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Top 10 Countries With The Most External Debt

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External debt is the sum of a countries public debt - the debt that it owes another country. Here we take a look at countries with unbelievably high numbers of external debt. Subscribe to World5List http://goo.gl/cpJSA6 Find us on... -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list The economy is a very confusing thing, and apparently it had a bit of a hiccup in 2006 with "The Great Recession", which sounds like the world's economy wanted to break-up with us, but didn't want to have to move out of our apartment just yet so it had to "Recede" to find itself... Brazil Brazil's economy is the largest in Latin America. The country makes its money through it's agriculture and tourism. It's also home to Embraer, which is the third largest producer of civilian aircraft, right behind Airbus and Boeing. Sweden Sweden's economy is doing really well at the moment. In fact, the country currently sits as the seventh-richest country in the world, as far their GDP (gross domestic product) goes. Australia Did you know that there was more to Australia than just kangaroos, boomerangs, shrimp on the barbie and deadly animals hiding in every single corner? Italy Lo Stivaale, "The Boot". The third most populous EU state, the birthplace of the Renaissance, and home to the ruins of the once great Roman civilization. Luxembourg This country is TINY. It's land-locked, in between Belgium, Germany, and France. The whole thing is about the size of Rhode Island. France Je ne parle pas français. Je vais donc rester avec l'anglais. France is a country with a rich heritage and culture, defined by it's romantic tendencies. Japan Nippon, the small island country next to Asia. It kept up a pretty strict policy of isolation from the rest of the world until 1853 when the U.S. sent it's navy to... convice the Japanese to open up their borders, which they did. United Kingdom Hey, guess what? Brexit didn't kill the U.K... In fact, they're doing just fine. Good for them. Everyone was expecting Britain to mostly fall apart after leaving the EU, but those stubborn British buggers proved they were more than a match for what was to come. Honorable mentions: European Union: $13,050,000,000,000 Germany: $5,597,000,000,000 Switzerland: $1,533,000,000,000 Ireland: $1,960,000,000,000 Netherlands: $3,154,000,000,000 USA! USA! USA! The U.S of A. A federal republic (not a democracy, btw. We're a republic) that spans a large portion of the globe, well past the North American continent. We own islands in the Pacific and the Caribbean. We're the third most populous nation in the world, with over 324 million people.
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Text Comments (317)
J.G.P Channel (3 days ago)
debt interest is scary
CHill TACtics (9 days ago)
9:59 ya because we all know war is won by only navy..... ur an idiot bro educate urself
CHill TACtics (9 days ago)
God damn America just has to be number 1 in everything
R.B. GONZO (12 days ago)
The United States is not in debt. Its what they want you to believe.
G.M.F (13 days ago)
Wow, I thought the u.s would be like number six or something. I also thought we only had like 9 trillion, but I was almost 11 trillion off. Glad it's possible to make lower, but I honestly don't think it's very realistic.
Toilet Scale remover (1 month ago)
g r e e c e
Abdulrahman Aljamali (1 month ago)
Well!, thanks 🙏 for the American Air Force for internet and gps (wich started a new fucking era for humanity) .
David Ramirez (2 months ago)
but Cafe of Brazil isn't not the delicious they mixture all the cafe's together and the is not how to make a good taste of cafe that makes a terrible taste of it Brazil produces the largest amount of Cafe but they don't know how Cafe works too bad for Brazil and United States cafe is terrible as will it taste like hot water
Jonas Schmelzle (2 months ago)
Britain didn't leave EU yet so it's sort of a cheat to say Brexit didn't affect them:D
uday kumar (2 months ago)
as like america and japan we ( india ) should also take debt for making mega projects .....if we take debt we can suppress china , america and japan ...in only 5 years .. dude
Sylvio Brasil (2 months ago)
Hey guys My country gives coffe to you guys
Carl Johnson (2 months ago)
USA want to be no. 1 in everything, they're no. 1 in debts too.
majoinerful (2 months ago)
It's DEFINITELY shocking that Switzerland is in any type debt at all!!
