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10 Surprising Reasons to VISIT AMSTERDAM | Budget Travel Guide

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Wondering what to do in Amsterdam on a budget? The Vagabrothers share 10 surprising reasons to visit Amsterdam, one of the coolest cities in Europe. SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/Vagabrothers --- WHAT WE VLOG WITH : - BIG CAMERA ►https://bhpho.to/2gitki3 - LENS ► https://bhpho.to/2gKadhE - SNEAKY CAMERA ► https://bhpho.to/2gQ0kBW - MICROPHONE ► https://bhpho.to/2fQpW1X - DRONE ► http://amzn.to/1USOWQG - ACTION CAM ► https://bhpho.to/2gPXihd --- FOLLOW US: + INSTAGRAM ►https://www.instagram.com/Vagabrothers + FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/Vagabrothers + TWITTER ► https://twitter.com/vagabrothers + SNAPCHAT ►@Vagabrothers --- Personal Accounts: + Alex ► YT: https://www.youtube.com/alexthevagabond IG: https://www.instagram.com/alexthevagabond + Marko ► YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Ws92hA0nNNirnarfYjMvA/featured IG: https://www.instagram.com/markoayling --- MUSIC ► + Van Bobbi: https://soundcloud.com/vanbobbi +Besade: https://soundcloud.com/besade --- Contribute to Vagabrothers #TranslationTeam: http://bit.ly/VBTranslationTeam --- SEND US STUFF: 2633 Lincoln Blvd #921 Santa Monica, CA 90405 --- BOOK YOUR TRAVELS HERE: + Hotels: http://bit.ly/TripAdvisorHotelDeals + Flights: http://bit.ly/SkyScannerFlights + Eurail Tickets: http://bit.ly/EurailPasses + Insurance: http://bit.ly/WorldNomadsInsurance --- HOW WE GET AROUND: Get your first free ride with Uber by using the code "UberVagabrothersUE" or clicking here: https://www.uber.com/invite/ubervagabrothersue --- P.S. We love the Vagabuddies... Subscribe and join the squad!
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Fabi Voltair (2 days ago)
Remsey (17 days ago)
NewYorkers are called Yankees. Because in New Amsterdam there were a lot of Dutch named Jan or Kees. When the English came they called the Dutch residents JanKees which lead to Yankees. Brooklyn derived from the Dutch Breukelen. And Harlem from Haarlem. Canadian Vancouver has a Dutch connection as well, Van Coevorden. Coevorden is also a Dutch town.
Berend Kuipers (22 days ago)
Van Go, Gooda, if you can say Cough, you can say Gogh. Gooda pron. like GowdAH
Mono Bananeiro (23 days ago)
Hello friends, my name is Juan Carlos, I am from Ecuador and I am selling amazonian forest, it is 35 hectares of forest, the price I ask is 65000 USD, it is very close to tour operators, tourist cabins. In the Province of Tena, Canton Misahualli in the community of Ahuano, is close to the Napo River. For more information you can write me to the email: [email protected] ... or to Facebook: Juan Carlos III, or to my whatssap: 0995266787..chao
Saood Khan (27 days ago)
Amazing video sir
vagabrothers (27 days ago)
judith lopez (1 month ago)
Who many days do I need in Amsterdam to visit all this?
Being ME (1 month ago)
I loved Amsterdam!! My boyfriend got so upset walking past the red light district he didn’t see any girls 😂 don’t ask me how he missed them? There were so many of them 🙈😂 I loved the ice bar !! Awesome to take pictures in 💃🏻 since it is quite unique - well for me it was 🌸
meachdawg1 (1 month ago)
Be sure to check out Volendam, it's about 12 mi North of Amsterdam. It's a beautiful fishing village.
TommyHilarius (2 months ago)
My dad is from Holland and I go every holiday some times we go to Amsterdam and were going on the 23rd of oct
titania dyer (2 months ago)
Tempting Amsterdam. Definitely next travel destination ✈️
Afonso Gonçalves (3 months ago)
4.09 that imagine it's in lisbon tho
Ramiro Farias Moreira (3 months ago)
Nice tour guys !
