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Why Nittos Are The Most Beloved Yet Hated Tire Brand

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Tires are without a doubt, the single most important mod for your car. They assist with braking, improve handling/cornering, but most importantly plant the power down to mother Earth. However, they are overlooked by just about everyone, including car guys. In this video, I will be giving my opinion on arguably the most controversial tire brand in the industry. Why do people love Nitto tires and why do some hate them with a burning passion? For those of you that have owned Nittos, give me your thoughts in the comments section below! Otherwise, what tire brands do y'all recommend? Please note: I am by no means sponsored by the Nitto Tires' brand. This is just me giving my thoughts on the NT555 G2s thus far. Hope y'all enjoy the video! Follow me on these social media platforms: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- instagram - omnirider twitter - @omni_rider facebook - @OmniRider DISCLAIMER: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing." The materials are used for illustrative and exemplification reasons, also quoting in order to recombine elements to make a new work.
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Omni Rider (9 months ago)
Apologies for the bad angles in the beginning; I'm still a scrub when it comes to live recording. I will get better! Anyhow, let me know if you love Nitto tires or which brands you would recommend.
Rad Rob Productions (6 months ago)
What happened to the wrap
Jack Tran (8 months ago)
For SUVs and pickup trucks, I tend to get Michelin or BF Goodrich depending on what I'm using the SUV or pickup for. For sedans and minivans, I tend to use goodyear or Michelin.
Koala Fan (9 months ago)
Omni Rider I’m indifferent to the brands it’s just a matter of what I need hem for and the cost.
Jeffrey Boatright Jr. (9 months ago)
Omni Rider Hey Omni Rider, would you motovlog/autovlog more frequently soon? Like a Doitwithdan or Motonosity style motovlog? It can add another layer to the channel since you don't frequently feature the R6 compared to that of your 'maro. You have such great content and seeing you more frequently will make it just that much better!
Desmond moonbear (9 months ago)
Hey at least you have a good camera I have to work with a track phone running on Android 😑
Adrian Klinefelter (11 days ago)
Get a truck you fairy lol
King of Gamers (14 days ago)
I got the hook up with the Michelin super pilots tire for two of them at a great price of 200 for 375 35 20
King of Gamers (14 days ago)
Super pilots tires
Trumps Wall (2 months ago)
Navi for the win
General Nikko (3 months ago)
Bruh i got 285`s on my Range Rover Sport V6 Diesel
Above The King (4 months ago)
I have continentals on my s60 they grip great
bmwmsport11 (4 months ago)
First nittos I’ve ever gotten were the nt90 snow tires. They handled great, tread was very soft, but somehow held up pretty well with mileage. Friend had neogens and was happy with them, better then his OE kumho all seasons. Just copped a set of nt421q for my car and while I can’t say it’s the best, it’s a good tire that doesn’t break the bank. I feel a lot of road vibrations thru the tires, which is good and bad at the same time. Tires seem to track grooves easier than my falken stz05s, but the nittos are quieter and the tread pattern looks nice.
Robert Beene (4 months ago)
Never buy name brand china numba 1
tigerbalm (5 months ago)
TFvortexe (5 months ago)
Isn’t toyo nitto’s parent company?
Sethwell (5 months ago)
I kinda have a thing for Toyo and Yokohama don't know about Yokohama I just really like them
Andrew Thomson (5 months ago)
I rock some no name brand, weather cracked and bald (4/32) ass tires in the rear and some really good no names up front. God bless going sideways everywhere I go 😂
Andrew Thomson (5 months ago)
+Sethwell It's going into storage soon so I'm refusing to buy anything for it
Sethwell (5 months ago)
Andrew Thomson That's pushing to the edge
hustler539 (5 months ago)
murphey63 (5 months ago)
i bet these tires dont fit on a peel p50.
kevin Rotge (6 months ago)
me I have all way went with BF Goodrich and or firestone but now with my new car I am having to fine a new brand of tire I am leaning toward Nittos
Lime (7 months ago)
Your point about Toyo having similar affordability to Nitto is kinda dumb, Toyo is Nitto. Nitto is wholly owned by Toyo.
