days ago)
Katie Is awesome (12 days ago)
My hand writing says I’m creative, outgoing talkative, but also introvert, childish,
Not Justin Y. (12 days ago)
I have all of those handwriting but it changes everyday..
Black Heart (13 days ago)
Im overly self critical kept 2 me self and intelligent(i allready know im smart but know one likes a nerd sooo shhhhhhhhhhhhh!...plz) Comment what u got? Anyone's maby i would like 2 know
anzu anzu (16 days ago)
I can’t even read what I write sometimes lol
Henry (16 days ago)
My handwriting is gay lol
Marvelly 07 (17 days ago)
Ink Tea (17 days ago)
I'm an introverted, shy, artistic procrastinator. Yep, that's spot-on.
Loki’s little sister (17 days ago)
I write with rounded letters but I’m not artistic and creative
Samantha Tolentino (17 days ago)
what does never putting a dot over the i mean?
Ryuzakai Hirokai (17 days ago)
What about writing a lowercase A as the typed a?
Raya Deb Sarkar (18 days ago)
The way you presented this video was really appreciatable..
Gayetri Majumder (19 days ago)
I am artistic creative imaginative confident
IHeardYouWere Crazy (19 days ago)
My hand writing says I land the dot over my ‘i’ to the right. It also says that messy handwriting doesn’t exist…
olivvy ah (19 days ago)
My writing is just a hot mess that changes every day
shreyakhatri3 (19 days ago)
Rina Rock (20 days ago)
Wow i learedd a lot
Aiza Deniega (21 days ago)
Private introvert
Wild Fang (21 days ago)
i’ve never seen anyone who slashes the i
baPBap BaM (21 days ago)
am i the only one who has beautiful handwriting here?
Lily Samantha (22 days ago)
0:37 so true
Cute Smorzie (22 days ago)
My handwriting is smoll
Kai Zheng (23 days ago)
Woah they’re all right Small handwriting - shy, studious, concentrated, meticulous Narrow spacing between words - doesn’t like being alone, crowds people Connected letters - logical & systematic Crossing in the middle - confident, comfortable in my own skin Dot right over the i - detail orientated, organized emphatic P.S. Write down your responses ! If you what you to of course. I’m curious
Kelly Huynh (23 days ago)
I mean I have a lot of hand writing dépense on my mood
Og Papa Smurf (23 days ago)
my handwriting looks like "chicken scratch"-my teacher
Grace Bowes (23 days ago)
lol im pointed hand writing and it definately describes me
Wow so i got people oriented/ attention craving and introvert. Tf?
Queen Arwa lifestyle (24 days ago)
My writing is non of these its like in joining cursev and tilted letters.
Real MB14 (25 days ago)
Why is it that I mix most of these into one handwriting
Ozone Layer (25 days ago)
I'm Visionary and Child like
TRANCE _ (25 days ago)
But what about *bad handwriting* ??
Vivek Thakur (25 days ago)
video was good but you wasted paper alot
Jane the killer killer (26 days ago)
Jane the killer killer (26 days ago)
All of these i do
shiladitya mukherjee (26 days ago)
And if my handwriting is slanting towards the right ...then ???
Noor Khanom (26 days ago)
None of this is my handwriting 😶😢 idk why???😭🙄
Dan Chou (26 days ago)
I'm on Small Handwriting
NG Adem (28 days ago)
My handwriting says that.... GOSH THESE NOTES ARE SO IRRITATING
Samantha Isabela (28 days ago)
I don’t put dots on my ‘i’s does any one else??
Karen Wang (28 days ago)
What if u dont put a dot on the i
Anaika Joseph (28 days ago)
I have average handwriting that's rounded.
Anaika Joseph (28 days ago)
My hand writing is mainly in cursive.
