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What Language Am I Speaking? | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (51527)
Pot Tatoes (44 minutes ago)
Maybe if the tagalog says "PUTANGINA BOBO" they'll know it, but it's something nice to see some tagalog or Filipino here. MGA BOBO PUTANGINA NYO! TARANTADO
Eva Bianca (1 hour ago)
Estonian? Ukrainan is not similar at all...
Yukina Chan (2 hours ago)
You should let me to the show 😂 I know like 6 languages
Taehyungs Princess (2 hours ago)
Carlos is so problematic. He saw the girl and said "oh yeah I'm right she's Korean" just cuz she is Asian. He's uneducated and is rude as he'll. Stupid
Soma Haydari (6 hours ago)
Ayyy I was waiting for Kurdish
S LUKEO (7 hours ago)
yeah 上海话 ·~~·!!
rose (8 hours ago)
Wtf chris' intelligence is so sexy
De Ya (8 hours ago)
5:50 Like this if you are kurdish😹
태현김 (12 hours ago)
네 안녕하세요~~~
Yara Alhaffar (17 hours ago)
no Arabic??
Mert Kaynak (17 hours ago)
Where is Turkish ? (Türkçe nerede ?)
YOLO Mom (18 hours ago)
The Asian dude is the human form of Roger from American Dad :-p love him!
Sid Gillespie (18 hours ago)
Oh wow. The Brazilian girl is real cute.
Choli XXX (19 hours ago)
EU TE ODEIO, NEGÃO aaaaaaaaa grito q eu dei
Hayden Karim (20 hours ago)
That Kurdish one caught me off guard. My dad is Kurdish and my mum is English and I live in England so I never hear anybody speaking Kurdish except people I know through my dad.
Shad (2 hours ago)
Brakam kurdy asana shteky wa nya wara xom fert akam
Hayden Karim (2 hours ago)
+Dedan Hassan yeah me too ahaha
Dedan Hassan (11 hours ago)
Hayden Karim me too .. i was like , wait i understand her 😂
Rene Maurice Pereira (21 hours ago)
Anon 22 (21 hours ago)
someone needa put in arabic
AUTOLEONE (22 hours ago)
- say, i hate you, black man - bla-bla (in portuguese), negro - wait, what did you call me?! That was funny :)
Paul Aldrin Juan (23 hours ago)
That "Okininam" na pasungad
Daniela Pole (1 day ago)
Latvian is screaming.
Zoe Pot (1 day ago)
What does Karlos say is a form of English ?
Josh (1 day ago)
I was lowkey just looking forward to hearing some language from the pacific lol
‘‘ (1 day ago)
Who’s gon tell’em 5:05 ? Egyptian is not a language Egyptian speak Arabic
EXO//NCT//ATEEZ (1 day ago)
Saying ugly to a language is rude. I think all languages are beautiful. Also, I wouldn't want anyone to say "sounds ugly" to my language, which is Turkish.
Robin Bauer (1 day ago)
Die zweite hat sich kaum Deutsch angehört
Pau The Something (1 day ago)
Honestly they could've found a more fluent Tagalog speaker. I feel like my country wasn't rightfully represented, in other words not authentic.
-_- -_- (1 day ago)
Pau The Something exactly! I don’t think it was properly executed, “conyo”, if you will
OddFat Of (1 day ago)
Next time get some proper Portuguese speaker.. they have their own accent and the grammar isn’t good..
AJK The Best (18 hours ago)
that's exactly how it is spoken in São Paulo.
Glen (1 day ago)
That "okininam" is an ilokano word for "Your mother's pussy" still in the Philippines.
Ronaldinho AGPR (1 day ago)
Myiori (1 day ago)
gnt eu amei q a primeira mulher falou portugues ♡
laura Araújo (1 day ago)
Só brasileiro pra começar o vídeo com "PUTA QUE PARIU HOJE O DIA FOI FODA"
smart rey (1 day ago)
the girl in black is so pretty
janohermano (1 day ago)
I kinda feel like they offend each other too much
Marc True (1 day ago)
What about swiss-german
Oli Alejandro (1 day ago)
Now lets all guess the number of that belgian/chinese speaking girl ahahah
CoolAs (1 day ago)
just aino (1 day ago)
fly me over there to speak Finnish or Swedish
CoolAs (1 day ago)
OMG FUCKING.... DIDN'T THINK MY KURDISH LANGUAGE WILL GET IN THERE. For a sec didn't realize she was speaking it.