Black Mafia (7 months ago)
I love yokohama slicks racing tiers don't last very long on street but I don't care I love them
robert sanchez (7 months ago)
If u put a good year tire on a Toyota Camry or Chevrolet Camaro and put numbers and advertisements in ur car are u a NASCAR driver now?
jman507 gaming (4 months ago)
robert sanchez Yes
Marcus Sowell (8 months ago)
Nitto 450s are the best for imports
Marcus Sowell (8 months ago)
I have nittos on my car track and street tire and it fits my needs my acceleration is faster and stop way better than the falkens I had
La camisa de Krafty (8 months ago)
Any reviews on them now? What do you think of them??
Stephen Velez (8 months ago)
I've been running the 420S Nittos for years and I absolutely love them. My Nissan Murano feels like a slot car in the corners. They wear very well and are just awesome IMHO.
Marc Clegg (8 months ago)
Nitto and Toyo are the same company bruh.
TruckGearTV (9 months ago)
Correct on the nt05r putting down the fasted time on the Demon, resulting in them being the DOT oem choice. Been running the most hated tire for 15 years without fail! Best value going!
ICCE 83 (9 months ago)
You still selling the beast?
Commander Zavala (9 months ago)
I prefer Light Year tires still
jman507 gaming (4 months ago)
Commander Zavala How do you feel about Cayde?
Geoff Anderson (9 months ago)
Xd falcon burnout
Mopar or no car (9 months ago)
I have nitto M/T’s and they’re awesome. I have 30k miles on them and still have 3/4’s of life lift in them because nitto M/T’s like being rotated often. They also hook anywhere and anything very well for only 650 bucks. You can’t beat that.
Victor Rodriguez (9 months ago)
General tires! 👌🏽
Atmosphere Jr (9 months ago)
Nexen N5000 plus a Little pricey but I definitely smoked my tires a lot and still got 5000 miles out of them first day I had them I smoked half the tread and by the end of the year I still had enough tire just to go ahead and roast them one last time which never ended up actually killing the tire and I used those same tires to learn how to drift they’re so solid and grippy you have to try them
Jonathan Schwartz (9 months ago)
Hello! My name’s NITOOO
Joshua Janis (9 months ago)
I like the BFGoodrich ultra high performance summer tire but they really need to lower their price for what they are
Caden Charles (9 months ago)
Bought Nitto Neogen tires about a year ago, car feels like its on rails even in the rain, barely any wear even though Im driving them into the ground. Thumbs up from me
Sergio Jimenez (9 months ago)
I’m from twmpww
Charlie Actual (9 months ago)
francisco torres (9 months ago)
Perelli P Zero R are good
Marco123HD A (9 months ago)
my favorite tire brand is toyo tires
KevMan 375 (9 months ago)
I personally like the falken azenis rt615 they’re pretty cheap and do a great job on grip (falken drift cars use them too) only problem is that they don’t last very long but I think the price of the tire compensates for that just fine
Ian Miller (9 months ago)
Well I recently got some BF goodrich tires on my car, they handle great but can't say you'll hook up in a dig with fwd with em but they grip around the corners nice and have a nice squeal when you launch and chirp second.
USTBUTLER (9 months ago)
I Do Like Togo Proxes T1S
grant mullet (9 months ago)
I run scca hard core, everyone says to run re71r, for the price the are the best.
Josue Cortez (9 months ago)
Replaced my GoodYear Eagle F1s with Nitto NT555 G2s on my 96' Vette. Overall price was around $800 where as with the Goodyears I was looking at about $1,500! For summer tires and for all 4 tires of course and my tires are wide so I knew tires wouldnt be cheap. I have 275/40ZR17 in front 285/40ZR17 in rear. Thinking of going 315 in rear next time I change tires and maybe wheels. Love the look and price of the Nitto and they haven't given me any problems. I've put about 2k miles and they are running fine so far.
Mk5 _Life (9 months ago)
i really like my bf goodrich comp 2
TheUndeadShotgun (9 months ago)
Fun fact: Nitto is a child company of Toyo.
Vincent Esteves (9 months ago)
Any kind of Michelin Pilot > nitto
Dylan White (9 months ago)
Toyo makes nitto if I’m not mistaken
佐藤 - Satō (9 months ago)
I never used any Nittos, but I absolutely love the feel, quality, and wear life of the Toyo R1Rs!
Kevin Smith (9 months ago)
Sounds like im listening to a gramophone
That Red Truck (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that never heard of Nitto?
