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The Disturbing REAL STORY Behind Disney's Tangled

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The messed up story behind Rapunzel. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled” was probably one of the best Disney princesses of all time. However, if you know anything about the original fairytale, you know that this love story was not meant for kids. That’s because the witch was more evil than ever and the prince ended up living a much more tragic life. This is why we are showing you The Disturbing Real Story Behind Disney’s Tangled. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about the fairy tale story that inspired the Disney movie. It all started with a woman who desperately wanted to eat some plants from the witch’s garden, followed by how the evil woman decided to punish her, and what happened when a prince fell in love with Rapunzel. You’ll have to watch this video until the end to know how a tragedy turned into a happily ever after. Which story do you like the most: the original tale or the movie? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (1574)
Daha Kragic (7 hours ago)
siva prasad (21 hours ago)
I watch Game of thrones But this story is unimaginably painful I definitely prefer the Movie version
Sanchari Kundu (2 days ago)
Disney one
Stranglytwistedwomen (4 days ago)
I like the original one XD
Isaiah Calabro (4 days ago)
Witch needed to call the firefighters to get down.
Angelina Plazier (6 days ago)
beatrise (7 days ago)
Why every original princess version all princeses get pregnent and got twins? Well some of them
Santeri Nurmi (7 days ago)
The original story would have been awful as a Disney movie. Stupid Rapunzel let a prince to make her pregnant. The prince could have rescued Rapunzel from a tower with ladders and an army but he was not so noble. Flynn Rider was better guest for Rapunzel thought he was a thief.
Sam Leigh (9 days ago)
Cookie Paradise (10 days ago)
OMG I read a book really like this but the prince is not blind Rapunzel is blind in there
elena timofeeva (10 days ago)
I prefer the Disney movie
Amellia Ladd (11 days ago)
I prefer the original. Disney made her hair cut way shorter than the original. The original was a little past her waist.
Niamh Bolger (12 days ago)
Disney rocks
Tt Vlogs (13 days ago)
In to the woods........ anyone?
Pradeeppa Yoga (13 days ago)
Disney is nice ...
Hala ثحخ (14 days ago)
I Li ke
Katie Robertson (14 days ago)
Original tale
Sharron Rankin (14 days ago)
Budi Djajalaksana (14 days ago)
The things always lied
Anita Namatovu (14 days ago)
Pixel Pxerella (15 days ago)
Basicliy Into The Wood's "Version" of Rapunzel?
Rosal y tie Flores (15 days ago)
This might sound weird but I liked both stories except for the part that the prince fell on thorns and became blind that must of looked so disgusting 🤢🤢
Muskaan Bansal (15 days ago)
That was the story I always heard
alexsandra Acosta (15 days ago)
Sarah Ahmed (15 days ago)
I prefer the disney one
galaxy gal layevska (16 days ago)
cheyenne Johnson (16 days ago)
I like both versions of the story but with the original fairytale. Where she was left out in the wilderness instead of the desert and where she asked mother gothel why she was heavier to bring up than the prince
Denise Eckman (16 days ago)
Denise Eckman (16 days ago)
I think I like the original tslale best
aileen dimas (16 days ago)
I before the Disney movie Tangled
Eunice Geres (17 days ago)
This is part of the story of "Into the Woods".
Unicorn Fartz (17 days ago)
Original because there are more parts to it
Eugenia Wofford (18 days ago)
Devildaily (18 days ago)
i just noticed that i already readed this in a fairy tail book by the girmm brothers
mysterious life (18 days ago)
The original is sounds better
NRG Phaze (18 days ago)
The original versions - well let's say the "original" versions we grew up with in the 20th century - could be gruesome but also often lacked motive and conflict. I can understand that the witch wanted to punish her neighbours, but where was the profit in raising the child by herself and in such a complicated setting? Disney gave Mother Gothel a raison d'être and she was much more involved in the action and plot twists. Same goes for Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula and probably some other villains too.The problem with the Disney versions is that there is too much slapstick humour and annoying sidekicks, but young children are there their target audience so I can understand why they do that. Either way, I vote for Tangled.
little sandy (18 days ago)
The move
Caroline Snipes (18 days ago)
Reena Kim (18 days ago)
They didn’t have ladders at that time
Autumn Dreamor LPS (19 days ago)
Original really
Hiralal Raj (19 days ago)
I love the Disney movie
blackpink fan forever (20 days ago)
original is better
candice pitts (20 days ago)
For some reason, the original origin is scaring me. Idk why
Layla k k (15 days ago)
Maybe coz it's creepy.
