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Classic Bridal Hairstyle How-To

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For more hairstyling tips go to: http://www.totalbeauty.com/how-tos/hairstyles Grab a bridesmaid and together you can create this elegant, sleek updo for your big day. Your wedding day is your day to look absolutely gorgeous. You've got the dress, the venue, and the love of your life, now all you need is the perfect romantic updo to seal the wedding day deal. Follow these easy to follow steps to recreate this classic hairstyle perfect for your wedding day or any other formal occasion. Get more at: http://www.totalbeauty.com http://www.facebook.com/totalbeauty http://www.twitter.com/totalbeauty
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Text Comments (29)
it looks messy
Donna Marie (6 years ago)
Seemed kinda messy to me
spoons2007 (7 years ago)
Looks shite
Colleen Symons (7 years ago)
@gangsterppanda gived it more body and makes that rolling action WAY easier
Leander (7 years ago)
Is it okay to use hairspray before using hot tools? I always thought it really damages the hair if it's just a normal hairspray.. It looks really nice and elegant!
dudlidudlidada du (7 years ago)
I thought it was done at 2:16 .. THAT was pretty ♥
Pals Salon (8 years ago)
@gangsterppanda It helps so you can easily twist it at it follows the shape of the curl:)
Dana Lool (8 years ago)
SaltandSugar (8 years ago)
@gangsterppanda Oooh, i dont know either O.o lol
delightfullyakward (8 years ago)
Cushion Must be his favourite word. lol
Amanda Lynn (8 years ago)
@Kruizinby probably for more movement in the hair, if it was flat ironed it probably wouldn't be able to 'roll under' as well.
Amanda Lynn (8 years ago)
it would look better if it was more smoothed out. he just used his hands and it looks messy. also, i don't think it'd hold that well, he didn't seem to use a lot of bobby pins. if she's dancing around on that dance floor for her wedding party, you don't want her hair to start falling out
mahnu666 (8 years ago)
Doesn´t look finished.
Maria Conway (8 years ago)
Hi I'm Lorenzo and I'm the bridesmaid.. so like listen up k?
Ghala Ali (8 years ago)
if it well don't look curly .. why you curl it ?! -,-''
snua86 (8 years ago)
it looks kinda messy at first, but the final result is like...WOW!!!!...very elegent.. i think the model couldn't decide whether to keep smiling or to act natural...kinda annoying sometime...
Kruizinby (8 years ago)
I dont understand the seemingly unnecessary point of using the curling iron when teasing n smoothing is what makes the style.. end result is nice tho.
Jenna Nguyen (8 years ago)
@alineaguiar2009 It'd be even prettier with long hair. You could even let some curls hang down, and you'd end up having more volume because you'd have more hair!
Selma Araujo (8 years ago)
kloveys (8 years ago)
She reminds me of Kiera Knightly!
The model has beautiful hair oO It looks so soft!
Curcean Alex (9 years ago)
o verry byuty
Louisa S (9 years ago)
This is a really great look!
Sankar Sharma (9 years ago)
very very nice and beautyfull
meowthyy (9 years ago)
love it very romantic!!!!
MamiYare (9 years ago)
woww nice
Frances Workman (9 years ago)
I believe the curls are to give it body. If its just straight or frizzy it will turn out different and probably messy like.
XxHaveHopexX (9 years ago)
it's very nice I'm gunna give the a go now ^-^. I don't understand why her hair was curled to have it up like.
nikki5790 (10 years ago)
wow, that looks awesome! thats such a helpful video

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