Gerben T van de Veen (3 months ago)
You need to visite Spakenburg the hidden jeem of Nederland. Take the train to Amersfoort and then the bus to 176 to Bunschoten Spakenburg on saterday there is a weekly market.
Arantza Jansen (3 months ago)
The Amsterdam city card. Went to a bunch a museums, the zoo, micropia, a tour in the canals and volendam with it.
Adrian Swaby (3 months ago)
Adrian Stiffle Singy go away
David Vilchez (4 months ago)
Does anyone know the average cost to rent a personal boat for 2 to go on the canals?
Sélim Decoufled (4 months ago)
Love it :)
B7S 007 (4 months ago)
I think go visit baalbeck and u will see the beauty of newyork london amesterdam Brașov THERE
B7S 007 (4 months ago)
What to do in London?
vagabrothers (4 months ago)
We have two budget guides to London on our channel. Check them out
fathin zulkifli (4 months ago)
Awesome video! 😎 Watch my Amsterdam vlog too: https://youtu.be/kcYZHeG7yPI
Tomek Tabaka (5 months ago)
I'm going tomorrow lol. Stressed but excited.
Fabi Voltair (2 days ago)
weird flex but ok.
vagabrothers (5 months ago)
No need to stress! Enjoy yourself it’s a great city
Rob de Gast (5 months ago)
Visit also the Albert Cuypmarkt (market), De Pijp / The Pipe (neighbourhood), Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest), a canal cruise, Artis Zoo, Anne Frank house, eat 'stroopwafels' and 'poffertjes'(little pancakes) and have fun :)
JoshPlaysMC (5 months ago)
Is there any English language tv channels? Or is it mostly Dutch
Robin Pernel (5 months ago)
min 4:08 >>> this is the timeout market in Lisbon, nothing about Amsterdam there ;)
Melicia (5 months ago)
Amsterdam seems boring
saneill17 (5 months ago)
I went to a restaurant called Moeder (which means Mother) and it serves traditional Dutch food that your mother would make. I am Dutch and it was like having dinner at my Oma's house again! Highly recommend
Nate Junik (5 months ago)
List of my recommended places to go in Amsterdam https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/1-0lcRH5PVNLUqAkkXaX3ysTkKcY?hl=en
Kathleen De Raffaele (6 months ago)
Cool video, will check some of the things out when I return to Amsterdam, and actually the most densely populated country in Europe is Malta.
Mike C. (6 months ago)
Can i use my US uber acct in amsterdam? Help
Stefan Dijkstra (6 months ago)
Rotterdam is much better. At least you can "pleur een pan bami naarbeneden" over there.
Rise (6 months ago)
Great video! Can you please tell where did you have this surinamese meal in leaves?
Anabelle Porio (6 months ago)
Eye Film Museum too!! I studied abroad in the Netherlands and I miss it so much :(
Victoria Piller (6 months ago)
you Show 9 but you say8
Leonoor Wijdeveld (6 months ago)
Guys i love it that you tried to pronounce the dutch names but your dutch is horrible lmao, it is really hard for foreigners though so I can't blame you
Roan Sophia (6 months ago)
Nice video! I'm glad you liked Amsterdam! I think it's the coolest city ever!
I loved Amsterdam! It is a beautiful city! I really loved visiting the Anne Frank Huis museum as well 😊 though it was very crowded and basically we spent the whole time in a line that shuffled room to room. It was really fascinating.
Andrey & Olga (7 months ago)
Absolutely love Amsterdam! We recently visited and made a short video as well.
Laura Riedel (7 months ago)
One of the most beautiful cities in Europe💛
Svetlana H (7 months ago)
Great video👍👍🤗
hetal patel (7 months ago)
I have a 6 hour layover in AMS and I plan to go into city and explore.
