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Thank you for watching! This is a video of the pharmacy products I use to whiten my teeth. I used the CVS and Crest and ill show you how to use it. This is literally THE best ever. New Vids every Wednesday & Sunday ! Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8nfitBzJWD9eY7u5_Y9Nig ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Find me online ♡ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dfsignature SnapChat: dfsignature For Business Inquiries: find my email in the descriptions ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------------- Licence: Happy, Upbeat, Fun Instrumental Background Music: Happy Royalty Free Music Upbeat, Happy Song: 'Live Your Life Happy' DOWNLOAD HERE: http://bit.ly/1exDgSZ
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Text Comments (138)
Jade Matusow (8 days ago)
My teeth get most yellow in between, I feel that the strips work well on the surface but not in between.
myroom isverydirty (11 days ago)
you don't have to be a gay guy like the guy in the video in order to use any of these products...
kendra lynn (16 days ago)
I read some of these comments and I’m shocked with how insanely rude they are. I hope you don’t let them get to you! Thank you for the tips! Subscribed 🥰
Jimmy conway (18 days ago)
what a bender
Carla De Sousa (20 days ago)
I loved your video. And don’t stop saying bye. Bcs sounds so cute. :). I will go buy that. To try it. And pls make more videos. :).
omnipop (21 days ago)
"you guys"..."you guys"..."you guys"..."you guys"..."you guys"..."you guys"...
Andrei (25 days ago)
Without before and after pics, the review has zero value.
Lasharela (1 month ago)
Thank you happy guy so kind of you very positive aura and good review I guess happy people are cool we should not be scared of em 😂😂😂
Deniz F. (24 days ago)
Archie English (1 month ago)
This is a sponsored video btw!!!
R0cky Esterline (2 months ago)
Crest over the counter teeth whitening does not work I've tried it three different years three different styles of theirs it will never work you have to go to the dentist
Kelly Nicole (2 months ago)
You’re so adorable and silly 😂😂😂😂
Deniz F. (2 months ago)
Buck Bowen (3 months ago)
Thank you! All I wanted to know was which side we place on our teeth and you actually told us. Everyone else skips that part >_<
Robert Truax (3 months ago)
For many years I had been ignorant to the truth that I had yellowish teeth, this changed when some young ladies mocked me for it. I was unaware in what to do, thankfully I`d found teeth whitening guide “fetching telam site” (Google it). Reading it improved my life-style. It made me ecstatic to feel great results in just Three weeks.
Xen (3 months ago)
Very helpfu video. I appreciate it. Also, your beard suits you
Daniel Sandford (3 months ago)
I had already been single for Four years and my teeth didn`t help this. If a man approached me he would soon find an excuse to leave once I opened my mouth. Nonetheless, reading this whitening teeth guidebook “fetching telam site” (Google it) has assisted improve my teeth. These days, I love the company of my lover for over 4 months now.
Deniz F. (3 months ago)
Yes they’re definitely worth your money
Nick Henderson (3 months ago)
Right after seeing pictures of myself a few months back, at the office. Ever Since I began using this whitening teeth guide “fetching telam site” (Google it), my confidence has leaped and I have even been promoted. I don`t think that this informative guide is the only reason for it but I’m positive that it helped.
Walter Mattson (3 months ago)
As I reflect upon my old pictures, I thought that my teeth would be the reason for having less interactions from co-workers in the office. Ever Since I started out utilizing this teeth whitening guidebook “fetching telam site” (Google it), my confidence has soared and I`ve even been promoted. I`m not saying that`s the entire cause, however I`m convinced it`s assisted!
Amanuel Teklezghi (3 months ago)
Hi Deniz. Can you please tell me how you got it in the netherlands?
Zeinab Ali (19 days ago)
Amanuel Teklezghi Have u found somewhere legit? I'm in the UK
Amanuel Teklezghi (3 months ago)
Deniz F. That seems like a hastle. And Im afraid to order online because I read that some of them aren't authentic.
Deniz F. (3 months ago)
I ship it over with friends that live in the us
Walter Mattson (3 months ago)
The idea of trying to lighten my teeth gave me a hard time. I do not like dental practitioners, and I try to avoid going as much as I could. This whitening teeth guidebook “fetching telam site” (Google it) is excellent because it implies I could whiten my teeth naturally and at home. And best of all, it does work!
