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What Does Your Handwriting Reveal About You?

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Text Comments (1031)
Handwriting (20 days ago)
I can write in different fonts, does it mean I am capricious?
Cherise Herring (3 months ago)
I mean these are really open ended interpretations I feel like anyone can relate to these scenarios if they really wanted to think about it
a d (3 months ago)
graphology is psuedoscience
Brianna Kathleen (3 months ago)
I feel like this is like the ink blot test but with your own signature
Rachel Lynne (6 months ago)
I get it, im drowning, but at least im hydrated! 😂😂😂😂😂 thats my new favorite quote!!!
Syed Asrar (6 months ago)
You wrote it 😁😂😅❤️
이서현 (6 months ago)
But what if ur foreign and you just copy someone else's handwriting or the textbook ones;; What happens then?
Nigel Marvin (7 months ago)
I want her to judge my signature
JaNee’s Life (8 months ago)
My Personality is definitely that of “you’re drowning but at least you’re hydrated.”
Jairo Herrera (7 months ago)
JaNee I'm pretty sure everyone at one point was like that. I dont believe her compliments .
Snow Lin (9 months ago)
so basically i will become a king when im older. Doesnt make sense bc in america there is no king
JonelleElise (9 months ago)
I wish she could do mine!
Jairo Herrera (7 months ago)
JonelleElise I guarentee you that it's all positive and things you expect to hear.
Hassan Aitbaoui (9 months ago)
Is there any prizes for good handwriting
Letmesleepinpeace (9 months ago)
It depends what I’m feeling like if I feel lazy than I won’t write neat
Victoria (10 months ago)
Do one where she gets the signatures and then meets the people and has to try to match the signatures to the owners
JJ Unicorn (10 months ago)
what my handwriting says about me: -i’m lazy -i’m bad at spelling -i don’t care at all
Abigail Leigh (10 months ago)
"I get it, im drowning, but at least I'm hydrated."
Bo_Meep (11 months ago)
What if ur last name ends with the letter g. How will u read that?
Jess gliv (1 year ago)
Jasmine's reactions lmao shes seriously the best
Doe John (1 year ago)
This is so interesting!
Rhea Balachandran26 (1 year ago)
Wanna know what my handwriting It means I can write
Kaila Deprey (1 year ago)
do most people sign like loose like the letters look like scribbles or do people make each letter be cursive but be able to read? like legible
Kaila Deprey (1 year ago)
i wanna meet this lady
Kaila Deprey (1 year ago)
I love how everyone assumes that a signature is a normal thing that everyone knows what a signature is like we all just sign checks when we’re teenagers and we all know like come on be more realistic
Jess C (1 year ago)
she’s lovely but this is complete bs
Jairo Herrera (7 months ago)
Jess C She says things that are obvious and expose their self-serving bias (positive view of oneself) such as telling them that they are caring giving to others or they are creative.
Priscilla Liu (1 year ago)
My signature has two letters. Those are my initials
Fiona Wu (1 year ago)
My last name is two letters
Sam Abarca (1 year ago)
Ooooooooooor maybe they just can't write in cursive.
samantha sherman (1 year ago)
i was told all throughout elementary school that i had doctor's writing, which i thought was a compliment, because i was like "hey doctors are hella successful"
Harsimran .B (1 year ago)
"I'm drowning...but at least I'm hydrated."😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Glory Sky (1 year ago)
Someone should make a video pranking people by getting someone who has studied graphology and put them as a cashier. So when someone puts there signature, they start to describe the person
x ShadowKeeper x (1 year ago)
My hand writing is like half cursive and half print lol. I know how to do either of them separately but my normal hand writing looks like someone tried to write in cursive and they failed miserably xD.
Yomi K. (1 year ago)
"I'm drowning but I'm hydrated" I am now wheezing from my grave
Meow Rchl (1 year ago)
CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN MY SIGNATURE TO ME!!??? It's basically a big flowy R on top, with a sharp C like swoop, and then a big sharp C to fit the other swoop, then a line thru it all. Looks like graffiti iguess, I can't cursive.
Jairo Herrera (7 months ago)
Meow Rchl Handwriting studies is a sham. It only reveals your gender.
Sumehra Mamun (1 year ago)
"I get it, im drowning, but at least I'm hydrated"
Kim Smallwood (1 year ago)
Can we talk about how fierce Jaz is in every damn vid?
Alison Batz (1 year ago)
She can be the next Sherlock homes
ashleylaurennnx3 (1 year ago)
i want her to read mine!
Stories by Brittney (1 year ago)
"I;m drowning but at least I'm hydrated!" Is the most ME quote i've ever heard!
Amandeep Kaur (1 year ago)
Here to point out that the thumbnail has a spelling mistake
jazzi desirée (1 year ago)
Jasmyne and I almost have the same signature 😂
SoapyMel (1 year ago)
Hi! Im Nyla! *gazes deep into the other persons eyes and waits for them to talk*
Lena Chiari (1 year ago)
I'm not exactly sure if I'm stunned becausu this the greatest thing I've ever seen or if I'm amused because this is just ridiculous
Sarah Ma (1 year ago)
what happens when your last name is two letters
Mizan Selas (1 year ago)
I'm drowning but at least I'm hydrated. ME AF
Nancy Lee (1 year ago)
So generic...