Bajlandia (7 months ago)
I'm gonna check it out :)
Lisa Global Expat (7 months ago)
I will be moving to the Netherlands this year. So excited!!
Kat (7 months ago)
Tip: VanGoCH (not VanGo)
tony borg (7 months ago)
Amsterdam is very expensive especiallu hotels.
9 Europa countries during 21 days https://youtu.be/3zUPNTUPt6o
German Wijaya (8 months ago)
THEY DO SELL COFFEE IN COFFEESHOPS!!! why else would they call it coffee shops! almost every single staff in coffee shops have been able to make me coffee with a professional coffee machine! Lets call them Budrista!
Carolina Leitão (8 months ago)
at minute 4,08 the image is from Lisboa. Time out market! isn´t from amsterdam
Izabela Wysocka (8 months ago)
The best place I've been in Amsterdam (excluding the coffee shops) was the Ajax Amsterdam stadium. The trip was amazing!
Emily Zimmermann (8 months ago)
vondeldam and zanse schanz are so beautiful!
えり (8 months ago)
from Japan! こんにちは!
Kees Manuel (8 months ago)
Amsterdam is amazing. See what the locals do in the Summer: https://youtu.be/Noi8DvU-ha0
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Michael Zhou (8 months ago)
Will you guys come to visit Shanghai?
Viviana Cocco Mariani (8 months ago)
Vocês são fantásticos. Ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ;-)
Josefina De la Maza (8 months ago)
hello whats the name of the typografy?? thanks!
Brandon Brends (9 months ago)
Im from Amsterdam if yall need a place 2 stay let me know!!
Brandon Brends (9 months ago)
Im Stunt You mentation Suriname Food !! Its the Best Underated Food in the world
vagabrothers (9 months ago)
So yummy!!
rebobness (9 months ago)
Going in just under 2 weeks! AH! Did you have any problems communicating? Where's a good place to find the basics I need to know? Awesome video, thank you so much :)
Priscila Marques (9 months ago)
Nice video, guys! Here's a tip: there is the Albert Cuyp Market, which is a must go in Amsterdam and it's also where you can find the best stroopwafle in town 🖤
Jigar mehta (9 months ago)
Why didn't u include heineken experience in your list.. I am visiting so asking to include it in the iternary or not..
S. H. (9 months ago)
Nice video, thank you. so what is the real difference between café and coffee shop? also what's the best way to reach the central station from the airport, many say not to take a taxi. Thanks
S. H. (9 months ago)
Many thanks
belleoftheblues (9 months ago)
You can take a 20 minute train from the airport to centraal station for about 5/6 euro. A coffeeshop sells marihuana. Cafe's sells drinks.
Alex Gibbs (9 months ago)
Go to the coffeshops outside the red light district and it isn't a boozing city the prices are ridiculous.
Dante Luiz Reid (10 months ago)
thanks!! :)
Clash Of Lords (10 months ago)
Hey ! Greetings from Amsterdam ✌
andy klompenburg (10 months ago)
dont for get to buy a museum card for the year. Its good in nearly all museums in the NL. about 50 euros
LivingLikeLex (10 months ago)
This is so helpful! I'm so excited for my trip. :D
aftertaste05 (10 months ago)
I went to Amsterdam for my 30th bday last year. Spent two days there, but I fit in the Van Gogh Museum, The Bulldog, RLD, and House of Bols.
Mark van Es (10 months ago)
Visit the whole city, not Just the museum square. For example the academy i go to is literally across a botanical garden known as 'de Hortus' on the Hortusplantsoen. Also visit the jewish museum wich is like less than a 5 min. Walk away from that garden.
blue_bird (10 months ago)
actually they do serve coffee in a coffee shop, I've been in "the Bulldog" coffee shop and I did get a very decent cup of coffee ;)
Trish Page (10 months ago)
Great video, thank you. I’m planning on going in lat April or early May. So glad I found about Kings day! Need to avoid that! So excited to see Amsterdam!
