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Check exclusive casino bonuses from my website. https://www.jarttu84.com Remember to join the community for talking slots and everything what comes to your mind. :) https://forum.jarttu84.com/ Wanna join the live action? I stream everyday live from twitch. Press the link below to join live action and check all the exclusive bonuses below the stream! Press link below to join the live action. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/jarttu84 Online gaming can be exciting, enjoyable and lucrative but losing is also part of the game. Players must be aware that there are certain instances where gaming can lead to an addiction. Social Media: Twitter https://twitter.com/jarttuslots _________________________________ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jarttuslots/ __________________________________________ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/officialjarttu84/ _______________________________________________
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Text Comments (49)
Alexandru Frangulea (17 hours ago)
Manu ioo (3 days ago)
Hello youtube. Ei tässä mitään.
Amu Raw (4 days ago)
Total fake
Hello, help to raise funds for purchasing electric guitars, whoever can, card number 4142983005439003. Thank you
Valentin Jianu (1 month ago)
Urît mai faci dute dracu
Artp Ardashyan (1 month ago)
Hello YouTube 😂👊🏽👍🏼🤙🏽
Cem Fernandez (2 months ago)
Schick mal geld
Paul Stanway (3 months ago)
The more I watch this guy, the more I say BS.
Zero Unu (4 months ago)
hai dute dracu hello yutube:))) tasabita
Daniel Craig (5 months ago)
always the streamer wins...casino fuck me up...congratiolations for the win...but it is strange
Born to #PLAY (5 months ago)
Okay we already umderstand your "hello Youtube".. I think its enough...
Born to #PLAY never enough!!!! NEVER! :)
tylaa slyken (6 months ago)
everytime i hear him saying "hello youtuber" i can go crazy how can he have so much fckng luck jesus christ ... haha but GZ
Muhammad Farooq (3 months ago)
tylaa slyken hi I want to play this game online how I can play kindly can you guide me please
Peķka SĪKAIS (6 months ago)
What is the name of casino
Test Booty (6 months ago)
Je suis nouvelle venez voir ma page !!! 45000€ de gains
Valentin Blanaru (6 months ago)
The voice off this guy is soo anoyng...lol makes me wanna punch him..maghiaru :))
MrDichio (7 months ago)
Monopoly money
MrDichio im hlad they accepted the ”monopoly” money in car shop and speaker shop! Lucky me then.
Shando Shannon (7 months ago)
Surprise surprise.....
Samppa Linna (7 months ago)
jäbä kyl o kova ku nii kovasti mukana tos touhussa :D Olispa itelläki hilloo pelaa tollasia betsejä
Grant Craig (7 months ago)
Hey m8 new to this nice win HELLOYOUTUBE big up from Scotland
Kaspars Bogdans (7 months ago)
All time big win, bull shit its fake. I know this guy
Kaspars Bogdans you know me? Rofl.. nice to know that you know me.. moron
Exposed Videos (7 months ago)
the psychological profile of someone who goes online and watches gambling videos strongly suggests that person either has an unhealthy interest in gambling, is a problem gambler or is a gambling addict.
Danijel Butkovic (5 months ago)
this guy is fake...and you should avoid this guy and his lies...
kalle kanin (5 months ago)
and ur point is?
Danijel Butkovic (6 months ago)
Jes that's true and Jes I had gambling problem my whole life..
Murtumans (7 months ago)
And you got here by accident? :D
Matthew Macdougall (7 months ago)
Fuk up
aurelio mustafa (7 months ago)
Porca puttana che culo della madonna che hai
RedPyramidHead666 (7 months ago)
fuckin insane. Awesome !
H. Chinaski (7 months ago)
Jartulla kevät.
FAK u bich bot
maestrodad23 (7 months ago)
if he dont get heart problems nobody ever will :) funny lad
gela bagashvili (7 months ago)
Random This and That (8 months ago)
I have loved watching both your streams and videos, but lately, you seem to have lost touch with the ground, man. Greediness seems to be reaching you, but that's only an assumption. You win 17k and you're like "never anything this bonus"... Your enthusiasm the moment you win is always great, but when you get some dead spins, you're instantly the opposite. Are you not happy with the wins, or are you simply expecting insane wins on EACH spin? ... Not a criticism, just worried, man. Your streams have been great to follow so far, so do not lose it, jarttu! Good luck with future wins.
1KinG TV (7 months ago)
if he get all spins with full screen he well ask for retriger
H. Chinaski (7 months ago)
I actually think same. But that is normal human been. U want More.
Tutte Turunen (7 months ago)
sarcasm too hard for some ppl
pp (7 months ago)
Its a joke omq haha
Random This and That (7 months ago)
Yes, perhaps you are right. And I have actually watched him for a while. Not since his beginning, but at least a while. Hopefully I was off this time, but yes, I have seen his expressions when he says that before, but now, it seemed different. That is al. :)
Le Fic (8 months ago)
What the hell
Qartveli84 (8 months ago)
egt does it again!
Casino Lover (8 months ago)
wow you really hit them nice! How big are your winnings so far? please also check : https://partners.astralbet.com/redirect.aspx?pid=9737&bid=14828
gris withmilk (8 months ago)
I laughed, then I said u fkin bastard😂
Yoloberg (8 months ago)

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