Dom Pham (4 months ago)
HE SAID LETS MAKE A THUMBNAIL LOLOL ty btw im bout to get crest
Thanks for the review! Definitely going to check this out
Sumer Singh Deora (4 months ago)
Nice to visit your channel u r best
Eat shit
Grayson Kitteh (6 months ago)
A lot of people say it doesn't work so I don't know if this is real or not lol Plus the box says it last for 6 months or 1 year? As if it adds a fake white dye over the teeth? If it really does cleans the teeth, it should be white forever if people keep cleaning their teeth. I have friends who have white teeth for life without needing any whitestrip. So I dunno if this can really clean the teeth for real instead of dying it white.
Penny (6 months ago)
Gorgeous eyes and amazing personality x thanks for the review, I'll try these
Sandra Walters (1 month ago)
@Eulah Skiles Best method for whitening teeth: HootSmile.xyz
selcen (6 months ago)
Dişlerin çok güzel smiley piercing denemelisin ve buna bayıldığında 'tenk u selcen' dersin ❤
selcen (6 months ago)
Yalvarıyorum türkçe altyazı
Harleydog 1996crownline (6 months ago)
Is there a vagina in that box that you can install?
Dr Hanmer (7 months ago)
Deniz F. (7 months ago)
Daniel The Gamer (8 months ago)
This man is gay
Ɗéɇ ẊĶ (1 month ago)
thelittleone22 (1 month ago)
+Murray Webb that's a little mean go sit in a corner
Murray Webb (1 month ago)
Thank you capn obvious. You are a tad slow, yeah?
thelittleone22 (1 month ago)
Do you have a problem with it
-*YOUR GIRAFFE*- (2 months ago)
There's nothing bad with being gay.
Aimee Bowen (8 months ago)
69 comments.. hehe
kathy33025 (8 months ago)
Joseph Jung (8 months ago)
Is he gay
Salma Mohammed (7 months ago)
Joseph Jung yeah
Becoming Godsize (9 months ago)
are you like umm like you know like what im saying ?
dindunuffin? promise (7 months ago)
He is.
Deniz F. (9 months ago)
Like o my god, I thought that I, you know, was totally like.. ehhh yeah, you know what I’m saying
joy (9 months ago)
Are you gay bro ?
Deniz F. (9 months ago)
Sorry tho.. see my coming out video
Chubby Bunny (9 months ago)
RAHUL I hope not cause he’s fineeee as hell
Deniz F. (9 months ago)
What do you think?
hiephoi058 (10 months ago)
Can i use this to bleach my ass?
Deniz F. (9 months ago)
Sure give it a try
David Garcia (10 months ago)
Che puñetas
Jorge Gavino (4 months ago)
Cállate animal
hannah jawad (10 months ago)
soon as i saw him toss that shit in his room i liked this vid hahahahaah
Deniz F. (10 months ago)
HAHAH!! Welcome to my life LOL <3
Foxy Kay (11 months ago)
you should try the 5 minutes whiteing gel kit
Deniz F. (11 months ago)
I did, it just didn’t work that well for me
Fer Aleman (1 year ago)
love the way you talk!!!
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Thank you Fer! hehe
LovingYourselfFirst (1 year ago)
alexys q (1 year ago)
You Are SO Handsome....and, Sexy!!! And, of Course, your Teeth ARE Gorgeous!! <3/xoxoxoxox
alexys q (1 year ago)
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Do I use the gel and still brush my teeth or do you not have to brush your teeth I bought it and I do both rn but idk if I have to
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
between 100-500$ i think?
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Deniz F. How much would it be to get it professionally whitened you know by any chance?
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
I use the gel and brush my teeth after, that works best for me
Clorox Bleach (1 year ago)
Can someone please respond if I smile weed does that affect my teeth color?
Rally Jally (1 month ago)
Smoking in general stains teeth.
