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Adobe Premiere To DaVinci Resolve 14 Round Trip Workflow

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In this video, learn how to export your Adobe Premiere project into DaVinci Resolve 14 and back again. Important workflow if you want to color grade in resolve! Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, and leave a comment below for what tutorials you'd like to see in the future
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Text Comments (91)
Laser Media (1 month ago)
is it possible to utilise proxies in this workflow?
Iki’s Photo (2 months ago)
watch your audio
Isaac Snowhite (3 months ago)
Thank you. Davinci (Free) is easier for me but Priemere has some denoiser tools for night footage. For now, I have a cheap Adobe membership, or I would just plunk down the cash for Davinci.
Learn How To Edit Stuff (3 months ago)
If you're referring specifically to noise reduction, 100% buy Neat Video noise reduction - its god tier.
Maurice Morales (4 months ago)
Super quick and simplistic.
nathanial holt (5 months ago)
if you have transitions on your premiere timeline, do you delete them first?
Learn How To Edit Stuff (5 months ago)
Great question. Some transitions will transfer over (like crossfades) but other more complex transitions will not. Kind of a pain, but I don't actually use too many transitions, so it doesn't affect me much
Michael Cimpher (6 months ago)
awesome video. thanks!
Jack Bisson (7 months ago)
Awesome information. Thank you!
Crooked City (8 months ago)
Dude, this was awesome! Thank you!
Mo Khayat (8 months ago)
Do transitions get exported in the XML file as well?
Learn How To Edit Stuff (8 months ago)
Some of them like a simple cross dissolve will transfer over (for the most part) but DaVinci and Premiere don't have the same transitions for everything so it's pretty hit or miss unfortunately
Jerry Roe (8 months ago)
DUDE! Great tut, but I'm on a PC and can't export Final Cut Pro XML. What should I export?
Ed Rakel (8 months ago)
Hey Casey, love your videos. I have conducted two test. A 1 minute clip with no effects takes PP only 40 seconds while DR takes almost 3 minutes. This is with an intel 7800 6 core processor, GTX 1070 8 gb graphics card and 32 gb of ram. Whats going on here? Wish I never spent the 300.00 on DR
Ferry Renaldo (8 months ago)
Nice! Thankyou!
GRITO33 (10 months ago)
the best.
Daniel Alvarez Vlogs (10 months ago)
what is DaVinci?? hehe 😊
Alvaro Mercado (11 months ago)
thanks bro you are the best!
Go Polaris Studio (1 year ago)
Here's to hoping it works!
mic daviz (1 year ago)
God bless you for this tutorial
Le Monarque (1 year ago)
If color grading is the very last part of your workflow would you recommend just doing a final export out of Resolve or would you still recommend sending an XML to Premiere and exporting from Premiere?
DAshil Tube (1 year ago)
hello sir i am your subscriber your videos are very usefull....so can i asked one question......how can i replaced face of person in video by using davinci resolve .....please tell me sir
Robbie soto (1 year ago)
You need a better mic.
Dave Katz (1 year ago)
This is good stuff, thanks for doing it!
Scope25 (1 year ago)
Great video! The fottage gets rendered twice on both example once in in PPro. Will that not effect the image quality?
Ohhhh I see. If you export an uncompressed version (ProRes or equivalent) then there's no quality loss until you compress to a different format (H.264 etc.)
Scope25 (1 year ago)
Learn How To Edit Stuff You rendered the footage once from Resolve and then xml to Premiere Pro. Once the edit is finalized the video needs to be rendered out of Premiere to complete the project. Thats results in rendering the files twice. My Question is does that not effect the image quality from the final output? Thanks.
I'm not sure what you're asking...
Chris Brands (1 year ago)
have you ever had it export the clips without the xml. I can't seem to get it to spit out an xml with the clips when using the premiere xml preset.
Roger Stich (1 year ago)
Oh Wow, the Amount of information is really good. But plz stop trying to be funny. Because you are not.
simon sharp (1 year ago)
You, my friend, are a legend.
