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Two Guys Noticed These Pipes Sticking Out Of The Ground , They Never Expected This To Be Underneath

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source : https://www.buzznick.com source : https://www.sliptalk.com Two men in Germany were out exploring the fields when they found two pipes sticking up from the ground in the middle of nowhere. What they discovered is nothing short of amazing. Support us : https://www.patreon.com/didyouknow17 OUR Website : http://www.dduknow.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/know.of Twitter : https://twitter.com/Did_You_Know_of Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dduknow
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monkstang95sn (5 days ago)
That was a waste of my life
Talorc MacAllan (9 days ago)
Name not released.......smells like the religion of peace again.
Spøøky - (10 days ago)
The fallout76 leaks look cool!
Natural Nate (15 days ago)
*Walks up to the pipes* *Earrape Mario Music plays*
B Biggs (22 days ago)
i hear the rents are a little cheaper down there especially in the water rooms.
pegbars (28 days ago)
"... whether... to... proceed... or... get... the... hell... out... of... there..." ^ This is UBER annoying! This is also where your down votes are coming from.
CryptoReality News (30 days ago)
Very interesting,thanks 👍🏻
Evil Orange (1 month ago)
They found Mario in there
ROB NATION (1 month ago)
That is his actual voice... he was raised on youtube.
ROB NATION (1 month ago)
bank vault doors. I'm a robot.
mushroomking11 (1 month ago)
Well, thanks for clearing THAT up...
Jekabs Gaming 26 (1 month ago)
I've got some kind of phobia for these places
mythical meadow (1 month ago)
martin wiltrout (1 month ago)
Taxpayer dollars at work.
SHANNON GEARY (1 month ago)
Waste of time
deawesome cmony (1 month ago)
Secret Hitler hiding bunker
Sertel Konali (1 month ago)
Vault 2211 from Fallout!
Jack Mayer (1 month ago)
It’s a submarine
Seventh Fairy (1 month ago)
I'll bet they burned people alive in that machine and that a satanic cult lived there and did sacrifices
Seventh Fairy (1 month ago)
Fascinating? More like terrifying!
The Red knight (1 month ago)
BENDY?!?!?! 4:17
Alejandro Perales (1 month ago)
Get pill bottle is all you satellite information your at cloning people villages show used satellite imagery I will be Able tell you just email copy when you with S.A. hmm
Alejandro Perales (1 month ago)
How do you know for sure did you test? get samples hmm
Dub Tzar (1 month ago)
Fuck these narrration apps.
Dub Tzar (1 month ago)
East German underground compound.
gary walker (1 month ago)
Don't let this distract you from the fact that you can save allot of money on your car insurance by switching to geico
Scott King (1 month ago)
YouTube’s fir videos , google images is for images
Dabbin Good (1 month ago)
Cool video/subject, but the Narration has that crazy computer sound.. and seems to be written by some uncreative person that wants to "fear monger".
ilarion astreos (1 month ago)
You have earned my downvoting sir. It was one of the most bs video I’ve seen in YouTube.
Erwin Monti (1 month ago)
WTF how about a ending.
C Y 411 (1 month ago)
tom tomb (1 month ago)
Stupid video!! It's just a bunker!!!
Lilikoi Lia (1 month ago)
The guys voice is stupid
zzO (1 month ago)
The 2 pipes / periscopes were actually looking out for fraudulent click bait videos. But this one managed to slip by.
Henry Badd (1 month ago)
CCCP era gas chambers, of course for the Political opposing parties. That everyone was just dieing to be part of in those days!
Joan O'Daly (1 month ago)
Where was this found?
Vadim Koshtey (1 month ago)
jasmin offutt (1 month ago)
Slave escape refugees or drug trafficking
Andy Gibbo (1 month ago)
Got bored of listening to such a stupid computer voice. Head doing after 60 seconds.
Virginia Lindsay (1 month ago)
C o o l !, C o o l !,
Stallon Wolfster (1 month ago)
Did you know,, I'just wasted my 5mins & a bit data in watching this worthless video?
Blaine Bling (1 month ago)
It’s a fema camp.