CoolAs (1 day ago)
The Belgian one is very perverted
Idk Lol (2 days ago)
“Wil je met mij neuken in de keuken” Im dead lmao
Eastern Anonymous 101 (2 days ago)
Ukininayo amin hahahaha
Denny (2 days ago)
U got all those people from countries smaller than Indonesia, but you still can't put a single Indonesian to that cut video ? How pathetic. Indonesia is world's fouth largest country. At least put a Malaysia or Singapore on that video and let them guess.
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Oh Yeah Yeah ik i was answering comments from a bad video
Oh Yeah Yeah (1 day ago)
+sorianomayflor lmao dude you dont need to be rude put yourself in his place he was obviously mad because he didnt see his country in the vid(idk if its his tho) you couldve said it more nicely
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Also stop being fucking racist and wait for another video about this
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Chill out retard. No Indonesian wants to try and speak the language dumbass. Thats how it works 😂
Christopher Ibanez (2 days ago)
The Filipina butchered the shit out of Tagalog. Now Im thinking, was any of the other languages butchered up too.
-_- -_- (1 day ago)
Christopher Ibanez yeah exactly, I think they could’ve chosen a better representative for it but whatever
Bright Spark2000 (2 days ago)
Wouldn't it be so funny if they brought out someone speaking sign language while the people blindfolded are trying to guess what they're saying lmao
Warrick Low (1 day ago)
Sticknodes BLIMP (2 days ago)
Bruh the leather jacketed chick is hot whats her @
Erik Malawi (2 days ago)
There are some gay niggas here
sorianomayflor (2 days ago)
Whats wrong with being a gay nigga tho. Im not gay but im just sayin
Zeus (2 days ago)
When the Tagalog entered the scene, she shouted "UKININAM!" which is referring to one's mother's privates. It should Iloco of Ilocanos mainly from the North and South Ilocos. So yeah
Taya Tuday (2 days ago)
Що ти мені зробив Хахаххазазахзаза
rindesu (2 days ago)
Ukikinam is not even tagalog 😂
Ayyyy, theres a Filipina on set Filipino is maLe, Filipina is female And she said "Kamusta" Not Como esta
54Nt1460CD (2 days ago)
Amharic sounds sexy, like very masculine and charming I loved it
Alex (2 days ago)
yo whos this girl with piercings
wroom k (2 days ago)
He said hakuna matata 🤣
5:53 I screamed thinking she was speaking farsi or dari 😂😅
Maria Eduarda Coelho (2 days ago)
The black girl that had the yellow hat that speak portuguese didn't make an appearence in the video with the brazilian girl...
Gorka Sierra (2 days ago)
Nice colab with Alfonso Ribeiro xD
Mehmet Karahaner (2 days ago)
I waited so hard for my language :(
brukernavn340 (2 days ago)
It would be better with native speakers though. The strong American accent make it harder to guess.
Crazor Cc (3 days ago)
0:01 Ofc
凱琳 (3 days ago)
Honestly the brunette Belgian and Chinese or whatnot is pretty annoying. My mother's native language is Mandarin as well, so I can speak a little, though I suck real bad, but I can confidently say that she is way worse than I am. She acts like she's the shit though lol
Mister Shining Star (1 day ago)
凱琳 What a loser!
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
😂 😂
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Ok no need to be proud. I dont speak mandarin but over 2 billion people speak it. Kid, do you want a gold medal now? You won a fucking great prize
Fake Name (3 days ago)
Karlos is every stereotype of the ignorant American
Dani. ExE (3 days ago)
Ders more than just Tagalog in the Philippines💀💀 Legit there almost is one for every inhabited island or group of islands, and more in tribal💀💀 boi I just kno tagalog and hiligaynon
Dani. ExE (1 day ago)
+sorianomayflor yea I kno, I was just stating that there are other connected languages lol
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Tagalog is the main language, chill
fak yu (3 days ago)
amk kürdü
Himaan Singh (3 days ago)
@ 8:08 Finally someone from wakanda.