Thanks a lot, Like
Umair Umair (3 months ago)
dark ugly skin piss drinker's economy standing in air😀😀
Fab Elger (3 months ago)
the Brexit HAS NOT EVEN HAPPENED YET??? and IF OU ALREADY DO A VIDEO ABOUT DEBT then use numbers that are SAYING SOMETHING...you just mixed together 3000 different things and took debt in real numbers but if I earn a million dollars and have 300k debt that's not debt FOR A COUNTRY...debt is the amount of money that exceeds the GDP and cant be repaid even if the country would want to...see Greece...or African countries and the USA...which has a higher debt than GDP and therefore has lost its AAA rating...
Fab Elger (3 months ago)
so??? you went in numbers here not % of GDP right??? cause that's nothing in australia....sweden those are a few of the lowest debt AT ALL...43% 33% LUXENBOURGH????is one of the richest countries and debtwise one of the least indebted... that nothing...Greece had 189% of its gdp meaning even taking A WHOLE YEAR of paying EVERYTHING they get would be not enough...Sweden though wouldn't even have to pay 4 months...
Sanjay Gupta (3 months ago)
information is wrong. it does not match in real. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_external_debt
Amasmsam (2 months ago)
If the banks are bankrupt and has no money and the governments have to bail them out, effectively browning money from the very bankrupt banks and transfer the burden to new unborn babies to give it to the banks so that they will not sink, they call it it a bailout, so if the bank has no money, the government indebted as we see, and have no money, the question is to whom the world indebted to, and from where this money comes if all bankrupt, Mars that’s why we invading it.
Tenof (4 months ago)
You better double check whether the debts shown here are really against other countries. (Some countries use the term "national debt" to actually mean "governmental debt".)
Alex Reddo (4 months ago)
‘The brexit’
tony flamingo (4 months ago)
And uk hasnt left the eu yet and what about the island the uk own and other countries on the list that own islands
tony flamingo (4 months ago)
The o in Luxembourg is silent
David Ramsey (4 months ago)
This guy's an idiot over 70% of America's debt is on to Americans lenders from America that's not external debt he needs to take more economic classes before he gives his opinion he's an idiot
UNCLE TV (5 months ago)
No India.
Don #JusticeForAisha (2 months ago)
Why you want India in debt list
Erkinbek Mongolhan (5 months ago)
қарсы шыққандарыңды тозаққа салам!
Erkinbek Mongolhan (5 months ago)
ақшаларыңды еңкейіп отырып әкеліп беріңдер!!!
Erkinbek Mongolhan (5 months ago)
нехочу заработат денги, я требую все президенты мира подцеловали мой прекрасные пальцы на ноге, и мне подарили все отличные у их стране!!!!
JohnHutchinson2013 (5 months ago)
The wheels on the bus go round and round!
noname (5 months ago)
8:45 How can the UK's Debt:GDP ratio be 408%, when the debt is $2.05TR and the GDP is $2.61TR? That's 78%.
Larry Quick (5 months ago)
Josue Sanchez (6 months ago)
All wusa ever pay it back??
Super Cute (6 months ago)
meanwhile in my country, they are doing rally because of external debt which is not high than those countries mentioned above
zmajooov (6 months ago)
the attempts at jokes in this video are cringy af
ADITHYA GOLWALKAR (6 months ago)
India half trillion dollars
Jj Chen (6 months ago)
Three largest creditor nations in the world are Japan, China and Germany.
Jj Chen (6 months ago)
Japan Still Beating China on One Score: World’s Top Creditor Enda Curran May 21, 2015, 10:07 PM PDT Updated on May 22, 2015, 12:48 AM PDT Japan’s foreign investments and assets climbed to a record in 2014, keeping it in front of China and Germany as the world’s top creditor nation.
Jj Chen (6 months ago)
Hungary and Romania
Jj Chen (6 months ago)
They are in debt to Japan, China and Germany.
Jj Chen (6 months ago)
China has the most powerful military and its an international creditor. This is because when you have a strong military people owe you money. Not the other way around. Its like the mob. The mob or loan sharks. They have the hired muscles and guns. So they get other people into debt.
Yatukih001 (6 months ago)
There is a way for everyone who owes debt to someone to use our native Icelandic Independence Party to pay the debts. This party has enough money to pay all the world´s debts independently of which country has a debt. Charge the party!All of you!