Gordon Wong (1 year ago)
This method won't work when it comes to Mixed FPS footage. When I import an XML which has both 30 & 120 fps, Davinci would choose one of the fps footage and just fail to link the other ones. It would be great to know what's your method when you need color grade a sequence of videos in Davinci but some contains slow motion? Thanks!
Export the timeline in the highest quality uncompressed format you can, and bring that into davinci and use the "scene cut detection" tool to bring it in to davinci. I don't think i covered that in my video, but maybe do a quick search on YouTube for Davinci Resolve Scene Cut Detection
Brent Black (1 year ago)
Yo, does anyone know why when I export the xml out of Davinci, only the video files show up and the XML is nowhere to be found??? Its been pissing me off all day so if I could get some help, that'd be great.
Bracken Burns (1 year ago)
FINNNNALLLY... :) nice and clear. Thanks!
Justin Hollaway (1 year ago)
At 4:15 that's a good way to do it but if you go to the next clip (after the graded clip) all you have to do is push the "=" button and it'll apply everything from the previous clip. Hope this help someone work a bit faster.
Dakota Huntley (1 year ago)
This is probably my 8th in depth tutorial I've watched. I have a project in Premiere, I use multiple cameras with different resolution capabilities, but all set them to 1080p 24fps. I literally built a f*#king video editing computer, and follow all of these tutorials step by step; and it still doesn't work for me. I still have yet to have a round trip involving Premiere to Resolve to work. It's driving me absolutely freaking crazy.
Dakota Huntley (1 year ago)
Learn How To Edit Stuff I'll give that a shot, thank you so much! Keep up the great content!
If you're conforming footage, thats likely your problem... try using native resolutions
Dustin Reichard (1 year ago)
Thank you for both explaining a legitimate workflow AND keeping my attention for the entire video. Liked, subscribed, and you can have my firstborn child if you want. Worth it.
I'll take your like and subscribe... not ready for a kid yet, but i appreciate the offer :P
Sheldon Norton (1 year ago)
Thank you Mr. Gentleman. Much appreciated.
FlyShotz (1 year ago)
.Thanks For Making This Simple Unlike Other Tutorials Lbs
Silvana Neitzke (1 year ago)
How to mark clips in RESOLVE 14, while in a thumbnail view, in bins that have been used in timeline?
Glyn Dewis (1 year ago)
Great video mate...cheers
Hercules II Bermil (1 year ago)
So much information thnx alot !!! anyway im laughing while watching your video, funny guy.
812gorod (1 year ago)
Балаболка южноамериканская:) Цены для тебя не будет если российский стиль выучишь! :)
Я не говорю по-русски, однако у меня кушать перевод Google!
Anna Sklavos (1 year ago)
Is there a reason my footage is not appearing in my media pool, stating it's offline despite re-linking to the right folder?
Hazarizq (1 year ago)
Same problem here. Still not RESOLVEd.
Anna Sklavos (1 year ago)
I've tried both ways, round tripping from Premiere and just trying to import footage and edit in DaVinci. My 5D MKIII footage is not showing up at all even when I search my folders. I didn't have this problem with the last Version of DaVinci I had installed, which was 12.1 or 12.2, can't recall. I never had problems with importing footage directly into DaVinci or doing a roundtrip from Premiere.
Are you importing directly into DaVinci or are you doing an XML round trip from Premiere?
Jeremy Fraga (1 year ago)
Most informative Premiere to Resolve roundtrip video online. Thank You!
Kalvin Johnson (1 year ago)
I get "the importer reported a generic error" when i import to premier!
Henrik van Walsum (1 year ago)
Try to use Avid AAF, instead
Kerry Glennon (1 year ago)
I'm with you Kalvin. Has anyone been able to circumvent this issue?
