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We Made the World's Largest Bath Bomb!

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We made a 2,000-pound bath bomb and then dropped it into Jamie's swimming pool. Watch the Behind The Scenes video here: https://www.vat19.com/item/black-abyss-bath-bomb-turns-tub-black?adid=youtube Subscribe to Vat19: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=vat19com ****************** Follow Vat19: Facebook: https://facebook.com/vat19 Instagram: https://instagram.com/vat19/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/vat19 Shop hundreds more curiously awesome products: https://www.vat19.com/?adid=youtube Once again, WE DO IT JUMBO! We made a custom mold and then made a 2,000-pound black bath bomb. Of course, this wouldn't fit into a bathtub, so we pushed it into Jamie's swimming pool instead. Watch More Vat19: Latest Uploads: https://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com/videos?shelf_id=1&view=0&sort=dd Popular Videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com/videos?shelf_id=7&view=0&sort=p The Sample Room: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL1JK0U6s28&list=PLSqiExuEA-RG_aF5u4q5gEvJiUfoa6l25 Fun Stuff to Eat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RXmNRr8x7I&list=PLSqiExuEA-REt5gzR0A9ernZNHlZ2glIl About Vat19: Vat19 is dedicated to "curiously awesome" gifts, candy, toys, gummy, putty, puzzles, games, and more! In addition to making funny commercials you'll actually want to watch, we produce amazing challenge videos, document our outrageous contraptions, and invite you to a front row seat for our silly stunts. Sometimes we blow things up, fill up a bathtub or pool with crazy stuff, dare each other to eat super spicy foods, and answer “burning questions” from our viewers.
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Text Comments (14536)
Vat19 (5 months ago)
Any ideas for how we can ruin Jamie’s pool again next summer? 🤣🤣
Alexandrite (1 month ago)
Put a big vacume to soak up the water ;-;
SiamXVlogs 2.0 (2 months ago)
Copy Logan Paul ruining jakes pool
Tony Phương (2 months ago)
Slimy Stuff probaly.
Harry Potter Fans (2 months ago)
500th comment! Ha! Now no one else can reply
Lone Spirit Of The Night (23 minutes ago)
In Soviet Russia, bomb drops you!
Garry Lowes (27 minutes ago)
Chris, Chief Cope (42 minutes ago)
1:49 funny stuff there
Iracema Sheehan (1 hour ago)
Get baptised with this in your pocket
Thomas Clark (4 hours ago)
It would have been better if it was bubbles
Daniel Maldonado (17 hours ago)
Wouldn’t it be easier to just dump 2000 lbs of mud in the pool?
Chris Whoop (19 hours ago)
Looks.... nasty...
ScyberPsylock (21 hours ago)
That was just stupid. Hope that bill to clean that up was worth it....waste of money!
Ayden O'Shaughnessy (21 hours ago)
I'm wondering how bad it fucked up the pool filter and pump
Alec Jacobson (23 hours ago)
This is a great way to ensure yourself repairing everything line to your pool and changing your filter because of the build up and clog. But I guess if you're rich and building a gigantic bath bomb, it doesnt actually matter. Why is look like a big DOO-DOO doe?
Destini Grissett (23 hours ago)
Yuh used mask to put it together why would you let it touch your skin afterwards 🤔 I found the video interesting
zepster2006 (1 day ago)
What an anti climax
Buck Gill (1 day ago)
Что это за взрыв в ванне? Почему вы желаете темный купания воды? Американская поворачивает ванну и бассейн в болото? Я не сообразила
XStep 47 (1 day ago)
This is awesome!
Naruto_boy 101 (1 day ago)
Cynthia R. (1 day ago)
fill the pool with soda or slime like if you agree
finger linger (1 day ago)
HappyVille (1 day ago)
so its edible?
Morgana Pendragon (1 day ago)
It just changed the pools Color really.
Jaycie Clark (1 day ago)
Darthader puked in the bath.......
David Watkins (2 days ago)
What a waste of time and effort
How come they need a mask to put it together but not one when it dissolves in the pool?
Ophiuchus123456789 (2 days ago)
The only thing I got out of this silly video was how, when they bath bomb fell into the pool, it got me thinking about what an asteroid hitting the Earth would look like.
holographic world (2 days ago)
Stupid Hippies.
Ric Owens (2 days ago)
White people do the dumbest things. 🤔
Jennifer Escudero (2 days ago)
Do a rainbow bath bomb plz
Detailedstream 1991 (2 days ago)
HOLY SMOKES bomb away!!!
Introverted retard (2 days ago)
Ha! Take that Guava Juice!
sputnikalgrim (2 days ago)
But why though
Loud Mike Productions (2 days ago)
Check out my channel guys
Well that was anti climatic.. seriously no explosion and the water didn’t even turn black... have fun cleaning out your pool👍
The Adventure Mazda (2 days ago)
I heard everybody died.
phydeauxddog (2 days ago)
mike sixx (2 days ago)
RIP pool filter
BADD1ONE (3 days ago)
I'm curious. After this complete waste of time and money. Did you just drain all those chemicals into the public sewer, or front yard? Has anyone bothered to research the environmental ramifications?