Richard Burns (6 months ago)
And this is the dirty secret that they won't tell you about the so called rich prosperous nations. What do they all have in common ? Massive amounts of debt. They just borrow and borrow and borrow to give the appearance to the rest of the world that they are extremely wealthy. It's all a facade.
Mackwintosh MD1 (7 months ago)
Your list has no structure.
Grimm Fandango (7 months ago)
Why is he calling Japan a tiny country? 10/214 by population. 3/214 by GDP. 127 million people is not small. Russia has 144m people, is it small? If you rebutt that Russia is geographically large then... Iceland should be a borderline great power
shannon mikhail (7 months ago)
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Chamorropinoyboi (7 months ago)
We should divide the US debt amongst a US citizens living in the US and kids that are dependent and pay their ass back like wtf. The economy is out of control. I DONT WANT ANOTHER Venezuela
Rickard A (8 months ago)
debt per capita is the true measure.
thanks god russia is not on the list
Arpit Chaudhary (8 months ago)
India isn't here ..strange bt happy.
Pomo Dorino (8 months ago)
4:27 Leaning tower of Pisa has nothing to do with the Roman empire. The Roman empire was gone almost 800 years before the tower was built.
Alan G Mar (7 months ago)
Pomo Dorino The Roman empire simply had a name change. Rome still rules much of the world.
George Rady (8 months ago)
Having the world’s most powerful military (a military that is made to fight wars with one arm tied behind its back and carry out peace missions that no military is supposed to do) does take the pressure of having its MASSIVE unsustainable DEBT. It’s kind knocking on your neighbor’s door to demand your “lawnmower” back... knowing full well that IF he was in a bad mood he could pound your brains into the pavement... “I’ll just mow the grass some other time”
Muhmmad Shahbaz Shahbaz (8 months ago)
Indian 6.3 tariln dollar ha
Dịu Trịnh (8 months ago)
There is no place for China?!
Gordon Chang (9 months ago)
Gordon Chang (9 months ago)
america's military is a laughing stock. Here is a video of the Chinese military. It would take a hundred years for america to catch up
Gordon Chang (9 months ago)
gdp is whatever you want it to be.
Gordon Chang (9 months ago)
How about Hungary
Angus Suter (9 months ago)
So, who does everyone owe this debt to? With pretty well all the 1st world countries in massive debt, who did they get it from?
Gordon Chang (9 months ago)
China and whoever they post trade deficits with
azim aysraf (10 months ago)
It is because of IRS that make country get so huge of debt?
Harold Shit (10 months ago)
how about the phillipines
Snifey (10 months ago)
for you is burg pronounce but for others we pronounce it's berg pronunciation im not offended or angry maybe i'm am i'm just let this comment leave it here just to give you a little lesson
naeem someone (10 months ago)
totally wrong figures... Germany has 2.9 Trillion not 6 Trillion as this condescending trollop says.... and GDP is never proven to be correct especially in the way it is calculated and reported... mostly contrived ... totally bad reporting ... or should I say a LIE
DEADLY (11 months ago)
all countries have national bebt from at least 20 percent to 250 percent including china. So the question is to whom they owe all money to. No one can lend money to other when they are in debt them-self. So who is supposed to collect all these money.
jojo blk (11 months ago)
who are they in debt to ? rothechilds
hannes3d (11 months ago)
Lol if you say the uk has 400% external dept ..yes thats true but at the same time other countries owe the uk nearly as much ..and than you talk about the 19 Billion the us is in dept and yes i mean billion because if you are to dumb to count i will explain it one 1 ten 10 hundred 100 thousand 1000 ten-thousand 10000 hundred thousand 100.000 million 1.000.000 Milliarde now you say thats a billion but a billion is than you say thats a trillion but that would be 1.(000.000) (000.000)(000.000) Long and short scales i know but i just call you to stupid to count ..the now 21 billion us dept is not the externail dep that would mean that the uk has 2.5 billon or 90% dept not 400 and the external dept is now around 240% don't mix this stuff up .