Suky Rana (21 days ago)
I prefer the one u told😇😇😎🙋
Guinevere Wise (22 days ago)
Adjwell Monko (22 days ago)
I was told the original story when I was a child and had books on it, I think one was a 'ladybird' book, and I loved it! I love the new one too. I think it'd be nice if kids got to experience both versions and choose for themselves instead of being mislead by Disney remakes.
tika tika (22 days ago)
Joel Cuerquez (22 days ago)
Disniy movei
סול בירון (22 days ago)
Disney.. the normal one is wierd and really scary..😨😨 and tangled is my fav!!.. 😃😀😄👍👌.. and..ehh. i HATE snow WHITE.. 😐😐😑😒😝😝👎👎
Sara Athena (23 days ago)
I like original better
Sydney Faye C. Baring (23 days ago)
I think both for me
misgana Zerai (23 days ago)
Did the do sex
Devon Knight (24 days ago)
Disney version
Devon Knight (24 days ago)
Right Side Studio (24 days ago)
Biyun Jiang (25 days ago)
You guys were Lying that’s not the real story
joshua lattany (23 days ago)
Actually it is. All of Disney's stories came from an original source. Look it up.
Umannna Dester (25 days ago)
I like the original tale better even though it’s not very appropriate for kids it’s more exciting to me like if you agree 👍🏽
derrick barton (25 days ago)
Disney by far
Angelina Mendonca (25 days ago)
WTF this is so scary
Cosplay FXS (26 days ago)
I do kind of prefer the original tale
Lei A (26 days ago)
I actually saw Rapunzel's real movie here.It's pretty good
Ayesha Irfan (26 days ago)
I like the Disney version better
Kylee Bunker (26 days ago)
The real story
Super Lily (26 days ago)
The Disney movie is better that was so disturbing
aimee ding (27 days ago)
Call me a scaredy cat, but I like the Disney version
Miira Star (27 days ago)
As a child I heard the story and in the version I know, she did not tell the witch about the prince; rather she warned the prince of the danger he was in. He came back with the tallest ladder that he could find but it wasn’t long enough. The witch caught him coming down the hair rope one day, so she punished the princess and cut her hair. The following day she pretended to be the girl and as the prince climbed the hair, she threw it down and he fell into the briar bush and the thorns poked his eyes out making him blind.
puppies rock (28 days ago)
I like the original one better
emerah dlaire (28 days ago)
i saw taylor swift wohhhh
Tara Rhoad (28 days ago)
that is no witch it's just mother gother
Ani Bella (29 days ago)
I love both
Kenneth and Joyce (29 days ago)
The original sounds more entertaining
Favour Udeogu (29 days ago)
I personally like the Disney one.
louisa Koroma (29 days ago)
The Disney movie I almost cried when they said he was blind just for loving repunzel why can't guys and boys be like that
chrisrick542 (30 days ago)
Queencess TV (30 days ago)
B L U E F I R E (30 days ago)
2:10 p.m 12-19-18 I saw your views 666
Lalchhar liani (30 days ago)
I already knew this
JizzieFan101 (30 days ago)
That's actually wrong I'm pretty sure the witch pushed the prince out the window *THEN* he landed on the thorns
Light Underwater (1 month ago)
I like both but liked the original more than Disney version. The Disney version just more friendly for everyone to watch.
0:17 Taylor!
Annabelle3Rose (1 month ago)
Original I've heard of before tangled
E Waggener (1 month ago)
Original is always best
Zephyryule Tanjusay (1 month ago)
The original
Charles Baldwin (1 month ago)
Disney’s Tangled
Grace Ouko (1 month ago)
The bisney movie
Jesse Thomas (1 month ago)
tracy noud (1 month ago)
I love your videos and I choose the original tal.