Gerard Deegan (2 months ago)
Rod Bender (2 months ago)
It's a time machine.
ouivalerie (2 months ago)
It's mostly hallways and heavy doors meaning what they used it for was to develop something top secret so that's usually spaceships or human trafficking for vampirism....it's nuke proof....that's just a side benefit....it was built for something they were developing that's not allowed by people because it's a secret and involves obviously blood sacrifice to get the thing all worked out, some people are experiments but anybody they catch is a food source to vampires living underground forever....Could have been a factor in the blood vampires need and the doors are for protecting whoever comes up out of the deep deep underground working with these guys and the humans whose DNA and fresh live blood they need to exist millions of years.....clearly they worked higher to the surface than the vampires called reptilians, annunaki and greys but they would have taught them what to do to get the experiments going on, meaning they were trading tech in exchange for blood and they always do that when they encounter deals they have to make....In the end some may have got to be vampires themselves with a lot of spaceships.... but they also worked on things like soul extractions....putting them into other bodies.....cloning....it's weird how they need long hallways and so many heavy locked doors but those extra doors seem to protect someone that shows up that figures out how they can break the doors if they get curious....how many guns, how much time to get back down to more safety......
grillagabe1 (2 months ago)
An abandoned Umbrella Corp. Facility.
Reginald Bond (2 months ago)
Takes a real dumb fck to go somewhere like that fucking idiots.
Dog Man (2 months ago)
Mark Symbala (2 months ago)
Jimmy Hoffa?
NrGMods (2 months ago)
ill never get that 5min back
KDB Connor (2 months ago)
Stupid waste of life video!
RIO RUSTY RSTUDS (2 months ago)
Rotn2 (2 months ago)
Waste of time.
eyeOOsee (2 months ago)
That's creepy, alright. I wonder if it's radioactive in there!
FuckGodism (2 months ago)
Thanks for wasting my time arse wipe.
The Middle of a Candle (2 months ago)
Funny Boy (2 months ago)
It just feels like the beginning to a creepypasta. Let me finish this. "And then Mario came out and he was crying hyper realistic blood and then he said..... F**K!" The End.
paul h (2 months ago)
and the point of this was ???????????????? ahhhhh click bait what a load of crap
jake the øne (2 months ago)
A abandoned nazi bunker
Major Hardon (2 months ago)
Come on barbiturates let’s go party!!!
Greg K (2 months ago)
US had missiles in Germany, Turkey, etc. Until at least 75. They fill in where the missiles were kept. Some of the silos are 100 ft deep. Look up abandoned missile silos. The Atlas Missiles, Titan Missiles There are some similar silos in the US. Some people turn them into homes.
Greg K (2 months ago)
It's a missile silo.
Greg Mcnair (2 months ago)
Plug the pipes.. Lo!
Paul Cwick (2 months ago)
Big nothing... After all that buildup, I thought they were going to find bodies in there, or maybe some devil-worship paraphernalia or evidence that the place had been used to keep sex-slaves prisoner or something... But just...big empty, grafitti-laced concrete rooms of an abandoned bunker left over from WWII and/or the Cold War...
SuperSnugglemonster (2 months ago)
They need to return and put one of those life-sized plastic skeletons in there. Somebody will eventually see it. 😆
Sherry Merrill (2 months ago)
Knew had something to do with that Hitler guy...hmmmm???
Christopher Hughes (2 months ago)
At 2: 54 on the recording it appears to be the ghostly face staring from behind the door way.
Numa P (2 months ago)
The best part of this Video are the RESPONSES below
Thor Dig (2 months ago)
This is the kind of place I fantasize about having for all my enemies.
Hayden Garrett (2 months ago)
yup I mean
Hayden Garrett (2 months ago)
tip that's hell alright
Eleisha Patrick (2 months ago)
don't worry about rude people the ones that pay attention know the glory in watching videos such as these.
viva padrepio (2 months ago)
Hitler's bunker. Make America And Israel Great Again 2018!
Dennis Williams (2 months ago)
so what was it?