Mr Corndog (1 year ago)
America pay your fucking bills then talk about how much money you got! Kick USA from the EU!
Jamie (1 year ago)
Really false Luxemburg is between Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, really unprofessional and stupid to forget the Netherlands and say France instead.
Abhishek Vashisth (1 year ago)
Where is india n china
Justyn Mychael (1 year ago)
I wish humans could afford this planet.
Ricky spanish (1 year ago)
U saud france helped us out un the war,but why did america have to come and save their ass?
Niranjan Athikavil (1 year ago)
No India.
Nobody Knows (2 months ago)
+Gulabsingh Singh I don't need to know.. bcoz I know the most important thing that this gulabsingh is a motherfucker🤣🤣🤣
Gulabsingh Singh (2 months ago)
+Nobody Knows do you know this gulab singh collects lots of donations and sends lots of money from his income to india on regular basis
Nobody Knows (2 months ago)
+Gulabsingh Singh please take your bastard elders with you.it will be good for India..😋😋
Nobody Knows (2 months ago)
+Vin Martolia good reply to gulabsingh bastard...
Nobody Knows (2 months ago)
+Gulabsingh Singh joke of the century 🤣🤣🤣🤣
volce wagen (1 year ago)
Do about the Caribbean
Well the joke of the video was "America has the best military in the world". Seriously dude? This powerful military is stuck in rocks of afghanistan for 16 years and couldn't defeat a few thousands of taliban.
Zulubal Andre (1 year ago)
do those graphs all indicated devaluation of the dollar
Jayesper (1 year ago)
Rare is the nation that has no debt, but where did it start? Is it just standard and only until recently got out of hand?
Domo (9 months ago)
Jayesper President Andrew Jackson was the last president who completely got our country out of debt. His motto was "I killed the bankers." Since then, Central banks took over. The issue of money should reside with the people, and until that happens, the bankers will control everything.
king lehar (1 year ago)
Fab Elger (3 months ago)
that's useless numbers??? that's total bullshit if you earn 1000000 dollars and owe 300000 dollars would you call that debt??....compared to earning 10000 dollars and a debt of 20000 dollars??? this list and this video is RIDICULOUS.
James Winterfield (1 year ago)
there is still time ....its not funny ...
anders andersson (1 year ago)
uk hasnt left EU yet, they havnt even started negotiations
Vaibhav Kalra (1 year ago)
and the most important question comes to my mind that these countries are in debt to whom... i mean to whom these countries owes ? 🤔🤔🤔
Sunil Ipe (9 months ago)
Some like greece to world bank, pakistan to IMF etc. They asked bail out. People do not know economics. Example Japan has huge debt but it is mostly to japanese people. Japanese people have millions with no loans. So Japan debt not important. Also Japan has huge investments abroad and that is why they are great donors.
anrdre iii (11 months ago)
wow. and how the world bank have such a lot of money?
monika sharma (11 months ago)
anrdre iii world bank
raees quereshi (1 year ago)
Vaibhav Kalra to imf, wb, gulf and Silly military expansion in foreign lands...
anrdre iii (1 year ago)
:D :D I even want to know :D :D i guess___aliens . damn
America is no 1 in debt more than it's nominal GDP!!
HitProof (8 months ago)
Destiny tran it is 105.4 % actually https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/government-debt-to-gdp
Destiny tran (1 year ago)
Vladimir Putin, President of Russian federation . that's not correct. I think it said that it's about 14 or 24%. not over 100% of U.S. GDP
No Name (1 year ago)
We would have won the war if France didn't help us Our people was stronger ( better diet and more baby's were surviving) and had more people Britain was the strongest army at the time yes but they didn't know how to fight guerrilla warfare
Carl Amedeo (1 year ago)
Its pronounced luxemburg not booourg considering it only 22%of the gdp so...its not a big dept
Angel Flores (1 year ago)
Japan is not next to Asia😂 It is Asia
I think he meant that it is next to the mainland Asia.😂😂😂
lone wanderer (1 year ago)
Who is all the debt owed to or is it just countries that owe money to other countries. If it was owed to one central bank then they must command some power with all the money owed to them.
shailendra pawar (1 year ago)
When all the countries are in debts, then woh has given them loans ??