Da Capo al Fine (10 months ago)
4:08 ??? What the heck! Thats Lisbon not Amsterdam 😂😂 Mercado da ribeira
Nikita Bonnes (10 months ago)
I'm from the Netherlands, Volendam and Marken are Really Nice places to visit
FUNC • SHUI (10 months ago)
I was in the Netherlands early last year I definitely recommend exploring Nordvik it’s on the northern coast. Lovely beach town perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. I stayed at the flying pig hostel the employees and owner were incredibly welcoming.
Chantal Rommy (10 months ago)
I an from suriname. Thanx for the shout out 🍪!!
aabhishek banerjee (10 months ago)
Probably the most comprehensive video on a guide to Amsterdam.
No1superjuicey (10 months ago)
do you know how far the body world exhibit is from the museumplin
Louiza Kloppenborg (10 months ago)
9 straatjes is the place to be if you're looking for boutiques and vintage, located in the city centre. MUST!
Denise M (10 months ago)
It's funny how you guys call Amsterdam Noord the Brooklyn of New York, when Brooklyn originated in 'Breukelen', a place near Utrecht. Speaking of which, in 30 minutes (by train) you're in Utrecht. Utrecht is more chilled out then Amsterdam, people are chillin' in all the parks and everybody is just really nice there :) Nice one! And Alex if you ever come to the Netherlands again and you're really exited about Van Gogh; there's a bike lane near Eindhoven with a glow in the dark version of that painting, on the actual bike path. I hope the lights still glow! :) http://www.vangoghbrabant.com/nl/meer-van-gogh/fietspad
dav gamez (10 months ago)
Can't wait !!!
Anaïs van Philips (11 months ago)
oh and for the BEST FRIES YOU HAVE EVER TASTED (really, they are actually proven to be the best of the Netherlands): Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx, located in a small alley next to the famous Kalverstraat! i recommend everyone to try their fries, they are a-ma-zing. and it's a great way to take a break from all the shopping in the Kalverstraat! there are always people standing in line, but they work quickly so you often don't have to wait longer than 5min. you do have to pay cash over there, so you have to have some cash on you (but only around two euros). ps. i should get paid for all this advertising haha
Anaïs van Philips (11 months ago)
tip: a nice, quite affordable shop/tiny cafe to get your cookies is stach; there are a couple of them around amsterdam. i believe they make all of their products theirselves. they also sell chips, salads, wraps etc so you can get lunch there too. and a nice small place to get the best burgers in town is burger fabriek (burger factory). there are two of them in Amsterdam, and a burger (with fries) is just around 10-15 euros. the restaurants are really small so you do kind of have to be lucky to find a free table, but the restaurant is really aesthetically pleasing and the burgers are delicious!! oh and you can tap your beer yourself at your table!
Anaïs van Philips (11 months ago)
yesss surinamese food is THE BEST! i wasn't expecting to hear that from you. i'm really happy how you represented my country! you didn't just recommend the usual stuff (I Amsterdam sign etc etc) but you also put in things that aren't that often recommended (when they should!). you even put in things that i wouldn't have thought to mention haha ps. yes it's really true, we do NOT like tourists who just chaoticly ride around in Amsterdam with their bikes! so please just inform yourself about the rules first :)
Roos Wijn (11 months ago)
The pronouncing of brouwerij t ij tho 😂
Taylor Castelli (11 months ago)
I am going to Amsterdam in March 2018 (only three months away!!)) and am totally stoked!! Your Guys' videos will definitely be helping me, thanks so much!!
Maria Beatriz Segorbe (11 months ago)
The photo at minute 4:09 is from Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon
Betty Duncano (11 months ago)
Ogląda czule, jako swe znajome dawne.
