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Sony QX30 Lens-Style Camera

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https://www.sony.co.uk/permalink/product/dsc-qx30?locale=en_GB The new Cyber-shot DSC-QX30 Smartphone attachable lens-style camera with a powerful 30x Zoom.
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Lord Tomato (4 years ago)
I must going to buy this ! :D
MyKeyReviews (4 years ago)
Both look great, however I think the QX1 is more appealing to me. :)
Dudeius Mannigast (4 years ago)
+Achwaq Khalid i was thinking in the same way as you are, but i realized i could get both the QX1 and the Nex-6 (of course not at the same time because money is an issue here), but seeing as both uses e-mount lenses  could get the QX1 with some lenses now and later on just buy the Nex-6 body without lens to it :) also i heard if you switch settings on the lens you can get access to more settings on the QX1 than you would by just using the app. i don't remeber the details right now of what particular settings those were but i know there are a couple of videos here on youtube where they show you how to get to those extra settings.
Achwaq Khalid (4 years ago)
+MyKeyReviews yupe! but as a #StreetPhotographer portability is a key, especially if you are looking for that candid genuine shot, so why not go with the #RigohGR  
MyKeyReviews (4 years ago)
+Achwaq Khalid Each to their own I guess. :)
Achwaq Khalid (4 years ago)
+MyKeyReviews the physical control is also not that appealing at all! for that price i prefer to go with the Nex-6 instead
MyKeyReviews (4 years ago)
+Achwaq Khalid Can pre-ordered it in the UK for £250 for body only.  That's not too bad. You could get that and a 16-50mm and it would still be a couple of hundred quid cheaper than the a6000.
fabian yin (4 years ago)

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