Izzatul Husna (1 month ago)
Welp I prefer the real story because its more logical than the disney one
Maria Angelica (1 month ago)
the original is way better
GalaxyKittyPony 0911 (1 month ago)
The original seems good.......in my opinion
Heidy Canela (1 month ago)
Aaliyah Abdallah (1 month ago)
Original is way better
Esraa Karim (1 month ago)
I like both, the original is darker, and the animated is more happy/ bubbly, but if I had to choose I would say the animated I like dark stuff but this was just too dark for me.
Nicole Zovak (1 month ago)
I like the real version
Sun Trail (1 month ago)
This story is the story I’d only ever known before the film was released
Kkyunggie _ (1 month ago)
I just hate man that always wanna do sex and also as a women don't be so stupid to just give it to them .... If the reason is because of LOVE well u r wrong 😒 If the man really love u , he wouldn't take advantage from u and just ask you to marry him.... Im sorry but i really hate when someone had sex before married cause we especially women, don't know whether that man gonna take responsibility after u get pregnant.... So girls don't be such a fool person and think wisely before you act
sarah isabel (1 month ago)
That is quite similar to the version I read when I was a child. But this one goes like, a young married couple had a witch as neighbour with a wall separating both houses. The woman was able to see the beautiful garden the witch grew with delicious fruits and vegetables through her window. She wanted to eat those from her garden and her husband went and brought those while the witch was away. His wife loved it and asked for more. But the second time he goes, he gets caught by the witch. The witch made a deal with them that she would give the fruits and vegetables in the garden to them in exchange for their first child that was going to be born to the couple. When a baby girl was born the witch took her away from her parents and the girl grew up in the witch's home while her parents watched her from next door. When Rupanzel, the girl reached her teens she looked so beautiful and the witch found it hard to keep boys away from Rupenzal. So, the witch shifted with Rupanzel to a tower and always kept Rupanzel locked up in the tower. The witch goes out everyday by climbing down Rupanzel's hair. This is where the prince comes😉. The prince found the tower while he was hunting and couldn't find a way to get into. Another time when he came to investigate about it, he saw the witch going towards the tower and call ' Rupenzal, Rupanzel. Let your hair down'. And a golden braided hair fell from the window and the witch climbed on it. The next day, the prince waited till the witch was gone and said the words the witch said and the golden braided hair fell down. He climbed up in it and saw Rupenzal. She was surprised that it was the witch. These two eventually fell in love. One day, Rupanzel and the prince decided that the prince bring her silk everyday with which could make a ladder. This went on for a while and the ladder was nearly done. The witch saw that Rupanzel seemed to be in much happier mood and decided to check. She next day when the witch climbed down the tower, she hid behind a tree and saw the a man was climbing to window through Rupanzel's hair. When he left, she and demanded to Rupanzel about him. She cut Rupanzel's hair using scissors and made her climb down the tower. The witch wanted to take revenge on the prince. The witch pretended to be Rupanzel and let down the golden hair the next day for the prince. But when the prince saw the witch he was shocked. The witch told the prince that Rupanzel has died and pushed the prince off the tower. When the prince fell down the tower , he lost his eyesight. The grieving prince walked through deserts and others places. When he collapsed however Rupanzel was nearby and she went him and cried. The tears fell on his eyes and restored his eyesight. Then both of them returned to the palace and lived happily ever after. ((For short , the only difference is that Rupanzel didn't get pregnant I guess. Should've just told that instead of typing the whole story😅))
NABAKKA TAMARAH (1 month ago)
He really jumped down of the tower went on eating roots and the witch did not only cut the girls hair but also left her in the forest I thought that witch loved her my best part was that the prince jumped out of the tower and got prickled by thongs in his eyes and was still alive found the princess 👸
NABAKKA TAMARAH (1 month ago)
He really jumped down of the tower went on eating roots and the witch did not only cut the girls hair but also left her in the forest I thought that witch loved her my best part was that the prince jumped out of the tower and got prickled by thongs in his eyes and was still alive found the princess 👸
Sofhia Flores (1 month ago)
The original one its way more beautiful than the disney movie one

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