Chris Jacobs (3 days ago)
Yes you should do that to Jamie's again summer my daughter coughs right now
Ian Penrose (3 days ago)
Plot twist they filled it with poison and dies
Some Icelandic Dude (3 days ago)
Not really happened
That’s amazing but I have no ideas on what to do sorry
henry R. (3 days ago)
Next: the worlds largest bathsalts & who's gonna smoke it??....lol...
Hart Reeder (3 days ago)
The pool guy wasn’t happy though
Zack James (3 days ago)
Why tho??
Duder -1 (3 days ago)
Cali Cuauhtli (3 days ago)
Yall couldnt of added some fragrance n essential oils.
ZombieWolfArtist (3 days ago)
For only $9.99 on Amazon
guava juice (3 days ago)
U suck
Heather Lindemann (3 days ago)
Welcome to jackass people
Erodoeht (3 days ago)
Chemicals. Hurray
Casper Gauti (3 days ago)
new theme song/ WAT NINETEEEEEEN... Bathbomb
theaberrantdon (3 days ago)
They were already planning to replace the pool before they came up with the bath bomb idea.
Stephen Tomkinson (3 days ago)
That's not a bathbomb,it's a poolbomb!
Harry Goldstone (3 days ago)
June 16th that is my birthday but now it is the 12th of November
Cinder Cone (4 days ago)
I've had bigger climaxes jacking off.
Rock Chisler (4 days ago)
Indus S (4 days ago)
not the dumbest thing on youtube, but not far off. what a gigantic waste of everything involved
ibetatestedyourmother (4 days ago)
Fucking dumb
Aidan Vo (4 days ago)
BTOIISTER’ S (4 days ago)
How much for a ocean?
FatherDavid Sharland (4 days ago)
That was totally uneventful. Zzzzzzzz
Eric John (4 days ago)
Putting our planets resources to good use
Donovan Payton (4 days ago)
How long did it take🤔🤔
Ryan Spurlock (4 days ago)
How to destroy your pool in 10 seconds lol
Justin Mills (4 days ago)
Juan Zuniga (4 days ago)
I was expecting explosions
Katerra Warren (4 days ago)
I believe what your looking for is right here 2:30, thank me later!
Tourettes Guy (5 days ago)
3:08 oh yeah throw some big ass rocks in a pool full of ppl
Typhoon Dragon28 (5 days ago)
Why black of all colors when it first dropped did anyone think it looked like Sluge and cement it was kinda disgusting but oh well they had fun that’s all the matters
Orinta Staskonytė (5 days ago)
This looks amazing 🤯 I wish I worked there tbh
Tracy W (5 days ago)
casiliasTNR (5 days ago)
This is how the fortnite cube existed 2:30
GamingGoose (5 days ago)
FBI, open up!
It's Mudkip (5 days ago)
2:20 looks like macarons
serrot spikester (5 days ago)
that was so cool
Daniel Garcia (5 days ago)
You know the pool guy is probably going to walk away. ( boss drop this client)
Astrid and June Ivy (5 days ago)
If I had a poop, I would definitely not put a huge BLACK bath bomb in it
Astrid and June Ivy (5 days ago)
Astrid and June Ivy (5 days ago)
I mean pool
SANES (5 days ago)
is this wat we call satisfaction
jake c (5 days ago)
*initiate filter clogup*
davidjacksonsr (5 days ago)
Kids in Africa could have ate that bath bomb and drank the pool water
Bradley Wendel (5 days ago)
I love the dedication
Imagine the guy screaming I AM GAYYYYY ! !
Sucker ASMR (5 days ago)
You can just say one ton
Emily Medler (5 days ago)
Love your Cardinals top. Go Cards
Kim Gauthier (5 days ago)
Try oblek
jarrrr69 (5 days ago)
Sodium hydroxide same size
Fernando Miyagusuku (5 days ago)
Phelan Wolfe (5 days ago)
Well, that was stupid... Hope whoever owns that pool was satisfied with this extra lame video. 🙈
deecortes1 (5 days ago)
You guys should have did it in a much larger pool... lol
King Ramsin (5 days ago)
I’m confused. How is this even cool or fun? I yawned the whole way though. Maybe if they put a massive poo into the pool and everyone was swimming around and touching it , then this video would of been epic.
juggalo450 (5 days ago)
Was expecting a more of a explosion
Jose Lopez (5 days ago)
White People
Keith McKellar (5 days ago)
How about you use sodium next time lol jk.
MeToo84 (5 days ago)
Butn its interacting with chlorine,too.
OMG Retail (6 days ago)
Dumbest thing ever
Cristian zachs krause (6 days ago)
Travis Gardner (6 days ago)
A floating Baby-Ruth in the pool would have had a better reaction.
Cinco Charms (6 days ago)
Really stupid. Why?
Deliolis 1 (6 days ago)
But why
eric Vandiver (6 days ago)
Go cardinals! My god the one guy with the man bun and chicken legs needs some milk and testosterone booster stat damn man you look like a women with that frame.
Linas V (6 days ago)
0:48 and then we add die to darken our souls XD

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