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Jake Paul - It's Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

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GET THE TRACK ON ITUNES HERE► https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/its-everyday-bro-feat-team-10-single/id1242491545 WE WROTE, SHOT, and EDITED THIS IN 1 DAY. HOPE YOU ENJOY... [Jake Paul:] Yup, y'all can't handle this Y'all don't know what's about to happen baby Team 10 Los Angeles - Cali boy But I'm from Ohio though - white boy (Jake Paul...) It's everyday bro With the Disney Channel flow 5 mill on YouTube in 6 months Never done before Passed all the competition man PewDiePie is next Man I'm popping all these checks Got a brand new Rolex And I met a Lambo too And I'm coming with the crew This is Team 10, bitch Who the hell are flippin' you? And you know I kick them out If they ain't with the crew Yeah, I'm talking about you You beggin' for attention Talking shit on Twitter too But you still hit my phone last night It was 4:52 and I got the text to prove And all the recordings too Don't make me tell them the truth And I just dropped some new merch And it's selling like a God, church Ohio's where I'm from We chew 'em like it's gum We shooting with a gun The tattoo just for fun I Usain Bolt and run Catch me at game one I cannot be outdone Jake Paul is number one It's everyday bro It's everyday bro It's everyday bro I said it's everyday bro [Nick Crompton:] You know it's Nick Crompton And my collar stay poppin' Yes, I can rap And no, I am not from Compton England is my city And if it weren't for Team 10 Then the US would be shitty I'll pass it to Chance 'Cause you know he stay litty [Chance Sutton:] Two months ago You didn't know my name And now you want my fame? Bitch I'm blowin' up I'm only going up Now, I'm going off I'm never fallin' off Like Mag, who? Digi who? Who are you? All these beefs I just ran through Hit a milli in a month Where were you? Hatin' on me back in Westfake You need to get your shit straight Jakey, brought me to the top Now we're really poppin' off Number 1 and number 4 That's why these fans all at our door It's lonely at the top So we all going We left Ohio Now the trio's all rollin' It's Team 10, bitch We back again, always first, never last We the future, we'll see you in the past [Jake Paul:] It's everyday bro It's everyday bro It's everyday bro I said it's everyday bro [Martinez Twins:] Hold on, hold on, hold on Can we switch the language? We 'bout to hit it Sí, lo único que quiero es dinero Trabajando en YouTube todo el día entero Viviendo en USA El sueño de cualquiera Enviando dólares a mi familia entera Tenemos a una persona por encima Se llama Donald Trump y está en la cima Desde aquí te cantamos Can I get my visa? Martinez Twins, representando España Desde la pobreza a la fama [English translation:] [Yes, all I want is money Working on YouTube all day long Living in the USA Anyone's dream Sending dollars to my whole family We have one person above His name is Donald Trump and he's at the top. From here we sing to you Can I get my visa? Martinez Twins, representing Spain From poverty to fame] [Jake Paul:] It's everyday bro It's everyday bro It's everyday bro I said it's everyday bro [Tessa Brooks:] Yo, it's Tessa Brooks The competition shook These guys up on me I got 'em with the hook Lemme educate ya' And I ain't talking book Panera is your home? So stop calling my phone I'm flying like a drone They buying like a loan Yeah, I smell good Is that your boy's cologne? [Jake Paul:] Is that your boy's cologne? Started balling, Quicken loans Now I'm in my flippin' zone Yes, they all copy me But, that's some shitty clones Stay in all designer clothes And they ask me what I make I said it's 10 with six zeros Always plug, merch link in bio And I will see you tomorrow 'cause It's everyday bro Peace 😃 SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/SUB2JAKEPAUL | ★ PREVIOUS VLOG ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHld68S473M TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR SHOUTOUTS IN MY VLOG GET OUR NEW MERCH HERE► https://fanjoy.co/collections/jake-paul Exclusive vids on my Second YouTube channel► http://bit.ly/SUB2JAKE *FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA! * MY INSTAGRAM (@JakePaul) ► https://www.instagram.com/JakePaul MY TWITTER (@JakePaul) ► http://twitter.com/JakePaul MY FACEBOOK ► https://www.facebook.com/JakePaul MY SNAPCHAT ► JakePaul19 MY MUSICAL.LY ► @JakePaul *FOLLOW TEAM 10! * Twitter ➝ http://twitter.com/Team10official Instagram ➝ http://instagram.com/Team10official Facebook ➝ http://instagram.com/Team10official Snapchat ➝ Team10Snaps Musical.ly ➝ @Team10official Want to text us? ➝ 1-323-909-4406 Watch my Disney Show, Bizaardvark! ➝ http://watchdisneychannel.go.com/bizaardvark I HAVE A BOOK!! “YOU GOTTA WANT IT" ► http://amzn.to/2hY5Pyx family friendly pg clean CYA TOMORROW!! ⚠ WARNING ⚠ Some effects and visuals may not be suitable for those that suffer from epilepsy.
