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Shot Put Glide Technique - Tierra Wilson Glenbard South High School 4/23/13

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Alan Terrazas Velaszo (4 days ago)
wevada perdida de tiempo eso
hasnor ns61 (1 month ago)
💪👌👍👍👍👍sucses coach ..and subcrib
angular movements good gliding liitle bit shows better
ved bhambhu (11 months ago)
Wrong technique
Trevor Regay (11 months ago)
Landing too early on left leg.....but compensates by keeping weight back.....still could learn to land on right foot better with keeping left foot from grounding .....
Hemant Ahire (1 year ago)
Sir, Shoulders, Triceps, Biceps, Chest and Forearms workouts are doing everyday or they doing single day I mean today Shoulders, tomorrow Triceps, next day Biceps ...?
visu resh (1 year ago)
Royal Hunter (2 years ago)
Mystery47 (3 years ago)
I'm 71 years old and trying to relearn the shot put.  Apparently, I am wrong in trying to drive up and forward with my right leg as I launch the shot.  All the videos I've seen with decent putters (puters?) show that right leg almost doing nothing or so it seems.  In this video, is all the force generated to launch the shot created by the rotation of the hips and not by pushing off of the right foot?
cory beckmann (3 years ago)
+Mystery47 Basically, you're right, 90% of the force that is launching the shot, is from chest-hip separation. When you transfer all the weight from your right to left leg, you're legs are doing alot less than you might think.
javman817 (3 years ago)
when she land her left foot is blocking her right hip = ie the left foot should be placed further to the left so the right side can push through.  She should also aim to land her right footin the other half of the circle and develop a bit of a flight phase as opposed to a shuffle.  Not bad though coach well done
Najeaya Singleton (4 years ago)
Thisin my opinion wouodnhave been a bad throw she turn all the way through itnwoukd have been horrible
Mike Tavani (4 years ago)
I think this was just more of a focus on the glide and hips and not the finish. She looks way to good in the beginning of her move to have a finish like that. 
Audrey Natasha (4 years ago)
Too many rewinds here and there it makes my eye hurt
Rozaidi Aizuddin (1 month ago)

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