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The Disturbing REAL STORY Behind Disney's Tangled

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The messed up story behind Rapunzel. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled” was probably one of the best Disney princesses of all time. However, if you know anything about the original fairytale, you know that this love story was not meant for kids. That’s because the witch was more evil than ever and the prince ended up living a much more tragic life. This is why we are showing you The Disturbing Real Story Behind Disney’s Tangled. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about the fairy tale story that inspired the Disney movie. It all started with a woman who desperately wanted to eat some plants from the witch’s garden, followed by how the evil woman decided to punish her, and what happened when a prince fell in love with Rapunzel. You’ll have to watch this video until the end to know how a tragedy turned into a happily ever after. Which story do you like the most: the original tale or the movie? Don’t be shy to answer in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (2532)
Deadra Jones (1 day ago)
I rather the Disney version of the story
LENI RIVERA (6 days ago)
Its funny cause i used to read the real stories when i was little
Dick Biscuits (6 days ago)
What is upsetting is in the original version the witch could have given Rapunzel pennyroyal tea to abort the pregnancy but she didn't because she was a jerk. Poor Rapunzel, kids are the worst STD.
paulo lima (7 days ago)
rosie plays (8 days ago)
I prefer the Disney story
Gaming Ninja Boi (8 days ago)
Silly Girl (8 days ago)
I always knew all of the REAL disney stories , I just don't know how..
Jungkooks Wifeu (8 days ago)
It's a lot like the rapunzel story I grew with and everybody else I know so it isn't shocking to me
Joyce Teoh (8 days ago)
Sorry already heard the real one
Cloud Sama (8 days ago)
Umm ur logo looks like t- series
stacyann Williams (8 days ago)
Original tale is better
A_badSpellr (9 days ago)
I prefer the original tale
Sophia Villagrana (9 days ago)
Gacha's Little Neko (9 days ago)
The original
CNL AG Studios (9 days ago)
I honestly like the Disney one better
vani sharma (9 days ago)
fairy tale is better but ..., true story is also very good
Lisa McGrath (9 days ago)
I always luv both
Francesca Miranda (9 days ago)
I thought everyone knew this??
Xoxo.txl. xoxo (9 days ago)
Olivia Sublett (9 days ago)
I find the original tale way more interesting and exiting, my only question is... do the twins have powers like Rapunzel? Like if agree...please!
The Bloody Yandere (9 days ago)
This was kind of similar to the Rapunzel of 'Into the Woods'
Danna_ Mochi (9 days ago)
Defiantly the Disney one. I cant stand princess drama 😂
Birthday Gacha (10 days ago)
The Disney movie
Hameed Naqvi (10 days ago)
Alisha Hill (10 days ago)
Oliber rhy (10 days ago)
I actually hear the story when I was a kid because I had a book But not the pregnancy part...
Sam Samson (10 days ago)
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AyanoKhanCosplays (10 days ago)
at 4.21 shows two kids holding Quran ....this is very disturbing and inappropriate for this video
animadixit79 (10 days ago)
What the hell! You ruined the movie for me
Shadouurufu Senshi (10 days ago)
I like both
Patricia Gastelum (10 days ago)
I think I like the original
Aphrodite Ocean Lopez (11 days ago)
Why is the movie different from other stories on youtube?
Aminah Promise (11 days ago)
but where are the kids?🤔
VDeo (11 days ago)
I remember reading the original story when I was a younger child
zairelyn carino (11 days ago)
I can imagine bloods everywhere..i love this story more than the disney story....why they always hide something to the children...
the orignal grimms fairy tale is so much better
Sayaka Rise (11 days ago)
In the kids books I had when I was little the original story was written there
venom 123 (11 days ago)
The Disney version
Amy Nicole Akers (11 days ago)
I'm 8 aind..... that is um.....
Ruby Hussain (11 days ago)
MintyGamer 06 (11 days ago)
Why does she say erbs? There’s a H..