FrilledMayfly (2 months ago)
I hate how a few people in the comments are like “this is just a bunker, who cares?” Mate, most people would freak out at discovering an underground abandoned thing in the middle of nowhere, bunker or not.
forestsoceansmusic (2 months ago)
Not bad (one of the least-annoying robot voices I've heard). I hope they took a Geiger counter in there, or at least have had themselves checked out for possible exposure to radiation! The Cyrillic (Russian) letters indicate that it was in the former East Germany. (If it was in West Germany, then that is really interesting!) Does any nuclear scientist know what that funny "machine", really a metal air-tight chamber, was?
forestsoceansmusic (2 months ago)
c. 2:12 in -- "Notice the graffiti on the top right", which says "DIE", but "DIE" or "die" or "Die" in German is pronounced "dee" (as English speakers would say those letters) and simply means "the". German (like many other languages) has 3 words for "the" -- one for each gender: "der" (masculine); "die" (feminine): "das" (neuter); depending on the gender of the noun which follows. (Like French has "le" and "la". ["les" is for plural noun after "the"])
kitkatz 93 (2 months ago)
Sooo what was the Big discovery I didn’t see anything that was a huge waste of time boring video! Cgr Ktz Mom 🤨
Mark Wayno (2 months ago)
Where is the topless blonde, and the guy that says I'll be right back and never comes back.
Brandy Rowe (2 months ago)
It was found in Germany. Wouldnt surprise me if it was an underground gas chamber.
Marian Murphy (2 months ago)
Was it not reported to police investigation?
TonyP P. (2 months ago)
I here a computer voice, I click away..
Theresa Petekiewicz (2 months ago)
What a waste of my time watching this stupid video Never Again!
Nazi Doge (2 months ago)
Soviet Russia bunker..
kellerr13 (2 months ago)
It's the biggest mistake of any bunker. Pipes and entrances need to be hidden as well, otherwise it's pointless.
steviemaotube (3 months ago)
I wasted my time watching it damnit. I should have noticed 13,000 thumbs down
Thomas Dellarosa (3 months ago)
This here is some FREEMASON bullshit . 33 up your ass motherfucker.
Mark Cameron (3 months ago)
Why can't these videos just explain to the viewers what is obvious: it's some sort of underground bunker. Grafitti is grafitti - why focus on what a bunch of drunk West-German teens wrote on the walls. The truth behind this discovery is far more interesting than the boo-scarey spin they put on these vids. I want to know the origin of the bunker: when was it built? who occupied it? for how long? Show us, as best you can, a detailed map of this bunker. (It's amazing what a roll of string/rope tied to the entrance of the bunker and the other end looped around your waist can do to keep you from getting lost in this underground maze). Teach us. Inform us.
trikyfingers (3 months ago)
Thay are pips
Pancho Villa (3 months ago)
Season 7 of Lost ...lol
Alexis Johnson (3 months ago)
The place look like where the movie no friends or unfriend was filmed
jabulani mudede (3 months ago)
Hitler's torture chambers ?
Giovanna frick (3 months ago)
who agrees that it looks like a ship?
Patrick b (3 months ago)
Continuity of Nazi Germany Government. When Nazi Germany fell so did the blast bunker. The doors were blown off with explosives, most likely U.S allied forces. Rooms that are destroyed and what you call "punched walls" are most likely damage from small arms and hand grenades. The water is from natural processes raining from above. The hole was likely fresh water intake and yes the pipes pulled in fresh air, while still not radiated that is. Mystery solved. Now i would have tried to buy that piece of property and rebuilt that installation.
torrace12 (3 months ago)
5 minutes, nothing happens, no ending no explenation that matches the fantastic headlines,,,much worse then a tabloid newspaper. your type of material is whats going to eventually destroy youtube
Emily Rose (3 months ago)
3:12 ahhh pretty sure it says dicks but ight😂😂😂
shaquille bagayan (3 months ago)
Its an 1million yrs old building
𝖊𝖙𝖍𝖝𝖓 (3 months ago)
WW2 Bunker..... wOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOwwwwwwwwwWWWWwowowwwwwww
Clement Link (3 months ago)
It looks like the movie tunnle

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