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Walking Barefoot Changed My Life - Learn How & Why To Ground / Earthing for Men Over 40

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Walking Barefoot Changed My Life - Learn How & Why To Ground / Earthing. Please share this video with a friend that may be interested. And Please Comment Below
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candace in jersey (1 month ago)
Except I wouldn't walk on grass treated with pesticides or round up.
whytedragonfilms (11 months ago)
Absolutely...I try to earth every day for 30 min to an hour or more when possible. Enjoy your videos Darrin- good stuff
Darin Steen (11 months ago)
whytedragonfilms wow. That is great to see others realizing the benefits too
whytedragonfilms (11 months ago)
Hey mate, besides just a general feeling of well-being, if I have a headache (which isn't very often) I find that about 40 minutes grounding on damp grass usually gets rid of it. An hour is even better. Also if I have jet lag from a long flight the first thing I try to do the next day wherever I am is find a park or some grass and just sit there for an hour barefoot, I really feel it helps get me back in balance like you mentioned. Recovering from knee surgery right now so using grounding to help heal and reduce inflammation, not sure really if it makes a huge difference in that way but it definitely feels good so it certainly cant hurt to try!
Darin Steen (11 months ago)
whytedragonfilms saweet!! WhT benefits do you realize from grounding?
Stephen Blackwell (11 months ago)
Hey brother I didn't know you worked with UPS. I used to drive for them from 99 till 2014 until I had a brain tumor removal surger and it caused epilepsy for me but by God's grace I am good now and shifting trailers on yard. Keep the great content coming brother! Tttl✊
Stephen Blackwell (11 months ago)
Darin Steen Hey man I'm down in South Carolina at a UPS hub shifting tractor trailers on the yard to make ends meet. You would never even know I had that brain tumor tbh....it was a miracle the way things worked out Darin. Fell out in the doctors hands with no embedded attachments and no loss of any motor skills. Just have to take preventative seizure medicine from scar tissue on the brain. Thanks for asking brother take care✊
Darin Steen (11 months ago)
Stephen Blackwell wow.. what a small world.. what kind of trailers? What yard? UPS? Wow, you got through a brain tumor ❤️👍🏻
Darin Steen (11 months ago)
Stephen Blackwell hey brother.. what a small world.. thanks for sharing buddy.. and I will keep it coming 👍🏻👊🏻💪🏻
Richard Miller (11 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your experiences Darin
Darin Steen (11 months ago)
Richard Miller your very welcome my friend

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