That Red Truck (9 months ago)
I heard them from another video like a few weeks ago lmao
prof. stein (9 months ago)
no, first i heard of them was from this video
Heath Throop (9 months ago)
if you want better traction and performance get smaller diameter wheels. low profile tires wont be able to grip up nearly as well as higher profile tires you can run with a smaller diameter wheel. if you want proof of this just go to a drag strip and take a look at what kind of tires the fastest cars are running
Jack Tran (8 months ago)
Heath Throop Smaller profile is better for cornering though.
Ramzi Gonzales (9 months ago)
Michelin Pilot Sports are a good set for performance. My step mom used them on her CTS. For my FRS, Pirelli tires are absolutely phenomenal. Great grip, no issues what so ever. I’m actually about to go from 215 to 245 up front and 225 to 265 in the rear. It may be overkill for it being stock but I plan on getting some big power down the road (by the beginning of fall) and I want everything done so the engine and tuning work will be the last by that I need.
Ian Kapp (9 months ago)
I’ve had my Nitto Motivos on my eclipse for about a year now, and have had 0 drivability issues
Ultralight Gaming (9 months ago)
Stay away from Nexen
Ultralight Gaming (9 months ago)
Qasim Mustafa Ali (9 months ago)
I've tried them on my GMC Terrain back in 2010. They lasted for 2 years around 45K Miles with no problems but I hate them for no reason and I can't say why. Back then I bought the full set for around $560 not sure if price inflation or discount on them. But yah I don't like them although tgey were silent on the road and withstand the hot weather in my city.
thedarkrider321 (9 months ago)
I have nitto NT555G2’s on my 17 WRX and love them. Could be grippier imo but for a regular tire in that category I can’t complain
Malicious Affection (9 months ago)
xD What tires? Got rando Continentals in the front from used car dealer and rando Michelin in the back...
Shoota027 (9 months ago)
I like bridgestone tires
Jose L.A. (9 months ago)
the ZL1 has 20 inch rims?!😵
Jose Aguila I think he has an SS
Gabriel Loera (9 months ago)
Used to have falcons on my mustang which did not grip well, got pirelli p zero and man I gotta say they are impressive. You don't really break traction at all you gotta really try to break loose to do so but yeah I recommend pirellis p zero
Pinball Master (9 months ago)
I saw his face in the rear bumper hehehe
pizzajump (9 months ago)
U know we can see u in the reflection of the car
David Clark (9 months ago)
I bought my car with a set of yokohama tires on it. Its not the highest preformance vehicle, ~265 hp no aero, but it has an AWD system and I really cant complain. Ive done 10 k miles of really hard driving, going on backroads and taking corners at triple the suggested speed w/o racing line, and they look bran new. The quality of preformance leaves nothing to be desired and I have no reason to beilive they wont last 30 thousand miles properly rotated.
Some Random Soviet (9 months ago)
omfg you live in a neighborhood right by my house I can tell by 2:13 you live in circle g ranch... thats a cool nieghborhood
Some Random Soviet (9 months ago)
jonathon edwards (9 months ago)
I’d say Michelin pilot Sports are good or mighty car mods swear by Bridgestone potenza RE003
Noah Jacobski (9 months ago)
Got michellin pilot sport ps2 on the rear of my c6z grips extremely well especially in the warmer weather, great tire
ZOMBIE GUT kill (9 months ago)
What are good drag slicks???
Sethwell (5 months ago)
I've heard Nitto Drag Slicks are some of the best, but I'm not really a Drag Race guy myself so never tested them
Tom Lake Charles (5 months ago)
Ok, asshole! No rlly. We want an answer.
Asian face (9 months ago)
Ur mom
WRX Gabe (9 months ago)
I’m on Achilles ATR sport tires, to be honest they are not bad, they have great grip and are in my opinion the best bang for your buck if you really are in a budget for tires
F0M0C0 18 (9 months ago)
Pilot sports
Devon Gee (9 months ago)
All you had to do was call ONE friend with a sedan or truck lol
mark. (9 months ago)
"All you had to do was to call one friend, Omni"
Wawa FlockaFlame (9 months ago)
I like pirellis but you gotta pay to play with those bad boys
XxPaCK5xX (9 months ago)
I love my Michelin pilot sports!!