Cheyenne Lawson (3 months ago)
If you some blunts, yeah
Deniz F. (10 months ago)
weed doens't, tabacco will
Itz Jxker (1 year ago)
Weed doesn’t affect ur teeth but Ik people who grew better and thicker looking hair and also eyes turned to a greenish blue
Adilthepickle (1 year ago)
Clorox Bleach yes if you smoke weed you will probably be smiling.
boo bye (1 year ago)
WOW i youtubed best teeth whitening kit in Ireland!, and this American dude is first choice.... that's so queer!.
Def Operator (1 month ago)
Not even American 😂😂😂
Deniz F. (7 months ago)
God bless the Queer
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Well first of all I'm Dutch not American, second of all thank you! (I guess haha)
john boss (1 year ago)
Only thing is It seems everyone reviewing teeth products already have nice teeth lol
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
LOL, because we actually do use them  :D
WadeTVShow (1 year ago)
You are so cute to me, I'm a new subscriber!!!!
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Aahw!! Thank you! <3
Jenel Minj (1 year ago)
how long does it lasts ?
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Depends on your diet.. coffee, red wine, cigarettes etc are VERY bad for your teeth
w0krestaurant (1 year ago)
would love to try this product! I live in the Netherlands so where did you get them? on which website or in which store? :) x
w0krestaurant (1 year ago)
Deniz F. cool! I'll look out for that :) I'll look for it online then and hope it's not a fake site haha :P
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
+w0krestaurant you can get them online, but I'm gonna do a giveaway any soon!
Vezir Ahmet Sherifi (1 year ago)
why do not you answer from instagram
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
I get a lot of messages on Instagram boo :(
chaims B (1 year ago)
are these the real ones???
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
These are the ones that I bought at 'Target' so I guess they're the real ones
chaims B (1 year ago)
Deniz F. Are these the real white crest strips, because there are a lot of fake ones..?
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
+chaims B YEAH totally. The ones that really er your teeth white af. Hahha
efo (1 year ago)
30 dakika mı 1 saat mi bekletmem gerekiyor yardım lütfen 😥
Apo Selobaskan (1 year ago)
efo 30
Nicole Draventine (1 year ago)
I want to be like you
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
You're toooo sweet!
Ezgi Uygun (1 year ago)
I love you, I hope we meet in one day. I kiss you .
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
+Ezgi Uygun we will! I'm going to be in Istanbul soon
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
I'm hoping of meeting you guys one day too!!
Aşkını sadece bizimle paylaşıyosun( turkce kanalında) su an senin en yakın arkadasın gıbı hıssettım kendımı
+Deniz F. I love you ♥
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
I know!! <3 you guys are special to me
Alper Altun (1 year ago)
Nasıl bu kadar güzel ingilizce konuşabiliyorsun? Çok güzel ingilizce konuşuyorsun ve bazen kendime soruyorum acaba bende deniz gibi ingilizce konuşabilecekmiyim diye çünkü bende dil bölümü okuyorum☺
Alper Altun (1 year ago)
Deniz F. Çok teşekkür ederim Deniz .Hazırlayacağın video gerçekten yararlı olucak bundan emin olabilirsin 😉☺
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Ozaman oyle birsey yapiyorum! yeterki siz isteyin
Alper Altun (1 year ago)
Deniz F. Bencede çok güzel olur bununla ilgili bir video hazırlarsan çok sevinirim ❤☺
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Cok tesekkur ederim, isterseniz size bunu bir video ile aciklayim? Ne dersiniz?
Alper Altun (1 year ago)
Adam Cullen Zaten öyle yapıyorum ama bana Deniz'in ingilizcesi daha bir farklı geliyor yine de önerilerin için teşekkürler ☺
Shauni Bodine (1 year ago)
Love this💜
2 Pals 1 Blog (1 year ago)
I really love your smile already! Its good to know the reason now 😎😎😎😎😎
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Merve Erdem (1 year ago)
çoktandir video gelmiyordu😔 gozumuz gonlumuz acildi be😍😘 youtube devam edersen cok iyi yerlerds olucaksiiin bundan eminim🙈👍👌💜 seni cook seviyoruuum 😊💖💖
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
YAASSS!!! Im glad I can make you guys happy
Bastiaan (1 year ago)
Let's try this!
Deniz F. (1 year ago)
You should!

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