Nadine Capaldian (11 days ago)
Everyone knows the story 😂don’t they? It’s famous in my country more famous than the movie 😂
dcl pnds (11 days ago)
Oh... seems like what’s in the movie “Into The Woods”
Sudam Kapadnis (11 days ago)
The original 👆😘
Erin Kirk (11 days ago)
Wait repunzle as in flower or.....cuz if her mother ate her......🤔
xavier aguilar (11 days ago)
Carol Barney (11 days ago)
Gabrielle G (12 days ago)
This is version of the story is on happily ever after fairy tales for every child But the adult stuff is cut out
CANESFAN15 (12 days ago)
I luv rupunzual
I mug (12 days ago)
and they say fairy tails are for kids *puaahahahahaha lol not the german ones
Alagumalai Vimala (12 days ago)
Suma k (12 days ago)
Vi Rose (12 days ago)
Im pretty sure i’ve heard of this story from cartoons on youtube..
KianDev (12 days ago)
i just saw T series logo...
Elizabeth Merielle (12 days ago)
Lol I prefer the original who agrees?
•SΔβΣR • (12 days ago)
Not that disturibing....
ImDaPleb RainbwoahFan (12 days ago)
Thanks to the first comment I still have my innocence good thing I didn’t see the other comments yet or the vid
Elle 彡 SILENT GAMING (12 days ago)
The disney
VehnJuda (12 days ago)
Being impregnated by a Prince is awesome.
I love the original lol they’re both kind of the Sam 😂
nightcore creations (12 days ago)
Aria Addison (12 days ago)
I knew about the real story before the Disney one came out :/
Lou (12 days ago)
Grimm’s stories will always be better
Gogetahan Ciel (12 days ago)
I like the original story
Gogetahan Ciel (12 days ago)
Amy Ross (13 days ago)
Original tail
Amy Ross (13 days ago)
Scarlet Thompson (13 days ago)
I love the DISNEY ONE.
Lesley Ann MacLeod (13 days ago)
The original story is a lot more interesting and even though it's not that appropriate for children the real truth is better than the fairytale
Bethany Denis (13 days ago)
I want a live version horror movie based off the real story
Isla :3 (13 days ago)
Grimm's fairy tales got ripped off by Disney
miku fan (13 days ago)
The original 😄😄😄
Sanish Poudel (13 days ago)
Denki Kamanari (13 days ago)
I like the one that doesn’t explain how unprotected sex can lead to children. After watching this i had a 2 hour long talk with my mom about this, thanks.
I already know this XD
MELON RAFAEL (14 days ago)
Original tale
Winged Wolf (14 days ago)
I wonder how high Rapunzel’s water bill is from washing her hair and how much Pantene she uses in a week....
cristeta hurano (14 days ago)
i pregerred the original story and not the disney story
xX D3PR3SED Xx (14 days ago)
Then what are the fake ones supposed to be?
Padmavati Kadam (14 days ago)
Why is it disturbing? Isn't it more realistic
Elise Towle (14 days ago)
What a happy story
Ivory Potato (14 days ago)
I already know this theres a game about it
Andreas Werling (14 days ago)
Mc hP ö1mnvt ngt, gav jag
Arshie Liah (14 days ago)
I would prefer the original one even tho I'm 12😂
Goofball Fridays (14 days ago)
Twilight Panda (14 days ago)
The OG is way more interesting than the Disney Movie.
Qween Jazzy (15 days ago)
Lemon Lime (15 days ago)
I’m getting into the wood vibes!!
Michelle White (15 days ago)
M'aiq The Liar (15 days ago)
rapunzel is a dumb cunt
BTS Fangirl (15 days ago)
Golden Lioness (15 days ago)
I think we read this is class when I was younger 😂 I don’t think they told us about the pregnancy tho 😂😂😂😂🤣
I’ve heard the version when Rapunzel healed his blind eyes. But Rapunzel wasn’t pregnant.
Kina Latu (15 days ago)
I like the disney story for little ones but the original tale is better for big kids.
Stace Bull (15 days ago)
my auntie had my consin at 13 years old
urangoo.b (15 days ago)
the original tale is better
Sibu Mwelase (15 days ago)
Original tale anyone
Evalyn Valentin (15 days ago)
Angeline the unicorn (15 days ago)
I love both stories

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