Elinor Carlisle (3 days ago)
Well girl, if you guys want a kurdish country you should find another way to reach that goal other than bombing cities and killing innocent people 😉
June Buenavista (3 days ago)
The Filipino girl speaks with a heavy American accent haha but it sounds cute in her 😛
S6X creatures (3 days ago)
that tagalog one is cringy
sorianomayflor (2 days ago)
How the fuck is it cringy? She followed the procedure and spoke the language
Lovely girl (3 days ago)
Indian isn't even a language 😂😒
Aeden Sheila (3 days ago)
Whhooohhh..10:41 tagalog is real talaga!!! Okay lang kahit slang! Marunong prin siya mag tagalog.
J. Robin Gutierrez (3 days ago)
Yung pinay laging pinapagalitan ng nanay yan kasi laging gumagala HAHAHAHA
rosalie binondo (3 days ago)
Fillipino because i speak it kamosta ka
Hunter Skie (3 days ago)
Isn't the point of this Video Guessing the Language? Why You People Judging Their Accents? Dummies..
thechannelitrollwith (3 days ago)
i feel you, filipina! that's same reason i don't know ilocano and tagalog, and why i had to learn japanese as a second language. i basically had second and third parents in my great-aunty and my grandparents who refused to speak to us in filipino and japanese even though my mom and dad asked them to. i know more than my parents, but only because i had the privilege of growing up in a time and place where i can have these wants and the means to learn the languages.
Phillip Halvorsen (3 days ago)
I speak Norwegian
"free Kurdistan" *LMFAO* :'D
Itz Reaper_ (3 days ago)
Literally no one can speak Afrikaans
Jishwaaa (1 day ago)
Itz Reaper_ my dad used to but he hasn’t used it in a long time
Dylan Chapman (3 days ago)
Can i come in and speak welsh?
Youshen DK (3 days ago)
What is the belgium/Chinese Girl name
sorianomayflor (2 days ago)
But she is cute tho
sorianomayflor (2 days ago)
Yama i think, And also i can tell that you’re fucking 10 because you got a shitty pfp and you’re asking for her insta
Youshen DK (2 days ago)
Her insta?
Jessica Passey (3 days ago)
The guy in the long sleeve white shirt is so ignorant. Please stop putting him in videos.
Nexo_GaminingPL (3 days ago)
Jaki kurwa polski
hans Alvarado (3 days ago)
El comentario en español q querían prros
Pipi Wang (3 days ago)
In China, there are numerous local dialects that couldn’t understand each other.
Pipi Wang (3 days ago)
Is this Carlos or karlos even educated?
All_ Industries (3 days ago)
Ну йоб, твою ж мама... Не могла знайти щось пристойніше навчити...Соромно..
Hazeyin 44 (3 days ago)
6.40 lan orospu çocu kürdistan mürdistan ne diyon lan
Pazarcik46 Cologne (3 days ago)
Herbiji kurdistan
ツnyet (4 days ago)
go with hungary xD
Ava Bruno (4 days ago)
Why is everyone hating on Karlos? Like he is allowed to say if he does not like the language. Not everyone has the same opinion! Geez people!
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Ava Bruno He was hella rude tho. He could have said “I don’t really like the language in my opinion” But he didn’t. You’re probably like Karlos lmao
He doesn't need to be mean about it
Kemi Akinfie (4 days ago)
Karlos always says something offensive
Ninja (4 days ago)
She said she was from iraq and they are people there Turkish Russian Armenian and even greek people woow 🇬🇷🇬🇷😊😁
Burgy The Puppy (4 days ago)
7:18 ROMANIAN IS A FREKIN latin language!
LONG TENG (4 days ago)
As a Chinese I cant even tell what the Shanhai girl was speaking
Hannah Meier (4 days ago)
Wow that one guy is kinda racist .... can you say Hitler? I mean wtf is going on?
Rene Artif (4 days ago)
I’m half Filipino and when the last girl was hollerin at the guy in the blue jacket I literally had violent flashbacks of high school.
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Ian Oamil (4 days ago)
2:40 who this?
sorianomayflor (2 days ago)
It says it in the captions dumbass
agie - (4 days ago)
Eu tava sem fone e a menina chegou PUTA QUE PARIU Q CARALHo
Unicorn Sanai (4 days ago)
My dad speak Portuguese
sorianomayflor (1 day ago)
Ok i speak portugese and spanish. Do you want a fucking medal now?
Chris White (4 days ago)
I love this hiw can I be apart of this?
Tim B (4 days ago)
Ja maar natuurlijk wil ik u neuken in de keuken.
jm a (4 days ago)
Wtf was that tagalog
sorianomayflor (2 days ago)
Wtf is your grammar.

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