Ki Rin (1 year ago)
Great video. thank you! As a follow up, maybe you could do a tutorial on how to round trip from davinci to after effects and back. Just an idea
Lloyd Semblante (1 year ago)
how can u edit like your holding an imaginary sword and it follows your hand
Nawee! (1 year ago)
hei boi ian please teach me more about Adobe Premiere​ Pro New Title Essential Graphics thing, we need to know more bout that 👽 Thankyo
Nawee! (1 year ago)
Learn How To Edit Stuff yaaaasss 😁 Thankyo..
To be honest, I don't ever use that function since I do all my graphics custom in After Effects BUT, for you, i'll look into it and make a video :)
OAAC Médias (1 year ago)
hello my duuude, what is the point to go back in premiere after davinci ? and can't we just do all the video editing in davinci ? thanks !
Creativistaan (1 year ago)
You can do all the editing, if you know the software. You'll have to learn Davinci, although Davinci 14 is bomb.
PattyBangTV (1 year ago)
Hey man, love your videos, I've watched a ton of them already, but can't seem to find anything on how to make a intro. (at least not the way I was thinking) I've been watching a lot of IZombie lately, and I love the intro to the show, and was wondering if you could make a video on how to make such an intro. :) Keep up the good work :D
Kelble (1 year ago)
Could you show how to manage editing panels? Sometimes i accidentally move a panel such a my effects panel, or my clips panel, and I can't figure out how to open them.
Wayne Federico (1 year ago)
I can't afford a new program.. like Davinci wait it's free ? I do use Master Adobe PP/ Ps etc. I'm just learning and taking time out for color correction because watching your vid's makes me feel like "My videos are not complete " with out it. Gopro's are limited on color so I have a lot to learn.. The best thing is, your the only UTB'er that gets it right and sharing helps us realize we can do better in post production. You force us too learn it, an makes it fun. Did you name your duck ? if not we need to.. Old yeller na / squishy hhmm / Mr. Q ~~~~~~ Thx again ~
You can set your GoPro to shoot in a flat color profile to make DaVinci more useful to you!
Wayne Federico (1 year ago)
https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve start here ~~
Bhaskar Bisht (1 year ago)
what do you think about Filmore editing. is it pro or not ?
Dr Vaaz (1 year ago)
Learn How To Edit Stuff vegas pro?hitfilm pro?
I've never heard of it, so I would say probably not. The "Pro" software is Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut X, and now DaVinci Resolve is trying to compete as well.
한충희 (1 year ago)
awesome!!!! THX!!!
XHUNTERCOOL (1 year ago)
I don't have DaVinci.. But I like watching his vids.. Cuz so much information :p
XHUNTERCOOL (1 year ago)
Learn How To Edit Stuff never knew! I'll try if out
Download it! It's free!
CS Wilson Draws (1 year ago)
Once again, very informative. I always enjoy your tutorials even though I don't use Premiere (I use a cheap editor called Movie Edit Pro). For most things, I can still use the techniques you show but I have to modify them a bit to adapt to MEP. Thanks for all you do! I look forward to your next helpful video.
LeagueOfHighlights (1 year ago)
u helped me a lot with my videos ty😀
Çalıya Dikkat (1 year ago)
Legends say this guy going to be a youtube god
Fero (1 year ago)
i watch in 4k on a 1080p monitor I don't know why either
Aldo Lupio (1 year ago)
AE tutorials!
VeggiesForBrekky (1 year ago)
I just watch your channel because you're entertaining. I do sometimes watch for tutorials, but you're super nice.
Kyro (1 year ago)
i used to be a fan now im a person who steals comments
Renars. (1 year ago)
woah im so early
DeleAlli (1 year ago)
U're very great. Stay cool :D
TroubleProductions (1 year ago)
IF i use effects in premiere, will they be lost in davinci?
Some of them cross over, and some of them don't. I unfortunately don't have a list of effects that will work, but worst case scenario, you just copy and paste them back onto the clips once you've color graded
Tamerlan Hamzayev (1 year ago)
the best lesson likee
Flemmo (1 year ago)
I love you 🌹🌹
Tobias Fuhrman (1 year ago)
i love this guy
jon (1 year ago)
ILY Ian<3

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