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What Language Am I Speaking? | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (47926)
shanu dhiman (4 minutes ago)
curtish is like 45% simalar to hindi in india.
Venice _Undertale (35 minutes ago)
Ryan K Win (1 hour ago)
Get a russian and ask them to say "Fucking Bitch!" in their language
Keisha Sebastian (2 hours ago)
mga pilipino diyan
shauna estes (2 hours ago)
why do people hate on carlos so much? say he’s “entitled” like maybe he is but i just don’t see it
Luna X (2 hours ago)
owo, my online friend is kurdish.
soda36 (3 hours ago)
You sould put malaysian in the vid tho
Vasu G (4 hours ago)
Rachel Hester (5 hours ago)
I just found this channel and love it but find Karlos super offensive ... not a fan
Alpha639 (5 hours ago)
I can only tell if its Turkish if I ask them to say mother ......
Daniel (5 hours ago)
the black guy's voice is so sexy
iliana hinojosa. (6 hours ago)
i was waiting for italian god dang it
Jannah Morales (6 hours ago)
"Sino na namang kasa-kasama mo?" Actually means "Who were you with?" And not "Did you do your homework?"
Sergio Nava (7 hours ago)
Joseph rubibi (7 hours ago)
kinarwanda Ytb
Uveni (7 hours ago)
The Ethiopian man is very good looking and is language is also very beautiful.
Uveni (7 hours ago)
Also, black person was trying waaay to hard to be funny.
Uveni (7 hours ago)
Ebonics is the shortening and "slangification" of English basically stupidity being compensated for; not a language.
Lisa Parks (7 hours ago)
Say i hate you black man
S F S (8 hours ago)
my dad’s from Germany and he has a German mother and Dutch father. sadly, i don’t know German, even though i’d love to be fluent in it. 😫
Paris Rose (8 hours ago)
I speak Kazakh and french
When she said I hate you black man I was soo dead 😂
i kinda speak japanese its good dnough to start a conversation at least XD
Mickey (9 hours ago)
Okay but I thought Chinese was mandarin..? Correct me if I’m wrong please 😂🙂
Tim Dixon (2 hours ago)
Mickey you’re right. Good for you to know. I think Mandarin and Cantonese are the main ones.
Mickey (6 hours ago)
Tim Dixon okay cool I knew that it wasn’t “Chinese”
Tim Dixon (6 hours ago)
Mickey there’s different types of Chinese
BGcubingchannel (10 hours ago)
Gentstudent neuken in de keuken 😂
Greenie Playz (10 hours ago)
Say hello. 20
Lil_ gamR (10 hours ago)
the second one is german i know because i am half german half filipino
Haishu Abubaker (10 hours ago)
I speak Kurdish so ik what she’s speaking
MALAKD10 GAMING (10 hours ago)
Kurdish I’m Kurdish to
Mo Ismail (11 hours ago)
That Russian girl mmmmmmmmm
Dominik (11 hours ago)
Dominik (11 hours ago)
Who is She (12 hours ago)
Guy with the tan hat isn’t very considerate of others’ feelings 😒
Jitu Rajkhowa (13 hours ago)
the boys were more feminine than the girls lol
Sweet Heart (14 hours ago)
Usually English is one of the most hardest language to master fluently and I was waiting for Spanish or french cause I’m from Ireland 🇮🇪 and wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 but I’m learning Spanish myself and getting tort french so it’s hard for me right now but I’m so desperate to go to Spain 🇪🇸 so I’m hoping I will master it 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 also another wish is to get some more subs but I’m not begging just hoping ❤️🥶🤞🏻😊
Anna Smyth (13 hours ago)
Omg first irish person i have seen in the comments YES lol
Serenity Griffith (14 hours ago)
Carlos is just like Terrell if anyone knows who Terrell is?
Jackie (14 hours ago)
As someone that speaks Brazilian Portuguese, I was so embarrassed when the girl came in swearing. There are so many beautiful words she could have said but she decided to curse like ugh why
Aleksandra Aavakivi (15 hours ago)
7:29 wait what Estonia? Is this how Estonian language sound to you?? 😂
Benedicta Badu (15 hours ago)
Dutch squad!!!!!!🇳🇱 whoop whoop like als je ook nederlans bent
Y N (16 hours ago)
Laoshu would've annihilated them.
Brubarov (16 hours ago)
Great language selection! Not too easy. The Filipino girl is really cute.
Rylie Elise Lorenzo (16 hours ago)
Yeyy 🇵🇭 hi filipinos kamusta?
Merg (16 hours ago)
psyckiller ldr (17 hours ago)
Bojler eladó
Luana B (18 hours ago)
Karlos is so rude, my God!
haile desta (19 hours ago)
I wasn't expecting Amharic and when I heard it WOOOOW!!!