Alex (9 months ago)
i like my Firestones XD
Liam sels (9 months ago)
Michelin pilot supersport/ sport cup 2 👌👌
riggin and jiggin (9 months ago)
Honestly i have never seen any problem with nittos and i have driven a 1/2 ton 2 wheel drive with them never had a hooking issue most if the time its the rim ya ya bash my in the comments if u like but chrome wheels need radial tired or else you can spin you rim on the tire all while you thought you span the tire you span the wheel right now i have a 1 ton with steel wheels and higher ply mud grips the tire klever mts or something and today i noticed it has so much grip in 1st gear and 4.10s front and rear end that if i floor it instead of spining i leave tred marks or dig marks
Avery Abel (9 months ago)
nitto, toyo, falken, yokos are where you need to go
t33n_ tun3r0129 (9 months ago)
558th view!!
Luis Marquez (9 months ago)
Loving the falkens on my subaru
Samad Javid (9 months ago)
Nice vid bro. Gotta say, it's pretty funny
Jaythesizzler (9 months ago)
Samad Javid you’re not the only one. I grew up trusting toyo tires only
N3On (9 months ago)
The reason the new tyres feel better is because the factory ones date run-fats which are not good at all for comfort
ネオンPsychedelic. (9 months ago)
I want to touch those tires
Graison Parson (9 months ago)
Man, I remember when I could count your subs on my hands, love to see the growth on the channel, and what do you think about motovloging
TheMinkey (9 months ago)
why u only got 40k subs u deserve more
Jack Tran (8 months ago)
He doesn't post as much as other car channels, so his videos aren't as likely to be found. That's just my opinion.
prof. stein (9 months ago)
youtube is over saturated with people posting videos to the site making it harder to be found and build an audience
ღKatyღ (9 months ago)
These unknown tire brands have very low dry and wet grip compared to my slick Michelin HP Primacies :)
PVKLoL (9 months ago)
Michelin Pilot sport 4s
Michael Mayo (7 months ago)
Agreed Michelins are really good quality tires no matter what kind of car you put them on
CarsOverPeople (9 months ago)
Best all around tire: Michelin Pilot Sport 4s
NutNbutSpeed (9 months ago)
JDM4LYF-Yeah but they crazy expensive in comparison, you're right though and I still bought the PS 4S
Christopher Saint (9 months ago)
Omni Rider, Nittos are fine in my opinion. For the price they have great traction wet/dry, quite comfortable ride, and excellent braking traction. I used to be a Bridgestone guy but they have gotten to big for their britches and have slashed options. It's a "Hey you classic car guy F&ck you! You get work truck tires a-hole" so needless to say I moved on(in my racing days they were my tire sponsor). As for classics I like Cooper I have been happy with My Cooper Cobra GTs they do exactly what I need them to and like Nitto they aren't expensive. I put Nittos (sub brand of Toyo just an FYI) on my wife's car which is tweaked and I run Coopers on my Sleeper wagon. So I don't worry about mileage although I can say we have exceeded 10k miles on her Nittos and still have 70%+ tread life My Coopers have about 15K on them and I am at 85% tread life(we are not gentle on tires). I run Hankooks on my shop truck but it literally is rated at 129 Brake HP sooooooooooo Don't care. My wife's car had Hankooks originally and we made about 20K on them but they got slick in turns at 10K then from 19k to 20K The shoulders basically disintegrated and we decided NOPE to getting them again. Most if not all of the Pirellis sold in the U.S. come out of their Shandong China plant eh. So that is MY two cents Omni do with it what you will, BUT I will add, I will never run Michelin, or Goodyear they are sub par for the price. Yes Most Goodyears are American made and the company is American owned but guess what so is Cooper oh and Cooper owns Mickey Thompson among others soooooo take that info as you will as well. Actually you'd be surprised at the brands owned by Cooper. For your bike They own Avon and Metzler two of the best and the car tire quality is on par in the brands for that application.
Christopher Saint (9 months ago)
Oh I agree as well however when you look at the countries producing tires when it comes to quality control really France, Italy, United States, and Japan are where you have the best and most consistent quality control period. Now everyone bones it up now and again but these 4 are your safest bet when it comes to Ultra High performance tires. When you are talking speeds in excess of 186 mph/300 kmh I don't want to take chances. Even at 186 mph/300 kmh you don't want to take chances. I go where I'm most likely to get a good tire and 29 years ago that was Japan, Now 3 other countries have caught back up.