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Text Comments (1094885)
muzahir rana (2 minutes ago)
Even nursery rhymes can get more view s than this shit
MegaMegaminecrafter1 (6 minutes ago)
@everyone who likes this song?
Please play this at my funeral
Tucker Bainbridge (31 minutes ago)
You say pewdiepie is next but he is still 60.3 MILLION subscribers ahead of you
Tucker Bainbridge (32 minutes ago)
You should delete your Chanel when you have 1.3 million more dislikes then likes
caro iki (36 minutes ago)
This is literally everyday Saturday from Apored in English
shra nguyen (42 minutes ago)
Make paul your songs are so cool make more😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝you are a fan of me
Marbella Paez (52 minutes ago)
Mariella Thapar (1 hour ago)
da faqu
Sanjiv Madhavan (1 hour ago)
Let me educate ya Ninjashyper beat y'all
Rhema Napper (1 hour ago)
More dislikes than likes mmm
Charlotte Sutton (1 hour ago)
FORT LORLD (1 hour ago)
1M comments 2.6M likes 3.9M dislikes
Paden Elliott (1 hour ago)
Eminem could rek jake Paul with his worst diss ever.
Sky Red (1 hour ago)
Who doesen't waitong 300 mil?
England is my Gay
Lilla And Gias Reviews (2 hours ago)
england is my city 'dabs' hi im a fortnite gamer girl and its the year 2407
Ruby. #army (2 hours ago)
why isnt there any english subtitles?
STX Gaming (2 hours ago)
Pewdiepie got 3 mil subs in 30 days, rip Jake Paul’s 5 mil in 6 months record
Tangle (2 hours ago)
Flying Kitty's version is better
Chicken Tenders (2 hours ago)
*England is my city* That must be that new geography
Andrea Price (2 hours ago)
The Fun-O-Sphere (3 hours ago)
So dumb
Jamie Garrow (3 hours ago)
Who still watches this stuiped boy
RRRaymond (3 hours ago)
Comments: Actual normal comments (1%) *England is my city* (99%)
Niña Fan (3 hours ago)
It’s every gay group
Lara Alshaghnoubi (3 hours ago)
Baby shark is stumped this is better
Sameeha A (3 hours ago)
You know what happens every day… Jake Paul gets stupider
z3n pai (3 hours ago)
1:10 fat fuck
21 glockz (3 hours ago)
Let me educate you City is my language.
david john bollinger (3 hours ago)
I can sepk sanihs to Andi Am 7 years old
DarkShadow (4 hours ago)
At 1:00 that’s how for I can sing but I can sing all of nicks part tho
DHRUV SHAH (4 hours ago)
Asia is my village Ye yee now i am educated
Eunice Fisher (4 hours ago)
0:20 My gosh that whip was disgusting. You are so trash. Stop trying to be cool. Because you never have been and never will be.