Anthony Espino (29 days ago)
These don’t make any sense
GalaxyGirlPlays (29 days ago)
Usually its average spacing, rounded, open O's, and the dot lands to the left of the i That was so accurate, especially the procrastinating part
Karthik’s Read Aloud (29 days ago)
I don't like to be in crowds, but I am sociable
Alien Games (29 days ago)
I don't dot my *I*s
Ritika Rajawat (29 days ago)
my handwriting is a mix of all
Irfan khan (29 days ago)
Where is italic
Nintendo Johnathan (30 days ago)
Most everything that matches the way I write is nothing like how I act
Ruhana Tahreen (1 month ago)
My handwriting is neat at the beginning but keeps getting messier as I write
Ultimate4 Loser king (1 month ago)
TheShiningEevee45 7 (1 month ago)
I write small, and that sounds a lot like me
Bhumika Biswas (1 month ago)
Visionary and child-like
shamrock legend (1 month ago)
My capital Y faces a different way that how or where it should face
DuniArt Here (1 month ago)
I dont dot my i tho
My handwriting says "THIS VIDEO WELL PAY" because why.. handwriting: im the king of writing no one comes to school writing" thats why
Dua Wayne (1 month ago)
I have a rounded handwriting, but still I'm aggresive and (not to compliment myself by myself) intelligent...
Brock Peterson (1 month ago)
Actually kinda teared up a bit when i saw'visionary & child-like' I needed that
Raja Zeeshan rajput (1 month ago)
Not good not bad
Raja Zeeshan rajput (1 month ago)
Yes average
Tiwaking Tiwaking (1 month ago)
¿ƃuᴉʇᴉɹʍ uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ʇnoqɐ ʇɐɥM
リヨンマーク • (1 month ago)
Im rounded letters omygod its exactly what i have im artistic and very creative wow!
Bharti chawla (1 month ago)
My writing changes daily
Kumar Kumar (1 month ago)
Always my handwrite is depend on my mode .
Dibya Karmakar (1 month ago)
There are times when I can't understand what I have written...
Baby Bunny (1 month ago)
My handwriting was honed from years of being taught by nuns in the Catholic school system. Those broads took penmanship very seriously! There was even a contest for the best penmanship. I get lots of compliments on my caligraphy-like script.
MiguelReTrO (1 month ago)
I have average handwriting and write open O's. But im quite the introvert
Bunker Sieben (1 month ago)
Mine is never static. I have tittles (the dots over the j and i) that shift off the top, that connect, that are directly on top. I connect some letters, and letters look different depending on several factors.
Saahiti Nareddy (1 month ago)
I don’t even dot my i’s. It’s a waste of time. Like if you agree
Orcale Mia (1 month ago)
My hand writing is none of these
Noor us Sabah (1 month ago)
My handwriting depends on my mood
Zahida Kaynat (1 month ago)
My handwriting changes like bts's hair colour
kaif k (1 month ago)
Nice editing
World Record Egg (1 month ago)
anyone else who never dots their 'i's
nicolez (1 month ago)
Small handwriters are introverted they say. I am a fuclinh AmBiVeRt you uncultured peppa
Deepa Martin (1 month ago)
This video is false for me.. not tryna be rude.. but this is not true for my handwriting and personality
pan cake (1 month ago)
My handwriting is extremely neat cursive
Blue Riders (1 month ago)
My handwriting changes every month
magix tricks (1 month ago)
It's hard to say but whatever it said about me it's actually true
Pavitra Reddy (1 month ago)
Round, points for of I on top or sometimes left, o sometimes closed and open
iMeda (1 month ago)
This is some kind of nonsense
Jayshree Salvi (1 month ago)
I like the editing
Dayana Tejera (1 month ago)
Mine is rounded letter: I am indeed an artist. I used to write in cursive,then did print,so it mixed up.
My handwriting says i cant write
Gabby S (1 month ago)
Skydrew (1 month ago)
I'm childish ;-;
Park Chaemin07 (1 month ago)
My handwriting says i need to give up and drop the pen
Lil Turtle (1 month ago)
Is the C.I.A watching me cus they got this right

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