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Are you on the list? Our "How To Get Into The Fashion Industry Course" is coming!!

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Get on the waiting list for our "How to Get Into The Fashion Industry Course"!! Link to our waiting list - https://thestylethatbindsus.com/waiting-list-how-to-get-into-the-fashion-industry-course/ The Style That Binds Us is a media platform. We have YouTube videos and a podcast where we interview industry insiders and discuss all things fashion and style. We talk about upcoming trends and are a safe place to ask questions. If you want to land a job in the fashion industry, we are going to give you the steps you can take to do so. Delia began her career interning at Versace and then worked at Barneys New York on the Cosmetic, RTW and Jewelry buying teams. Link to the "How to Get Into The Fashion Industry Workbook" - https://thestylethatbindsus.com/start-here Link to the "Ultimate Guide to Landing Your Dream Job in the Fashion Industry Workbook" - https://thestylethatbindsus.lpages.co/tripwire-ultimate-guide-to-landing-your-dream-job-in-the-fashion-industry-workbook/ Let us know if you have any questions you want us to answer in the course! https://www.thestylethatbindsus.com/ @thestylethatbindsus @alisonbruhn @deliafolk Contact emails: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
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