Ferdhaus Ismail (1 year ago)
i tot it was handwriting instead of signature...like,nobody can't even read my handwriting😂
mimi (1 year ago)
Looool this is so unreliable and very generic. Some people develop their signatures at a young age and stick with it. I highly doubt the personality traits she describes reflect the person they were a few years ago.
Serena Banana (1 year ago)
My last name is only two letters....
Anna G (1 year ago)
No. Please no. Just no. Please.
nashcar fashcar (1 year ago)
Y’all really be making the dumbest videos now
Eileen Ruvalcaba (1 year ago)
“This guys and his J’s!”😂😂
Sofia Coutinho (1 year ago)
Cold reading. Similar to astrology and tarot card readings
Eszter Szentiványi (1 year ago)
“I’m drowning, but at least I’m hydrated” lol that’s me
Qhama Mtshatsha (1 year ago)
I never knew studying handwriting was a thing. Guess I don't truly have to worry about choosing jobs, there's so many
Sarah Bell (1 year ago)
Wow this is so fascinating
Lauren Pixie (1 year ago)
2:24 who is that women
Pardis Sahafi (1 year ago)
Soooo, horoscopes with writing...
Gabbie Gallegos (1 year ago)
This is all jibberish.
Ava Senyard (1 year ago)
“I get it I’m drowning, but at least I’m hydrated” So accurate
Lynda Conrad (1 year ago)
How do I get picked for one of these sessions?
Marsh Mellowww (1 year ago)
'i get it. iam drowning, at least iam hydrated'
Amazinggg KJ (1 year ago)
Yup. I’m drowning but at least I’m hydrated.
Diana Escobedo Luna (1 year ago)
Ummmmmmmm she........ i think she kinda said something that the whole world can relate to........ like relatable. Or maybe its just me. But I really can relate to every single thing she said which means I could use all of those signatures and I also feel like she said the same for all of them but with different words. But thats just me.
maham meher (1 year ago)
My last name is meher. So my relationships with my friends is Meh?
Madalyn Lambert (1 year ago)
I notice your I is closer to your last name so that means your future career involves protestant regulants to persuade your distant calligraphy speculator to apprehensivate the matter. Lol
Kiaja Kenard (1 year ago)
Jazmyn's side eyes... :P
Amanda Kowal (1 year ago)
I'm 16 and I still can't do cursive 😓
Momo dearest (1 year ago)
I get it, I'm drowning. But at least I'm hydrated. 😂
Doveranalyst (1 year ago)
It should have been a blind test to be even 1% fair.
Priscilla Keller (1 year ago)
" *I'm drowning BUT AT LEAST I'M H Y D R A T E D* "
Tina Hoss (1 year ago)
xXPrincessXx (1 year ago)
I can’t stop laughing at her face at 0:56 😂😂
Sky Everest (1 year ago)
She's .. just saying super general stuff that could apply to anyone lmao
I want my handwriting analyzed
felipe Pedraza (1 year ago)
This is BS, graphology has not scientific value at all and it's been disproved several times
*says things basic to human nature* “omg that’s so me”
Giovanna Moi (1 year ago)
"I'm drowning but at least i'm hydrated" so gonna use that
Please Help (1 year ago)
Wait, this means Donald Trump is incredibly sarcastic My life is complete
Rebbeca Abernathy (1 year ago)
I woke what she's saw about my signature it is very simplistic and as for my lady name, it consists of a loopy a lmao
Anaa Rivera (1 year ago)
I’ve never met anyone who thought graphology was legit or cool or correct or smart. Just generalizations anyone can relate to
Lily Kirby (1 year ago)
I WANNA GO!!!!!!
Zoltán Lugosi (1 year ago)
that is bs
Karly Kingston (1 year ago)
*im drowning but at least I’m hydrated*
Bellamercer (1 year ago)
My signature is only 2 letters so I don't think how she is judging this would work for me
Zoe Nunn (1 year ago)
omg Jared has the same last name as me wtf that's so uncommon.
Mia T (1 year ago)
Tiffi Paco (1 year ago)
Where can i get my signature read?
Pearl Lee (1 year ago)
*I'm drowning, but at least I'm hydrated*
Peanut Butter (1 year ago)
My last name only has 2 letters... :/
Tylin Vang (1 year ago)
Can I hire someone to do this for me? What the heck?
Periwinkle (1 year ago)
My last name is only 2 letters 3:00. Well I guess they won't be able to read my last name. So… HA JOKES ON U
Alwee 'N' Boo (1 year ago)
just0dara (1 year ago)
I want someone to do this for me
Sophia Harrison (1 year ago)
My signature is a joke because I rarely write in cursive. However, my normal penmanship is ridic and people often tell me that it looks like a font haha.
Sarah Studios (1 year ago)
You could so tell she was bullshitting her way through all of that XD
Daisy Doll (1 year ago)
I'm drowning but at least I'm hydrated is going to be my senior quote.
Emily Bobb_ (1 year ago)
this is what everyone is like tho. I'm all of these things.
cassidy c (1 year ago)
this is bs
Myopi Dodi (1 year ago)
"Im drowning but at least im hydrated" 😂😂😂😂
The Crystal Wolf (1 year ago)
The Crystal Wolf (1 year ago)
So my last name is King, DOES THAT MEAN IM MEANT TO GROW UP AS A KING?!?! xDDDDD Also, I'm a girl...

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