Dre J (9 months ago)
Christopher Saint If my answer is based solely on where it's made I'd likely pick Western Europe. However, I'd pick the best quality, highest performing tyre regardless of where it came from. If Afghanistan made the best tyre I'd buy that one. Where it's made or who owns it means nothing to me, as long as it's the best tyre for my needs. I'm definitely not as knowledgable as you on tyres but I stand by what I've said.
Christopher Saint (9 months ago)
Yes but they are both obscenely priced for their top performing tires and really when you get below the Y speed rating there isn't much difference between the top 3 or 4 brands. Until you get down to H and S rating then Michelin truly sucks they just don't do good passenger tires. As for Pirelli Most non Europeans can't afford to ship their wheels to Europe just to have them shod in quality Pirelli tires. what we get here come out of the Chinese plant and are Pirelli in name alone with the exception of their police rated pursuit tires those do come out of Italy, but are so expensive they make the Michelin look down right affordable. When tested by Michigan state police who apparently set all the official standards for the rest of the country just because they are closer to the corporate headquarters of the auto manufacturers both Pirelli and Michellin did well but lost to Firestone which is American made but a subsidiary of Japan's Bridgestone and tied Goodyear. So it really depends on application Omni's car isn't really in need of anything over a Y speed rating it's not a ZL1 or Z28 so the Cooper RS3-S will fair as well as just about any other Y rated tire out there and his Nitto's will do fine as well. Besides have you tried to find a (99Y) tire in this day and age good lord they are outrageous and really Do you want a tire of that speed rating not coming from Western Europe, the U.S. or Japan? Be honest now.
Dre J (9 months ago)
Christopher Saint Yep makes sense. Brits aren't really in the tyre industry but France and Italy are arguably at the top with Pirelli and Michelin.
Christopher Saint (9 months ago)
No Dre J I'm saying an awful lot of Americans would rather support our own economy and take pride in buying American made products. I was merely pointing out that there are alternatives to Good Year. You are correct on Pirelli I apologize and have edited I should not type a reply at that late an hour. However the Brits don't make a decent tire Michelin is no better than Goodyear and a good portion of the Pirellis sold are Chinese made so yeah.
jevansmath (9 months ago)
Hmm internsh
Driftking351 (9 months ago)
Dylan Her (9 months ago)
Yes you're back!
Keith Kinney (9 months ago)
Anything that works. Lol
seiji garey (9 months ago)
18!!! but i’m 19
multi-fandom girl (9 months ago)
people are like: 1ST!!! and I'm like: last.
Base6 (8 months ago)
Mad We and I’m after u !
Mad We (9 months ago)
But I'm here after you.
Jeff Mayo (9 months ago)
put the old tires back on and make some clouds film it
2 - D (9 months ago)
Avoid Michelin And go for FALKEN brand
Michael Mayo (7 months ago)
I have to disagree Michelin tires are very good quality tires that have performed in my experience on the exact same car better than others
Stxn (7 months ago)
HAHAHA No. Falkens do not compare to Michelin. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S' > Anything from Falken
the souless cinder (9 months ago)
Nitto mud tires arnt affordable at all. Like 1500 for 35s and wear fast.
Jacob Webb (9 months ago)
the shiny_rado soft rubber bro
Eddie (9 months ago)
It's toyo tires or nothing
Honda S2000 AP2 (3 months ago)
+cookymunster not for the track
cookymunster (4 months ago)
Nah Toyo makes the best performance tire hands down R888s over anything
Stxn (7 months ago)
Michelin > Toyo.
Wayne S. (8 months ago)
Eddie BFG is best.
Dr. Snuggles (9 months ago)
"I bought the internet's most hated tire and blindly defend them after driving them casually for a day"
TaShaan Logan (9 months ago)
Dr. Snuggles (9 months ago)
kentuckykid90 okay now thats just a lie.
kentuckykid90 (9 months ago)
well then I'll stand behind nitto I've had nt55g2s on my mustang the past 7 months. I love them. probobly driven 7000 miles on them and they arnt showing any sign of wearing
Dr. Snuggles (9 months ago)
Omni Rider Oh yeah? Well I got some Ling Long Ditchfinder v4.20s and have been driving them hard into ditches the exact second i left the tire store. Try that on your Nittos 😏
Takumi Densha De D (9 months ago)

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