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"BEST IS YET TO COME" (OFFICIAL TRAILER) A Pella-Vision/BrooklynViewFilms production JoJo Pellegrino is back with brand new music! Be sure to stay tuned to Pella-Vision for the new single "Best is yet to come" produced by J-Glaze
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Text Comments (15)
hmmmm........ anything yet????
PJ (1 year ago)
oh come on!!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!
Kevin Finerty (2 years ago)
Machine Gun Pelly spits fire! The peoples champ! IHHM for life! For REAL! ......and keep em COMING!!!
SURGEON GENERAL (2 years ago)
T (2 years ago)
Should have moved to vegas 20 yrs ago fam.. salute from the 702
John Doe (2 years ago)
when is this gunna drop already
Jon Napoli (2 years ago)
Patiently waiting
Raya Lianna's World (2 years ago)
This is what I have been waiting for!! JJP has NOT disappointed with this trailer at all! I cannot wait to hear this entire project! NOBODY has come with this angle! He remains original to the core! He is as REAL as it gets! #Fanforlife #TheBestIsYetToCome #Imtunedin
Joyce Tucciarone (2 years ago)
matt iatauro (2 years ago)
dopeeee son
YUsayiN Fuqery (2 years ago)
Jojo... Y put this on WS... Half Em fucks wouldn't even get thru that intro 2even be re-introduced to know u sic-wit-it or even rhyme 4that matter. #Top5MostUnderrated
Craig Christiana (2 years ago)
Drop it cousin 🔥 staten island fatha cappadonna dr lets go !! Lol south shore !!!
John Doe (2 years ago)
\damnnnnn HURRRY thats sounds tough
Joseph Tudino (2 years ago)
just a teaser?! thanks jojo... I'll just be waiting right here ...
Google Chrome Sign In (1 year ago)
Joseph Tudino yes

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