Endeder25 (4 hours ago)
Pewdiepie: I have 70m) Jake umm.. I have 170b subs get on my level
Epic Guy Production (4 hours ago)
How you gone educate us but you ain’t got an education
meme channel (4 hours ago)
Brother everyday
NADIE E (4 hours ago)
Por esta cancion es odiada
michael dominguez (4 hours ago)
more dislikes than likes😂😂😂
Lps catz (4 hours ago)
YoU KnOw wE StAy LiTtY😁😁😁😁😁😁😁I'm crying rn this is halarious idk how to spell😀😀😁😁
Eli Almeida (4 hours ago)
Your doodo
Pamela Monroy (4 hours ago)
I love you
This is TEAM 10 BICHES
Adriana Alaniz (4 hours ago)
Lol 💔😂😂😂😂😂
IBRAmagic (4 hours ago)
Could’ve made soo much money if a added an add🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
luminouspolla ff (4 hours ago)
Michael Morris (5 hours ago)
Love the song bro
jonahrenz jacob (5 hours ago)
Cringiest shit I've ever seen
Jirix (5 hours ago)
I thought you were American
Andrew Fuchs (5 hours ago)
I meant 5 mill in 6 months
Andrew Fuchs (5 hours ago)
Pewdiepie got 3 mill in 1 month jake only got 6 mill in 5 months
doge Lamborghini (5 hours ago)
LOL Read more
ULICES RMZ (5 hours ago)
I expected jake to use boxers but he wears thongs
francis domingo (5 hours ago)
jake paul is no.1_its had to say but that is true bro!!
ichigo armatsu (5 hours ago)
NobodyToLove (5 hours ago)
No nut November
Christian Television (5 hours ago)
I came.i saw. i break a law U subscibe me i subs you.
Spicy Burrito (5 hours ago)
This is a great anime music video.
Bus Series (6 hours ago)
nice song listened to it all night
Manga Fonbah (6 hours ago)
This man likes disney channel, i wonder why i watch him?!?
Xxsquad boysxX (6 hours ago)
Pistol YT (6 hours ago)
BeST sOnG oF 2017
Victor Alvarado (6 hours ago)
This is the worst song i ever heard in my life xd
Xxsquad boysxX (6 hours ago)
Best fortnite name
amadiobi anyanwu (6 hours ago)
English is my state
That dislike amount tho
rey martinez (6 hours ago)
i clicked by accident and now my eyes are bleeding
3:41 Thank me later
Velocity McLane (6 hours ago)
Yeah I smell good *taps her boobs*
Pizza Great (6 hours ago)
This video has more dislikes than likes😂😂😂😂😂
Fails And Success! (6 hours ago)
Congratulations on 3.9M dislikes very impressive
Kelsi Maronge (6 hours ago)
Okay,wheres Tony at?? Cuz i don't see him in this
Arthur Marie (6 hours ago)
i love u
crxnin (6 hours ago)
This song is very good
SkiMaskTheSlumpGoat (6 hours ago)
Passed all the competition, PewDiePie is next. Ahem, forget about somebody? *T-Series has entered the server*
Darth Trinity (6 hours ago)
Your should see a wtf is this docter
Paps Guns Gaming (6 hours ago)
3,9 million dislike lol :V
Flame Bot Gaming (7 hours ago)
Who’s here to see how many dislikes there are
Shomari Trotman (7 hours ago)
I would rather listen to baby shark
Shomari Trotman (7 hours ago)
This Is why you dont fail school.. I don't wanna be educated by someone who's in the same video that says England is a city
Tamara Drake (7 hours ago)
Alex Wyle (7 hours ago)
England is my London
Abby Abernathy (7 hours ago)
I miss when this was Team 10
6ix9ine Young Version (7 hours ago)
*The solar system is my city*
slick man (7 hours ago)
SUCC UwU (7 hours ago)
England is my sidechick
jayden Mitchell (7 hours ago)
England is my city
Razz (7 hours ago)
Aidan Leung (7 hours ago)
10 with 6 zeros *points left 🤔 00000010
DevinLukee YT (7 hours ago)
Eliana Xoxo (8 hours ago)
*country has left the chat*
Arthur Freitas (8 hours ago)
Is England city my
Jennifer April (8 hours ago)
I love you Jake paul
Natalie Reyes (8 hours ago)
Old team 10
desiree n. (8 hours ago)
more dislikes than likes...😴
Guadalupe Cortes (8 hours ago)
i am afan kimberly
Julius Burrell (8 hours ago)
This is the stupidest song I ever heard
Logan Brookes (8 hours ago)
how this got on my explore page a year later I don’t wanna know.
Melvin Twotimez (8 hours ago)
Gang Gang

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