Marie lee (19 hours ago)
Lived in Kurdistan for 3 years yessss
RoséTale (20 hours ago)
6:15 she didn’t say hello in kurdi she Said ”how are you” in kurdi... hello is ”Alo/Slam”
Kristina Kyidyl (20 hours ago)
The only one I got was Taglog, lol. But this is a fun game I’d wanna play.
jonathan skriver (20 hours ago)
rezza rafee (21 hours ago)
Sajjad Ali (21 hours ago)
Why the heck are they swearing a lot 🤨
Sajjad Ali (21 hours ago)
6:00 finally someone from Iraq I love Kurdish Language Although i can't speak Kurdish But i understand some of it
Sajjad Ali (21 hours ago)
4:37 Wow man, I mostly understood all he said Even the numbers Oh man! It's very similar to Arabic language
Pinoy8250 (21 hours ago)
10:45 the translation couldnt be more off
Marie Daae (22 hours ago)
Im Swiss (and speak Swissgerman) and I completely understood what the Dutch girl was sayin.
Arlene Lamaroza (1 day ago)
OMG 😮 that was Philippines
Abbzey (1 day ago)
No one would ever guess the language native to my island. I don't even speak it lol
Isis Wright (1 day ago)
the filipino lady gave me flashbacks when she started yelling
MadLove (1 day ago)
"Egyptian" It's called Arabic bkk
alexis buntan (1 day ago)
mihai12243 (1 day ago)
7:18 Well that's at least a sign of relief that somebody knows that romanian exists.
AshCharmander (1 day ago)
Felixx TaeTaexx (1 day ago)
lasheika Jose (1 day ago)
The black guy should NEVER wear those pants again
Ciel Savagery (1 day ago)
Homie in the yellow wanted Carlos on an extra level 😂😂😂😍
Wafi Noorulhuda (1 day ago)
I'd love to, girl at the start.
lee vang (1 day ago)
dutch is the hardest language
EGGMONI (1 day ago)
Whaaat...Parwa used to work at an apartment complex I lived at lol.
Alyssa Jaboro (1 day ago)
baba is dad for us too
Alyssa Jaboro (1 day ago)
im from the middle east and part of my family speaks it the other half speaks calidian. sorry dont know how to spell it if you know how to or if you know what im talking about please reply
delinaxpalma (1 day ago)
i see my fellow ethiopian out here 🇪🇹🇪🇹❤️❤️😌🤟🏾
Patience Walmsley (1 day ago)
8:27 me with my annoying laugh
Pastel Snail (1 day ago)
When the girl at 5:49 was counting I thought she was speaking Farsi *oof*
Piper uwu (1 day ago)
The second one, I legit thought she was speaking Danish. Lmao. 😅😂
Erin Chrystel (1 day ago)
Lol there was a mishap in translation for the Filipina (last one)... She said “Who were you with?” but they put “Did you do your homework?” (I speak Tagalog so I know) ✌️
Lexi Hil (1 day ago)
i speak french, hebrew, arabic, german
Sadaf Oriakhel (1 day ago)
Yo when that girl with glasses count to ten I was like my language is hereeee
Santiago (1 day ago)
That Philippine girl is gorgeousss
Just because you hear “Hakuna Matata” does not mean it’s from Africa!? Did you watch *The* *Lion* *King* and assume is from Africa...
Mycenaea (20 hours ago)
Wouldnt be weird to assume it's from Africa. Stop being so "offended" by everything, seriously...
Assume it is**
Emma L. (1 day ago)
me: a Dutch speaking person * clicks on video * girl: "do you want to fuck me in the kitchen?" [insert scared hamster meme]
Geovana Gomes (1 day ago)
I recognize only the first one language haha
Black Cotton (1 day ago)
But Amharic sounded good !
Chlorine Li (1 day ago)
I has a question If a baby was born deaf what language would he/she think in????
Heidi W (1 day ago)
Carlos is kinda ignorant. It seems that not having common sense is funny for him. He needs to read some books first and gets educated before being in these kinda videos.
rune hansen (1 day ago)
id love to learn them some danish words haha
Bella Felize (1 day ago)
omg the Filipino girl. I got a nervous a lil bit cos she’s got her tongue twisted bc of her American accent
Eden M (1 day ago)
Was so excited to see my dude speaking amharic! ... till they had to go ahead and say it's not beautiful? Never heard so much ignorance from one mouth.
Greenyardfresh UK (1 day ago)
The first girl is Brazilian I speak in Brazilian
Greenyardfresh UK (1 day ago)
I am Portuguese and English aswell
Anastasia S. (1 day ago)
When you do NOT wait for your language and IT COMES omg 😂😭 Hello from a ukrainian 😂
Jv Marasigan (1 day ago)
This is a great clip. It was fun guessing. You guys should do this more often. Slight comment on the Tagalog speaker: Her tagalog accent is kinda off.
Praavinya J (1 day ago)
I was waiting for Korean / hindi / kannada / tamil / telugu or like malayam or smth. lmao
Rambo Lambo (1 day ago)
the black guy is rude and ignorant as fuck
Max Hope (1 day ago)
that the half Chinese half Belgian girl, she looks more white than a white person
Kirito uchiha (1 day ago)
Hiiiii ne dea no kvtho vanchola ana language nsana vamu jo Lotha tho tza cho nzan si nina Lotha tso nah reply tso kea na😊
Aaron Turner (1 day ago)
The very first girl. Yes please.
ForestChild (1 day ago)
That guy in the white sweater, jeans and caps was... kinda rude...
Sayan Banerjee (1 day ago)
lionel messi!
teo dogaru (1 day ago)
I'm surprised she thought Ukrainian was Romanian when Romanian is a latin language and Ukrainian is a slavic one They're not even alike

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