Thomas Lucia (11 months ago)
Hey guys! First of all, thanks for the great videos. I fell in love with Amsterdam (after 3 attempts to get there, over a number of years) and have been there 3 times over a 13-month period. I am NOT into the Red Light District, don't drink beer (or Jener) and am 100% NOT into smoking...but, I love the canals outside of the touristy areas. They are beautiful, quaint, quiet, spotted with interesting shops, galleries, cafés/restaurants...and very romantic. The architecture is great and I love seeing the small apartments tucked in the half-basements, the potted flowers adorning narrow and steep stairs, the variety of tiles greeting you in the entrance ways of many of the houses. My favorite areas are the Jordaan - funky shops mixed with a few hidden courtyards, fascinating little shops with one-of-a-kind items, laid-back eateries...and more. The other favorite part of town is the Oud-Zuid (old south): similar to the Jordaan in it's content of stores and cafés, but the architecture is truly beautiful, with ornate apartment houses, massive trees that rim the Vondel Park (which borders this exquisite city quarter) and the quiet of it's winding streets. And it's just a skip away from the Museumplein. If I could, I'd live in Amsterdam. As much as I dislike crowds (which Amsterdam has in spades, around the Centraal Station!), these two areas mentioned here are glorious respites from the noise and bustle. My next trip is planned for May 2018 - I'm psyched!!
David Boudart (11 months ago)
Ups, seems to have portuguese pictures in that video like Mercado da Ribeira in the minute 4.
Kees Manuel (11 months ago)
My beloved Amsterdam! Please make a video on Jericoacoara (North East Coast of Brazil) and on Berlin Germany.
rachel wang (11 months ago)
hi, love you guys. I have been translated ur videos into Chinese and share with my friends. Hope u guys will visit Tengchong city in China in the future💋💋💋
Anika Redhed (1 year ago)
Does anybody really need a reason to visit Amsterdam???
Anika Redhed (11 months ago)
Have you been to Utrecht yet?
vagabrothers (11 months ago)
Hahaha amen
Tessa Van der Kuij (1 year ago)
I’m a dutchie, like the video !!!
CARLOS A SOSA (1 year ago)
Thanks guys! How smart would be to go there mid February?
Peter Hulsebos (1 year ago)
Marken and Volendam from an American Dutchman
Kurt Nowak (1 year ago)
Of all the cities I’ve been to, Boston, New York, Miami, Montreal, Seattle, Vancouver, Honolulu, I never felt safer than strolling through Amsterdam. My wife and I could even go to the RLD at night and simply enjoy the beauty of the magic of the architecture and lighted canal bridges.
Rik Speek (1 year ago)
Yeah... When cycling... Don't get in our way... It's a mode of transportation to most normal dutch people trying to get from A to B. You'll see business people in suits taking bikes because in cities it's usually just faster than a car ride would be. Heck, the majority of trips taken in cities in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, are done by bike over car actually. Especially if you don't count public transport, which is usaully pretty good in and of itself. Also. If you can manage it and cost is an issue. Try not coming in the weekend when alot of Amsterdam is quite alot more expensive.
Rik Speek (1 year ago)
Oh and very important... DONOT WALK ON THE BIKEPATHS! Usually they'll be paved red. But this is not always true, so do make sure to keep an eye on it. Because we will run you over if you're walking on the bikepath.
Machine Gun Jerra (1 year ago)
"You're not supposed to smoke in public" Eh, wrong. It's not illegal to smoke marijuana in public. It's only forbidden in some small parts (like the touristic parts), but in 99% of all of Amsterdam you can just relax and smoke some weed ;)
I went to Vondel Park, a fun place to explore whether you come with friends or chill out with quiet time. I remember seeing plenty of joggers, bikes, and dogs too.
Diana Marisa Caetano (1 year ago)
Hi, i'm from Portugal and I just notice that the image you used in the 4.08 minute is in Lisbon, of a market that we have =)
Carlos Pereira (1 year ago)
No minuto 4:08 a fotografia é do TimeOut em Lisboa (Portugal).At 4:08 the photograph is from TimeOut in Lisbon (Portugal).

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