Timothy C (1 year ago)
Basarga Loran (1 year ago)
#25, bro. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_external_debt
Alex Kim (1 year ago)
U.K. Has GDP of 2.6 trillion though? If debt is 2 trillion the debt to GDP ratio certainly wouldn't be 408%
Sunil Ipe (3 months ago)
UK debt is 8 T
Dr ROLFCOPTER! (6 months ago)
No he said 2 trillion external debt and that is just a portion of the total debt as most UK debt is held by UK bond holding companies like the bank of england and and many others just as with the US debt.
Nspnspker (8 months ago)
Well, turns out the UK external debt is over 8 trillion which explains the 400%. I guess he got the actual number wrong in the video.
Badge Man (11 months ago)
Yeah, you are correct. This videos numbers seem way off
nasp508 (1 year ago)
Alex Kim I believe it means they spend 4 times their GDP so they spend about 10 trillion a year
Lutz (1 year ago)
Monna lisa is italian
Masterhand yeah (1 year ago)
But wait if all of these large countries are in so much debt then where is all the money coming from
Ariel Chimedza (4 months ago)
My thoughts exactly 🤔.
Mr Gaudy (6 months ago)
Welcome to macroeconomics
Pavel (1 year ago)
Britain is not really out of the EU.
Vodbra (1 year ago)
The reason Japan is in debt is because there making too much anime which is good!
Grimm Fandango (7 months ago)
Unless Godzilla farts
Grimm Fandango (7 months ago)
Sunil Ipe Pretty much, Japan is still a net creditor, arguably the largest. But it's close with the PRC. Both nations hoard credit. Japan is ten times smaller though, so that's something. Sorry PRC, ROK, DPRK and even some Dixie's, but Japan isn't sinking anytime soon
Sunil Ipe (9 months ago)
People do not know economics. Example Japan has huge debt but it is mostly to japanese people. Japanese people have millions with no loans. So Japan debt not important. Also Japan has huge investments abroad and that is why they are great donors.
Vodbra (1 year ago)
No matter what you will always have debt.
Jordan wang (1 year ago)
isn't china number 1 with 24 trillion?
Jordan wang (1 year ago)
https://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/debtclock/china this site calculates the national debt of china, china also has much more company debt. The debt of government owned companies and individual debt. combined is around 30 trillion USD i heard
DEATHAUR0 (1 year ago)
I can't even imagine where you pulled that number from but china has $1.56 trillion debt which is 13% of it's GDP (Lowest amongst the large economies). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_external_debt
J N (1 year ago)
fake money = fake debt, what are the banksters going to do if the entire country defaults? It's not like they borrowed us their own money...they made it out of thin air. Don't tell me they own the military and loose them on us.
youtube master (1 year ago)
Now pakistan is not in the list so why we are conidered poor and undeveloped . This economy thing gives headache
Sunil Ipe (9 months ago)
Pakistan asking bail out as it is poor. People do not know economics. Example Japan has huge debt but it is mostly to japanese people. Japanese people have millions with no loans. So Japan debt not important. Also Japan has huge investments abroad and that is why they are great donors.
jayakumar v (1 year ago)
They are less in dept because UN refused to give loan for encouraging cross border terrorism
Atharva Naik (1 year ago)
muneeb riaz because less debt doesn't equal country being rich. When you're called poor it takes into account govt spending power as well as GDP per capita which is quite low for Pakistan.
Eggdesaster (1 year ago)
GB are part off the EU and breark that at May 2019
akash chauhan (1 year ago)
Americans be like Laanisters always pays their debts 😂😂😂😂
薛陳月美 (1 year ago)
Actually the most of the us debt is on itself like the department of education
fact row (1 year ago)
fake no real news
Sinbreaker (1 year ago)
There are so many things wrong with this video... for one, $20 trillion isn't external debt... America owns most of it.
Sinbreaker (1 year ago)
I'm going to give you a powerful tool for your life. Go to Google and type "who owns most of us debt". One day you'll remember this random human on the internet giving you technique called "research".
Tony Ferguson (1 year ago)
actually china owns most of the debt not the united states.

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